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Blossom Your Awesome Episode #33 - Shine Your Light With Billy Mandarino

by Sue Dhillon
February 22nd 2022

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #33 - Shining Your Light With Billy Mandarino

Bill Mandarino believes each and every one of us has a light to shine bright.

Billy embodies th... More

Hello and welcome to the blossom, your awesome podcast episode number 33 today on the show Billy Mandiri No, Billy is the founder of the Now ist principle and the author of the book, the Now ist he is the teacher, speaker, trainer, musician and he is joining us today sharing his wisdom and insights on living more powerfully and more dynamically how to show up for others, how to be in service and how to live our most awesome lives. I am so excited, honored and delighted to have Billy here with us sharing his love and light. Billy, thank you so much. Welcome to the show. Thank you Sue. Um blossom, you're awesome.

I love the title of your podcasts and your show. Oh, thank you so much. I love it. It's just such a great affirmation when people tell me that, so thank you so much and that's exactly why we're here. We're gonna help people blossom. They're awesome with your insights and wisdom. So let's get right into it. Give us a little bit of your background and how you got into this line of work, wow, you're right, it's um, I don't know, I don't call it work. I feel like it's service. I mean I think we're all here on this planet to be of service to other and I was talking to my wife the other day, you know, I'm also a realtor property manager. Um I'm a speaker, I do a lot of things. Artists, teacher, do all kinds of things, but all of it I found I've done with with Love, I found that it's that service is truly the greatest work you can do, and When I was inspired, I was calling actually for this specifically to the now is teaching the book. That was, that was downloaded if you will through me, that came through me.

That came to me in 2017. The book was published in 2018 and it was all about uh calling, I could not not answer it, it was something that was so overwhelming. I've always been to a spiritual seeker, I've always had spiritual hunger. I've never really felt satiated. I've I've studied all kinds of different religions and spiritual practices and, and eventually it seems like this book, the Now Ist was a spiritual sponge that was being wrung out and, and it was my spiritual memoir, how I found the present moment, how the present moment became the most important thing in my life and I think it's one of the most important things in all our lives. What's your relationship to the present moment? How do you use that in your daily life? And how often do you find yourself in stress and overwhelm and anxiety and out of time? Um it's mostly, you know, we're focused on time. We were caught up in the competing with the joneses and getting our bills paid in relationship issues, jobs, there's so much going on and physical time, and this now is this word came to me, it didn't exist.

It was something that, you know, I'm being an artist and being a creative, I think we're all artists. But for me, musically, you know, being a singer songwriter and being in multiple different bands and currently in another band called in the present tense and we create higher conscious music, but learning that the present moment was the way through all of my problems and all of the stripes and the overwhelming struggles of this world. I don't know about you soon. But the last couple of years we've all been tested with focusing on the past, worrying about the future. So I find the present moment to be paramount in all of our lives and that's the real service that I provide and it's the real work if you will that I do through everything that I do emotionally, socially spiritually, financially familiarly, societally. It's all about teaching people to live in the present moment. Mm I love that now. So how do you do do that for yourself? Like what is your routine? What do you do to kind of stay grounded and keep present? Well, okay, I've got a quick story for you. Have you got a minute?

Mm hmm. Have you got about 35 minutes? No. So I want to share this story because it's very fresh in my, in my consciousness because it was just this time one year ago, almost identical to this time, One year ago I was in the hospital and I was learning to walk again last New Year's Eve a year from this New Year's Eve, my wife's birthday is New Year's Eve. So it was her as a big number. We were celebrating it and we couldn't celebrate here in santa Barbara because everybody was locked down as you remember a year ago. It was pretty much locked down. There was no gatherings in person. So I said, okay, let's go to Miami. So florida. Miami surprised her. There's this great party on the beach. I figured it would just stay socially distanced and I could celebrate her and some of my friends were there and last literally like four hours before the party was going off on the beach. They said, oh, we gotta move it inside and everybody, you know, I thought, oh no inside, we're not gonna do this. But it was this huge ballroom, 20 ft apart with everybody, no dance floor. I said, okay, we'll be safe, we'll keep our masks on.

