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Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #25 - Maximizing Human Potential With Doug Cartwright

by Sue Dhillon
December 7th 2021

Blossom Your Awesome Episode #25 - Maximizing Human Potential

Maximizing human potential, how do we do this?

Doug Cartwright is with us for episode #25 of the Blossom Your Aweso... More

Hello and welcome to the blossom, your awesome podcast episode number 25 today on the show Doug Cartwright Doug is the author of Holy sh it were alive and Doug teaches people how to maximize human potential. His story is about psychedelic journey, neuroscience, philosophy and all forms of self healing. Doug believes that self love can be our ultimate superpower. He now teaches people how to live with intention, how to trust ourselves and how to show up every single day for a meaningful life. I am so honored and delighted to have dug hair Doug. Thank you so much. Welcome to the show, thank you so much for having me. I am so excited to hear your story. So let's get right into it. Why don't you give me a little of your background and tell me how you, you know, came to where you are now with the book and just your philosophy and all of that.

Yeah, it's been a really, really interesting journey, especially the last couple of years. So I was actually raised in Salt Lake City Utah and I grew up in an upper middle class family um and I kind of didn't realize that I was raised in a bubble, but I was definitely raised in a bubble. Um Everyone in my community, I mean not everyone, but for the most part it was 90 white, upper middle class, conservative, politically leaning conservative mormons and that was just the type of, you know, that's what I was raised in and so that was the community was raised in. So that's all I really knew and what's interesting about that community, especially in the mormon faith um, is you don't realize until you kind of, you grow up later and you, your worldview expands, but all of the tough questions in the mormon faith are answered for you.

And by tough questions, I mean like, ok, what, who were we before we were born? What's the purpose of life and what happens when we die? And it's almost like the road map of life is laid out for you and you're told everything you should do and that's not necessarily, um, just in the mormon faith, but in a lot of religions, it's kind of like, you know, here's what you do, you, you, you participate in your community and your school and then you go to college and you get a degree and then you find a lady and you get married and you have kids and you get the white picket fence and you know, the whole map is laid out for you. And so, um, that's all I really do. And so growing up, mormon was, you know, I actually believe my childhood was really great. Um, I came from a very loving household where I had a very loving and supportive mom and dad and family and I saw a really beautiful relationship in a safe home. Um, and I went, I was following the path that was created for me.

I was doing everything that I was supposed to so good up until um, my late teens, early twenties. So I don't know if you're familiar with the mormon faith, anyone listening, but in the mormon Church we have what's called a mission and that's where we become an elder. So I don't know, have you seen the Book of mormon musical? I have, I have, yeah. So I did that, I, I got my mission call and I was going to go be a missionary and um, it's really a coming of age ritual for men specifically in the mormon faith. And it's like, you know, you're thinking about your whole upbringing and your whole childhood where it's like, okay, as soon as I turned 19, I'm going to get my, you know, God's going to be inspired to call me to serve my mission somewhere else in the world. And I'm going to help, you know, cross highlight and baptize people into the mormon faith. But what goes along with that is that there is a high standard of living standards are supposed to abide by before you go.

So what that means is no, no sex, no pornography, no drinking, no nothing with girls. And this really like purest living standard You're supposed to go. So I'm 19, I had a great high school career. I was captain of the football team, student body vice president. Like I said, I'm trying to be this picture perfect kid that my religion wanted me to be and I was doing such a good job at it. But before I went on my mission, I actually had a girlfriend and got my mission called to Auckland New Zealand, which was incredible. I was so stoked to go to new Zealand. And so I had my big farewell party. I said goodbye to all my family and friends. I had no, I spoke in church. I didn't enroll in college that semester because I was going to go on my mission. I had my flight, I had my ticket, my bags packed And I went to go say goodbye to my girlfriend likes it was like this really big emotional moment, you know, you're saying goodbye to who you thought the love of your life was when you're 19 and just leaving high school. And we had an intimate moment and we broke some of the rules of chastity is what they call it.

