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135) Top Streaming Subscription Services

by Glassbox Media
June 9th 2021
Hulu. Netflix. Amazon Prime. Which streaming subscription service reigns supreme? On this episode, Brandon tries to guess the Top 10 Streaming Content Platforms, ranked by total number of global subsc... More
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We're a proud member of the Blue Wire podcast network and your nips should be hard because every week on this show we cover top 10 inch lists on whatever the fuck we want, spring spring. So one week Brandon will bring a list and I won't know what it is ahead of time and I will try to guess items one through 10 on that list and vice versa on today's episode, the Stark episode 135. I have brought the list and Brandon doesn't know what it is until I tell them momentarily tell me I can't. I first have to give a quick programming note today when this episode releases live in your ears in real time. It is june 9th, 2021 year of Our Lord. Our next new episode will be on july 7th roughly for exactly four weeks from now. Just have some scheduling conflicts. We have to go back to the gay conversion camp. Yeah, didn't take we keep failing. We go to conversion camp to become gay. So no new episodes for the next four weeks. However, I'm going to keep the feed busy with bonus content and some best of content.

So don't you worry. And of course we will, we will have new content on Patreon if you can't wait if you've got ants in your pants for us. Yeah, Brandon during this season of the pandemic, which, you know, as we record here in june, it feels like it's almost behind us. But I feel like there's going to be some nasty surprise waiting any time now to bring us back. I was reading a few headlines today where I saw that Australia or maybe Sydney specifically somewhere in Australia. They've locked down for, like, a third time. So I know that there's some countries that are still struggling with it. But yes, in the US, despite our own best efforts, there are worse own worst efforts. Yeah, we do seem to be sort of, pulling in spite of, right, we seem to be pulling out of the covid lockdown spiral. Well, during the pandemic spiral, what would you say you've spent a lot of time doing during the pandemic, watching stuff, watching stuff, and I'm not talking about your very active porn hub subscription, I'm talking about, I don't know what to call it.

I guess streaming streaming platforms, uh, subscription streaming services. So that's your netflix is, you know, that sort of thing. That's what we're talking about today, We're talking about the top 10 streaming video content subscription. over the top platform services, whatever they're called. The top 10 ranked by global subscribers as of May 2021. That was the fucking longest goddamn headline. I didn't know what to call up streaming services, streaming services. Okay, boom. Top 10. And it's again ranked by global subscribers. My sources today are of course, Wikipedia, as well as our friends at Newsweek investopedia, we forum dot org and compare a tech dot com and my brain and my but show me where I'm going to guess that, uh, well, you're just getting right into it. Goddamn well, why wouldn't I? There's fucking 10 of these things. I didn't realize there were even 10 streaming services. There's way more than 10. Way more than 10. But okay, I'm gonna guess that Disney is number five.

As in Disney Plus, size. Disney plus, Yeah, get your branding right. Disney plus is not number five, it's number two, jesus. Sorry, I looked at the wrong thing, it is number five, you fucking asked exactly number five. Sandbagging asshole. But uh it's gonna be number two and may be number one in no time because while it is number five on our list today, it's the by far the fastest growing streaming service in the world. Disney plus, it launched in 2019, late 2019. It's owned by the Home Depot. Wait wrong note, it's owned by Disney walt. Disney company. It has 104 million subscribers enough to put it in the fifth place. Its content library includes Disney, Pixar, marvel, Star Wars National Geographic 21st century Fox studios porn hub and its biggest shows are so Newsweek, one of the articles I pulled from had a list of its biggest shows, didn't I can tell you off the top of my head what its biggest shows are. Go ahead, go ahead there.

The Mandalorian, I think the new series of clone wars one Division Yes, Falcon and Winter Soldier. Yes. And there's one classic, The Simpsons. The Simpsons. There you go. One Division, Mandalorian, Simpson's Falcon, Winter Soldier, Top four, They're among the top four at our house. What can you tell us about Disney plus what fucking can't I tell you? It's you know that like uh I'm sure at some point in the past, uh parents dream like my parents probably dreamed about having, you know when they saw a rocky four and he has the robot who brings in drinks in the eighties. It's kind of like an eighties robot. Think is what my parents would have hoped. It was like babysitting kids in the future. What the fuck are you talking about? Well, I'm getting to it instead of a babysitting robot, we've got Disney plus everything, everything that can keep your kid, I get it immobilized and nearly comatose key is on Disney plus I say comatose, but like, I guess it depends on what you watch because some of the stuff on there, we'll get them fucking amped up, they'll tear your house apart.

If you if an Avengers movie, they'll be tearing the sheet rock from the walls. Why doing superhero moves? Yeah, Now be honest, are you doing superhero moves in the sheet rock as well? I'm usually uh screamed at by my two year old to participate. He uses me like a giant action figure to tell me what to do, where to stand, how to be. How do you know there's probably some superhero shit in there? Well, you're not alone because, like I said, over 100 million subscribers and in fact, on the first day of Disney Plus they had 10 million subscribers in day one. It's crazy how fast they've grown. So how much does this shit cost this, this babysitting robot of the future? How much does it cost eight bucks a month? Yeah, it started at seven, but recently had a price increase or you can bundle with you and ESPN Plus, which is a great deal. And also kind of scary how much Disney fucking owns of my life as well, accepting that with that deal, I don't think you get commercial free, hulu. Well, I do. Well, I've been screwing something up, then you're just going something up.

