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Ask The Expert: Connecting with Celebrities and Everyday Powerful Women with Tonia DeCosimo

by Michelle Abraham
June 8th 2021
Tonia Decosimo joins Michelle on Amplifyou today as our Expert. She is an entrepreneur, author, publisher, columnist, host, and founder of P.O.W.E.R. Tonia founded this organization to recognize, empo... More
Yeah, yeah. This is amplify you the podcast about you discovering your message and broadcasting it to the world. If you are a coach, author or speaker, you'll want to tune in. If you're looking for the best return on your time investment to get your message out to the world in a bigger way. We're giving you full access behind the scenes look of how we're running our podcast, how our clients have found success and what you can do to launch your podcast today. The world needs your message. I. Michelle Abraham, the host, join my family as we unleash your unique genius and find the connections you need to launch your adventure today, join us and let's get amplified Hello Hello. Amplify you family. Michelle Abraham here. I am delighted to bring you and ask the expert interview today today I'm so so so so thrilled to have with me, Tanya to Kosovo and Tanya is the founder of the Power Women Network, Woman of Excellence Network.

She is the producer, the editor in charge and everything behind this magazine, which I was really happy to be a part of in the last in the last issue in the spring issue. And Tanya is just uh an author as well. She's written the book single and not settling, which is really amazing. And I'm just thrilled to bring Tanya's got so many talents and it's just a wealth of information for us today. So Tanya, thank you so much for joining us today on Amplify you. Hi Michel, thanks for having me. You're welcome. And it's just so cool. We met through victoria week, uh not that long ago. And since getting to know you, I've just like adore you, you do so many amazing things in this world. And so I am thrilled to have you with us today. And it's been so much fun getting to know you and all the things that you're up to. Thank you, you as well. You're amazing. You've helped me out quite a bit Well, thank you. That's awesome. The feeling is mutual then.

So Tanya has power talk radio, which is amazing podcast that she's gone. And one of the cool things about Tanya I think is that you are, your show is very different than a lot of podcasts out there, a lot of podcasts out there, you know, mixing and mingling and interviewing other people that are, you know, a similar kind of people, um you know, business owners and all that kind of stuff. You've gone right to the celebrities on your show and I love that about you because I think that really has elevated your show quite a bit. So tell us a little bit about that. Like what what inspired you to just go after and start start interviewing celebrities? Well we interview celebrities, we interview icons and I always say more important, everyday hard working women like you and I uh you know I wanted to start interviewing celebrities like I said as well as everyday women because you know what people that are celebrities, they started out like everyday women like you and I so I wanted to hear their stories how they got started.

What inspired them. Um Did they always want you know to be in showbiz or be famous? So I want to really get to know the person behind as they say the paperwork and um have them share their stories and inspire the everyday working woman. I love that. What's been your most like surprising outcome of an interview so far? Oh boy, most surprising. Um Well I have to say like Heather Dubrow from, she used to be on the housewives dr terry Dubrow, he's got um the uh the show uh oh my God, I forgot the name of the show where he does surgery on women, you know? And they also, yeah Heather Dubrow was amazing. Uh you know she's got shoes and bags and she basically did the interview from her closet which is like the size of my house and she sat in her closet, which you know, I thought it was basically like her in the living room or a kitchen, you know, it was huge and um she just amazed me that she has all this money but she's very humble and I like humble people um you know as much as she says, she loves her shopping and and and and love spending money and this and that she really is just a humble, down to earth person and that's what I like about people knowing that you know, they're successful, but they're also you know humble, I love that you're getting to the real person behind the name that we all know or you know the person that's like the everyday woman behind that, which I love, I love that part of your show.

I think that's really interesting is you ask these incredible questions and really get to know your guests on your show, which is really, really unique. Let's talk about your magazine and your book. So um what inspired you to start the Power? So first of all, Power is actually it's a power well is women's organization, right? So let's talk about the organization first and then the magazine come first with the organization. The organization came first. So Power stands for Professional Organization of Women of Excellence or Women of Empowerment recognized as a dual meaning. And um we feature on our website on our organization, we feature again celebrities, icons, everyday hardworking women. Um we help them network, collaborate with like minded professionals, gain exposure recognition, uh not that the celebrities need the exposure and recognition as much as the everyday hard working women, but again to inspire and empower women that you know, you never know who you're gonna meet, what tomorrow gonna bring, basically.

