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Blossom Your Awesome #32 Expanding The Love With Pam Barosh

by Sue Dhillon
February 10th 2022

Blossom Your Awesome #32 Expanding The Love With Pam Barosh 

Pam Barosh is a medium, intuitive healer, spiritual coach, energy expert, writer, and a messenger of love with training in chak... More

Hello and welcome to the blossom, your awesome podcast episode number 32 today on the show pam. Laroche pam is the medium, intuitive healer spiritual coach, energy expert, writer and a messenger of love pam has a master's in psychology with a focus on mind body spirit wellness and she is talking to us today about the power of intuition and the power of shining our light and expanding our love out into the universe. I am so honored and delighted to have pam here with us sharing her wisdom and insights. Pam. Thank you so much for being here. Welcome to the show. Hi, thank you for having me. Oh you're welcome, thank you so much for being here.

I'm so excited to have you here. So pam I am going to say we get right into it, let's start with a little bit of your background um you know I know you do the mind body spirit stuff but it was psychology with a focus on that, which I find really fascinating. So tell us a little bit about that and then um yeah we'll just start with that. Yeah, so I was working on my Masters in Psychology and I just found myself always interested in mindfulness and different approaches to how we could heal and at that same time I went through and experienced myself where I became really ill during the program and I went on this year long healing journey and during that time I started to connect to my spiritual side more so I knew at that point I couldn't just study psychology, it was gonna be a mixture of different things.

So that's when I started to learn more about my calling in life. You know my energy. What did energy mean? How could I heal through energy techniques? So I like to combine different things. I know that our mind is an important part of it. Obviously how we think and you know create things around ourselves is what is directing a lot of the energy. But it's also important to understand what is your spiritual purpose and what can make you feel more connected to your true self. Mm hmm. And now so had you always kind of felt this pull towards spirituality? Like have that always been there for you? Or did that start kind of coming up more later. I think it was there to some extent earlier on. But maybe I didn't quite know what it was. I just had a feeling of everything being connected. But it wasn't until I went through that experience that I was really receiving more of the messages. So I began to use my senses more. So my intuition was really heightened.

I would get a lot of signs and synchronicities. I began to communicate with spirits at that time. So it was it was just a time of letting the mind kind of be set aside a little bit. So I'm not controlling it and I'm allowing it to come in and that's when I realized that I have all of these gifts that I was not using. So I could do a lot more with what my path was in life. I could start to look at. Or what is that spiritual purpose in calling for people? And how can they tap into that more? And how can they align their energy? So they feel better? And so they're accomplishing all the things that they really desire? Mm hmm. And now so what is that just to kind of touch on that? I know this is something you teach and work with. So what is that for people? I mean it's individual for everybody. But the thing that I always go back to over and over and again is basically the shop for energies. So your energy centers and a lot of that begins with your heart and what you feel called to through your heart.

Energy. You know, do you love what you do? Do you not love what you do? Like if you're really not happy with things in your life, it throws you off in a lot of different ways and when your energy is off like that, just in one area, it can make everything else be out of alignment. So you just start to feel physically ill too. So I found that if I was working in a job that didn't align with me through my heart, if I felt like it wasn't my calling, then physically I would feel ill. So that's just a clue that you start to get different symptoms of things. Maybe you feel depressed. Maybe you feel anxious about something. Those are signs that maybe you need to take a step back and take the time to like go and get grounded, go outside or find something to do. That makes you feel good. Like a hobby. That's like a passion. Or maybe begin to look at how you can change the way you organize your day. Maybe you're doing too many things and if you can take some things off the plate, it's it's easier for you to find that peace inside of yourself. So, I always talk about the chakras and just seeing what is what is in each chakra that you need to work on like your root chakra is you're grounded connection to the earth.

So if you're not grounded then you may be having a hard time like feeling like you belong or you can make good decisions because you're just getting distracted by a lot of things. So it's good to have that connection. I do go outside a lot and make sure that I'm more in touch with nature and just being you know, more solid with the earth. So I can begin to build stuff from there. Mm hmm. And now, you know, pam you said something really interesting here. Um you know, kind of allowing versus because I feel we all have this kind of innate way of kind of forcing things right, needing to know, forcing versus allowing to just kind of be in that space and let information come or let things happen and unfold organically. Yeah, that's a good point. I think even I sometimes struggle with that because I'll have all these ideas, things that I want to do and create, and I'll get so excited about it that I want to have and I want it to happen right away, I want to create it right then.

