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by Corine La Font
June 5th 2021

Kitty Arceneaux is a dedicated wife and mother who has devoted her life  to serving Christ.  Kitty has written 7 Christian books and a Jumpstart  to Writing Manual that she uses to a... More

Hey everyone. This is Karina all your favorite radio. Who is your only radio? Who's your favorite girl? Of course, broadcasting to you from the lovely island of Trinidad and Tobago in the caribbean between the lines and I start my show off with gratitude every time I am thankful to be here, I'm thankful to have a beautiful black woman here with me. Look at how gorgeous she looks. Right. Isn't that amazing? Isn't that amazing? I'm here with a sister. Right. It doesn't matter that she's black. A sister could also be white. She can be yellow, she can be green. But I'm here to be a black and I'm happy to be discussing the topic that we're going to discuss today. Let me just grab that. It's coping with Covid in a time of marriage. That might sound kind of strange. Normally it should be coping with marriage and attacking Covid. But really what's happening is people are so focused on Covid at marriages. They're gonna second a second level or no level at all.

They're so focused on Covid, they're forgetting. Oops, I'm married. Oops, I'm apparent. Oops, I'm a son and daughter. All they're hearing, seeing and knowing it's forbidden. So it's like marriage does not exist. Okay. And I have with me today, kitty like you say, hello kitty. I don't know who she wants to pronounce her name. Hello kitty, kitty Arsenault. Yes, I wanted to say it, kitty? I know. Oh, she took that away from me. Uh, did he ask you know, I wanted to say that It's a delicate. So yes, it's a dedicated wife and mother who has devoted her life to still be in christ she has written seven christian books and a jump starter, right. Emmanuel that she uses to assist with some orders. She's a native of New Orleans who loves writing teaching, jumping rope and sharing goals. Would why did I shout out jumping rope? Because a lot of music, I'm watching my rope right here now and I'm supposed to be starting cross rope.

There's a crossroad challenge and yes, she is not in your husband. I'm supposed to be doing that cross through challenge and I'm seeing everybody looking so I'm fine. Right. So clearly kitty has another cool. But when once the show is finished he needs to help me with my crossword challenge. So welcome, curious and no two between the lines were thank you. Listen, it's like I said, yeah, it's good to have you just like I said before, but it is like wake up in the morning, brush your teeth before bed, you know eat cold bed, go in the fridge and get cold fed. You know, watch some T. V. Equals Utah Covid, cut the long covid, you know, go to the supermarket, oh my God in it over and over making you sick. I'm sick. Just hearing a Covid and and marriages has always been on the attack. Let's call it the kitty. It's been under attack in one way or the other and this virus is no different as an attack on marriages and it may not be attacking films of a virus to the marriage.

But the impact of the virus by creating isolation. People say social distancing. But it's physical distancing really. Exactly. And all the other restrictions that have been placed on us to reduce the spread of the virus or curtail it or or eliminated. People have found themselves out of work, they're not working. So their home, their face and their husbands wives 24 7, the Children 24 7. And now you're hearing it's on the rocks. The marriages are on the rocks. I am wondering to myself, what's happening there? Where is your feet? Why is here consuming you? You know why is your mark when you should be getting closer together and getting to know each other this time? Why? Why is it on the rock? What is happening here? Help help to bring some some glue creation kitty. You you are dealing with marriage is you are a christian woman.

You have written books on marriages and things like that. I want you to leave the little audience with something to glue them back together to hold on. Okay, okay, that sounds good. Well the first thing is as christians and being married. The first thing you want to do like you say to have that glue is the word of God. So you have to have the word of God right there in the center holding you guys together. The if it's not covid that it could be something, something else, Right? And so we don't want to take in place too much emphasis on this virus that's going around just like right now, I'm working from home and my husband is here. And yeah, so I have to take that time and I tell him all the time, hey, you can come into the office and talk to me, you know, and that uh you don't have to stay downstairs.