I mean, take a drink, everyone. So let's talk about what led to Disney Plus netflix. And Disney used to have an exclusive relationship, Disney announced it was going to launch its own service and I remember thinking this is probably, I don't know, mid 2010 somewhere. I remember thinking when I heard that whole streaming service, just for Disney, like when you first hear it, before you put 30 seconds of thought into it, it seems so weird, but now here we are, and it's like, I can't keep up with all the shit there that's on there, it's the vault, they opened the vault to us for two bucks a month. It is incredible. Everything that Disney has ever done it pretty much is on there. So Disney Plus has a very Disney strategy. They have dominated East, asian countries like Indonesia and India, which is bolstering their subscription numbers and they're dominating those markets in a way. Netflix has not because they offer their service at a significantly discounted rate. For example, in Indonesia, Disney Plus is the equivalent of $2.75 per month, which is more like 1/4 of the price of netflix in that country.

They're given netflix the walmart treatment over in East asia. Yeah, they might even be taking a loss on that, but they don't care because they just want to get your ass in the door, they're going to be fine. But right now you're hooked on mouse, smack mouse. What mouse smack? Oh, I get it. Okay. Because mickey mouse and smack. Yeah. Did you know that Disney Plus is launching like I guess PG 13 and up content, an alternative to Disney Plus, which is more family friendly called Star. And they've already launched it in 2021. And a bunch of countries like Canada europe Australia, new Zealand, they haven't launched it or even announced that they're going to launch it in the United States yet. What the hell is on there? Remember they purchased 21st century Fox Studios? Oh, so there's a lot of like PG 13 and radar films like Deadpool maybe. Yeah, I mean, I think isn't that a Fox film? It's a marvel film, isn't it? Yeah, I don't know what it's like marvel but it's not marvel studios or something like that. I don't know who gives a fuck they got fucking lawyers involved.

Now it's confusing. Last for Disney Plus as I asked on my twitter at the knick camel, I asked my followers what are some hidden gems on your favorite streaming services? I have to hear for Disney plus first one from David McCullough Cook on twitter. He says all of dinosaurs is on Disney Plus I remember being a fun little show when I was a kid, but as an adult, you notice the hilarious and on point satirical writing. Remember dinosaurs? Yeah, I've watched a few episodes on there since it's it's been back. How does it hold up? He's right, there's more satire than I remember. There's a lot of stuff that goes over like a kid's head down and has the ass on the mom dinosaur, dumpy. Oh baby Mallon 1 81 on twitter says could Howard Count on Disney Plus it's a documentary about Howard Ashman. He wrote The Little Shop of Horrors musical, then did Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. That sounds interesting. I had not heard of it. It's called Howard I was hoping it was about Howard the Duck. Do you have any hidden gems spreading that you have already talked about on Disney Plus, no, Everything that we've watched.

I mean, no and maybe what? You're a mainstream sellout, just go ahead and say it okay whatever I'm moving on. Okay so that's Disney Plus at number five. I'm gonna interlaced today's episode with some hashtag fun facts about general streaming. Did you know that more than 80% of U. S. Households have at least one streaming subscription? However the average person has four subscriptions. How many do you have? I was just thinking, I don't know, I need to keep I probably need to keep tabs on that. I know I just eliminated to the other day that I had forgotten about. That shit adds up. I mean streaming used to be like this I feel like this uh not a secret but kind of like this. We were getting away with something kind of feel because now we don't need cable anymore but it sneaks up on you now because now it's so diversified. The streaming market, there's so many different services now. It used to just be netflix and like one or two others so it adds up quick. But according to Nielsen the average amount of time spent streaming per day. Pre pandemic was we think I have no idea 38 minutes a day the average person spent on streaming.

Okay it's kind of low really? Hey, I'm just telling you fucking facts man. I don't watch that much. So it actually sounds about right to me 38 a day. I think you have a need for watch watching stuff that isn't even if you watch one episode of something that's 40 plus minutes, I usually don't even watch one episode of something every day. By the time I have like tv time to myself I'm doing I'm doing other shit. I'm too tired to like put on an episode of something or you're recording with me. Yeah, I'm fucking talking to you about what I could be watching you. Speaking of you have another guess. Yeah. Is hulu number four zulu is way down at number nine. Damn. But that's okay. Don't feel bad because that's money going into Disney's pocket as well because Disney is the majority owner of who the good. I was worried and feeling bad about that before you told me right? Yeah, I knew you would be at number nine with 42 million subscribers. Hulu launched in 2000 and seven has content from all over the fucking place as well as a growing library of original content.

Their biggest shows, our little fires everywhere. Solar opposites, the great And I'm sure you know the other one, The Handmaid's Tale? I've never heard of the other ones. Neither actually. Handmaid's Tale was listed first and it's their biggest, most successful, most award winning show. And my favorite show that I've seen on there. Are you on the new season by the way? We watched the first episode, but we're I'm watching them with my wife and Manchester. Good example of how much time we've had to watch stuff. We both like that show and we have had exactly the amount of time to watch one episode since the new season started. Well, somewhere around episode three or four, there's a pretty huge development, so, well, thanks for a minute. I didn't ruin fucking anything. I'll be expecting it now. Okay, you just couldn't wait, ants were just spilling out of your pants. A huge development could mean fucking anything. It could mean aliens show up and abduct the commander and just couldn't help yourself. You're like frank Costanza in that scene where An Seinfeld where he's eating dinner with the rosses going fresh, Exactly what's going fresh?