But there is timings to things in the way that it's, you know, meant to be. So for me, I just have to keep reminding myself like be more in the present moment and just enjoy what's right in front of you. You know, take deep breaths and like find times to laugh or hang out with people that you love and do things that are cool that day that aren't like really the biggest things maybe, but there are little things that build on making your energy balanced so that you can accomplish the bigger goals. So I think that what happens is sometimes if we're maybe more of the overachiever type, it's real easy to take on all of those things and feel like we have to do so much every day, you know, or every week and we're like trying to fit it all into our schedules, but really when you think about it, if you can pause more, what happens is your frequency aligns better with opportunities. So the more you can take those pauses in your breath or if you like meditate or do yoga, just anything that makes you slow down, what happens is it gives you that way to see clearly what is right for you.

But it also brings to you energetically within that frequency, what's going to align with that energy. But if you're real hurried and everything and you're, you know, in a frenzy, then you're going to attract things that maybe don't fit as well or they'll kind of end up dropping off or maybe they'll cause you more stress. So I just have to keep reminding myself to slow down and not do everything in a day and and just take that longer time to let the divine timing come in. Mm That is so beautiful. I love that. Um that's such great advice. So thank you for that. Um I now help us understand. So with you know, your healing journey because I find this is so um prevalent. You know where people kind of have more of like a medical or health crisis and you know, we have emotional struggles and trauma and things all the time. But it seems like when it's a physical thing is um a lot of times when things kind of the spiritual stuff comes up for people or they start having these revelations or epiphanies around God or consciousness, whatever is that, what is that?

I think what happens is like I said when we're too busy, we don't take the time to hear ourselves and to hear what might be the universe, the God energy, angels, whatever you believe in, we do take times for that. Sometimes we might say, well I'm gonna go to do a meditation once a week or I'll go to church or whatever we believe in, right? But the thing that is important is we need to be doing this more every day and asking for guidance. And a lot of times we don't ask for help, We just keep doing things and we're pushing it and trying to make it happen without that higher energy coming in. We're not asking for that all the time. We're not always praying in every moment to make things a little bit better. We forget that we can do that. It's like such a simple switch where you just say, oh I can get help, I don't have to do everything by myself and we also have people on the earth that help us to like our friends and family and sometimes we don't want to ask for that help either. So that's another thing to remember is there's lots of help when you just reach out for it.

But a lot of times we're wired to be achievers to do everything ourselves. So when you pull the mind away more and you just let yourself release that you're releasing the ego mind and you're just letting yourself step into your spirit, what does your spirit want to do? I think we forget what feels good, like maybe when we were a kid, we enjoyed certain things and it was easy and we didn't have to worry about a long list of things to do and in that energy, we're in our spirit, right? We're feeling that spiritual connection if we get too far on the other way where we're not honoring that part of ourselves, we forget that we can do it and we just get in the mind too much. And so we lose a little bit of that spiritual connection. It's not that it's gone, but we just don't have it more finely tuned. So when people go through these health crises and different things that happen all of a sudden that kind of push them into that spiritual connection really, what it's doing is just bringing them back to how they came here.

Like when you were first born, you had that stronger connection, you're just remembering that it's there and you know, removing all the stuff that's like kind of keeping it in your awareness. So once you bring it into your awareness, it's like, oh it is here, it's there all along. I've been seeing all these signs for a long time, but I wasn't paying attention to them or I do have these abilities, I just wasn't practicing that and I always talk about this when people ask me about using their abilities, their intuition more. They want to know how I do what I do and it's very simple is that you just put your focus on it and you practice that. So it's just like anything else if you learn how to play an instrument or you have another sport or hobby that you're learning how to do and you do it over time, you become better at it. And so that's what I do with my gift to And everybody has this ability. It's just a matter of taking the time to honor it and you don't have to go through what I did.

