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by Corine La Font
July 21st 2021

Join me, Corine La Font, Host of Between The Lines with Guest, Davina Ware.    

Davina Ware is Career Transition Coach, marketing professional, and founder of Upwardly Paved P... More

mhm. Yeah. Okay. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Mm, mm hmm. Thanks. Hey everyone. This is Karina for your favorite radio. Who's your faulty radio. You can hear you at all. Oh my God, I am doing my wonderful introduction. Oh my God, thank you. I think you can hear me. I am hearing. You cannot hear you. Oh my God. Yeah. That's like my audio was working. Okay. Are you hearing me? Those echo so good there. Bye. Yeah. Are you just, you are not one thing. Hold on a second. Let me just check something on my end to see if that'll this is not how the show is supposed to start. I am doing my lovely introduction and here is the Vienna interrupted me with her new audio.

What is going on? This is this is this is what are you hearing me now? Okay, now I said, I think my voice coming through. Yeah, I can hear you now. We're all good. I knew we would get it together. Listen to me. I wasn't, I'm not telling the audience. I am doing my lovely introductions. And here is the Vienna interrupted me from doing my lovely Yeah man, sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches and look good while you're doing it. Be a diva. So let me start over. Let me start over. So this is Karina floor your favorite radio host. You're only radio host and favorite girl of course broadcasting to you from the lovely island of Trinidad and Tobago in the caribbean. In between the lines and you know how we do it here in between the lines. Always, always with gratitude. Always with thankfulness. I am so thankful that we are challenged today by technology.

I am so thankful. I am so thankful that I'm alive, that technology can challenge me. I'm so thankful that I was able to overcome together with Davina relentless resilient that we overcame the challenge that we are still here and we bought together in unison, made an agreement a covenant that don't matter what happens, we are moving forward. We're not looking back going forward. I don't know we are moving forward. We're not looking back and turn into a pillar of salt people no matter what we're going forward. Davina were welcome to between the lines. Hello, I'm so glad to be here. You know, I love talking to you. But I mean it's like, hey, I feel like we have gone through the wilderness that we have been in the woods, in the valleys and I finally made it to the mountaintop.

But what matters is that we keep going. I've heard people say that distract one, distractions, determined destiny. So here we are. Oh yes. And we're looking fly. We're looking fly. Yeah. Oh my God and this is a great way to discuss the study discussion about. Are we ready for change are you will be listening? He's listening now. Who will be listen are you ready for change. Look at how look at how this thing started. We are actually 23 minutes behind the scheduled time, 2 to 3 minutes and we could have said, you know, let's reschedule what? No, we're not doing that, we're still pushing forward. And I see, I see the internet now is giving us some challenges that we kind of, we kind of froze there for a minute, but hello, we're flat were flat and so we're going, we're working it out.

So are we ready for a change? And let me tell you, let me tell you a bit about the Vienna please, if the internet can give me a minute, let me see if I can tell you a bit about. So she's a career transition coach, marketing professional and founder of upwardly pave career part coaching and going to see her website a little later on. She helps people get out of their own way to transition into their ideal careers that utilize their gifts and talents to the latest career transition principles, personal growth and spiritual development. She leaves her client's file fulfillment in your next career move. She is no stranger to correct transitions as she has worked in non profit and corporate environments and within the education, telecommunications, marketing and health care fields. She wrote to 14 years in the workforce that has learnt about the key things that hiring managers value and prospective candidates and what makes us successful employee in any field. She takes a holistic approach to career coaching and resume writing services to help our clients by offering personal and spiritual development, if you check our website, you will see that spiritual development there to support career success.