You know, people, why haven't you murdered him yet? Why haven't you murdered him yet? Kitty? Why isn't he buried outside? Why haven't you murdered him yet? Tell me, Hey, I think we murdered him yet because I actually like him. Yeah. We say we love our houses and stuff, but sometimes we don't like films and I actually like him. So okay, that that's holding you back a bit. Okay. Okay. Yeah. But we we, you know, I'm so you really have to and and it's okay to separate even though we're in this time of um you know, isolation from everybody else. And we're together with our spouses, you know, mainly for the 24 hours a day except for when a husband maybe cutting the grass separating ourselves from one another.

Mhm. Yeah, I missed, I missed that part because we got disconnected for a few seconds. Can you repeat that? Okay, so I was saying that this is the time when we should be bringing the spark back into the marriage. Because life has slowed us down. Right? And so because life has slowed us down. This is the time to get to know your spouse all over again. Because you don't have all the outside interferences. You don't have the work. You don't have running the kids here and there. You don't have you know, I have to go to this meeting. I have then go do this now. It's just the two of you. This is the time where you can take the time and get to know one another all over again. Playing some things inside. It's OK. Look, we've started um my husband's not big on board games, but I love board games. And so with this Covid, he has actually started playing games with me now. We went to lunch together. Um took us a quarantine break and we're going to the park and had lunch. This is the kind of stuff you have to enjoy. Um You know the person who you could like him, kidding?

You like him. You like him. That's why you have unloaded and yet but people have people, people are realizing, I don't like you. I think that is what I figure that is what I'm figuring because it's like they can't talk to each other. They were looking at them like, you know, I don't know how come you are not able to bring back the spot for little new things about each other, discover things about each other, but instead you want to to murder them. Your quarrel in your fight. You're fighting with the kids. What is all that about? Well, you know, um first Corinthians 13, four through eight tells us what love is. It tells us that love is kind and patient, it tells us that it's not boastful and jealous and it keeps no record wrong and things like that. And so that is what we have to bring back. We have to go and dig into the not the Webster dictionary of what love is, but what the words say that love it, love it.

And once we get that right, once we get that embedded in our heart, there are times when I might not like my husband for whatever he's doing, but I still love him. You know. And so it's a love that keeps us together. Yeah. Go back to you see and you see this whole crisis is causing us to go back to basics, kitty, back to basics love mankind, patience understanding. Just back to love everything resonates from love. And people are having to go back to that. And I like how you said not the Webster dictionary, you know, kind of approach. You have to go back to where love started with crowds in the by you don't have to look through the entire bible to find it. It's in first Corinthians, you know, you know elements that 13 is nothing but a whole lot of it's not even a whole lot of verses. It's just four verses.

That's a, you know, so much meat. And yeah, its not opinion on here is that we're telling you to go find, it will tell you exactly where to find the pin and it's right there and it should guide you, right? Yes. If I don't like having a difficulty with their marriages at home or even family members, because it's not only a matter marriages, it's family, mother father Children, you know, grand or even for workers or people who you have to connect with online because I'm seeing manifestations of anger coming out of people kitty in the front forms. I want to see it. I'm like, okay, I know that stress, I recognize it as you know, you just have a short fuse. I know they just they just emanating an interest in these sort of angry type behaviors and attitudes. Well, that's because they have fear in their heart.

Of course, fear brings about uncertainty and it brings about, you know, where we're not stable with our thoughts and things like that. Fear can make us do some really irrational things, but God does not give you a spirit of fear. So what does that tell us about those people? That's right? That's right. So what that tells me about them is that they need to continue to seek or they need to begin to seek what the word of God says. See God does not give us a spirit of here, sweetie. So wonder why it is that it means that you don't have God and you and you need to better find them. You need the better find. Okay. And he's not fun. He's not far. He's watching on his way today. Yeah, right. He's right there. He's right there and just hold onto me. I already hear you. He already here is he already has the answer. We just have to call out to him. Yeah. And you don't even need to do is just wide open.