And other people have gone through with the near death experiences. But you can start to do it now and just every day just allow yourself and say I have this gift. And I think that's where people get stuck sometimes is they think they don't have it and they start to push it away because they don't think they're like everybody else that can do it. But everybody can. So as long as you're telling yourself, you know, I have this gift and and I'm allowing that to be brought into my energy. Then it opens up and that's what your spirit guides and your angels and everyone that's working with you is trying to do there waiting for you when you're ready to receive that. Mm hmm. Now tell me pam for you. So I know I kind of asked this. But in it, you know deeper here with this. So you're an angel intuitive, you're receiving information. Our was this something had you gotten messages prior to really kind of delving into this world that maybe you ignored.

And now looking back, you're like, oh, those were my angels and guides trying to tell me stuff or did that just kind of start happening? Got into this. Yeah, I think it was there before. Um I'll give you a few little examples and stories that I have. So I used to get dreams with relatives that had passed over that were very vivid and they would give me messages. So at the time I was thinking that, well, you know, it's just a random thing. It doesn't mean anything. I didn't realize that I could use that ability more. I just thought they just came to me, you know, temporarily. But I didn't realize, oh, I can tap into, you know, all spirits that need to bring a message to their loved ones or tap into my angels. And then I also had experience where a couple of times angels stepped in is it's the presence that I felt during an experience. Like one time I was in the car and I was driving somewhere and I stopped at a light and my daughter was in the backseat and I'll never forget it because it happened right by my family's house and I was about to turn onto the highway and my car instead of going forward and turning just kind of stopped in a sense and it wouldn't go forward and then a car came through the light and ran through the light going really fast and would have hit my side of the car.

And I just, that was one of the first things that happened to me years ago before I even started to connect and I thought, oh my gosh, that definitely was something I don't, I didn't even have a very good memory of it. It happened so fast. I couldn't figure out what had happened. And it's one of those things where, you know that if you are feel like you're missing time or just something's off like that. That's definitely them stepping in and that is the same um, location where many years before that one of my teachers had died in a car accident. So I just thought it was interesting that maybe, you know, angels were stepping in and maybe a part of her spirit as well. So that was the beginning parts. I think that was the first things that happened to me. I didn't tune into all of it as much after that. I just kind of acknowledged it. I just noticed, hey, this is interesting, but I didn't talk to people about it a lot, but I think that happens to people where they do have a lot of those experiences and they may talk about it sometimes, but sometimes maybe they don't, they just kind of keep it to themselves because it's like, hmm, that's weird.

That's unusual. I'm not sure if I should mention anything about that. So I became more comfortable with it though once I started to open up more and I needed to heal so I had a reason to reach out, it forced me to go out of my comfort zone and say, okay, who am I beyond the physical body. And that's when I started to trust it more. Hmm, wow. Now, you know, pam, I just, so I'm an energy worker, reiki master and I've just always been spiritual. I don't do it. Uh you know, I do it for myself and friends and family. Um, but I just have always been drawn to the other side and had my own out of body experience at a really young age and I'm just so fascinated. So tell me for you, is it like now that you kind of live in this other way where you're touching this other realm, like all the time, what is that like for you? Like, do you feel like, oh my God, I've just been missing out all these years or Yeah, yeah, there's a little bit of that.

I think I do, I'm very thankful first of all for being able to do what I do. Um, but I do realize that yeah, I did live in a way that was a little hard, like I don't think I, I honored who I was and I think I tried to be what everybody else wanted me to be and didn't realize that this was even a path for me. So I yeah, I do kind of feel like I missed out on some of that, but at the same time, one of the things that I always tell myself is I am thankful for that part of my life because it taught me how you would feel if you didn't connect and what your physical body, what's your emotional body, all those things would be like. And now when I am helping people working one on one or in groups or you know, speaking in front of people, I can say, you know, I've been through exactly what you're going through. I've seen the hard road I've seen where the darkness lies where the struggles are, but here's the other side and if I can do it so can you because I felt like I didn't have a way to hell.