And I remember leaving, you know, her house that night and being like, oh shoot. Like I'm technically unworthy to go on my mission in God's eyes because I broke the rules, but I've already said goodbye to everyone and I've already had my plane ticket and I'm already like, supposed to leave tomorrow. And I'm like, I can't like, let my community and my church and my family and my friends down now. And so I swept it under the rug and I didn't tell anybody. And I and I went out on my mission and um, for nine months on my mission in new Zealand I kept this big secret and eventually the shame and the guilt really, really wore me down and anyone who's dealt with a secret like this magnitude, especially in a religious context, you know, we feel the shame and the guilt that God is mad at us and that waited on me for nine months to a point where I couldn't hold it anymore. And so I eventually came clean to a mission leader at the time.

And the repercussions of that was that I actually got sent home. So I got kicked off my mission early because, you know, I hadn't repented fully and I was unworthy to proselytize God's word and that was the first time in my life where it was like, oh, like I've screwed up and I almost kind of took on this, I, I don't want to say villain mentality, but it was kind of the first time where I felt like maybe I don't belong here and I need to quote unquote, earn My respect back for my community and my church because I've done such a bad thing. And so now, you know, when I was 20 years old after having this shame and this big impactful moment of getting sent home early. Um it was like I had, I had like this underlying desire of feeling like I had to earn God's love back in my communities trust, back, earned my family's respect back. And that was really, really heavy on me and really caused me to B you know, make changes in my life and, and go after careers and jobs and relationships that earned me validation.

So that was kind of like my childhood and I had that first turning point of feeling that I wasn't enough. And so that's kind of like the first moment where things started to change for me. Mm hmm Now let me ask you this feeling of not, you know, you were validating yourself all along, doing great, you're captain of the team and you know, and then you have this little slip up here and then it's kind of like, you're starting at square one, not even a square one, I'm starting, I'm starting negative, like I'm in the I'm in the hole, so I have to play catch up now, right? And yep, sorry, continue. Yeah, I was gonna say, And what ended up happening was, you know, I felt a lot of shame, just like with the people in my neighborhood and the members of my church and community of like, just being in their presence because in my head, I'm thinking, oh, they think I'm such a bad kid, right? I'm not worthy to be here, right?

I'm not good enough to be here, I'm looked down upon. And so I was really grasping for anything uh that would almost gained my respect back in my community and it was really, really heavy on me. And And coincidentally not too long after Um I got recruited to work at the sales job in my 20s when I was at the University of Utah And it was 100% commission sales selling services door to door. And I was looking at like these commission structures and I was blown away of the possibility and the capability of earning potential. And I remember thinking, you know, this is all subconscious thinking I was thinking this directly. But I was, you know, back in my mind, it's like, oh, if I can make a bunch of money, our society looks highly upon people that are wealthy, right? And so if I can make a bunch of money and be successful in my career, maybe that is what will earn me my way back in.

And so I like, I don't know what happened. But like this switch turned on when I was in my early twenties and I became obsessed with everything. Sales, leadership, recruiting, personal development. And really just stuck my head in the sand for a couple of years of just desiring, you know, this material success and it worked. And by the time I was 24 I, you know, I made a million dollars and what that million dollars meant for me wasn't okay, I'm going to become financially independent. It was my way of seeking forgiveness to my community seeking approval and validations. It was like, hey, I know I screwed up. But now please approve of me and I'll do that by being successful in my business career. Mm hmm. Now did you, did you get the approval or validation or was there Because I think there's an internal thing going on here, right?

Where it's kind of it seems you're Externalizing it or it's coming from the outside, you're wanting this validation from everyone around you. But really it was more of kind of an internal, your own guilty conscience based on the beliefs you were raised with. Right? So where were you getting the validation or how did that go? Yeah, I mean, I mean you're you nailed it right on the head because the deeper wound, right? You know, one of my favorite quotes and all of my work now in my business stems off of Carl Young's quote, You know, until you make the subconscious conscious that will guide your life and you'll call it fate. Which basically to me means until we become aware of our stories that we're telling about ourselves and our lives. Those are stories are going to guide our whole lives and the underlying story I was telling myself stemmed from when I was actually in second grade as growing up as the fat kid. You know, I grew up overweight and I believed internally that something was wrong with me and I didn't deserve love and success because I was broken.