Her strategy is to motivate towards clarity and courage of oral growth and combine her marketing expertise in the job search process. She's an intern, she is certified with the International Coaching Federation, She holds an M. B. A. An integrated marketing communications from Roosevelt University and a bachelor's in marketing communications from Columbia College Chicago. She is a devote christian check that website. People who makes christ the foundation of her life and the foundation of mine ah on her spare time if she has any, she enjoys serving in her church training with her running group. Oh my gosh! I need to do that attending concerts. Well we have not here right now Reading and spending time with loved ones! Welcome officially again between the lines, let's get this going, Oh my God, I'm so excited. Are we ready for change? Are you ready for change? Let's talk about that will change change and readiness, change is something that most people are uncomfortable with.

The whole irony about that is that I'm gonna take this slowly because I want people to process what I'm saying. Change is such an ironic thing because before you got comfortable with what you're doing now, you were one time uncomfortable with it. You at one point uncomfortable with it and you managed to get through that and you've gotten comfortable and so now to do something that's new or fresh or known to you, it's uncomfortable and you're afraid of doing it. And then you question your readiness, not thinking back. I did something like this before, or I did something worse or I did something more challenging before I got over that. So what is my problem trying to go into this new thing? So help us out here with that process, the Vienna, the readiness and the whole aspect of change, because we're in a pandemic and a lot of people were not ready for a pandemic.

Some of us were not even born when past pandemics to place. So this is our first experience of it, which includes me. And I mean my life, people ask me, how am I dealing with the planet make? And I'm like, it's fine, this has been my life all the time. I live online, I live an isolated life. I don't, I don't touch things all over. So this is the only thing I wasn't doing was wearing a mask all my life, you know, so I mean, this is nothing new, but it seemed to be something major for everyone else and I'm like, what's the problem? What's the problem? Yes, your social life, the drinking the partying and all those things sitting in a restaurant and enjoying life and spending the money that you never really had in the first place, You know? You know, you're you're not able to do that? But what is the problem? So we're in a pandemic and we were forced to change whether we wanted it or not.

And is it that when we ask the question, are we ready for change? Do we have to be like all docs in our role to be ready? Or do we have to be catapulted into it? Like something need to force us into it, like the pandemic where we don't have a choice. I'm saying a lot of stuff and I know you're processing it. So I pass it on to you now, a couple things, couple things to address this one is we were talking about it took us 33 minutes, right ready to get started on this broadcast. But as soon as you said that I smiled, because that's the age that jesus was when his ministry really took off. Oh my God, no, Hold on, hold on, I need to come back. What did you have to make that connection to it immediately? And I was like, okay, so he's in this.

Got it because at one point, I was like, jesus, what what do you want, what you need for me? We showed up all the time. We did our part. What happened? And so you uh saying that and the fact that we got started at that time, let me know that he was in it. And so when it comes to change, that's we need to be mindful of that? Is that a lot of us who have goals, right? Who can be a bit of a perfectionist, we might say, okay, I want this to happen by this time and then in six months I'm going to achieve that. And I'm saying this is that kind of person, but there are things that will happen that are out of your control. And I think that's the biggest thing, right? That we got from being in this pandemic. This was completely out of our control. Everyone had to pivot literally everyone and I feel bad for the extroverts. I'm an introvert. I'm an extroverted introvert. So, and then to hear it was cold in Chicago. I was like, oh, I don't have to go outside and this cool, but I still had to adjust right to life and I had to confront things that maybe I didn't have to before.

So when it comes to change and answering your question on whether we should approach it, uh, and like be prepared for it or roll with the punches. I think it's a bit of both. I think that, yes, we've heard that time we have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Absolutely. But also, I think we need to think of change is something that is always going to happen. Mhm. And being open to the life, the life shifts when I'm talking to or talking to my clients especially about change. I always mentioned nature, what in nature has been the same from 20 years ago. Oh my God, has there been a flower that you you know that's been in your yard? That's the same flower. It sprang up 20 years ago and it didn't move it and grow it and ship. No, wow. So just as the sun in the moon rises and sets every day, then we had to expect that there will be some some change that is out of our control.