Still still going fresh. Right, Okay. I respect that. So like I said, uh Hulu is a joint venture between NBC Universal and Disney who owns the majority and controls and operates Hulu at first launched as the hulu syndication network designed by the NBC Universal team that launched in 2000 and seven. It began advertising during NBC's broadcast of Super Bowl. What fucking is this? 48 maybe 43 I forgot used 2009 used to be able to go on hulu and watch like classic Simpsons clips or watch saturday night live clips or the most recent, some of the shows that had just recently aired like on NBC. Like you can watch the full show on there too for free. Just go to the website Yeah. That you have to wait till the day after I think. Yeah, it's a totally different. It's just wild how like a totally different situation it is now, streaming has evolved so fast and how every streaming services basically set up the same way there's like a homepage as a search.

There's movies, tv shows, there's their originals. Well pretty much got the same selection shit and don't forget it Originals wasn't a thing until less than 10 years ago. I have a note about it and now it's like the bread and butter of most of these streaming services. Uh it the original speech Two more notes on Julia. In april 2021 Disney and Sony Pictures reached a multi year deal to let Sony's titles such as Spider man and the gym Mongie franchise, among others. History man, hulu and Disney plus after leaving netflix, a significant number of Sony titles is expected on Hulu as early as june 2021. We're gonna go Spider man, crazy. Last but not least. I recommended Hidden Gem, which is called run, it's a movie starring Sarah Paulson seems very inspired by that story from HBO, mother dead and dearest remember that mother that was pretended her daughter was ill and had like chronic, like chronic illness.

Yeah, yeah, it's like a dramatized version of that. Okay, it's really good. So something a real upper, yep. I think if I have any old Hidden gems on Hulu, the thing I watch most on Hulu is it's always Sunny in philadelphia. Oh Seinfeld for me. But yes, seinfelds moving on netflix I believe. Soon the end of the year maybe they're all just horrors jumping from bed to bed with ever. Who's throwing him the most amount of dollars? No loyalty to any streaming service. What if I switched to hulu from another one? Just for Seinfeld? Well, they, they don't give a fuck because they'll replace your ass before the second, even ends of the second that you leave, we'll be back on there, you know, in 1998 when Seinfeld ended its original run, Who would have thought? I mean, they knew they'd probably still keep making money for a long time on syndication, but not just that, but now they're making hundreds of millions of dollars every time they go to a streaming service that was like not even on anyone's brain. In 1998.

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No purchase necessary exclusions in terms apply. C rules, banking services provided by M. V. B. Bank Incorporated member F. D. I. C. Maximum balance and transfer limits apply. You have another guess. Yeah I'm gonna guess amazon Prime has to be high on the list. I guess that Prime is like number two. Are you gonna guess? It's like number two or is it number two? It's number two amazon prime or Prime video with 175 million subscribers. Now keep this in mind, amazon Prime includes a lot of things. Yeah right. A lot of people subscribed to prime. Not even for the video but for the other shit you get. And it's been around since 2006 and has 175 million subscribers. Okay. 1 75 now. Disney plus launched less than two years ago and they already have 103 million subscribers. It's incredible. Amazon prime and launched an 06 They have content from amazon Studios, which includes their originals. Mgm Studios, Discovery licensed content from a bunch of other vendors, pretty much all, all kinds of fucking crazy shit on there.

My son and I watched an hour and a half long, I think it was labeled as a documentary and it was just a bunch of like 19 eighties toy cartoons, all clipped into an hour and a half long. It sounds amazing. Talk about a hidden gem. Damn, that sounds are you being facetious because no, no, I'm not bullshitting. I'm saying that sounds really fun. It was awesome to watch it. What's it called when we started watching it, he was like, I was stupid, I'm not going to like this. And then he, his mind was absolutely blown when he saw my, my buddy doll that it was a doll the size of a boy and his boys just carrying around like a plush sex doll with him. It was about to say it's a sex doll. Then he started seeing the G. I joe commercials and he started getting like, it was like, we were watching the Avengers, he's getting all amped up, started tearing off the walls and had to calm them down and tell them like they don't even make this shit and you know, we should do some sort of retro commercial.

Top 10 list marked out one day on Brandy. Okay, so back to amazon Prime. Therefore, biggest shows. The Grand Tour. Yeah, The Grand Tour The, with the Top gear guys, I'm going to guess the Jack Ryan show. Is it called Jack Ryan? It's uh I think it is called that, but it's not in the top four fucking what else they got? I guess maybe. I don't know those were the top two. I would have guessed. How about the Boys? Oh yeah, I've watched an episode of that. How about the Man in the High Castle, which was their first big original. That's the one I was trying to think of. The name of. Its the like if the nazis had won World War Two. Right? Yeah, I never saw it. Is it good? I don't know. I haven't watched it. I just know the premise. Yeah, premises interesting. Is the other one the americans or was that on a network show? Not sure. But the fourth one is the marvelous Mrs Maisel. I don't know what the hell that is. So amazon Prime is an interesting case because you can pay 12 99 per month. This is in the U. S. 12 99 per month to get the full amazon prime which includes you know all of Prime video but also free two day shipping.

I think it includes like the Kindle Library, it includes like all kinds of shit you don't even know you have access to or if you just want streaming video only. So Prime video, that's 8 99 per month. But that's new until like a year ago, you couldn't separate it out, you had to get the whole thing. And that's what brings an interesting note because it's true that nearly 200 million people are subscribed amazon Prime and by extension are also subscribe to the free add on to that service, amazon Prime video, which is what I was just talking about our However, the Streamer amazon Prime has never revealed exactly how many of those users are actually using the streaming service, but in 2018, around the time the amazon Prime hit 100 million subscribers in the U. S. Routers reported that 26 million were using the video service. So if you were to extrapolate that percentage from 2018 to today, that would mean about 52 million people are actually using Prime video. And if that was true, uh then amazon Prime would drop from number two all the way down to number seven.