I was something was wrong with me. And so I felt like I wasn't ever fully seen um in junior high and high school, I was always in the shadow of everyone else and then you know, getting sent home from my mission and you know that put me in a negative was playing from behind. And so this validation that I was seeking in my business career really was like trying to overcompensate my fat kid issues as well as being disregarded in my religious community as well. And so when I made a bunch of money, you know, what do you think I did with it all? I went out and just spent it on crazy things to show people how much money I had. So you know, I remember walking into the Mercedes dealership being 22 years old and buying $106,000 Mercedes, you know, and it was like I'm going to show you. And I remember the coolest part about that car and this is so sad to say, but I remember the coolest part about having that Mercedes that I had was the feeling I got when I was able to like Show this salesman at the Mercedes dealership that I was 22 and can buy this thing in cash.

That was the coolest part was proving the salesman that I was cool, it wasn't necessarily having this car for you know, two years, it was like, oh my gosh, look at me like I'm this cool kid, young kid and dropping, you know, six figures on a vehicle and I was just screaming and really, you know, that, that what was happening is I had a wounded child inside of me who's just screaming for somebody to love him and I fell victim to what I did, what the term I coined in my book as the successful And what the successful it is too. If I were to hand you a resume of my life when I was 25 years old, you would read it and you're like, oh wow, this kid's really successful. He's going to, he's traveling, he's making a lot of money as cool cars. He has a cool watch, he's going to sporting events, front row all over, you know, the World Series and the NBA finals and the Super Bowl and he's like, yeah, this kid's really successful, but there was like this deep, deep void inside my soul of like not being enough and not being lovable. And I really was just like a lost soul for a couple of years there in my mid 20s.

Hmm now doug let's talk, let's go deeper with this because I think this is really cool that, you know, so many people kind of struggle to succeed and just go about it the wrong way and there was something inside of you that kind of catapulted you to succeed, like, you were lacking that. Um, you know, those affirmations, so that really pushed you to succeed, but then having this epiphany around the superficiality of it. All right? Just they're just things are still that deeper. Something was missing there for you. So how did that come about when you started really saying, okay, I want to go deeper with myself and do things in this other way to get some deeper inner fulfillment. Yeah, so, I mean, that was really interesting idea for me because I remember that having a moment that was actually scary for me when I was in my late twenties and I didn't have, like, I was crazy, like wealthy, life changing money, but I was doing very well and I had everything that I wanted materialistic wise, and I remember feeling this void and wanting what you were talking about, like this kind of fulfillment.

And I remember asking a mentor at the time, like, hey, like what's the next step for me? And his response was go make more money and then I didn't sit well with me. I'm like, no, like, I don't think that's it. You know, like maybe maybe if I make, you know, $5 million dollars this year, that will be the answer, but I'm like, I don't think it is. And so I remember having like this moment where I was kind of like reviewing my life up to this point and I'm like, you know, the money thing didn't really work. The, you know, trying to get in really good shape, didn't really work, you know, the religion thing didn't really work, and so I'm like, maybe I need to look with it, and I'm like, I remember having kind of this analysis of who, what type of people seem from my perspective, seemed to be self fulfilled, and that's when I kind of, more of the interpersonal came into my mind and I started looking at meditation and yoga and mindfulness, which at the time for me, I was very much like this toxic sales bro, right?