Um you know, maybe today you're that everyday hard working women and tomorrow you're that celebrity, you're somebody famous. So you know, I just I want women to share their stories of what inspired them. Uh also we have a mentor section for people that want to mentor others or people that you know want to become a mentor. Uh we that feature people in the magazine. Uh we also have do webinars like you said, we do podcasts. Uh it's just a whole host of products and services to help women get out there and and hopefully get to the next level. Yeah, it's amazing finding a group of other women like minded that you can always say they're my business besties, you know? Yeah, you're everyday friends don't really understand when you're an entrepreneur in business, what what really that means or what you're doing or some of the things that you're up to or what it takes. So it's nice to have those business besties and business friends that you can really count on.

They know, they get it, they get what you're doing and they got the similar kind of mindset as you as well. Yeah. And you know, um women, so you're balancing at all. So these women are working there, you know, they have a family, you know, and then with covid just hearing so many stories of of what people went through and losing their jobs and trying to start over and trying to help women find something new new careers. You know, it's just been uh been crazy times and, you know, we're there for people. Yeah. That's awesome. And so do you guys used to meet in person before before? Obviously we weren't able to do that anymore. Well, I have done some interviews in person. Um I actually interviewed Robin McGraw in person, uh you know, I thought that was a lie there And she's she's just incredible. She really is uh hearing her story and her and Dr.

and they've been married for I think it's 25 years and they really have a wonderful love story. And um you know, I also did the Pre Oscars party at the Fig and Olive two years ago interviewing just a lot of fabulous people. So you know it, we all know that. Yeah. Yeah. It's so much fun just being with people in person and obviously because of Covid that all changed. Um, so this is second best right zoom and doing podcasts. Um, which I love as well. But I do like that human connection. Yeah. Well hopefully we can get back to that again someday. That's so much fun. So what inspired you to start your network, your organization? Um um, you know, I have a degree in elementary education and english and really I wanted to be a teacher. Uh when I graduated college there was really no teaching jobs.

It was just a horrible time. And I wound up getting into sales and advertising and marketing. And then within six months I became a manager of a company and then six months after that a general manager. And before you knew it I was helping people build their Their companies, their their team, their sales team, helping with advertising and marketing. And after doing that for I guess it was 15 years I decided you know what, I'm going to go out on my own. I worked for men. And again, I always say I love men because because I do, my father was a man and I worked for him a little bit when I was younger and um that was great. But I did come across some of my um employers and you know, I was told, you know, you're making too much money as a woman. Uh you know, you can't do it on your own type of thing and not just annoyed me.

And I wanted to go out and start my own business, a network for women where they can feel like, you know what, we can do it on our own. We don't need necessarily a man behind us. And if you do, that's wonderful as well. But I just wanted a place where women can go collaborate um, and network with like minded professionals. I love that in 10,000 members later you're rocking and rolling out. That that's really impressive and so inspiring to so if just just so we can while we're on this subject. if our listeners are like, oh, I would love to find out more about this organization, how can they find out more about it? Sure, go to Power. Whoa! So P O W E R W Oe. Like Power Women of Excellence. Power Whoa dot com. And you could press join now. Um, and we'll send you some information. You can call us, uh, email me Tonja at T O N A at Power.

Whoa dot com. I'd love to hear from you were having an awards gala in october, which is exciting. Uh, we're gonna honor about 13 women. So we're really excited about that. That's in new york on Long Island. And um, you know, we're always thinking of new things to do and we love hearing from people and you know, helping us think of new ideas as well. Yeah, absolutely. I want to help the things I love that you guys to do. You're really celebrating women. So you're honoring them. You're celebrating the woman of the Year. You're celebrating mentor of the year. Like I think this is a really great things that oftentimes women we brushed past me, don't we were like, what's the next goal? What's the next call? We forget to take that time to celebrate. And I think you've done a really great job with the organization, really celebrating women in celebrating those milestones. The hardest, the hardest part is there's so many women that deserve honors and awards. And let's face it, it's difficult to give one to everyone, you know?

So yeah, that's what I would be, The toughest part of the job is trying to pick them thinner and I'm sure that's awesome. So, let's talk about your book. So single and not settling. Tell us a little bit about this book. I love, I love the title of It Boy, so single and not settling a journey of surviving the dating world. Um, I got married when I was 44. So for some that's considered, you know, later in life, um, I had three marriage proposals before that, and I just wasn't finding the right person and, you know, going out there and dating is not easy. Uh you know, even when you're going on dating sites, it's just not easy finding the right person excuse me, and I really wanted to help people out, share my story, give advice dues and don't um and just let them know, hey, I know what you're going through, it's not easy, don't settle, but also, you know, you have to give people a chance.