You know, I felt it felt hopeless at times, it felt like I didn't know where my path was going to go. I was very confused. But once I was able to kind of step out of my body and that experience where I began to communicate with angels, it was clear, it's like I was too stuck in the physical world and I couldn't step out enough to realize that I had all of these abilities and then I could be anything I want to be, I could start to design what I really wanted to do in this life. I didn't have to accept what had happened to me before I could heal. I could move on, I could make it, you know, way more. I could help a lot of people through the work as well. And so every day that I'm doing this work, I'm here to bring as many messages as possible to help people heal as much as possible. Every day is a gift for me to continue to do that because I could have left at that time. But I came here to stay here just to make sure other people hear this story.

Mm wow, I love that. Um now tell me pam I know you say and I believe this to be true that you know, we can all do this and tap in in this way. But you have kind of, you were called to do this in this broader broader sense. Right? So what is that for you? What does that mean for you on a spiritual level? Well, it's like I'm always trying to expand what I do first of all and what we can do as far as our gifts and and the spiritual connection. I just look at it as kind of like a curiosity. I think what else is there that interests me or if somebody comes and crosses my path, what message are they bringing to me? I think it's so interesting because even though I can hear spirit talking to me and I see visions and I have all these different ways of bringing that in, I find it much more helpful at times to hear a message from somebody just randomly, like I could be in a store and they say something to me and like, oh, that's interesting that spirit speaking you see, and so they'll come through other people, you know, your friends might say something or maybe, you know, even just doing these experiences, like if I do an event with people online, I do a meditation or I'm doing a one on one with a client, I'll hear them say something and I'm like, oh yeah, that's something I needed to hear.

So I always kind of stay in that humble place of, you know, I'm not so like um out like accomplished and, and you know, have learned everything. I'm always open to learning and I think that's the key to growing your spiritual connection. It's just being open to anything and the way it may come in, even if you've been doing it for a long time, you know, even if you've written a bunch of books and you've, you know, develop programs just be open to it because you never know where you will go when I first started out, I told myself I wasn't going to be a medium, So it's kind of funny because I was talking to spirit. But I already started to think well I can't do that or I shouldn't do that. But I learned from spirit early on, don't say those kinds of things be open, let yourself at least be open and then decide later on like at least see what it is. And so when they did that, I was like okay well we'll see, I'll just go with it. And then what happened is it became more I began to channel messages, you know, I began to do trance mediumship who would have thought that I would have been doing that when I just had you know, basic skills that I had developed and hadn't even gotten to that point.

So it was a learning experience for me to know, don't ever say no to anything because you never know what is going to be the thing that you might end up doing. Mm Oh my God, wow, okay, so this is just so powerful um what you just shared hair and I think it's just such a breath of fresh air because we just have ways of limiting ourselves and it's so eye opening to know that we should just be so open because we don't know where this, it's everywhere, essentially. Yeah, be open hearted is the main thing that I always say keep your heart open when you're protecting your heart because you're afraid of trying things or people have told you weird things that you can't do something. You're just closing the doors to all those opportunities and things that you could do and maybe you're going to be different than other people because only you can walk that path.

But that's what you're supposed to do. That's why you came here, you can't be like everybody else. So it's just embracing that and saying I'm going to do it anyway. Mm hmm. Now what is your advice to someone needing healing? How can they self heal or lean into kind of spirituality or their angels and guides and uh you know, ask for healing or receive that? Well, I think it's individual of course for each person. So it's really good to have that quiet time to reflect and tune into yourself to see what am I needing today. Like if I wanted to make my day better, if I wanted to feel more relaxed or more connected, you know, feel a little bit less stressed. Whatever that may be, what is going to help me to get there. Do I need to go do a meditation or walk outside or talk to a friend or do I want to do an activity? I haven't tried before. Maybe go to a yoga class or do do some painting or journaling or something like that, whatever it is that honors you that day.

It could be anything. And when you do that, you start to get that feeling of like a joyful feeling inside. It's it's you want to choose those things that you get lost in where you forget about time and you forget about your schedule and you forget about all the things you need to do and the bills and everything and you get so lost in it that you forget about problems, right? You forget about the problems in the world. You forget about the problems in your life. You forget about how you didn't feel good before physically or maybe you know you were feeling tired or whatever it was, you forget when you're in those moments and it recharges you And so it's like you're literally plugging yourself in and recharging your energy right? So it could be simple. It could be just breathing. You could just sit outside and breathe and look at the trees and just anything. And people get that feeling from different things and they should listen to what that is.