And it just behooves us because we're part of nature were natural creature. It just behooves us to move forward with that change as well, because the more we try to stay the same, then you get ripped out of somewhere instead of you walking into that change. And when we think about anything that's being ripped, right? It's a snatching that happens. It leaves wounds. It's more painful. Right? There's deeper gaps that have to be filled in when you've been ripped from something as opposed to you going with emotion. So, I actually did a Youtube video like I don't know, month two of the pandemic about how I'm embracing the quarantine and why you too. And the reason, like I said at first, it was beautiful. Okay, Born a person. I am working on it. I promise you though, I'm working on being a person. But um it just was easier for me. But there was some other changes. I had to, I had to readjust my schedule, right?

Because when we work from home, you end up working more, you end up working with others, all the things right? And I had to set some boundaries with myself so that I still had like off time even though they're at home or where I was doing my work, not in my living room and my comfy cows with my tv and my ottoman with my feet up, not in my dining room table, I got a whole office and for a good six months I never came in here and I'm like, okay, work, that would be. So I had to, I had to like readjust something. So even as we're opening up more for now, because I can't change the things that I have to take with me of this separation so that you know, become this workaholic to where the lines are blurred between when you need some rest, when you need boundaries uh personal time and then with banging things out with work. So that's one of the changes again that we were forced into this change, but we can walk in it and make it work for us as opposed to letting it beat up on us.

Yeah, that happened to Yeah, I love, I love how you made the connection with nature because I do the same. I look at nature for advice, yes, for answers and the answers are there when you were talking, I remember I went back to looking at the moon last night and the moon was a different shape. It just it just went in a different direction. It was sitting in a different place, You know, it just and I was like, look at you, you were in your position here, You were wrong that they are denied before, you know, you were going down at a particular place. So that different direction. Now, you're like a quarter moon, a little crescent, and now you're in a different direction and I'm just looking and you're absolutely right, you saw a floor 20 in the same place, Same. I'm going to just meet you for a second, I'm getting a bit of feedback, you know, in the same place and you're like this, you know, it's not even allowing you to replant because what is there to replant if if everything that is there is still there, what's the point?

You know? So it's not even allowing you to grow or you to to see anything different that would be boring. I mean if you think of our world where everything just remains the same, it'll be boring. But here's the thing, even bringing in the pandemic and are we ready for change on the changes you have to go to because we all have to, even in terms of work and career because that's part of what you do work and career that and all had to change because people well laid off from their jobs, Some people are still laid off from their jobs. Their jobs have to change from a full time to shift to remote work to all sorts of things. Some people are now even thinking more so about having their own business when this is something that was being pushed so many years ago again, do people need to have something to knock them in the head for them to realize I need to do something, why, you know, even even when it comes to taking care of their health, exercising and stop the initial, I remember the initial thing with the pandemic in 2020 they even had videos on Youtube about people in their buildings just coming out on their balconies and exercising and people walking on the road and stuff and they were sharing it worldwide about getting your help all of a sudden your health is important.

Do you think you could, do you think you could really undo all the good work that you have put into your body and your lifestyle in one day or a few days, you know, I'm like what? And I'm not putting myself as a perfect person because I do start and stop things, it's a human quality procrastination, whatever people want to call it, timing, whatever it is, but we do start and stop, but it's a consciousness is what I'm, I'm coming to the Vienna a sort of consciousness and awareness that hey, my life is stagnant. I need to be able to see ahead of time. Am I too comfortable in this? What do, what am I feeling right now? Like I was going through something today and I'm like, I started to question myself and I'm like, Corinne, sit with this, sit with the feeling, it was not a comfortable feeling at all, Very painful, all sorts of emotions that I couldn't figure out. I felt like I was going mad, My mind is telling me things, my body is giving me other things and I'm like calm down, sit with this and ask yourself why are you feeling this way?