Yeah. Isn't that fucking fascinating? It's fucking buck ass wild. I don't watch very much stuff on amazon Prime. Well you will soon because they just purchased MGM Studios like days ago as we record this for $8.5 billion which gives them rights to James on Rachael Bond movies. I'm sure Bond will show up there and I'm sure they will have some new Bond content. No, they I specifically saw that where they said James Bond will always come out in the movie theater because the movie theater experience suck it with your little tiny tv screens. Well, maybe they'll do a same day release like HBO max. Oh, spoiler. All right, let me give you some hidden gems on prime. This comes from twitter again podcast about something said sneaky pete starring bryan Cranston. That's actually been on my list for a while and I haven't seen it yet. Oh yes, sneaky P Pat faker replied and said coherence, haven't heard of it. Mr bunker's conspiracy time podcast, which Brandon was a special guest on in december.

They said Danger Five. Haven't heard of that either. Last one from fuck buddies, they say the map of Tiny perfect things, which is a romcom involving a time loop, which sounds interesting. Yeah, there is so like it used to be, you know, I know that everyone had three or four channels to everyone knew what everyone else was watching. Everything was like water cooler talk and then like, you know the nineties, there was basic cable so it expanded a little bit and then for the last like, I don't know, maybe five years or so, there's so much fucking crazy shit to watch. It's just every conversation that I have with anyone else over the age of 25. It's just a long list of recommendations of shit to watch and stuff that I'll never get to because all I do, the only thing I watch when I watch something is the sopranos over and over. It's Goodfellas and sopranos right now, just sopranos and you want me to waste my valuable streaming time on Goodfellas?

It's not a waste of time. I'm sure it's a good movie but not going to do it, but you're just being absolutely fucking obstinate about it. Yeah, so some fun facts. Nielsen reported that as of 2020 streaming accounts for 25% of all tv usage, which is low to me, that means that 75% of tv usage is still, you know, traditional tv. Yeah, there's still a lot of old people with like basic cable who just stare at fox news all day. Yeah, tucker Carlson listening to the show. Another study from, I'd never know how to say this. Deloitte, Deloitte, Deloitte, they said that 44% of consumers site and ad free experience as the top reason for streaming for using streaming to that. I say fucking enjoy it while you can because that's going away more and more every day, ads are being integrated more and more into all these streaming services. Even the ad free experience in some of these, you still get an ad here and there. One more fun fact is that if we were to include audio streaming on this list, which were not, but if we did, Spotify would be number three and apple music would be number eight.

So that's how many subscribers they have would cancel every video streaming service before I cancelled Spotify. Okay. Does Spotify pay you to say that? No, I wish they would. I know they've got to get some fucking deep ass Swedish pockets. Spotify, you are welcome to fill out our advertise with us form on our website at tennis pot dot com. Yeah. Or the sponsor my whole life and everything in it for him, yep. Where they find that give me some of that Rogan money. Oh yeah, he's Spotify exclusive. Now you've got $100 million. We're on our way. Brandon or don't episode 1 38 will be there. Don't fucking hang yourself. I wanna hang myself with your next guess. No. Uh HBO max number six seven. Okay man, you really need to do better. You're the psychic coast of the top 10 list podcast. Brandon come on. Number seven is HBO max with 44 million subscribers, like Disney plus it's very recent with a caveat. It launched in 2020. The caveat being that some other old HBO services were folded into it.

Like HBO go now, but does have 44 million subscribers. Its content library includes Warner brothers, DC, Cartoon Network, adult swim among others. Their biggest shows are go ahead. Well, I know a lot of people did subscribe over the pandemic to watch sopranos, their new shows. Fuck. I don't know they have a lot of new shit that people are into like succession, fucking Westworld was hot for a little bit before. It annoying. HBO max is I would say is like my preferred streaming service. I it's mine as well I think it has the highest percentage of quality new shows. The new episodes of Adventure Time are exclusive to HBO max although like I looney tune stuff, adult swim stuff. If it's got a batman in it it's on HBO max they got it all. They also have their top four which is the flight attendant warrior South Park and I can't believe you didn't mention Game of Thrones their all time biggest show.

I'm trying to remember when HBO now switched over to HBO max. Was it around the game of Thrones? Season a it was during the pandemic. So no, no game Thrones had already ended had already ended. I just remember one day I like turned on the tv and the app had updated from HBO now to HBO max and I was like oh shit, I guess I have this, Oh cool. And then I started looking at everything that was included on it and I was uh I just kept getting hit with waves of pleasure. Uh I've been making my two year old watch old sesame Street in the morning from like the eighties. That's quality shit. For sure. I'm a big sesame street fan. I also like the old shitty cartoons that just tell you about numbers and shapes and stuff. I like HBO max because it has it has looney tunes, the entire looney tunes library. It also has a lot of the big Cartoon network shows which are a huge part of my childhood. Yeah, it's my favorite service in 2021. I will say it's the most expensive though.

It's 14 99 a month in the U. S. Which is the highest price streaming service in the top 10. But I think they feel like they can justify that because in 2020 they announced that all of their theatrical films in 2021 would release on the same day on HBO max. Including Wonder Woman 1980 for Zack Snyder's Justice League and Godzilla versus kong. I don't give my quick reviews. Wonder Woman 84 turned it off about 10 minutes in because it was like I was watching a fucking satire of superhero movies. It was so bad Zack Snyder's Justice League, it's just really long. I mean if you like Zack Snyder's thing then I guess that's great. But you like his wiener what his style. If you enjoyed his style great. It's a lot more of that style of his winner and his style is fine. But I don't want to watch. I don't think they're good like batman and Superman movies, but Godzilla versus King kong we watched that like the weekend.