I was like, I would never touch any of that, it was too woo woo, hippy dippy weird, like only the weirdos did that stuff, and I remember thinking like, you know what, like, I'm gonna give this a shot, like I have nothing to lose here, you know, worst case scenario, I dive into this space, it doesn't work, I'm out, but I'm like, you know, if I'm gonna commit to this and see what happens. So I started dabbling in meditation and I started dabbling into yoga and I dabble into mindfulness and I started gratitude practice, and I started doing breathing exercises and when my whole life changed was when, and I started, you know, and and for the listeners, a really, it's a really, really cool, fascinating, interesting, entertaining story of my whole journey into the space and I explained it all in depth in my book, Holy Ship were alive, but for the sake of the conversation. I started reading and studying the therapeutic benefits of working with psychedelic medicines and that was like absolutely astonishing to me.

Like I couldn't believe some of the studies and I remember feeling it in my soul of like oh there's something here, like there's something deeply hidden in this. And so you know, within a week or two of really diving into this, I had the opportunity to have my first psychedelic experience and I went all in and went for it and that psychedelic experience was still to this day, the most profound life changing experience I've ever had and not in as much as that. I did a lot of the healing but it exposed me to a depth and a layer of my life that I had never even seen and really catapulted me to work further in these medicines and then which really further me to work with therapy and therapists and psychologists. And it led me, you know, on this two year journey of healing, working with everything you can think of from Wim Hof, the E. M. D. R. Two neurofeedback to float tanks to burning man two crystals to you know uh silent retreats and meditation and hiring you know, so I went like way, way way down deep the rabbit Wuhu hole and you know, my life have really never been the same since wow, I so I really this is all really resonating for me because I'm all, you know, I'm an energy worker.

I'm a Reiki master. I've done a little of the psychedelic therapies. I work with crystals. So it's just like this is so I love that. Um tell me a little bit about your um psychedelic therapy that first experience helped for those of us. You know, there are people who is completely foreign to. Can you share a little more in depth of what that was like, like what it really did for you spiritually an awakening epiphany. What happened? Yeah. So, you know, my first psychedelic experience, I was working with M. D. M. A. Um which is, you know, molly. It's it's it's a retro recreational drug but used in the right set setting. It really opens up um you know, it changes your neural networks and your thought patterns and really opens your heart up in a very empathetic way. Um it's hard to explain if you've never had the experience, but my first experience with NBA was so profound and it felt like there was so many walls around my heart that have built up over the years and I wasn't even aware of it and it was like a piece of dynamite got placed into my heart and exploded these walls off and I felt so raw and vulnerable and was able to experience emotions of love and empathy and connection that I hadn't felt because I didn't realize how closed off my heart was And I was able to look at relationships I had with family members and friends and acquaintances and see from a different perspective almost, you know, myself removed from the situation and how I had been in so much pain.

And you know, it really was a classic example of that popular quote around healing of hurt people, hurt people. And I saw that I had so much pain and trauma from my childhood, from being sexually abused to being the fat kid, to losing my dad, to having really hard romantic breakups and all of these things just piled up a stone cold wall around my heart. And once I can lead from my heart and remove those walls that I can experience a whole nother layer layer of life full of love and empathy and connection. And the psychedelic experience really blew those walls down and so I could get a taste of what life could be like coming from a place of a healed heart and um it was so beautiful, it was so beautiful. And in that moment I really felt the connection with the creator for the first time I was, I would never say I would, you know, up until that point, I would have never said I was a spiritual person.

But in that experience, I felt the love of God or the universe or the creator, whatever your word is and feeling the overwhelming love and connection with that and realizing that it was unconditional. I didn't need to earn it And from that moment, still at that moment have never been the same ever since. And you know, it didn't that that experience didn't solve all my problems. What it did though is it gave me a roadmap of what needed to do what I needed to do. So I took the next two years of my life going back and healing my traumas and really working with therapists and energy workers and psychologists, You know, and it took, you know, 2-3 years to really peel back a lot of those layers. And I'm still working on it today. Like you never become fully healed. Um but you can remove some of these really big major traumatic experiences that allow you to step into a deeper, more enriching, fulfilling life full of love and connection and empathy. And it really is just such a beautiful experience. And that's that's my message now.

