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Blossom Your Awesome - Episode #4 - Energy

by Sue Dhillon
December 8th 2020

So as an energy worker you know this is a big part of how I get through my days, get through life, how I manifest.

It's all energy. Learning how to use it powerfully to your benefit ... More

Yeah. Hello and welcome to the blossom. Your awesome podcast episode number four. I am your host, Sue Dylan. And we are talking about something that I absolutely live by and that is energy. How do we use energy to move manifest? Direct things show up in life. What is energy? How does this work? And so here's the thing. One of the things I get from people who don't truly understand the power of energy and how energy is everything. Everything in life. Every thought is made up of energy. Everything in manifestation is made up by a thought which began by formulating energy. Energy is in every single atom.

It's in matter. It's attached to our emotions carry energy that predicts our future, emotions that we store inside of ourselves are based in energy. Okay, so how we respond to people that's energy, we're mirroring. We are projecting. So how people come at us is how we respond. So that's an energetic frequency. Right? When someone is super excited, super dynamic, we feel their vibration. We feel that energy, it makes us excited. It keeps us engaged. This is energy. So one of the things I do as a reiki master and an energy worker is I do a lot of energy work obviously and you know something I hear a lot of is energy is not real.

It's this airy fairy thing because for a lot of people if they can't see something if it's not tangible and physical form meaning you can't touch it physically then they will just discredit it, discount it in their world and their universe. That thing does not exist. But let me tell you, I can tell you assuredly that energy exists. It's very real. It's tangible. It's quantifiable. It can be measured. Energy exists. It's all around us. The energy we exude, The energy we project and put out there is what people receive. It's how they're gonna react as it's how they're going to receive us. It's how they're going to respond to us. That's all based in energy. Everything okay, Everything in manifestation that we see in a physical form is based in energy. It's based on a thought.

Our thoughts are energy. It takes energy to manifest thoughts. So what I do, how I begin my day is with Ricky and meditation. Okay, so that begins with clearing my head being, allowing my day to unfold in this really beautiful way by bringing in positive inspirational aspirational energy. I bring that in and then I give that back out in silence. Okay, through my meditation and through Ricky, this is how I start the day. I start the day by reading something powerful and positive, even if it's just a few sentences, I on many occasions I will start the day by listening to something powerful or positive. That's along with doing the Ricky and the meditation, this is how my day starts.

So this is how I keep myself inspired. I start the day with powerful loving energy, the more I bring that in, Welcome it, the more I'm open to receiving it, that love and light from the universe from my guides from my spirit guides angels, my guru, Ji's, the more I'm able to project that out there, the more I'm able to be carried powerfully through that day with that same energy that I'm bringing in this is how I'm able to stay positive and inspired. And here's the thing, a lot of people don't know this about me, but I have had very traumatic things happened to me in life, a series of traumatic things. Okay, so I am not immune to trauma. I am not immune to the suffering that we feel in life.

None of us are. You need to understand that that suffering is exasperated when we attach ourselves to it. Okay, none of us are immune. There's no way life is going to be peachy keen. Perfect all the time all day every day. That's never gonna happen. That's not how life is. I had the good fortune through my suffering in traumas, psychological traumas, all sorts of traumatic things. I had the good fortune when I was young, my mother would tell me life is hard, You have to be strong. She learned this very early on. She lost her mother when she was 11 years old. She waited unendingly for years for her mother to return because as a young child, there's really no way to process that. You just have to get through it and then eventually you come to a place of acceptance.

So she learned this lesson very early on and that was instilled in me. So the power way forward is acceptance, right? That's part of that buddhist Sikh philosophy of accepting, letting go, understanding that life is hard. We have ups and downs, that's part of the process. So being an acceptance of that allows us to move without detachment from those things that will inevitably happen in each and every one of our lives. Okay, so learning to counterbalance things, there's parts of life that we can control and then there's aspects in life that we have no control over. So where is our power? Our power lies and controlling powerfully, those parts of our lives that we can control. So what does that mean?