And when they do it builds and grows. So I think healing starts from a very basic place of just self care and awareness and once you do that you can start to include other things and you'll start to get that intuitive feeling of oh I should go do this or maybe I should you know take this, you know eat this food or take this supplement or essential oil or you'll get ideas because you're going to be more open as you pause long enough to enjoy a piece of your life. Mm hmm wow that is so beautiful. Um Now, Pam one of the things I love about you, you know you call yourself a messenger of love. Like that is just so beautiful and so powerful. How can you talk to us about this? The messenger of Love. That's interesting. So when I first started I didn't know like I said what which way I was going to go. I had the psychology background and I knew I was tapping into spirits and angels and you know, I couldn't figure out what to call myself.

I felt like I was a lot of different things. I was working with energy. I was looking you know working with the mind and the chakras. And I was tapping into a lot of different possibilities of past lives and future lives and all these things. And so one day that just came to me and I felt like it was a a message from spirit to tell me use this. Because people can identify with you in that way. And a lot of times when I'm talking I talk about love energy and how we change our energy frequency by placing love and the energy right? We We start to focus on the love. So therefore becomes love. So that's why that came about is because every time I kept talking about love energy and spirit just brought that sign to me that I needed to use that. And to me it just gives me this way that I can always be connected to people and be expansive. And the main thing is I'm bringing messages in some way.

Like either I am speaking about something that's a message or I am writing about it. You know, I'm I'm putting it out in some way where they can receive it. Sometimes it's just a small social media post that I put out and that's the message. Like it could be in little tiny ways. It could be even if I go to the store and I talked to somebody and it doesn't have to be a part of you know my business. It could be just something that is every day. So I always remember that that's who I am. Even if I'm doing other things that are away from my normal career path, if you will if I'm just doing my daily activities, I'm still that messenger, that person that's always connecting with people and helping them receive what they need. Mm Okay so now pam I have to say like there there's just like you just exude love and light. So what and we all or most of us, you know aim for that.

But you're just emanating it. So what is that is that just connecting constantly with the light and love on the other side Or what in all Totality for you? What is that? Yeah, I think that's just raising your consciousness to connect more purposefully and for me it comes rather easily because I've done it for so long now and I just let myself be free with it, you know, when you're being yourself truly yourself and you let your guard down and you're laughing, having fun, or maybe you're dancing around, that's how I live my life every day. So if I'm in that energy, of course I'm going to feel that amplification, I'm going to feel that light more. Spirit always tells me it's a simple thing when we get frustrated with life and we're struggling to feel that light, the easiest way for us to feel it again is to laugh. They've told me that so many times and it's so easy.

It's not like you have to go and, you know, research that you don't have to learn a skill, it's like everybody can do this, you just have to find what brings that out in you. What is it that makes you feel that lighter side of yourselves? Sometimes we're just too hard on ourselves. We get too serious with life and we forget that it's rather simple when we remove all of the to do lists and the things that we think we should accomplish. So they first want us to just enjoy ourselves. You know, remember that we're going to take only a few things with us to the other side. We're gonna take our memories of how we have learned things, how we have um had connections with people, all of those deeper fun, interesting experiences. But the number one thing that we're going to take from this world is we're gonna take love. So whatever love that we grew in this experience will take back with us, wow. Oh my God.

Um now in closing pam you have been so amazing and just so full of wisdom and love and insights. What is your message? What what would you like to just leave us with? Well, I just want everyone to know that no matter where you are in life and what your goals are, what your dreams are. You can make it happen. You can begin to shift your energy and to bring in this lightness. Love more. And it's just bringing that awareness and knowing that no one can take that away from. That is your unique signature. So let that shine more. Let it be brighter. Let it let yourself be more of who you are. Don't bring yourself into that place where you're afraid to speak out. You're afraid to be different. Let it shine out more so you can expand that energy, expand your consciousness and then you'll begin to connect to all the things that were meant to be on your path. Mm I love that.

Oh my God pam you have been so awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yeah. Mm hmm. Mhm

Blossom Your Awesome #32 Expanding The Love With Pam Barosh
Blossom Your Awesome #32 Expanding The Love With Pam Barosh
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