Is is trying to share these similar attributes with the world through my book, through my business, through my app. So others can also experience this beautiful heart centered place of love and connection. Mm mm mm mm I love that. That was so beautiful And just so um uh you know, well said and very descriptive, I can literally, I can see like an emoji with like a dynamite going off. That's what it felt like. I didn't know that's what it felt like, wow. And now, so now, you know, that makes me, I'm going to have to call like a psychedelic therapist after this. So question for you now, one of the things you talk about self love, being a superpower describe that to us. Yeah, I realized along my journey, you know, and it was actually really kick started as along my, you know, my journey of awakening in a sense. Um I met this girl or I reconnected with this girl who was a really important part of my life, and we actually came into romantic connection and we had this beautiful honeymoon phase that was just so beautiful.

It was very cosmic, was very spiritual and without much warning, she actually ended a romantic connection which sparked this deep deep pain in this deep loss I've never experienced before. And um I went into a really deep dark cave and it was actually the first time in my life I experienced suicidal thoughts and ended up digging myself out. And a breakthrough moment I realized was that I was actually outsourcing all of my happiness onto her. I kind of put her in charge of my happiness and um breakthrough I had with the therapist working through it was that I realized I didn't love myself and I needed her to validate me for me to feel good. And so that really sparked this journey of self love and along the way, I realized that self love is the ultimate superpower Because what happens when you truly truly truly at your core. Love yourself. You no longer need external validation.

External validation will always feel good. Will always want it right? It feels good to have our mom or dad tell us what great or our partner tell us they love us. We'll always want them. You know and that's fine. But if you need external validation for your self worth that's going to dictate almost every decision you make, who you connect with what you do for work the decisions you make and that outsources your control to other people. So when you learn to love yourself at your core, you no longer need that external validation. And in turn that gives you the confidence and the permission to be the truest most authentic weird version of you. And it will allow you to go after your true dreams, your true desires and pursue what you truly want Because you're doing it for no one else but yourself. And in turn when you act is your most authentic self. You attract others. That were that way too. And so it's this really interesting contradiction where it's like by not wanting external validation. You actually get more of it. Mhm And it's this beautiful cycle.

And so you know if I could share one piece of message to any of the listeners is like practice self love because once you truly truly love yourself. It also gives you another layer of depth? To love other people? Mm hmm. Which creates a beautiful, magical, magical life? Mhm Yeah, I I love that. Doug. I you know, this is I share very similar sometimes, you know, or a lot of times people will ask me, how do I, you know, I'm lacking self worth Or and it's like stop looking outside of yourself. Just work on yourself every single day and people will be drawn to you. And for one, even if they're not right, you just start feeling great about yourself because you're feeding your soul. You're nurturing yourself every single day. Do a little something for yourself. So I love that we're on the same page with that. I'm not trying. That was amazing. Um guidance and insight. I just love that. It's so um you know powerful and perfect.

Now let me ask you. So I think it's so cool. Doug. We haven't you're like a fairly young guy, you've made a lot of money. You've been successful. You've done all of this kind of spiritual stuff. You've you know, you had your religious kind of awakening of sorts where you kind of found your own way to a higher power. So that's still a part of you in your life. Now you're you know, you talk about holy sh it were alive and I love that. Right? And it's kind of like whoa It's saying like, okay, let's were alive. Like how do we make the most of this? right? And part of your thing is my maximizing the human experience, So talk to us, where did that come from for you? And how do we tap into that? Yeah, so the holy ship where life came to me when I was in a really intense Ayahuasca experience. And Ayahuasca is a very intense, intense psychedelic ceremony and in this ceremony I felt like I was, you know, this is gonna sound weird for readers who have never experienced this type of work, but I felt like I was being reborn and kind of these older versions of myself were being shed and I was almost like I was, I re entered my body for the first time after like going through this deep, energetic spiritual cleansing and for the brief moment when I got put back into my body, it was like I was experiencing it for the first time.