So we had this Great New Year's Eve slash birthday party from my wife And then we flew home like January's think 4th and this is last year and I haven't had a flu or a cold or any sickness for years for over a decade. I don't get sick. I'm extremely healthy. My wife extremely healthy And we have a 15 year old daughter. And on the fourth, we both came down with Covid And my COVID was a killer brutal for me and for my physiology and for the part of me that was fighting it physically. My wife got over in a day and a half my daughter the same thing. But I was in bed for 10 days straight Every night. My fever would spike to 102 and I had the worst bout of Covid and I just had to fight it off. And eventually after 10 days I healed and I'm quarantined for the 12 days, I think it was. And the next morning after I felt great after 12 days of quarantine. So I'm going outside and tired to be in the house. So I went golfing, I love the golf had my £25 you know, pack of golf clubs on my back, Played about 10 holes played great.

Came home, you know, I had dinner with my wife and daughter, fell asleep next morning. I woke up when I was numb, head to foot, I couldn't feel anything. And long story short turns out that at a 460,000 people in santa Barbara County, I was the only one to contract what's called jeon Berets syndrome or G. B. S. From Covid. And it's a super rare freaky illness that it's just usually one or two people in a million get it, you know, pre Covid times, but I got this crazy paralysis, paralysis. Izing paralyzing illness. And so at this time last year I was in a hospital in a bed For seven days couldn't move. I am claustrophobic, I don't know why and I teach people how to deal with their fears and I dealt with my fears but I I had to deal with this fear head on because they put me in an M. R. I. Tube for 4.5 hours and it seems egregious and crazy. But they didn't know what was wrong with me, they didn't find out. I had de hombres into until after 4.5 hours M Ri tube and a spinal tap To determine that my own immune system was eating itself.

It was eating the myelin sheath around your nerves, it was eating mine. So it paralyzed me. And so I spent 21 nights in the hospital. I was in rehab for 14 of those days learning how to walk again this time last year I didn't get out of the hospital, I got out there with a cane and a walker, February 16th last year. So for me what helped me through it other than the amazing world class doctors here at Cottage Hospital. The 50% that was them, the other 50% was what I've learned I've studied. I teach in my book have a live seminar coming up May 13th and 14th here in santa Barbara called the Now Ist experience live where I teach you what it is in me and how it is that I use my spiritual practice, my conscious powerful ability to connect to the quantum world and to get out of this physical time that was bound in a bed. I just, I used my imagination which is one of the greatest gifts. I used the narrowest meditation which which I teach. Um I just had this ability and this subconscious programming of living this way as announced for so many years that it literally was the thing that I feel saved me from come for a complete recovery.

I'm in a very small percentile of people and I'm thankful and grateful for that. I will take all the credit, I give it up to God to give it up the source, give it up to the people that prayed for me and the doctors of course, but there was a miraculous recovery in my because very few people recover 100% with no hangover conditions, lame limb neuropathy, droopy face, drooping arm, just, there's so many things that can come from the ombre syndrome Um that lasts with you forever and I can humbly say that I am 100 and 10% better And that 10% is the experience. I called it my spiritual practice, that a tragedy that that trauma that struck my family, my wife and daughter, they were just beside themselves, they couldn't see me for 21 days because there were no visitors. So I really had to go deep into the present moment and I had to live in that quantum world where all the healing comes where you learn to through meditation and through breath work and through imagination up regulating that epigenetic expression in your body. That heals all those cells and heels, The Myelin around my nerves.

It's just I feel blessed and I'm just grateful. Mm wow. Okay, well I am so happy and thrilled that you are back. You're like totally back. You're more than back. Right? Oh my God. As I said, 110, I gained, I gained so much and I wouldn't change it. Of course when I say that to my wife and daughter and I, when I'm teaching or coaching or speaking in public about it, I wouldn't change it and I would change the, the stress and the overwhelming the fear that they experienced. But for me it was my spiritual practice. It taught me so much about myself resilience. I feel like God Source said, hey, you think you're the spiritual teacher that has this now? Ist prowess if you will, I'm going to give you an experience that will prove it to yourself so that you can teach and share it with other people so they can deal with their life's traumas and their overwhelming situations. Mm I love that. Oh my God, I love that. So this just resonates so powerfully for me because I have this kind of similar um ideology, right? And I really feel called and I believe and as you do but I just I know you're called for huge things.