What is triggering that ask myself, you know, and all of this to me is part of the change. It starts with your mind, telling yourself certain things to make you believe and for your body to follow after a mine and just go with that, you know, john Penny and Davina, our mutual said, let me see if I could um, there we go. Oh goodness yes, a couple of things, right. People were, you know, learning new ways to work out myself included because I was at the gym a lot and my local gym, those people were like family to me. So it was really uh, kind of a lost some, some of them, I've reached out to you on facebook messenger to say, okay, I remember in the class we did X, Y and Z. How can we keep that going. But it has to be a soul change. It has to be at the soul level because if we're just doing things just to pass the time and you know, maybe physically we can make some of these changes.

But if your soul is not willing to move with it, I'm gonna say it's the west wasted effort. But that's how you end up in cycles. Actually cycles of stagnation. And I talk about that a lot about being cycles of stagnation, especially when it comes to the career space because that's where it affects us the most. When your beer is not right, your health isn't right, your mind billy isn't right. It's really the foundation of everything. Your relationship part right? Including the relationship with yourself. Oh yeah. Yeah. But when your magnet place and so I'm happy you mentioned the word stagnant and the reason why I use it so often is to talk about or think about stagnant water, right? Just water that's gonna spit it somewhere nasty. It's nasty, It smells, it's there's there's no good like you can't use that water, You can't bathe with it, you can't drink it, you can't use it and that's who we become.

Yeah, nasty places of stagnation right? Unusable, nasty nasty uh nasty, nasty nasty. I want people to get a point. You're nasty. You're nasty. You're not changing. You're not you're not getting yourself prepared for change. You're not telling yourself you could do it. Even know you your mind is telling you. Count on your friends and families telling you otherwise. Just just do it. What is there to lose, laugh at yourself. You know, I think a lot of people are not willing to laugh about clothes. It's amazing. Yeah. Just just laugh at yourself. Even if you're, even if you put on called field so what? So what? At least you're trying. At least you're trying. But you know, even even coming back in terms of the career, a lot of people I know thinking about having a business or planning to start when I remember speaking to a guy and he said in 2022 he's going to start his business.

I'm like what is supposed to happen between now and 2022. So you know, it's something special is supposed to take place in 2022 that she will start. And he's like, he's preparing and gathering his information and I'm like, why do you need, you know, because you see the way I approach things of you know, I am not waiting for all the dogs to be in the road. I am I am learning as I'm going. I am learning as I'm going, I I am going to yes, collect information, talked to people who I think how the information and resources I need to guide me, but I am, I am going ahead. I am going ahead. I'm planting things. I'm doing stuff? It may not repeat the kind of rewards you, but at least it will start doing something. And while while I make mistakes for that, I'm putting in something else in place, I'm learning as I go along. So by the time 2022 reaches, I'm good. I am already in business. You know what I'm saying? But there are some people who believe they have to have all the dogs in the room in order for things to happen.

No, you don't, no, you don't and don't make anybody tell you that pack of crap. Just go out and do it started. Even if you don't have everything. So what start with what you have. I don't know if you have any thoughts on that. First of all. Where are these ducks? Right That everybody, where are these ducks? I've not seen them. I don't know them. Okay. Look outside of being a look outside. Just take people to keep the diet. But here, here's the thing about that and I know quite a bit about them. Um, uh, my sorority, right? But even if one smooth duck shift and change, even if you watch them as they are like flying right in the flock and there's a leader at the point at the head, at some point gets tired. He goes to the back and someone else comes up front. So, but yeah, he's moving. Yeah. Moving. Huh? That's always moving. So why are we trying to have these ducks in a row and they don't even do that number one now.

The witch doctor to which dogs are there in florida when they said dogs in the room, where, where, where, where, where nos coming? And what are people saying? Well, that's a setup of failure. That is for perpetual procrastination. Like, oh, I'll get there. It's the dangling care. It will always be in front of you will never be your life today, Never, never, never, never. And what a waste. Um you have to and the other thing is, people don't realize that everything is a process, right? So even for those who want to start a business, you still should have your career in place first because it should be a natural progression. People sometimes I feel like getting an entrepreneurship because they're like, hey, my job, that is not the energy, the foundation that you want to start a business on.