You always hear people say I'm not settling, I'm not settling, but you really, nobody is perfect, and you do have to give somebody a chance. Uh you know, sometimes you hear stories of people that they're like, oh, never go out with that person, they go out with them, and then that's it, they wind up marrying them, you know, So I feel that you just, you never know it's true, you never know. I know I was stuck in that in that dating spiral, especially online dating um when I was dating and it was like, you know, guy after guy of like, you know, not quite right, it wasn't quite right, but you know, I was having a lot of fun, but I was like, you know what, I'm going to stop this and focus on myself because I think I'm done with none of the day, he was thinking of taking too much time in my life and when I stopped and focused on myself, that's actually when I met my husband. So, you know, it's funny how, you know, you know, taking that time away from it, sometimes stepping back and just, you know, had I been in the midst of it, I probably wouldn't have dated my husband because he wasn't that type of person, like you just said, like, he wasn't that person that I was typically dating and so it was until I took a step back and I was like I appreciated him, oh my gosh, after dating so many, let's just put it out.

The jerks out there. I appreciated how nice and kind he was where I probably wouldn't appreciate it earlier. So funny how that kind of lines up. Right? So tell us a little bit about everybody a everybody talks about their type. You know, he's not my type, she's not my type, but it's like what is your attack? You know what I'm saying? It's like everybody thinks they have that type. Well my husband wasn't, you know, his tall blond blue eyes, you know, I used to kind of go after the italian the dark dark hair, dark eyes type of guy, you know? Um and to be honest my husband's going to tell me when I first met him, I was like nah again he's not my type, I don't really like him. And we met with a group of people and then uh we went out on a first state and we wound up They had to kick us out of the restaurant literally, I mean we went into closing the place, it's like 12:00 at night and then that was it, we were you know engaged within six months.

Um But you just you hear so many different stories, you know people fall in love love at first sight and then they're divorced within a year, you know, so you just never know, you never know. Yeah it's true and like you said you got to give people a chance to like my husband was one of my best friend's brother's friend. So at first of course that was like a going not going there now. He's the little brother's friend, but you know what? You gave him a chance and like, oh gosh, so thankful for that, right? Yeah, that's pretty much, yeah, it's pretty it's pretty awesome when you do find someone and it did not settle, you know, just because you're getting older than the typical married. You know, I mean seeing all these people get married and getting divorced like faster than they had time to even really date. So it's like, you know, waiting, waiting until you're a little bit older, it's not a bad thing or it's not, you know, it's not like, like, you know, I remember I felt like all my friends were going out from marrying me and leaving me behind but actually what they were all going on a couple of coupling off and then all of a sudden they were all single again and I was the one getting off, going off and getting there.

Yeah, they're going to thank you. You could think that you found the right person and then you marry them, you live with them for a few years and then you find out uh they weren't the right person after all, you know? So yeah, that's right, you know, and you've got to take those chances sometimes. That's awesome. So what's coming down the road? You've got an exciting award. Somebody coming up in october here. What are some things that you look for in your magazine for? Uh It comes out comes out quarterly, Right? So it comes out quarterly, drink comes out quarterly magazine were just always looking for inspiring empowering women. Um you know, like, as you can see, we have jihad a on the cover of that one, uh she is a Celebrity Chef Cook, She's just beautiful inside and out. Um you know, we've had Olivia newton john on the cover, Gloria Gaynor on the cover.

So we have people in all different industries, from music to cooking to fitness. We've had Holly Perkins celebrity trainer, uh we've had Aaron Oprea celebrity trainer. I mean it's just just women in all different fields and industries. We've had models, um podcast. Look, we've had you Michelle. I mean, it's just, you know, just women who we learn from and I've learned so much from you, victoria Wick. She's on our cover right there for those of you that can't see the video right now, holding up my little article in here is amazing. Thank you so much for that honor truly is an honor to be a part of it. Yeah, it's just, it's nice to see people being recognized, you know? Yeah, but I think that's such a great what a great position you're in to be able to recognize people and celebrate women and bring women together in an organization.

And I think that's that women gathering is so important and so essential to our success these days. I'm curious now you I mean you have your list of people that you connected with and you are around and people you had in your magazine and in your events and everything, you know, is huge. How do you go about and start connecting with these people, whether they be other everyday women or do they or the celebrities, no matter who it is? How do you connect with them? And how do you build those relationships? Because I think your business has been built hugely on relationships and that's such an important skill that I'd love to get your knowledge on. Right? So it's really all different ways. It's through nominations referrals, people still out our application, we do send out invitations to people. Are you interested in networking with other women? Um Also, you know, again, women that have inspired me, whether it's it's a celebrity or just somebody that's helped me out in business.