It came out my eight year old and I and it was fire. We were on team. It's not a perfect film in terms of, in terms of plot, but in terms of like an enjoyable movie experience. I loved it. But I don't think anybody went into that movie going like, I wonder what the plot is going to be, plot is going to be. There's a big monkey, there's a big lizard and they're gonna get it on. He's an ape, you fucking animal. Well, they thought it was awesome. Yeah. Well the decision to release on same day and theater and on HBO max was met with backlash from filmmakers, production companies, the directors guild of America, the creative artists agency's and movie theater owners as Warner brothers had not informed anyone about the plan ahead of time ahead of the announcement. But in March 2021 Warner brothers who owns HBO max, if that wasn't clear, Warner brothers would discontinue same day releases in 2022 so there you go. So enjoy it while you can folks. I really thought when they announced that that it would change things forever because I didn't think you could put that genie back in the bottle.

Apparently you can know that g wants you to go and spend a lot of money on sugary drinks and popcorn, which is where they make most of their money. Right? And I do love popcorn. My recommendations on HBO max. Obviously True Detective but also for a less known one or less discussed. When I say the semi recent Heaven's Gate documentary series. I think it's just called Heaven's Gate. Very good as well. Already said mine sopranos and on the complete opposite end of the spectrum Adventure Time, both very kid friendly. So there's only three more in the top 10. I think you're capable of guessing. Other ones are like chinese or something. Yeah there's three chinese ones which I'll just give you when you're ready for that. But okay let's get through your guesses first. Let me think here Youtube does not have one account as a streaming service. Right? It does because it has Youtube premium which includes originals and full length movies and stuff. Is that even crack the top 10 then? Number 12. Okay. Oh uh fucking What was that one?

Sling tv. Is that in the top 10? No, I looked it up by the way. I think if I recall it had like four million subscribers. Four million for slaying with and Disney Plus had 100 million. Yeah so sling is uh yeah let me give you 23 11. Oh wait what about Apple Plus or Apple tv. Yeah that's 11. Okay so 20 is crunchy Roll. What the fuck is that? I don't know 19 is globo play or Globo play 18 is Rocket 10 T. V. I think some of these are foreign 17 is curiosity stream 16 is I wan T. F. C. 15. This is one you could have guessed ESPN plus. Do these all have to be paid or can they be free? They can have a free version but they have to also have a paid version. Okay uh ESPN Plus was 15. The newly launched Discovery Plus is 14 which by the way is probably going to be combining with HBO max next year because there was a merger announced 13 is iflix 12 youtube premium 11 Apple T.

V Plus which is I think at a slower start than a lot of people expected. Mm How about uh the what's the cbs mm is that on here? Paramount Plus is number 10. Somehow we have that. I don't think we pay for it must be included with something else but it's on my dear with ads. Well I've been watching something like movies and shit for free anyway. It's on our tv. I don't know how it fucking showed up. It's barely got anything worth watching on sound. Like such a grandpa right now it's on my tv and I don't know how it got there. Well I know my wife installed it. I'm saying, I don't know like where the subscription came from and I don't think we're paying for it. Were you paying previously for cBS all access? You know, Is it migrated to paramount plus? Oh, I don't know then, but it is number 10. It used to be called Cbs All access, but it relaunched this year, 2021 has 36 million subscribers. It's content that it actually is a pretty impressive content library that makes me want to consider.

It has Viacom which includes Cbs B E T. Comedy Central. MTV, Nickelodeon is the big one. I know just I think the day we're recording this, they just launched a new, like, new episodes of rugrats, the Nickelodeon series. They also have all of Spongebob on there. Their biggest shows are Spongebob NCIS and Star Trek. Now I mentioned it relaunched in March 2021. It used to be Cbs all access. So at the end of 2020 when it was Cbs all access that had eight million subscribers. Three months later, it has 36 million. If you remember, they had a lot of Super Bowl commercials probably helped. I don't even remember the Super Bowl commercials. I'm just telling you one day I looked and there's this new app. I'm like, I'll look and see what kind of shit is on here and I did. And I don't know, do you need me to take you to a doctor? No, I'm just I'm living in a blissful, aloof Hayes when it comes to new streaming services. Uh My last note is on my watch list. Haven't watched yet, but I'm going to is the 2020 version of Stephen King's The Stand is on paramount plus.

It's a series I started the first few minutes and and something pulled me away and I'll tell you I wasn't compelled enough to return. Was it a hot dog? No, was not an airport hot dog. Just to clarify, No, is Pluto Tv in the top 10? That's an interesting guess. I don't think it qualifies for whatever reason, it's not on here. Yeah, I think it I don't think they have a paid version. Oh you're right. They don't, I like watching Pluto tv even though you just have ads have really weird old random stuff on there. Like I've watched a lot of old episodes of the price is right. It's a good thing to like have on in the background while you're working or something. Yeah. Mm. So yeah, no sling tv cbs is what brought you to paramount plus. So who's a big competitor to see? What about the fucking peacock peacock? Is it in the top 10? That's your favorite, isn't it? I remember it's eight. I always hear people joke about it. So I would have never guessed that peacock had more subscribers than hulu.