Yeah, career needs to be in a place where it's investing in your next step and when you have a good career and you have a beneficial one, it's shaping you up in the process is teaching you things that you'd be able to give to your clients or to produce within your products, but you need some stability there. So to your point, you're like, I just got to get started right one ft in front of the other, one of my favorite sayings that I say probably every day is one toe at a time, 12, what have happened? The whole foot is a toe. It's a tow for you to move forward. But there's so much that comes with entrepreneurship and being a business owner and that includes maturity. So can you handle being humble at work when you really don't want to? Because if you don't, you'll start a business and be chasing people away with your attitude. You know, you look at something, you said something about humble and let's come back to readiness even with money.

Are you humble and ready enough to handle money? Because if you're not able to, you're going to lose the business because you might feel, or somebody paid me $100 I'm rich, I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do that. No, you have to know how to spend that $100. So even if, yeah, even if even if our lives, even in our lives, we question and I've done it to us. I think I'm not cook. These things happened to me and I'm sure it happened to you where we're like, why isn't this happening to me? You watch your counterpart or your associate or your friend or somebody and you're like, there's nothing major difference between us. We're about black. We both grew up together, we went to the same school were at the same age, we got married at the same time we have Children. What is it that that person is doing that? I'm not you know and you're like why, why why? And you know I just sit on three about it. I don't know what your thoughts are on this, but you're like, am I am I you know you might be struggling through things, struggling through things and you're like that person is selling what is happening, why are they seeing so much success and why?

Why did I go through this? You could say okay the decisions you made or I made in my life, let me down this path. But why is it something you need to learn? Is this something I need to prepare you for something greater down the road, why are you comparing yourself just to divest from other things. Do you know just why are you comparing yourself to somebody else? What is meant for you is meant for you. You know what is meant for that person is meant for that person jump in here, the vino. So the first thing I think first of all um Yeah, but the first thing I think of is yeah I've been there and I have I have wallowed many days and well how come she is such and such and I know what I got is better than that yet I've been there and first of all when I heard myself I was like I sound like a five year old so there's a maturity issue there, but secondly is how dare I do that to God as if what he did for them one he can't do for me and two as of what he's doing for me is not enough.

How dare I do that to him? That's rude. What an insult. And you cannot can't blessing with that kind of mindset. You cannot block your Children. That's powerful. That's powerful. The vino Yeah, that takes it away from you because you you start to get um egotistic and your ego is actually stepping, stepping beyond you and saying what happened to me, me, me, me, you know when there's something greater than you outside of you, you are more than right, not just so powerful. Yeah. And to also the other thing I think of as I've just, when you be quiet and get out of your own head for a while like if you just be quiet just for a minute you you'll start to recognize that the grass is not greener on the other side or things are not as they seem so we might sit and covered and wish we had with other people have but then when you pay attention, you see that it's really just a facade and there's no there's no depth under it and this is not for everyone, but it's been in mine experience people that I thought had it better than me or I thought God was blessing more than me because I was focused on the on the wrong thing.

I couldn't see the real thing and the real thing was like it's messy over there. You're doing just fine. Stay where you at, stay in your own lane, keep your eyes on your own grass and and focus on that. First of all, when you do that, you have something to do. So you don't have time or the energy to fill yourself with what other people are doing. You literally don't have time. Okay. And the other thing is um God will reveal things to you when you are going about his business, his business and what he is telling you to do. And there have been all kinds of things that have been revealed to me even about people who have done me wrong. I remember he said to me, I wasn't even thinking about this person at the time that he said she operates from a place of fear. I was like, oh okay, got it. And then I want, I won't even thinking about it, but it gave me a piece. So that wouldn't even have to wallow in it or ruminate on that situation anymore.