Exactly. You don't even need to utter a word out of your mouth. Your heart. He hears and he will come running like the prodigal son, He will come running with arms. Oh my God. Oh my God, he's not even waiting for you to crawl it. And he's running towards you open ready to party with with with charlotte and I'm covering everything. He's coming to you with, Can you, can you imagine that kitty? Oh my God, that don't matter what we have done. He's dead for us running towards us. Right. And so what if we take that and apply that to our marriages? Just like the father is there with his arms wide open regardless of what we've done. What if we can do that with our spouses? Yeah. Yeah. I'm not talking about the abuse. Yeah tuition. Yeah, that's a whole different um subject right there. But what if we can just have our arms wide open, especially during this time right here to have our arms wide open for our spouses, you know, to say, hey, um let me um serve you in this time, right?

Because that's what the father did, He served his son in that time, right? He gave him um the things to show him that I am here for you and I am with you regardless. And so that's what we have to do, especially as wives. Um that's what we have to do to let them know because you have husbands that's out of work right now. And so as a white, we have to continue to uplift them during this time instead of making them feel less than me, you know, because it's not their fault, you know, how to work and it's not like it's not like he's a lazy man, especially if he has been providing for you this entire time. And so this is the time where we have to recognize the king that's in our men. Oh yes, recognize the king and I love that, recognize the king. Yeah, yeah. Oh my God, the challenges that are before us giving the challenges that are before us. But like I say to people, this is in preparation for something else to come.

It's not going to stop at, this is in preparation and I mean I always tell people everything that we go through isn't you? It's been done before. Is it a bible. It's a different Frances out there so it's true it's not like it's the first time we have reference we have reference and if they manage we can manage and and they had one after the next to deal with. So if you think this is this is it this is not it this is in preparation. So if you can't handle something like this no tall will you manage the next thing to come? Exactly. You won't be able to, oh my word. The trust has being God at all times all times. Keep your gaze on God all times. So take off the T. V. Come off of social media. Um What do they say? No. Take off your you want to block your comfortable whatever you need to do on social media just just move from that and focus on God.

Oh definitely definitely. We can't spend a whole lot of time listening and looking at um all the names negative stuff we have to remove ourselves from that sometimes so that we could focus on what it is that God is telling us because he's speaking. It is definitely speaking but you can't hear him you can't hear him if you if you're caught up in the in the tv on the radio and the media you can't hear a will and and this is why they are kitty. This is why they are going crazy and their marriage is on Iraq because they're not leaving space. I forgot to say anything. What? Right and are you praying together? It? Mhm. This is it are you praying together? But if he doesn't want to uh if he doesn't yes kitty, I'm listening to you, we kind of got a break again. Okay if he doesn't um initiate the prayer, why don't you initiate the prayer you know hunting, let's pray together.

Yeah or the Children can you can you can go around the table. Yeah. Yeah because everybody Exactly a noisy time where you can sit as a family and eat together when everybody is rushing through the holes, grab this and run out the house. No and sit together as a family and eat and pray and this caused issues and make plans and discuss about your dreams and where you want to go and and and four motor plan and even a financial plan and an emergency plan. You sit down and involves everybody in it. You're not supposed to have time to listen to anything else. You're supposed to be busy. Exactly. Oh my goodness. Uh No let me have uh oh I was gonna say this is almost like a storm in our like and you know when jesus was on the scene when there was a storm he calmed the winds and the wave and if we could just concentrate on the calmness that jesus is providing to us that we won't see the winds and the waves.

So, it depends on what we're looking at. It depends on what our heart is focused on. Yeah. Yeah. As you mentioned that, I remember we need to pizza to come out and he was walking, he was walking fine. And as soon as fear got into he started to sink. That's it on the tiny dot. In theory started to sink. Do we want to be one who's thinking? Because that's what's happening because we are allowing for Mhm, references are in the bible. It's not it's nothing new. How long? How long have you been married, 17 years? You don't even look at one at 17. How come you can be married, 17? Uh You're lying to the people. You're just 17. And your market at 17 years. My my oldest daughter is 34. Okay. Now it's time to end the show. Too many lines now. No, that matters number at all.