Well a lot of them are free. That's one of my notes is we actually don't know the breakdown between because paid. Okay, you can watch a free with ads that doesn't have access to all the shows or you could pay $5 or $10 for. Yeah, there might be a lot of people who are like, look I don't have the fucking money to spend all this shit, but I want to watch 2.5 Men bad enough. I'll watch a bunch of ads with it christ. Can you imagine wanting to watch 2.5 Men So bad that you would also watch it with ads? I'll never allow myself to do it. I'd kill myself before I allow myself to do it. So. No, I can't imagine it. I won't imagine it, but I can't imagine peacock at number eight with 42 million subscribers launched just last year. It has all the content from nbcuniversal. Comcast. NBC Sports and its biggest show, as you said, it's a joke, but it has the office. It's the exclusive home of the Office as well as parks and rec and its other big shows are Yellowstone, Brave New World and King of Queens, which is the first time King of Queens has come to a streaming service.

King of queens in the office and parks and rec are what led me to subscribe to peacock. I am a proud cock of P subscriber I bet. On the other hand, I don't see any any. I don't think I'm gonna just going to sleep on peak up. Okay, great. Thanks for the update. Yeah. Brand is going to sleep on peacock. Let me take that down. I don't want to forget that. Okay. Hey listeners, it's Brandon here and I have a question for you. Do you love receiving electronic mail in your inbox? I want to let you know that the tennis podcast monthly email newsletter is here for you. Email is short for electronic mail. It's a free newsletter delivered directly to your inbox electronically on the first friday of every month. Each e newsletter comes with my very special cute little blog, The Sidekick Corner. In fact, the newsletter is the only place to read my blog plus e newsletter subscribers. Be the first to see our future episode topics, which means the episode that I'm rudely interrupting.

Right now, our e newsletter subscribers electronically knew the list topic weeks in advance. The e newsletter comes with other stuff too. Like behind the scenes updates, merch, discounts and more. The best part you can sign up right now in literally 10 seconds electronically. All we need is an email electronic mail address. Go to tennis pod dot com slash newsletter to sign up and begin receiving the tennis podcast, electronic mail newsletter. That's tennis pot dot com slash newsletter. See you in your inbox. Let me go ahead and get the last guest that I think I can reasonably make out of the way and I'm sure it's number one and it's netflix a which I was just thinking about this the other day. Me and netflix go back. I want to say something like 15 years or something. I remember shortly after college getting the dvds in the mail. Like I was on the two DVD at a time plan.

Yeah, same here. Well, you couldn't have gone back 15 years because it was invented 14 years ago, fucking idiot. I was the last you get caught in a lie. Netflix is number one. Before I go into my netflix notes, let me back up and talk about all streaming and I'm gonna give you the history of streaming. Okay, well it has a good kind of intro to netflix, which is what I want to do, that. So this comes from business of apps dot com. They say in the mid two thousands improvements to data speeds and broadband costs led to an explosion of first generation video streaming services. A group of ex Paypal employees founded Youtube in 2000 and five and because of that success, DVD rental company, Netflix scrapped its planned streaming device and launched an internet based streaming service instead. Since then a major turning point in video streaming came in 2013 when netflix debuted house of cards, its first original series. Until then, netflix amazon and all the other services spent all of their budget and content on older Tv shows and movies which had already been released with this move, netflix altered the power dynamics by showing it could create quality content that millions would watch in the next few years.

It would launch some of the most popular Tv shows of the decade, including Orange is the new black Stranger things and Narcos last but not least between 2015 and 2020. Total revenues in the US alone for the video streaming market increased from seven billion in 2015 to 24 billion in 2020. And the global streaming market is projected to be worth $180 billion by 2027. Once our cut of that we're not going to cut yet. Friend but netflix is they are number one with 208 million subscribers. The number two on here was amazon prime with 175 208 for netflix launched in 2000 and seven. And as you said, it started as a DVD sales and rental by mail company although it dropped the sales and stuck only to DVD rentals soon after that, it launched the first online DVD rental store get this. It started with 30 employees and 925 titles. 925 dvds available in the entire world of netflix and using the paper rent model.

Its rights and due dates were similar to those of its brick and mortar competitor. Blockbuster and there's a whole fucking generation coming up now that has no frame of reference to blockbuster, which is weird. Blockbuster Rose and fell so quick. My wife and I talked about in the last year and I sure we're not alone. Other people have talked about this to kind of miss that. Just a part of your weekend evening, like after going to dinner maybe on the way somewhere, maybe on the way home, you and your friends, you and your spouse even like on a date or something and spending like, I don't know, 15, 20 minutes at blockbuster. I kind of miss that process of like walking through the store with someone else and talking about like what you're going to get, what you're going to watch. It's different when you're just sitting there idly clicking through, scrolling through the list. And also the idea of when you're at a blockbuster or Hollywood video wherever and you want to watch a new release, it could be sold out. You might not get to watch it. You might have to go up to the front and say, do you have any that have been returned and maybe still need to be rewound. Do you have any titty lesbians part three stored back there on DVD Brandon?

I think you know the same way that fashion is cyclical and like stuff from the eighties and beyond comes back in the, in the vogue. I could see kind of a nostalgia wave bringing a blockbuster like service back someday or not service but brick and mortar store. I'm sure they have like pop up VHS stores and places for like super hipsters. Yeah, well netflix. So I talked about the DVD rental business, which I was also a subscriber of way back in 2000 and seven. But by 2010 netflix streaming business had grown so quickly that within months the company had shifted from the fastest growing customer of the United States postal service to the largest source of internet streaming traffic in North America. The company expanded internationally in 2010 with streaming available in Canada. By january 2016. Netflix services operated in more than 190 countries. So they went from 2000 and seven to being US only 2010 to U. S. And Canada only. And then six years later there are 190 countries and now five years since then they're like the undisputed king of streaming.