I mean again look how you and I met, you know, we met through victoria, um you know I met victoria through someone, so it's just it's all about connection building and and that's what our network is about connecting with other women. Um You know, I wanted to feature Susan lucci on my cover now I love Susan lucci, I mean I grew up watching all my Children, uh not only that, she lived in the next town from me and um I was a waitress at Swensen's ice cream parlor. I always, you know, I teased her about that and you know, and now I have her on the cover of my magazine, it's crazy. Um I featured Bonnie Pointer from the 0.2 sisters. I mean I listened to their music, I'm like, oh my God, what better person to have on my cover than Bonnie Pointer, You know, I'm so excited, everybody loves that song and I was able to feature her and she did pass on.

Um but I was lucky enough fortunate enough to feature her to meet her in person and you know, sit down and have lunch with her and they need a pointer and as we're having lunch, Paula Abdul walks in, so you know, now Paula Abdul, I want her on my cover, so you know, it's just again, you just never know who you're gonna run into and it's so important just to talk to everyone, You know, my husband, you say, oh, you talk too much. You talked to everyone. Well, you know what I like to learn about people. I want to know how they got to where they are today. You know? So yeah, it's an interesting skill too because if you're talking to people and you're asking them a lot of questions makes them really feel special, it makes them feel hard listen to. They're going to walk out of that room being like, wow, that was such an awesome conversation. Right? Where you are just doing a lot of the listening, right? It's interesting. I have a friend who him and his wife did this experiment at a party where they hardly said anything in a party this whole the whole night and just the people that were like coming to them and attracted to them and because they were asked just asking questions about every person that works, it's so interesting that that skill is something that I think there's a lot of lost in communication sometimes, but asking people about themselves is such a cool thing.

So, did you work like with the pointer sisters and other people that you had on your show? Did you have a relationship with them first, or was that you were reaching out to their agents or finding out their contact information somehow? Yes, I didn't, I didn't have a relationship with Bonnie points of Prior is amazing. Yes. But yeah, I'm still with Anita. Um, like I said, unfortunately, Bonnie passed, I guess it's almost a year ago I think. Um, but Susan lucci, I knew somebody that knew her. So, you know, again, it's all about, it's all about networking, networking and the real ships, and then also having the courage to reach out, right, and invite, encouraged to reach out the gift to jab. It's a lot of time and effort and I have a great team beside me. You know, if there's there's no I in team, I mean I have wonderful people that work for me. I don't even like to say that that worked with me.

Um and nothing is easy, but you just have to keep going and I love what I do and I love seeing people succeed and that's what's important to me. That's what keeps drives me. Yeah, I love that. I think they share that commonality, like to see other people succeeded. One of the things I love about podcasting, I just want to bring it home for our listeners is that, you know, reaching out to people with like, one of the things I love about podcasting and I'm sure it's the same as your, your magazine, your organization to is you get to lead with service, feel like, you know, inviting the, inviting someone to come on to my podcast. So I get to invite them to be showcased first. I think that is really cool and I think that's a, a really great reason to have a podcast and it gives you that peace of that relationship building peace where you're inviting someone to come on and be and be elevated and be showcased and, and showered upon which I think this is so cool. So I think it's such a great, a great tool and a great relationship building avenue, especially in podcasting that podcast.

Yeah, for sure. We'll tell you, thank you so so much for spending this time with us has been super great. I know our audience has gained a lot of knowledge for me. You just, you know the way you go out there and do business and are you, are you and have built these incredible relationships and an incredible organization. So I want to thank you for spending your time with our Amplify your family today. It's been an incredible to have you on. Thank you for having me and thank you so much for helping me out with my podcast and everything that you do for women. Um you're amazing and some pleasure featuring you. Well, thank you and it's been so much fun having you on our podcast. You and you are amazing as well. Thank you so so much. So great to have you and we can we to connect again with you. Amplify your family? Make sure out there yeah, you're welcome. And make sure amplify your family, go to power Whoa dot com and connect with Tanya Reach out tour uh, celebrate her and also uh, go and check out her magazine Ng and make sure you get on the list to get it to.

All right guys, go there and have it also. Oh yeah, Tony Tony the cosmo dot com as well. Oh, next only to cosmo dot com. And is your book on there too, don't you? Yeah, ok. Yeah. Go check out her book for sure To. Alright guys until next week. Go out there and be awesome. Thanks Michelle. Hi, Yeah, thank you family for joining us on this adventure. If you're ready to be heard, head over to my podcast coach dot com. Well, you'll find out all the tools and tips. You'll need to launch your podcast today if you have a show already and you need some help managing it. Please head over to manage my podcast dot com. and the amplify your team would be happy to help you manage your podcast. Please also head over to itunes like subscriber, review our show so we can spread this message and until next time be your own unique genius.

Ask The Expert: Connecting with Celebrities and Everyday Powerful Women with Tonia DeCosimo
Ask The Expert: Connecting with Celebrities and Everyday Powerful Women with Tonia DeCosimo
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