No, no, I don't. No matter very well. But somehow those numbers are not adding up. Okay. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm going to have your husband on the show the next time and he will tell me the truth. Mm hmm. He will tell me the truth. I thought you were a christian kitty. You're supposed to tell the truth. Can you remind me? Would remind me of your website again. Tell me it's books by curious thing is the kitty's book show dot com. K I T T Y s book show dot com. Yes. Let me stay here now. Well all right, so let me see if I can share the screen here. I think I got you. So this is you here. I yeah, that's me. But I think you have won an award or something.

Where did I see that? I got a five star review from reader's favorite. Yeah, but I saw something against somewhere on the homepage. It has the big I'm not even seeing the woman. Let me see why am I not seeing it? Like how I was before? Why am I not seeing home? I know. Yeah, I have. Oh let me see if I move this. Do you have the extra in the back maybe just put kitties bookshelf. That's exactly what the that's exactly what I'm doing because it took me just to the reviews. Yeah, reader's favorite Five stars. Yeah. So you've got a professional review there and these are people I have some others. But yeah, mm I see you have Trust God. Yeah, visions and dreams, my love, your love.

Let me see. I want to get to your books now. Where do I get to you on the shop now shop now? Where am I seeing that? No, he should be at the top. I'm not saying that uh I'm not seeing any home for any menu. Yeah, I don't see the menu up to know there's nothing. And I'm still right up to the top. Let me see. I see sharp now in the middle of the baby. Let's see what's happening. Taking out a little while to move in here. And it's how many books you have? Use it five or seven. Is it seven? I actually have seven and um six of them. I'm actually republishing right now. I'm not saying no. That's not sweet. That took me to something else. When I click on shop now it takes that's what it takes to get back into it. Yeah, that's what it join me as well. It took me to the right place. Okay, so it's not, it's not this, you will need to check out the website to see what your book.

Is it on amazon? Yeah, I mean it looks fine on on my and um yeah, I'm also on amazon kitty arson ruth ready by kitty arsenal. Yeah, let me just see here because I want people to um yeah, to see our books, you can type in ruth ready and then put kitty and it should come up, hold on, let me see what can happen because I'm sure you're probably only hit the assignar. Yes. Let us up. There we go. So ruth. Ready? Is that route from in the bible I'm assuming. Yes. Yeah. And that's you? Yes, that's me. So all of these are yours? Yes. Nine. Yeah. Yoga. Can you hear me? That is that is a common question. Everybody, yoga, you hear me? Yeah. Oh my goodness! What else you have here? Okay, nice.

I clicked on this. Red persons can see all your, all your books in one place. Oh who is this money or hugging up here. Don't repeat as the husband. That's the husband. Okay, I'll have a word with him after. Don't you worry. I'm going to have a word with him, don't you worry. Yeah. And I need to have a little one on one. Uh so if daddy can I can and if mommy can I have lots more so people can go to amazon and just putting kitty astronaut. Yeah. Yes. And they will see all your books and crisis and and so you have a manual, what was the manual again? The manual is jump start to um writing your first book. And I do seminars. Yeah, I do hold small classes about 8 to 12 between eight and 12 people for those who want to write their first book.

So I just kind of walk them through the process knife started. Nice. Well that's great. And you should have them with marriages too. I think that's your gift. Amen. Amen. Yeah, that's your gift. You need to have Yeah, you need to have done with marriages. Let me tell you because if you haven't buried your husband yet again, it's working. Oh my God kitty. This has been fun. Even though we had some technical difficulties. I really appreciate you being on my show and bringing a spiritual perspective. I think people have forgotten God and all of this mm hmm. And they need to bring back guard in the center and the parts of their life. Yes. Because he doesn't give us a spirit of fear. What was that? I say I appreciate you having me on. Thanks. Oh yes. Oh yes. But don't worry. The next time it will be mr arson on. We we need to balance things here in between the lines.

Were not just taking the wives word for it. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. We're not taking the wives word for it. We're gonna bring the husband on. Yeah. Oh my dear. You'll be safe. Take care of your family. Yeah. And I'm sure in time we're gonna we're going to get over this. Yeah we're gonna get over this. But keeping our eyes focus on the Lord. Yeah. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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