So if you get busy about what you are supposed to be doing, not what you don't have, not the part of the race where you feel like people are ahead of you but where you are and what you need to do to get to the next level, what you need to do to increase your endurance, what you need to do to be stronger, wiser, faster, whatever that is. Then all these other things fall away and you literally don't care anymore. And I am a person, I'm an impact empathic person, which my friend has said to me before, you feel all day long. I was like, yeah, doesn't everybody, she was like, I couldn't go through my day if I felt all day long. But with that right becomes some challenges because that means I feel what other people are feeling physically, right, Sometimes it's annoying, but others, but when you're about your business, it also makes you keenly aware of what is really happening around you, not what you can see, but what is really happening.

Yeah. And uhh you just get to the bottom, you're like, oh, I don't care, I don't have time to care, and there's just a release and it takes so long for me to get here because I was in my, as my friend was saying, my fee fees and my feelings a busy, so I literally, if it's not you related to my health and my goodness or mutually beneficial relationship, meaning like I'm pointing, you're pointing to me and we're lifting each other up, I don't have time to care and then you just don't and it's a but you're like, oh, I don't know sure what they're doing may seem better, but who knows, who cares, okay how many years did to get there and it's a really great feeling and I am I am at that point and I have been there for a while and it it is something that a lot of people don't understand when I really don't care.

You know, I'm like who cares, I don't want to know, I'm not interested, why are you sharing that with me? Because I'm so focused on what I have to do. You know like you said keep yourself focused on your own grass, keep myself focused on God. I live in silence so I can hear what he has to say, which direction he wants me to go, what he needs me to do sometimes you know even in the I mean like the pandemic has allowed me to even be more quieter, which I love, I love the quiet. You know some people don't understand and some people are afraid of quiet because they hear the voices, the voices, the demons or whatever command and I love the voices. I'm like come at me talk to me, let me hear you. You know let's have a conversation. Yeah and and so it allowed me to go more within understand who I am, my value, my words, my self esteem, what I want to do or even it's not even what I want to do because lately I've been asking God, you know I've been doing a.

B. C. D. Is this where you really want me to do? You know I just let it go. I'm like God I don't know if this is where I really should be going and so I just let it go. I'm like I will do the bare minimum in the day. So then things I have to do like things I really have to do. And then I will say okay I've done that. No it's your time. You need to tell me where you want me to go what you want me to do. I have let it go. I say it's not my will it's your will. And I think that's to me that's the best way to surrender and accept change and be ready. The readiness comes from within that white flag and say I surrender? I give up? I don't know I'm because there are a lot of people have been who are all there like on the rat race. You know the treadmill. They're all they're doing stuff doing stuff doing stuff and at the end of the day they're like um Mhm. Wherever. Yeah.

Yeah you're muted. Yeah you're like what you're like what is going on? Where did my life go? What did I accomplish? What did I do? What was my value? What's my legacy? I don't want to be asking that anyone so tired that I can't even enjoy the fruits of my labor. Mhm. How about that? You should want to come to your um you should want to arrive at your blessing. Yeah. What energy? Yeah. You know with happiness and gratefulness not like okay. Yeah well I made it here. Uh man too tired to do anything. It's like right then you invited to broke down on. You can't even no no you should be arriving. That's right. You should have so much gumption drive energy that your radio like. Where's that? Where's that? I'm ready. Where is it? What? Yeah. Yeah yeah.

Yeah. What we're gonna do? Yeah. Oh my god. Oh my God are we ready to change the pandemic? Really did a number And a lot of us, some of us didn't survive. Some of us we survived but it's like you're wondering if they're surviving. You know some of us, yeah some of us give up and you're like waiting for the pandemic to go to do something. I've heard people say well after the pandemic I'm like when is that? I'm way cool idea. So you're gonna miss out on what you're supposed to do, You're gonna miss out on using your gifts and talents. You're gonna miss out on all of these things or an unknown date. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. Well they probably know better than us because they say when it ends. So I guess they must know something that I don't know and you don't know but I don't but this is crazy. So readiness for change, surrendering. There are a lot of juicy tips being shared here, I want to switch over to oh, I didn't even bring up your website and all the discussion. Did I bring up your website?