And so that included, like reworking my bodily functions and moving my body and being able to open and clench my fists and at the same time my mind was perfectly calm and quiet. There was no subconscious chatter. The voice inside my head was completely still and it was the most blissful euphoric experience I could have ever imagined. And I remember, I feel looking at my body and my hands and my mind was quiet, I remember thinking like holy sh it, this is what it feels like to be alive, This is insane, like this is like I can't I was just so much such a depth of gratitude for my human experience and that's what sparked the title of the book and really, you know, the deeper message here is like, being alive is an incredible gift. You know, we're all going to die, every one of us is going to die just a matter of when and we have this moment between our birth and our death to have this beautiful experience, and the reason we're unhappy is because life isn't unfolding the way we think it's supposed to pretty simple the reason we're frustrated, the reason we're unhappy is because life we think life should be happening differently, right?

And so we fight and we struggle and try and get it to be on our way, right? And that's where a lot of our pain and suffering comes from, and when we take kind of this bigger cosmic perspective, which I really try and get across the chapter one of my books that like, we are a on a speck of dust in a grand cosmic arena, and life has no obligation to unfold anyway, we want and once we learn to surrender to the flow of life and let go of our expectations, right, we can tap into this beautiful flow and to have this magnificent, magnificent experience of love and beauty and connection um and tap into this this beautiful experience of life. And so that's the message I'm trying to share with the readers in the world in my book, hmm now, you know, I feel like there's a part of um this where, you know, like you say, life is people get upset or frustrated or give up or are misguided because they want things to unfold a certain way because so many people believe that life is happening to us versus right?

Where you have this belief of yeah, tap into all of the magic and beauty and and go with the flow. But also there's an aspect of you that's kind of directing that flow in some way, right? Totally right. And, you know, life really switches when you realize life is happening for you not to you. And in every situation that doesn't go our way, you know, can we take a moment and pause and say, what is this teaching me as difficult as that may be and being personable in this story? Like just to explain, you know, it was a growth moment for me as recently I was dating this girl here in L. A. And it was going really, really well and I was really excited about it and I was like, wow, I haven't met someone like this in a couple of years and on friday night um she ended our romantic connection and it was devastating for me and in the past I would have really struggled with it and suffered with it and really, you know, had remorse and despised and frustration, but I remembered in the case, I don't take advice from my own book here and asking him, okay, what is this, what is this, why is this happening for me?

And it took a moment and, and I took a deep breath and relax them up here. What is this teaching me? And when I was able to bring this curious mindset to it, I understood and realized there was a deeper lesson that this girl who was teaching me and unser fist, maybe some unhealed experiences from past relationships. And now I've been able to really work with those and bring those to my therapists and I've realized that. So once I kind of moved through this, I'm going to be actually leveled up. And what's interesting now is it's only been, you know, 72 hours since this, this conversation happened in this moment. I have so much gratitude for her and so much love for her and I'm like, oh my gosh, you're teaching me such an incredible, beautiful lesson that's really going to improve the quality of my life and my next relationship in my next connection is going to be deeper and more richer and more meaningful because of what you've taught me. Mm Oh, I love that. And and I think I'll just add doug I think she had to get out of the way because there might be something better, right?

Yeah. You know, I like to, I like to think so and I hope so, you know, and but in the past it was something I probably would have a lot of resentment for and frustration and sadness that I have dwelled on it and like she's wrong and you know and and had resentment towards her but now now that I can move past it and embrace this or what is this teaching me? How is this happening for me? Not only have I moved through those negative emotions a lot quicker, I now have a deeper sense of gratitude for her and appreciation for her and I'm looking forward to the next connection because I'll be able to look at it from a deeper lens than I would have before. Mm wow, that is really um that is awesome. Doug now, I mean that just speaks volumes to your evolution and soul growth. Thank you. Welcome. Now tell me the daily shifts, help us understand the daily shifts is is a mindfulness app for busy people And so what I realized was having lived in this type a world of sales and go and grind and grind.