And do you think Billy like so you you're like even stronger now mentally, physically spiritually as a result of that I feel like I created this spiritual, you know you have physical immunity and I consider myself to have a very healthy immune physical immune system. But what this did is I was able to up regulate spiritual immunity through the narrowest teachings through living in what you know the quantum world. The fifth dimension, fourth is fourth dimensions of time, but fifth dimensional 6th and 7th dimensional living where when I'm in the M. R. I. To pursue, you know I couldn't open my eyes. You ever been in an M. R. I tube? I have but not for four hours, oh my God for I call it you know I called it my covid cocoon because it was you know you look at the monarch butterfly which is one of my favorite creatures in the whole world and you think about what they have to do this this caterpillar and they go through this rigor mortis, they go through this this painful stage and I felt like that was my iron kind of covid cocoon. I was in there and I had to be present, had to be patient, I had to use my imagination to manage the enlightened monarch butterfly, my enlightened self that was coming through this rigor mortis, this pain, this suffering, this strife that was paralysis and being locked in this iron kind of cocoon if you will, knowing that my imagination was the greatest gift cause I allowed myself to hover three miles above the earth.

I was just up there and the quantum was up there and the ether and not being so confined, I had to be someplace else. And when I was up there I kept seeing myself my physical self on the planet, but my higher self was seeing my lower self healed. You know, I was seeing myself at the I I teach people to think from the end and not about the end, about the end is God and when ever going to get out of here, I hope that I can walk again. I hope that somebody will be able to get back to my normal life with my wife and daughter and teaching and the real estate business that I have and all these other things that I love to do, my musical, you know, endeavors with my band, I just kept seeing myself from the end while I was in that cocoon, I kept seeing myself And my life seminar was coming up three months early, you know, after this, I planned this whole seminar for a year. We had a brand new studio record, we spent a whole year recording that we performed live at this now was experienced live that we're doing again this May 13 and 14th here in Santa Barbara but back then I just kept my imagination focused on the end. Not about you not hoping someday it would happen. I just lived in it consistently for 21 days.

I keep seeing myself there feeling myself totally back to normal golfing again. Being with my family, living my dream, performing life. These songs that we had written about the Now is teaching, it was about thinking from the end, not about the end that that healed me and took me out of the fear because the very first days to I'll be honestly, I was scared to death. I was paralyzed, I couldn't feel anything. And it wasn't until the doctor came in these two like nights that walked through the front door because I spent, it was about 11 o'clock at night I went in, I spent 4.5 hours. I got practically no sleep the next morning, about 11 o'clock remember them coming through my hospital doors. I'm paralyzed in the bed saying, okay, we know what's wrong with you, You have this very rare syndrome called Guillain Barre syndrome and we're gonna treat it with immunoglobulin G. And I had for for two days, these eight pints of this white fluid which was immunoglobulin G which takes 1000 blood donors to spin out just one pint and eight of them which flooded my immune system with positive immunity, but I was equally flooding my physical body with, with spiritual immunity and the spiritual immunity that I was able to up regulate, I believe took me beyond healing into this quantum being in this disability to deal with trauma and overwhelming stress and now I can just teach people through my experience how to over, you know, overcome their traumas and their experiences of their life that are, they're holding them down or they're focused on the past, they live there too much or they live in the, in the future of of that may not happen and the present moment is truly where all the growth is, the unknown is where the growth is, wow, that is amazing, so it's kind of like the now is comes up for you first and then you have this affirmation by source or the universe to really just embody that and practice it and you know, you're a living embodiment of it, that's how it feels, I felt like it was almost, you know, they say that 96% of everything you do is done with our subconscious mind, I played golf, I hit a golf ball with my subconscious mind, if you bake, you bake a souffle with your subconscious mind, we drive with our subconscious mind, 96% of everything we do in our waking life is done with that, I just feel like I had and you do that through repetition, right, this german proverb says repetition is the mother of skill, like the more you do anything, It just becomes part of that 96% of your subconscious programming.