I think you would mention it later. Yes, I did set up, but hold on, hold on, because with all the excitement, I was getting started 33 minutes later in jesus time. That's right. In jesus time, I love it in jesus time. Oh my God, that is the word for the day in jesus sam. I'm bringing it up here now and I do think that you have a nice little giveaway here, hold on, let me see if I could share the screen, Why is the screen not wanting to share now? Oh my would hold on. Ha Oh, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Are you seeing them? Yes, I am. That's me.

Yes, let me close out some stuff here so that we can see this properly. Right? So get them 90 days to quick checklist. It's not the giveaway here. That is the giveaway because people don't know where to go or once they have hit that point where they say, okay, I know my time has come to a close here and that's okay, right? But people don't know what to do after that, right? They just start spinning their wheels and they start doing things out of the ocean out of desperation, it's got a strategically. So any time we are talking about provision, how we create provision for ourselves that needs to be some strategy related to that, especially here in this career space. So the sign up to get your free copy right of the 90 days to quit checklist. So you know exactly what to do so that you have a plan. So it doesn't seem like you're in this endless cycle of being at this place at this job that you hate that is like murdering your soul.

But there's some right at the end of the tunnel and you know that what was three, which is where you're supposed to go and what we supposed to do. So that in a 90 day period you can be in a new place. I like how you said I'm martorana. So yes sir martorana. No, no this is for more career, you know, career changes and ships. But when we talk about, are you ready for change or are we ready for change? And you mentioned it in between the conversation earlier. It also aligns with relationships and relationships is not only with your suppose is also with your Children, your friends, your colleagues, your family, any sort of human interaction and relationships as well as well as even even just in things that you're involved in. Like if you like for me I was involved with a volunteer organization and international organization and I just felt it was time. Yeah, so let go. I've done my my part of my impact and it's time for us to separate ways, you know, and and move on.

I've evolved, they are still the same, but I have all grown it and I just need to and it doesn't mean to say when I say I've evolved and I've grown it that I am better than the organization. It's just that it's not serving me and my soul, like you said anymore, it's just not. And I think that's the key is something serving your soul, Is it serving your soul? And it is not, it's time to let it go. Yeah, I wanna, I wanna click out of, there's a lot of people know together because it's a pop up on your screen. Is there anything else on your website that you would like for the sons to check out? Let's take a quick tour of your website. Yes. Um and even if you miss the pop Up, you can go to 90 days to quit dot com. Okay, 90 days. Okay, 90 days to quit dot com. Uh If you missed the pop up, be on my website, lots of good goodies there. You notice that the far right is prayer requests.

So I'm uh intercessor where I just stand in the gap for people, right? Um and whatever they need, that's why I'm a person that feels all day long because I can help people and so this is how um get back in that way. So prayer requests. Uh yes, I'm taking them, you can fill it out there. Um If you go back up the other thing one, there's a blog there. So I have a lot of good information. So I talk about career related stuff, but I also talk about personal development, right? And spiritual growth because wherever we go in the next phase of the next stage, your whole self has to go. So it doesn't mean anything for you to have, you know, the career transition tactics and acumen. If spiritually you are not, you don't have the internal container to hold what's at the next place for you? Or personally you don't have the maturity that's gonna keep you at that at that place and at that level.

So I think I got like 30 something blogs for you right now, we need to look at, I love Grenada. Like wait to get back there. It was a beautiful experience. Oh, being with me, Honestly being with people, I've never been somewhere with, majority of people look like me. Are you serious? You need to come to the caribbean? Oh, it was, it was Carol's life shifting. I was like, wow. And I mean like I was at home, are you serious? Yeah, I love everything about, you know what you're saying that you know what your sunday is so significant. I if I am in a place that I feel like a minority, I mean a complete minority. Like I'm the only one is like okay then where are all the people? Oh my God, Hey, hashtag my life in America, were you like, okay, okay, you and me, you need to move to the caribbean girl, You will.