That means how I start my day, how I receive love and light, how I begin my day with inspiration and power and positive energy that allows me to walk through the day in a heightened state of awareness. Okay, from a place of love from a place of elevated awareness because I'm allowing these powerful beings, sentient beings source light, love energy to take me guide me and work through me throughout the day. That's how I begin my day. That's what I'm open to. That's what I'm in receipt of in the beginning of the day. Some days things happen and it doesn't go that way, but as a routine, this is how I begin my day, Okay, I begin my day with Ricky, I begin my day with meditation and I begin my day with reading and writing.

These are the things that matter to me. I get some exercise in there. I do see gang these are the things that matter and all of that is a couple of hours of my day but it adds so much abundance and joy and meaning and fulfillment to each and every one of my days. I can't imagine a day without those things. I'm so in tune to that. It's been so beneficial for me. It's worked so incredibly powerfully in my life. It's allowed me to tap in to power and love and joy in a way that I cannot imagine getting through a day without those things without tapping into those frequencies. Okay, so how do you start your day? What you bring in what you allow in? What you focus on, what you spend your energy on what you spend your day thinking about all of that matters.

Okay and as I always remind people every moment we spend in anxiety being upset or angry, mad holding a grudge, being resentful holding on to some negative experience. That's a moment that we deprive ourselves of greatness. Okay, because there are moments in life, there are things that will happen that are outside of our control and those will be moments that we will grieve and we will suffer in those moments, right? That's life things happen that are hard. It um is challenging and there are struggles in life and those things we cannot control. But what happens is when we spend our energy and our days in ways that we can control. When we spend our energy powerfully when we exude positivity and love and this other frequency when we tap into that higher frequency as a habit as a routine, then we're better able to deal with those down moments.

We have better deeper understanding, right? When we begin living philosophically as an existentialist, when we want to go deeper with life, when we commit to the soul work and the journeying of ourselves, elevating ourselves soul growth and an inward self reflective journey. When we commit ourselves to that, then we just continue growing and evolving and we begin having deeper understanding of those struggles and hardships, this is all energy. So when we focus on wanting to know more, wanting to do better, wanting to improve, wanting to elevate our awareness, wanting to change the game, wanting to show up transformed, wanting to be more powerful, wanting to be more loving and more present with all of those around us.

When we show up in this way, then that's who we become, We embody that people receive that from us. They get that that's who we are and we do this through energy, We do this through tapping in to all of those powerful, beautiful magical things that we have access to in life. And no, nothing will ever be perfect. But the more we do, the soul work, the more we tap into nature get with that energy, the more we align ourselves with that, the more we learn to sit in silence and just be tap in, just be at peace. Okay, again, let me remind you. It's not about turning your thoughts off. This is a myth about meditation. It's about being with those thoughts allowing them to come, letting them go, allowing the thoughts to come, letting them go, allowing them to come letting them go.

This is meditation and it's about acceptance. Okay. It's about learning to be in stillness with the external stimuli off turning all of that stuff off devices off screens off quiet too stillness that is tapping into source. Okay, meditating on God on source, on whatever that is for you, that higher power. That is how we tap in two powerful energy. That's how we tap in to the power, The vibration of the cosmos. We can feel it here. It's doesn't we don't have to see it. We don't have to touch it. But it's very much there. It's alive. It's there for us when we begin tapping in in this way.

Okay, and I want you to just know and feel and understand the power of doing this. You can start really small five minutes a day of meditation. Start your morning with something inspirational, positive. And this is the way just take it one day at a time, but make it a routine to get that positivity, that inspiration, that joy that quietude into your day, Start your day like that. Make it a routine. Make it a habit. You're gonna begin to feel a very powerful shift. Okay, this is how it all starts. Just trust me, go with it and remember you are here to be your most awesome, Nothing more, nothing less. All right, Exactly, yeah.

Blossom Your Awesome - Episode #4 - Energy
Blossom Your Awesome - Episode #4 - Energy
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