So I just feel like I lived and taught this for so long that it just became second nature to me and then the fear because the world gives us these problems too and we just, we get shocked this, this overwhelming feeling and then we just automatically out of fight or flight, we focus on the problem and we try to narrow our focus and we can solve the problem. But after that initial adrenaline, you know that cortisol that just courses through your body, you have to get present, you have to get aware. Okay now how do I solve this this problem? And for me it was a subconscious programming. My now ist prowess if you will just like took over and I swear to God, I did not have fear or doubt that other the 20 days following that I just kept living from that end. And then here's the one thing I did that truly, I think took me two and took my healing to a different level as the nurse, God bless these nurses, these doctors, these physical therapists, I don't know if you remember last year, but Covid was pretty rampant this time last year, there were 90 people on these three floors in this Covid war that they had me at the hospital, 90 was like a loaded now I think we're down to like 20 but it was bad this time last year.

And these nurses would come through their scrubs on and they would walk into my room, take care of me, take the scrubs off. I mean they must have took them on and off 100 times because they were just can't contaminated room, they couldn't have anything in other words contaminated. So they'd come in every time. But I just thought in my, in my mind and my awareness, how can I heal faster? How can I heal myself? And I thought, I know it's counterintuitive, you have to give away what you want. So I gave away my healing my my service. I would just therapies that I would ask them about their lives, their boyfriend, their financial problems, what's going on with their health. Like I would ask how I could serve them and I gave them spiritual advice or life coaching if you will to all my physical therapists, occupational speech therapists, I lost the ability to swallow I mean, so I had so many different therapists and nurses and doctors and I would all I would take my energy engaging in them and I feel like, you know, I got better because I just had that intention all the way through my recovery. How can I serve them when they're trying to serve me And that's that's the counter intuitive nature of all of us.

Like we think kind of what's in it for me instead of how can I serve when the reverse of that is the truth. Like what's in it for you is you get to serve and then your life gets better. Oh I love that. I really that's so powerful. Billy now tell me you know, so at what point? So you said you've always been spiritual but at what point did you kind of start having some sort of spiritual practice whether you know we're not talking religion here but just right getting into nature or meditating or whatever you're doing at what point did you really start taking that kind of Stefan? You know? So it all started when I was seven years old because I'm from a beautiful big italian family and there's six brothers and sisters and it's seven years old. I had to sit on a stand and look at my mom and her lawyer and my dad and his lawyer and choose which one I was going to live with and all five of us kids, my little sister was too young, she was two years old, she couldn't do it. But the rest of us had to sit on the stand now they wouldn't do it and considered cruel unusual punishment and social services would be all over everybody wouldn't allow that.

But back then I had to look at my parents and it caused so much trauma to me and so much stress because we separated my mom got three kids. My dad got three kids and I remember missing my brothers and sisters missing, just like the family unit and I had to dig deep, I had to find, we were at this time we were mormon. We were raised mormon back then. So I believe in spirituality, not religion. I think religion separates people where spirituality likes to unite people and bring them together and serve from this collective energy that is spirit that we all come to and we all return to when we would come from and at seven years old that trauma, I just remember we were still going to church and I just remembered reading and giving my testimony in front of the church with a whole different kind of feeling of help me like almost a prayer of supplication, begging. And then after that I realized that, you know, it was about my relationship with scores my relationship with God. So from that age, I just had this unlike all my brothers and sisters, I had this spiritual hunger that started there and then I just kept developing it and then I became catholic eventually and daoism buddhism zen and I just, I've studied all of the religions and now to be analysis is not a religion, it's just a practice and I just believe in the unity and the oneness of it all and all religions point back to the same source God, the same oneness that we all return to, we come from that we are ultimately part of that oneness, we all have that spark in us and we have to grow that spark and that's what I'm about with this practices and teaching is to help people get out of the tunis of the world.

