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Blossom Your Awesome - Episode #1 - Mindful Communication - Listening

by Sue Dhillon
July 5th 2020

Welcome to the Blossom Your Awesome podcast

On this first episode I share an introduction about what you can expect. And we ... More

Hi there, thank you so much, I am so excited. Yes, it is real, the blossom, You're awesome podcast, Here we go First episode, we are going to jump right in, I am going to be sharing about mindful communication, this is something I teach people. This is something I have written extensively on through my More than two and a half decade journey of going inward, being a seeker, finding myself finding a way to have a deeper experience in this incarnation. That's what I find that many people struggle with. They just cannot make sense of all of the struggles and how to let go of things, how to forgive, how to reconcile old hurts and wounds, and that's a lot of what we're going to be sharing hair. It is all about being your most awesome, you living your most awesome life and doing it dynamically, connecting deeply, bringing mindful awareness to each and every exchange.

This is where we begin to go deeper in life. So, today I want to share the first part of my book Okay, so we're gonna be talking about the very first step to communicating mindfully and connecting deeply and that step, a lot of people struggle with this, but trust me, I promise this is very real. That first step to connecting more deeply, more powerfully. That is listening. This is truly the number one step two, having that deeper experience connection and having greater awareness moment to moment and being able to bring the moment alive, bring it fully into existence with all of your senses, all of your awareness, all of your empathy and all of your compassion.

That is mindful communication. So dr m scott peck, who famously wrote the road less traveled, he says quote, you cannot truly listen to anyone into anything else at the same time and quote. So it's true listening is the means to going deeper and the reason it's one of the most important and most often neglected aspects of powerful communication is because people believe that communication is about speaking, it's about doing all the sharing and all the talking. But it's not Communication is a two way street and it's a back and forth. But if you're not truly listening it doesn't really mean much.

There isn't a lot of substance to that connection. If you're not bringing all of you, all of your awareness that higher self So connection only happens when we listen from the heart. There is no way to speak powerfully to someone. If you haven't fully heard what the other person is saying, listening is so important, I cannot stress this enough and I promise you just implementing this one step alone as the game changer, it truly truly is. So it just changes the whole dynamic. When you begin to listen and allow people loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, your boss, it doesn't matter. But when you allow people to share at length something begins to happen within that connection and that bond they people want to share, we all want to share and when we allow that we are honored in that allowing because people see that we sincerely care enough to listen and allow them to share at length when we get this, I promise you this is the game changer.

Okay, so without listening we can't have mastery and communication. We need to hear not only with our ears, but we need to use our heart, our awareness, our empathy, every aspect of our being to allow a deeper connection to unfold. When we allow this we begin to see people, we begin to learn things about them, we didn't know before they are able to be more vulnerable because they can share more intimately and we ultimately, as a result of this end up having greater empathy and greater compassion for them and we see them in a less judgmental way, This is what happens. And I assure you, starting here with this first step, just learning to listen better, understanding the importance of it and applying it moving forward to all of your interactions will be transformative, totally will transform everything we need to listen.

So we can better understand what is being communicated to us. How can we possibly respond fully if we haven't fully heard the other person? Right? So if someone sharing something about a painful experience an event or where they are in life, we cannot respond powerfully to them. We cannot help them, We cannot be there for them in powerful ways without allowing and creating a safe space, cultivating safety, having the awareness to allow that to get that this is what this person needs in this moment. They need our compassion, they need our empathy, they need us to show up for them selflessly in this moment. And that is the power and the beauty of learning to listen. Okay. And you know, listening is so many different things that's a form of relationship building, its connection building and it's community building.

And you know, another thing, famed therapist M Scott Peck said about building community, quote, they listen and understand, respect each other's gifts, accept each other's limitations, celebrate their differences, bind each other's wounds and commit to a struggle together rather than against each other. End quote, that's really powerful. So essentially here, what we're understanding by listening is that we're showing up without an agenda. We're showing up as a compassionate, empowered human being who understands the power of connection building, community building, of just being there in total presence for someone, it's through the yard of listening, that people become less guarded and less closed off and they allow us to hear what they feel or think that is inspiring their words.

When we listen, listen fully intently, others begin to feel safe and sharing and when we allow people to speak freely at will and at length they begin to feel honored and loved and we'll share more of their heart and soul and when we honor others by listening compassionately, we truly begin to understand people. And this is the beauty and magic of listening. And I have so much more on this, We are just beginning to scratch the surface here. And we're going to dig deeper. We're going to dive deeper into mindfulness, mindful communication, mindful connection and just mindfulness as a way of living not just in meditation, not just being present in a state of presence, but bringing that mindfulness to every encounter to every moment.

Waking up to everything, all the beauty and magic all around us at all times. That is the power of mindfulness. We begin to lead a more inspired life. This is the beauty and power of mindfulness and I can't wait to just break this down more and more for you as we go along. So again, this is going to be a Short one, a quick one. It's the first one. It's a little bit of an intro here, but I thank you so much for listening. I thank you so much for being here and joining me and learning powerful ways for us all to go deeper and have a more beautiful, profound life that has just so much more meaning and depth to it. That's truly why we are here. We are here to be our most awesome selves

Blossom Your Awesome - Episode #1 - Mindful Communication - Listening
Blossom Your Awesome - Episode #1 - Mindful Communication - Listening
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