Yeah. Growing like a streaming cancer covering the world cancer. You say it like it's a bad thing. Yeah it's probably fine. Netflix has brought about a lot of good change in the industry. They're the industry leader and from all accounts I was looking through the Wikipedia trying to find some hot goss or controversy to spice this episode up. Couldn't find anything on company culture and all that was very well spoken of as well. You have no controversy on Wikipedia at least for netflix. They're not making people pee in bottles or shit in a box. Dude, what is that? I mean I know you're talking about amazon but like how does that happen? You know you're like the biggest company in the world and even if you can't get ahead of that shit with your pr team, if nothing else, the same way it happens with wal mart, they don't give a fuck. There's only like nine people working in the whole store and it's three days before christmas. Yeah they don't give a fuck speaking of not giving a fuck. Netflix does give a fuck about their record revenues, $25 billion in revenue in 2020.

And by 2020 netflix became the largest entertainment media company by market capitalization and it's bigger than every traditional media company in the world other than a T and T. Comcast and Disney netflix, it just launched less than 15 years ago. All those other companies have decades or even like almost 100 years of history during the 20 ten's, netflix was the top performing stock in the U. S. Stock exchange with a total return of over 3600% goddamn good time to buy netflix stock. In March 2011, netflix began acquiring original content beginning with our long political drama House of Cards which debuted in 2013, one of my favorites, or at least the first two seasons in 2020 19, of the 20 most streamed shows in the world where netflix titles 19 out of 20 in 2020 netflix shelled out over $17 billion to produce original content. To put this in perspective. Disney spent 16 billion, amazon video spent 6.5 billion and in 2021 netflix is planning to grow that even further to 19 billion invested in original content.

We had to stop these fuckers. Why? I love it. I don't know. They just probably need to be stuff. It's the american dream making a shitload of money and netflix. I mentioned that they've changed the game, they changed the viewer habits because they were the first to release entire seasons of series in one go. Like house of cards was the first to do that, which means they'd release an entire season every episode in one day you could watch it all at once, watch it to your fucking eyeballs fall out. Yeah and they still use that little, okay, so last but not least on netflix. I have some hidden gems from my twitter followers. Let's see the potato lady on twitter said that City of Ghosts is her favorite netflix. Hidden gem. She did add though that I live under a rock. So it's entirely possible this gem is not hidden, I wouldn't know. So almost every gym on there is going to be hidden because there's just so much stuff. My hidden gem is a Stranger Things 20 T I minutes on twitter said that I think you should leave with Tim Robinson. Yeah, that's actually the one I was going to say to, I think you should leave was awesome.

What's it about? Its sketch comedy but it's um it's just really weird, it's definitely like take the weirdest premise and just keep pushing it and pushing it and pushing it and pushing it. It's sketch. Yeah, sketch comedy is like, you know, they're like short, you know what it is? I'm short funny scene, it's like snl no, no, saturday night Live is live, This is not live. Are you sure? Saturday night Live is live? Yeah, Okay. I have a hidden gem on netflix, which is Black Summer. I've never heard anyone talk about it. There's only one season, Second season is coming june so this month, but it's a zombie show and it's the best, you know, at least from one season's worth the best zombie show I've seen, highly recommended. I've got a controversial opinion about saturday night Live. It sucks. Uh no, aside from norm Macdonald on the weekend update, I don't think it's ever been funny. It's not funny, it's not funny format. Well I don't think he was that funny on it. I don't think that shows funny. I don't think I don't think it's funny either. So there you go.

It has more misses than hits for fucking with you. Rock and roll Fonzie Hot take on saturday night live, rock and roll Fonzie Hot take on. Okay well you got all the ones you're gonna guess. I'm not even gonna read notes on these other ones. So number six is you cou why? O. U. K. U. It has 81 million subscribers. It's a chinese stream service. Number four is lower case I. And then all caps. Q. I. Y. Ii QE QE I Q I Y I I I number four with 119 million. Sounds like somebody accidentally zipped up the tip of their dick in their in their pants. Yeah and they did. What would their dick zipped up the tip of their dick and zipped it up. Okay God is there anything worse you fucking imagine? Like there's something I've done it before. Yeah, imagining it makes me you've done it before Brandon and you lived to tell about it.

Yeah. How to feel fucking really bad. Exactly. As bad as you would imagine. It felt like that it gets stuck, it felt like dull metal teeth ripping the flesh of my dick skin. That's why anybody who uses the zipper and whole to whip your dick out fucking nube playing a dangerous game. Yeah fucking I always had a good time. I find it very convenient. No. Remember the guy we worked with? What was he not the CFO, he was the he was high up somewhere. Chief human resources officer, okay. He would walk into the public bathroom in the offices, 60 year old man and he would unzip his pants under his belt and drop them to the floor like a child and then bare ass piss in the urinal down to his ankles and I'd complain more except he had a hell of an S. Yeah. Alright last one is 10 cent video at number three with 123 million subscribers. It's also chinese. What do the chinese possibly have to offer entertainment wise?

That could trump what we've got trump what we got. Was that a No there's nothing to do with that fucking idiot. Alright the top 10 streaming services in the world based on number of subscribers. Number 10 is paramount plus which Brandon's grandpa ass has on his tv and he doesn't know how it got there. Can we help him get it off his tv please? I don't need any help. I don't give a fuck if it's on there. Were you actually on the line with customer service at the time when I just thought you were talking to me for the show but you were actually just talking to customer service. Uh number nine is you you think that's the surprise of the day? That is so low, it's been around the longest. Number eight is peacock number seven HBO max, number six Youku and china. Number five Disney plus number four a qui number 3, 10 cent video in china or maybe it's tension I don't know two is amazon prime and number one with 208 million subscribers. Netflix. The original bad ass of the streaming game.