I mean I read this, I forget the quote, but it says how could the God of oneness ever recognized tunis if God was too, it wouldn't be one. And and I thought of that when I read that quote when I was probably in my twenties and I thought, wow, that's powerful and I knew it was all about oneness and about searching and filling up the spiritual sponge that I am and just taking it in so I can wring it out and serve people in the world with with the energy that is that source energy that we all come from that we return to, that we can live in In the present moment though. It was where that energy just bounds. It just explodes when you have the present moment. You get out of this physical time to be announced to someone that lives consistently in the present moment. For me, 90% of my day, I live now is 10%, you know, have problems that happen to emails, appointments, things I have to do. But I just I flood myself with so much consciousness and presence in that service, whatever I'm doing with my family, with my wife, with my business, with my teaching, my music, being with our dog pepper, I mean whatever it is, I'm just aware of that ratio.

And when you can invert that because most people live the opposite of that. So do they live 10% occasionally they phone it in and they'll, they'll say meditation is to go to church or they'll just breathe and try to get a nature for a little bit and just get out of stress. But then 90% of the day they spend focused on the doing and the competing and trying to make it happen and and live in this. You know, linear time of psychological time of past and future. When the reality is the vertical is is where you need to live and when you cross past future time and you go and draw a line between it and that's called the now that you're straight up to God straight up to an infinite time that cross ification is the present moment. And it's with you at any moment, you just have to be aware, make it a practice connect to your breath, your imagination connect to that energy flow that we all come from and it can be done. It's just, it's just a matter of consistently like I was talking about the subconscious part of you. If you consistently do this, it becomes a way of life, then all these things in your life they start to melt away and you start to have a bigger light if you will a bigger source energy in yourself and then you just want to give it away.

I love so I love this quote from Hafeez Hafeez, the great Persian Poet, Have you heard of Coffees before? Oh my gosh, my favorite coffees quote is this He says just look at the sun. The sun never says to the earth, You owe me. Just look what a love like that does. It lights the whole sky. Mm That's the light we need to be for the world. Mm hmm wow. You know Billy, I am just so moved by all of your wisdom and insights and it just resonates so powerfully for me now give us for someone, you know hypothetical scenario here. Someone who's stuck struggling really doesn't see the light. What's something really practical for them to kind of start leaning into this now? Ist philosophy. That's such a great question. Sue. And I get it a lot. I've been blessed to be on a lot of radio shows, podcasts and just serving people through this medium because I think it's very important right now because so many people listen to podcasts or they're they're walking running working out on their computer listening to these interview.

So if you're listening to this interview right now, have I have a I think a very powerful tip for you that I just I used it. I used it in my life for years. But currently I live last week I had I have a one on a coach. I do one on one coaching, I have this 12 week program called becoming your infinite self that I do one on one coaching. I have a client right now and this this wonderful person has a huge heart but lives in the past and worries about the future like like no one I've never, I've never ever met before, it's so much stress and this person suffers from A. D. H. D. And there's some other things going on, some trauma like we all have but hers is pretty acute and she called me last week and she's just bawling and her boyfriend broke up with her and she lost her apartment and her her dad passed away when she was young and her mom was sick and just everything just came crashing down to her in the moment and I'm just trying to hold space for her. I'm just, they're not looking to be clever or have some answer from any teachings.

I just wanted to hold space for her and I just allowed myself to open to the divine, great source, to the great wisdom of it all that we all come from. If we can get quiet they say God's one and only voice is silent and so I just asked her, I said can you just just for a minute just be with me and and right now let's just be together. I know she's just crying. I said let's just take a breath and let's breathe together. I slowly breathing down and I just said let's just take a moment and we did, we got there together, I was breathing with her and I think we created what's called coherence. When you get your mind and your heart beat to kind of connect the same rhythm, you create coherence and when you have coherence you create compassionate, empathetic situation and that's what we did. Then what came to me, I wasn't looking for an answer. I just allowed, I said listen, listen to God's one and only voice, listen to the silence because the answers are there in the silence and I wasn't asking her to come up with anything but something came through me. I said do you know what you need to do right now, what I feel like you need, but I'm inspired to tell you, yes, you need to find somebody that cannot repay you and you need to offer some service, some kindness to them, It could be money, it could be time, it could be a phone call, it could be a letter, it could be an email, it could be a text, you have to find out how to get the focus off of you and get into service.

