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by One Life To Live
September 24th 2021
In my last episode of my first season I dedicate this one to all battling with suicidal thoughts and hopelessness. You can make it- don’t give up- hold on to hope. #1L2L #thankyou #seasonfinale #seeyo... More
mhm, mm hmm. You tell me that you're hopeless. You want your life less than your death. But if you jumped into a pool right now, I know you'd hold your breath so I know that it's not hopeless but that your hopes just hard to find and if I showed you or you can become I know you'd change your mind, you might have hit rock bottom, but it's the perfect place to start. We're the only thing that you can hear is the beating of your heart. You have to almost lose it to remember what you've had and that there's been a share of good times mixed in between the bad. So don't wait for the ending until your last breath starts to leave before you finally remember how much you like to breathe in this one life that we have to live.

Aaron Hansen gives us a great reminder that we really have so much to live for. Don't commit suicide today. You have one life to live. Try and enjoy it. You can still make it, You have one life to live. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah.

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