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7 Tips on how to Combat Loneliness...💜

by Iriketoma Favour
June 24th 2021
Have you ever felt all alone in the world? We all do sometimes and it isn't easy. When you're going through a difficult time and feel there's no one to turn to for support, it's hard to know what to d... More
Mhm right there. And the warm, warm welcome to the Alabama mental health podcast. Well, it's me, your host, couldn't say. And today, first of all, welcome to the show, welcome to the show again and I really hope you enjoyed our last segment how to handle on fair criticisms. I got so many heartfelt sparks we've used last time and I swear it really means a lot to me. It's about any episode with your heart or spark a light in your heart, leave every view. So the podcast can reach more people and create even more hardware sparks. And maybe heartbeat by heartbeat to be able to make the world a more loving and kind of place. I believe in synchronicity and not coincidence. Now, maybe if you find yourself in this podcast, maybe there's a truthful in here. Especially now let's take it and put together. Trust your intuition guided you here for this moment simply be and enjoy your life. Today, I'm going to be giving you 7/17 on how to deal with loneliness.

Now, the tips, the steps to conquer the thoughts, how to deal with loneliness. Well, I am not mental health care professional, nor am I trained to do with mental health crisis. But basically I'm someone who is working on my own mental health daily and I do want to share my own story and my ongoing journey with you and mostly I wanted to do that. You are not alone wherever you're going through. I have a document see there's a undeniable truth and strengthen the fact that you are not alone, but we have struggles and as long as you don't give up on yourself, like we break through the darkness. The truth is passing and when the truth is all that matters and the truth is that none of us are alone. So back to today's episode. How to do with loneliness? No. Have you ever felt like you're all doing in the world? Trust me. We all do sometimes. And it's easy, it's easy you know when you're going through a difficult time and you feel like there's no wanted son, like there's no one to turn to for support.

Like I mean it's hard to know what to do, but those who are feeling isolated or alone should know that there are always people who care about them and their well being like me for example, if you ever have any problem connected us on instagram at the mental health pot at the mental health on the score podcast on this score. So connected those there let him have to address your feelings of loneliness can also be a big step in helping you address other mental issues that you may be facing. Well, how do you deal with loneliness? Well, human beings are social creatures by nature. Like we all know that you want to connect with others. You want to be loved, You want to love to. Well it's normal to want to have someone you can love in return. I mean learning how to cope loneliness isn't simple but there is much you can do to regain that feeling of value and longing.

Now there are effective ways you can deal with loneliness and we'll professional help is also available if you are in need now. Well, this podcast, we covered stools to cope with it and move past loneliness. Now, first it is a part time to note that even if you're feeling lonely right now, you are not alone and your millions of people are going through similar struggles And well, it is estimated at over 40% of people who experience loneliness at some point in their lives. Me at some point in my life, I too have felt loneliness. So most times I just try to channel my energy in a lot of things like I am doing right now, I am currently working on an e book um the podcasting system, you know how to make your podcast stand out so anticipate and I really hope you read that book because it is going to be a wonderful one.

Well, even those who appear connected and popular can also feel isolated from all guys now, the department to seek treatment if you are feeling down, just know that you are not alone in this fight. Now, back to the major thing here, the 17th's for dealing with loneliness. Now on this journey, I'm going to be suggesting like seven methods for dealing with loneliness, all of which will be helpful in their own ways. Now consider any method which might be useful to you. Now the first thing you need to do is I set that loneliness is no more. Now just knowing that others around the globe are experiencing the same feelings of loneliness can be helpful. Like remember I said like 40% of people will experience loneliness at some point in their lives. Now my loneliness is subjective. It is possible to feel lonely even if you have a significant order Children or lots of friends.

Now the popular saying where people say I am a popular donor like me, I am a popular dona you know lots of people, people know me. No, I know people, I know lots of people, few people know me. Yes, I'm very popular. I still don't have people to, you know relate to it at that point. Well, if you are looking for an answer on how to kill loneliness in your life, just realize that there are millions of people feeling the same way. It is normal emotions. Like it's normal emotion everybody experienced at some point. It's something that you can overcome actually. Now the second thing is recognized the effects of loneliness. So you can combat them, loneliness can be felt. Your studies showed a bill, we can make you feel colder. Done doors around you and studies show it's increases cholesterol and even blood pressure and can stop your immune system for functioning properly, loneliness.

Can this drops you'll sleep because loneliness put your body on high a lot well, insomnia and lack of trust, risk and both the result of holiness. Uh, loneliness leads to self destructive habits, joke abuse, gambling habit and other strike destructive actions which all links loneliness. Now, finding a cure for loneliness can prevent these habits from developing in the first place. So, it is very important to address suicide prevention to now. How do you do with loneliness and depression? Lastly, learners can affect our mental health, like I mentioned earlier. Well, as it increases, so does depression. One of the main sign of depression is no longer I want to do the things you enjoy. If you think your feelings of loneliness, maybe a small part of a more bigger problem, you should consider seeking help from someone who specializes in treating loneliness as a mental health professional.