Just like I did when I was in the hospital last year, it came through me. I didn't, I learned so much, that's why I call it one of my, it was my spiritual practice because in the trauma I found a way through, you know, it wasn't about the end of fixing myself. I said no, I needed to go through this journey and she needed to go through this journey and and I didn't want to give her what needed to be done. I wanted just to allow it to come through her and it came through me for her in that moment cause we were together, I had my hand on her shoulder and she was bawling and then ultimately well you know, we left and then that's, it was a simple, that was the simple teaching. She calls me the next day and she, it seems so simple and so trite, but she was at the grocery store and there was this mother and her little child and they bought a bunch of groceries and her credit card wasn't working and she was stressed out. And my, my client, my friends on the other side of the, of the ill and she just like says, hey, could I buy her groceries because oh man, she's crying, no, okay, so she puts her credit card and she buys and the lady just breaks down, the little kid sees this act of random act of kindness.

It was like an eight year old kid and you think about how many lives were changed right there and she calls me and she was not even the same person I was talking to that interrupted pour me the focus of everything is wrong and you're not Pollyanna about it. You don't like just deny your problems. But that's the first step in getting out of trauma and getting out of overwhelming and some people say I can't even mean that you know when the plane is going down and they put the auction mask on yourself first, not on the other person, but I can't even do that because I'm so trying, I'm so traumatized but that simple act of kindness changed her trajectory, her boyfriend and she patched it up. She literally two days later she got a place after she got kicked out of her apartment. Her mom isn't in great health now she just got over this, you know, that was a Covid scare with strep, it didn't happen but all from a random act of kindness where you take the focus, you know, I love women, I have ever heard of Wim Hof Su the iceman, he has this great Cody says not ego, we go, not about ego, it's about we go, we go serve right, we go and he's so awesome.

I love him. If you haven't checked out Wim Hoff go check out Wim Hof the iceman, that guy is amazing, he's helping change the world. But that's I mean that's a simple thing I think anybody listening to this can do if they're in trauma there and overwhelmed and they're just looking for their stagnant and they're in this inert vacuum of nothing's happening in my life. Well you want to start the law of attraction. Go act like that son I talked about earlier. Just go shine light on people and see what happens to your life. Mm hmm That was beautiful. Now tell me Billy, what is it, what does it do for you personally to be in service? What is that doing for your soul and spirit? Oh my gosh Sue. It's been um I've kind of always had that in me. I don't know. Even as a little kid, I've always been, I feel like I know my dharma, I know my purpose and I think I knew it at a young age was because I'm a musician. You know, a professional model for years. I was always kind of had a bigger ego when I was younger.

Um blessed with a lot of abundance. Um and I just, I kind of took it for granted. But I always was very compassionate and kind to people, especially the elderly, my grandmother when my mom and dad got divorced, we live with my grandma on her ranch and my nana kind of be, I love my mom but my nana became like my mom like she was there for me, she was giving me her great wisdom and she would always say great things like simple thoughts like ignorance is bliss. You know or there's the right road is a wrong road you know? And when you choose one, you get what you get like simple by country wisdom, italian. She's beautiful, italian grandma and we called her nana and she's just, she is my guardian angel. And when you can connect to the simplicity of it, that's that's when it seems like your life can shift and you get so complex and want to be clever and smart. But for me it's all been about the service minded me. It just it kind of chose me. I don't feel like I didn't choose it. It chose me. Mm hmm mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yeah. Absolutely because it's just um flowing through you.

You know you're you're a conduit truly and everybody has that. I mean to find their purpose. I I think it's important for a lot of people, I help people find their purpose. A lot of people are searching for their purpose. They don't feel connected. But in that in that process of finding your purpose, it's pretty much simple. I feel like you know people pray, you're on your hands and knees, you're it's usually this prayer of begging or supplication where I need this, heal this, do this Connect me to this, make this happen instead of opening up, you know your intuition which I believe is God the great source answering our prayers, our instincts, our intuition our gut and our gut has 40,000 more neurons in our brain. Like if you could just trust that's there for a reason, your gut in your heart. You're supposed to connect your intuition is the answer. What's that next thing you're supposed to do? What makes me feel good? What am I good at? How do I serve with this gift? And I just, I found mine, I guess at a younger age and it's been my great mission. I will do it for my last breath on this physical existence and and it will always be, you know, my focus and now I do it through of course, the music teaches the narrowest experience live.