Oh I forgot, let me read something real quick. I also asked on twitter at the new camel, I asked people which streaming platform do you use most often? Let's see Hold my popcorn. Said HBO max. Levi said netflix breaking the cycle said netflix. Although lately it's been lacking. I have a bunch more for netflix, bunch more for Disney plus. Although Simon said apple T. V. Plus paul and Australia said stan which is like the Australian equivalent to netflix. It's all the same content as netflix only. The shows are like the characters or the themes and the shows are replaced with like kangaroos and koalas said 90 days it's a 90 day fiance, it's 90 day kangaroo. I love that you've reduced Australia down to ganga ruse and go on to stereotypical and animals. I got it's a phantom thing saying shutter the takeaway here is it's pretty much all HBO netflix in Disney with a few others mixed in. But you notice no one mentioned paramount plus Brandon.

No because nobody knows what nobody knows, nobody knows how it got on their T. V. No they're like what's this fucking app doing here? Where do we sign up for this? So of the streaming services that you've intentionally and you know you've signed up for which is the one you would be quickest to do without to do without. Yeah like what's the first one you get rid of netflix ci? I think mine would be you I don't watch jack shit on netflix. Yeah I mean it's been money. Well that's your fault why it's not that there's not good shit on there you just don't watch it. There's stuff I'd rather watch another. I'm not interested in it. I don't want to watch. They're fucking there's all kinds of true crime documentaries lately on there. Like the Son of Sam series was really good mm tired being duped by documentarians with agendas. Did you see that? There's another fucking Ted Bundy movie coming out. Not on netflix but there might even be a series. Yeah, I see. Like I don't want to watch you more. Ted Bundy, make a movie about somebody. Yeah, fucking make a give me a pee wee Gaskins movie starring starring martin short.

Martin short is way better. Martin short would be really great. The peewee Gaskets movie. Let's wrap this shit up with a couple of podcasts reviews. I'm gonna do a little more than usual today just because we're taking a break squeeze. A few extra in. First one comes from Vaulx gut on apple podcasts. They just say great report between Nick and Brandon. Great find great little find, can't complain about that now, what if you what if they instead were like you with netflix, fucking nothing on this thing. How did this thing get on my phone? But I I didn't I didn't offer that opinion about of nowhere you specifically, I wasn't gonna shit on netflix to you, asked me and I was like, I don't fucking watch it. I recall you rooting for their demise while I was reading netflix notes earlier. They can demise. It would be fine. Live my life will go on just fine. Thank you. Val gut for the review. The next one comes from Honey Sweet on Apple podcast. These guys are really great. They cover a wide variety of subjects. I have downloaded several episodes and listened to to and of course they're the ones on serial killers.

Speaking of serial killers. I love how the gentlemen play off each other and they shine together. She called this gentleman. Thank you. Right back at you. I wonder if they've confused. Maybe they've meant to lead this review on another podcast. It's actually good. All right. Next one from big joe. 1234566 They say I look forward to every Wednesday to get a new episode. I love the banter. It's like a sitting in my living room talking to my buddies. If I'm ever unlucky enough to find myself in Oklahoma, I'd love to buy a round of drinks for them as a way to thank you for all the yucks. Hell yeah, I like to drink those drinks. Yeah, Big joe if you're ever in Oklahoma, I don't know, sorry. You're probably driving through to somewhere else. Thank you for the review though. Last one I'll read here comes from Mom Polo. She says great chemistry between these guys and their sense of humor totally corresponds to mine. It's like hanging out with a couple of buds, love the wide range of topics and they don't pull any punches. As far as language is concerned, A total plus in my book. No punches pulled. What you should have said, Mom Polo is they don't pull any fucking punches as far as goddamn languages, goddamn fucking concerned.

Total Plus in my shitty book, bitch. It's what you should have said, but we'll accept that review either way, and if you want me to read your review and insert curse words into it and in the future, just go to apple podcasts or pod chaser dot com, leave a review and I'll read it on a future episode. Brandon. Do you feel I mean those reviews said that it's like sitting in the living room talking to your buddies. Do you feel that way now with me? Am I your buddy? Hell yeah. Circle. Can I come over and watch some netflix with you with some popcorn? No, we around netflix. I'm not watching nothing on netflix. I'm going to eat ice cream and play Spider man on Playstation five. Okay, well I want to thank everyone for listening as a reminder. Like I said at the top, we're gonna take a four week break from new episodes. The next one will be july 7th but don't go anywhere because next week I have a bonus episode and then I have some best of content after that. And again, if you want a new episode including next week, I'm releasing a Patreon only episode where me and Brandon go through urban dictionary definitions. It's a doozy for nasty stuff.

Yeah, they're nasty. Remember the buddy job? You can learn about the buddy job in all kinds of other urban dictionary definitions. Only on Patreon comes out next week. Go to patreon dot com slash tennis pod to sign up. I had forgotten about buddy job dirtied my mind up again. Yeah, I'll come while we're having that netflix and popcorn party. We'll throw in a buddy job too as well. All right, appreciate listening everyone. We will see you soon. Thank you. Thank you. Mhm. Yeah, mm. Uh huh. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm.

135) Top Streaming Subscription Services
135) Top Streaming Subscription Services
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