Yes, I see that thing you need to do is seek professional help. Well, mixing a mental health professional is one of the most helpful steps you can take if you are trying to um uber home loneliness. Well, get yourself your therapist chapters can help you explore the factors behind your feelings and other issues surrounding your loneliness can be addressed as well. You know, sometimes you might I feel even feel lonely due to your location. Maybe if you are a place where they are and how much people you don't get access to. You know, people with lots, you are likely to get depressed. Well the first thing you need to do, four things you need to know is not sure existing relationships, loneliness, chemicals pull away from our relationships even when we deserve them the most, like I noticed recently for myself, I have been a bit withdrawn from most of the things I do like talking to certain friends and you know, relating to people like I used to, I would say I'm lonely, but I, I feel like I'm going to a certain stage in my life and like I always say it's a phase and it's going to pass by not showing the relationships you already have.

You can put yourself on a path to overcome loneliness and I want the people you want love or connect with your distance. It can be hard to take the first step fortifying those bonds now. Yeah, some ideas, if you want to connect again, we'll schedule a time each day to call or visit a friend, invite someone out for take outs, watching movie, you know, just anything fun you normally do. Um start up conversations with neighbors, anybody right around you. It's now social media is a wild um exactly form of networking. You can use social media to reconnect with those. You've lost. You see the importance of social media. I remember I had a friend from secondary school primary school were connected to facebook and it was really wonderful experience talking to him again.

Well join the club drawing groups, you know, it's same interests as you are just you know, just get yourself engaged. Like I feel like me for example, I engaged in other um volunteering act, you know, just to try and get myself get my own space wrapped up on other things, you know, working on my book. So like I am a bit distracted this. So I feel like it's also good for my health. Although I feel like sometimes, I mean gets of denial that I'm not lonely, but like I said, we all get lonely sometimes 13, 15 you need to do is practice self positive talk. Positive self talk. Now you might be vaccine. Getting rid of negative self talk has to do with loneliness, but the to let go hand in hand. Now when you're feeling lonely and you start to think something like I hate my life, no one wants to spend time with me or maybe I'm the problem.

You know, you're just adding to your loneliness now you are not only missing social connection, but you are also beating to your self esteem. Now we'll make an effort to catch these thoughts and replace them with positive message. Instead the process of positive self talk takes practice. Now it can be part of a simple cure for loneliness if you decide to seek out online therapy Or the 16 is find a hobby personally people see that they get bored, they get bored personally. I don't get bored because I have like 10,000 years to do my time. Okay if I'm not reading a book, working on my book I'm not working on my book on netflix or watching a movie or you know, just being the inspiration that I am. It's a finally hobby, you know, boredom ways um add weights to loneliness.

Now if you're already struggling with feelings of loneliness or social isolation, the cure isn't washing netflix by yourself at night. So instead it's finding something to occupy your time, make sure what you choose has some social aspects, you know, take some time to explore um hobby options and then get out there. Get out. There is usually the hardest part now we'll help these will be what hobbies will help do loneliness. Hope is that you can do by yourself. Can still before try to get yourself out more. It's my you might love watching movies or playing games alone, but sometimes it isn't going to be right and suck now we'll pick your best, you know out of some fun hobbies you've discovered.

Yeah, it could wind up being um the push that you need to improve your social life and it can be a killed too loneliness. Well the 17 is find volunteer opportunities. Well one way to combat loneliness. It's put yourself in places where you can meet new people. Mhm But sometimes just going to public places, I don't think we need do the trick, especially for people whose loneliness is worsened by issues like well shyness or social anxiety by volunteering. You're not just putting yourself in place so you can meet people, but you will also be focused on attacks and that can prevent feelings of awkwardness that might arise if you do holly particular propose well, I don't have great thing about volunteering is you meet people are you likely share similar interests, You know, it could be teaching, it could be working at a health center, it could be, you know, anything, anything, anything, not sure anything, what other options for how to deal with loneliness.

Aside the stops, I mentioned that both. Well if you are struggling with feeling lonely and you don't have friends that you can connect with, Maybe you may benefit from joining a support group. Now I have this, I have a friend who runs um likely a committee Safe space. You can check them up on Instagram, I think it's safe space on the score 2020 or you could connect them on WhatsApp. They have like a community where they are each other support systems. So you should check that out if you probably need a support system. Now, depression feelings of loneliness is not easy. Like, you know, especially when you don't have anything doing sometimes even your phone no longer helps. You know, getting engaged in other things that makes you happy.

It's like another step to um combatting loneliness. That's it guys. Seven steps on how to deal with loneliness. Whatever works for you, whatever works for you perfectly. Just stick to doing that. I hope you had fun. I hope you um we relate or whatever. I just said, even though I don't know, maybe shaky today because I'm having, I'm having chest pain, so it feels, it feels like I'm trying to grab oxygen, but definitely I'm going to be fine. So don't forget to connect it also on instagram at the mental health, on this score podcast, another on the score. It's lots of fun there. And if you need help on your mental health journey, your journey to self discovery, spirituality. Just know this is the right podcast for you. So now wrapping up, don't forget to share with your friend, you know, anybody who needs to hear this.

Yes. Like I said, we'll be able to make the world even better to others. Yes, I think that's all for today. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for creating this 18 minutes of your time to, you know, listening to what I have to say. It means so much to me. It's your next time. Bye. Yeah. Mhm Yeah,

7 Tips on how to Combat Loneliness...💜
7 Tips on how to Combat Loneliness...💜
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