15 so easily, nobody's gonna take you on, you'll be like, just like anybody else. Yes, please sign me up. Like they are my people okay relating to people and every just all. I love it, but I love it in a special way, in a special way they are in Grenada. Grenada just has a special place in my, in my heart. Uh yeah, I love, I need to hear from God, like no, no. Oh my God, where is you at a bad decision? Where are you? Right, you Right. Oh my God. Right. Yeah, it's like right now like, like you know, yeah way technical stuff there too. Like is your job tipping your gift way? I thought what? I was like they are out here pimping me or white tripping.

Am I just being a brat or are they really taking advantage of me? So as you can see as well rounded a little bit of everything. Talk about anxiety and confusion as a distraction. Um Yeah, and the latest, I'm gonna be putting up another one next week about what it means to be a boss, but it's an acronym to it. So we have to look out for that. But this latest one is a big one, which is what career season are you in because their seasons to your career and if you start doing things that are outside of the season, then you'll stay stuck. Damn. Yeah. That you'll stay stuck somewhere. It's like if you are, you know, uh, in the Sage season and if you click on it, you'll see it, You can't be doing stuff that. And if you're in the green season, green season just basically means like you're new to whatever this is. Maybe you're, you know, don't have a lot of work experience or maybe you're like transitioning to a different industry, You don't know a lot here.

So how you move and how you operate in the green season is gonna be very different than right here. Like you just mentioned the tipping point season. So you have to know what the member in and how to move within it in order to be successful in it for that season to work for you for these things to work for you. Otherwise you're just working against yourself unnecessarily one of yourself. So that's a really good read there. No problem. This is this is clearly a fabulous resource because I mean, I don't think anybody thinks about the season that they're in and what they need. So for example, you know, I I am always assessing well, being aware unconscious I'm thinking, I don't really necessarily put it, well, I guess in terms of season. But people, I'm wondered with people, people come into my life and where I'm at or I might not even a lie a little bit where I'm at, I'm just like, this is who I am, this is the space I'm existing in and you don't fit in here, you don't fit in here.

And somebody might be saying the same thing about me and if you want to remove me out of your life, feel free to do so I'm not gonna stop you. I'm not going to be offended. You just do what you gotta do. You know, because everybody is moving or like you say, with the flowers evolving, you know, so we're supposed to yes, my goodness, I'm gonna be checking that out. This is yes. Okay, good. It'll whatever how you know, you get in however you want to fit in there. And then the whole thing that was up there is uh my signature culture program, which is the 90 day career fix. It takes on average six months for people to transition careers or transition jobs, it could take us and that's the minimum right, that I can take. But I've known people who've taken five years, 10 years in this program, we walked through it in 90 days. So everything that you saw my blog from the spiritual growth standpoint from personal growth standpoint. And then those career tactics we go through in that program including 24 weeks about your brand and creating from your personal brand like you mentioned before and you know right, we've we've we've we've done this a couple of times uh that my marketing provides professional, I'm a marketing person, so that's how I approach the career space and that is a space that people don't tap into.

It's more than just showing up to work every day. But you are your own brand and you shape that number one and number two you need to be applying and looking for jobs that make sense to you. Yeah, that's right. And you have to market yourself in the, in the right way. But the job market is, it's always shifting and changing. You need to know how to move within it. So uh that's on there too. Or you can go to the 90 day terrific dot com, awesome. Great way to end the show. We have gone way over time, but that's okay. I wasn't even tracking the time given up. We started 33 minutes, three minutes. Oh my God, thank you Davina, this has been and awesome conversation. Do you see how everything worked out so fabulously weird. Didn't, I couldn't have said it any better. Yeah, better than I what have you want to Just because we, we're in covenant together and said we are moving forward, no matter what, Ready for change.

We are ready for change. People, thank you so much Davina for being on between the lines. Thanks for having Yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah. Reach Yeah, Yeah, yeah.

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