I learned a lot of really valuable skills and techniques there and then I went down this woo woo world of mindfulness and Ricky and feeling and energy which is all great and I'm like okay how can I combine the two worlds right? How can I continue to be effective and efficient and show up as my best self and work and be productive and reach my goals while also bringing in these mindfulness techniques and so the daily shifts is, you know, like I said an app for mindfulness for busy people, where it's just a couple of minutes per day, the daily shift to get you back and centered right, coming from a place of integrity and mindfulness and centeredness so you can show up and produce your best self. So the apple will take you through very simple breathing practices very quick, you know, five minutes and less meditations, gratitude practice, health and wellness tips and tricks. Um and so it's just something you can do very, very simply every day to keep you coming from a place of centeredness. And so I'm really excited with where the daily shift is that as we're able to grow our user base every single day and people are getting a lot of value of it because it allows you to kind of get this mindfulness idea and foundation while still being able to be effective and efficient in your work.

Okay, I love that now um tell us doug maximizing getting back to this really quick maximizing human experience, what practical tips can you give people to lean into that? Yeah, so like I was saying, you know, we have this time between our birth and our death and maximizing our human experience means there's only one you like, there's only 12, there's only one Doug wright. What unique skills and gifts do I have that no one else has. And so the idea I want to share with everyone is can you embrace a sense of curiosity in your life? What are you curious about? What are you wanting to learn? What are you wanting to do, whether you want to learn how to ski or garden or cook or do you want to get into, you know, Science, Astrophysics, Biology, right? It's like, you know, imagine the idea I think is imagine that your whole experience as you on earth is like a quick Disneyland trip, right?

If you're only gonna be a Disneyland for one day, what do you do? You're gonna go on all the rides to get the corn dog and get the, you know, the pineapple dole whip you know ice cream and it's like, okay, you're only here on earth for a little bit. What are you gonna do? Go see the beaches and the mountain ranges and the animals and travel and eat good food and listen to good music and learn and experience and really embody a sense of curiosity. And when you lead your life with a sense of curiosity, it opens up new doors and new talents and new opportunities for you to learn and grow up and become a better version of yourself. Mm hmm. That was awesome. That was really um so awesome. Now, dug in closing. Even though I just kind of I'm being redundant here. Um in closing I'm gonna have you just what is your message you want people to have or you know, what's that? The wisdom and insight that you've learned that you would like to share and leave us with? Yeah, I think kind of going back to the self love as a superpower. Right? It's like we have these stories consciously and subconsciously stories that are guiding our life and once we can go back and heal some of these traumatic experiences and you know, one thing about trauma is you know, when you hear the word trauma, you think of like a severe, intense experience from a really difficult injury, car crash or a really intense sexual abuse rape story.

But trauma is anything that causes us pain. Could be a very simple small thing and we all have trauma and once we can go back and heal our trauma experiences, it removes blockages within us to allow the positive and energy to move through us so we can express our true selves. And so the message I want to share with people is that you can go back and heal your traumas and once you do and learn to love ourselves, it gives you the permission to be the truest most authentic version of you and really changes the whole energetic experience of your life to one of learning and growth and development and excitement and love and joy and you know wrapping it all up to the title of my book. It's you can embrace and have a mentality when you wake up every morning of like wow Holy ship on a life and I get to go have an incredible human experience today and that's you know that's the idea and the mentality. I would hope that everyone get from reading my book.

Mm I love that. Oh my God Doug, You are so awesome. I am so inspired. Your awesome, this was awesome. You are amazing. Thank you so much Doug. Yeah. And by the way, I also know that I respond to all of my D. M. S. On instagram. So if you have a question or whatnot hit me up on instagram at Doug underscore Cartwright and you can actually find my book on amazon at Holy Ship we're alive. Okay, perfect. And I'm going to have links to all of that. I'll have links to your book to your instagram and I will have links to your app as well. And again, Doug. You have been awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you too. Thank you

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #25 - Maximizing Human Potential With Doug Cartwright
Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #25 - Maximizing Human Potential With Doug Cartwright
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