This is coming up in May, May 13th and 14th. If you want to get tickets, anybody listen this, I'm offering a great discount right now because it's May 13th and 14th, you go to billy Mannarino dot com and we're giving half of the proceeds of the tickets to a local charity called Unity Shop. And they help um, underprivileged Children and families here in the santa Barbara County area, um, to deal with the, the strife and and just the homeless situation that we have going on in this area and most areas is pretty dire. So, I'm looking to support these local charities. It's all about giving. If you've got to give to live, I always tell people you've got to give and and in giving of your time. It doesn't always have to be your, your talents and your treasures. It could be it could be your time. It could be your energy. It could be your prayers. It's your energy, your positive energy. You're focused positive intentions. And that's really what changes your your your your little microcosmic world. Mm hmm. Yeah. And I will have links to all of your stuff in the seminar and all of that for people And um now billy So you know, you just said something and I want to just affirm this and make sure I kind of understood this.

I'm in alignment with this. But for everyone here um now it sounds like you're saying you're connecting the source and finding your purpose. Those are kind of like an alignment. Those are one and the same 100% absolutely. When you get out of your thinking mind where we're literally it's just it's an illusion thoughts right there and this physical world. I mean Einstein said time is an illusion. It's a man made concept. So why do we spend so much time in in this illusion and stress for that matter. I think of the lovely, incredible Doctor Wayne dyer. He's all in my book. He's my soul brother. I never met him but his teachings rings so true to me and my book is full of his type of teaching and wisdom that he's taught me and he said when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. That was his quote. It's probably his epitaph on his tombstone but he was cremated and sent out to the ocean to the ocean in Maui where he loved to swim. But that's those are his famous words. And if you change when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at changing, if you can just take the power of your thoughts and focus them like a laser on what it is you're you want.

And he also wrote a book called The Power of intention which talked all about that. But I feel, you know, he, he was my soul brother, August 31, 2015 he passed away. And um it's interesting because June 8, 1970 he had was just getting his diploma. Uh and becoming a doctor. He was getting his doctorate degree and he was walking across the stage and they were handing him his diploma at that exact same time. His great teacher, Abraham Maslow, which I know you've heard of, he was passing away so dr wayne said it was almost like Abraham Maslow pass this baton on to be and said, okay, I just taught the academic community now you teach the cab drivers, the hairdressers, the state home moms and you know the construction workers out there, you teach them about self actualization and on august 31st 2015 He passed away and I feel like he passed the baton on to me mm mm mm mm mm mm. Mm. I love that. Well, I mean you are really a light and you have so much wisdom and just your vibration.

You know, you're so, let me ask you like where does that come from? Like on a deeper level. You know this vibration that's just being excited about life and inspired all the time. How do we get to that place that you're at? Well, it all starts with the present moment and it starts off, it's so simple. It's and that's my, my nana. She was she was one of my greatest teachers, my grandma. She was so simple. And I and I think as human beings on this planet, I mean it sounds campy. You've heard 100 times we're human beings, not human doings. But it needs to be said again because I think we're so in the doing and the seeking mode that we forget that that present quiet silence in us is God's and spirits and sources voice speaking to our heart and telling us with our intuition what the next thing is and or what our purpose is or what we're supposed to be doing with this precious moment that we have. And at this generous present moment we just don't give it any credence. We just don't put our energy into it because we're so caught up in this illusion of psychological and linear time where like I said earlier, the vertical is where you live.

And the vertical is the present moment here. Now in this moment. And speaking of my nana, there's simple things that, that I have gleaned from her wisdom and one that came through me when I was writing this book. The Maoist was what is N. O. W. Spiro spelled backwards. Sue, N O W. Spelled backwards. Yes. Yes. When you're in the now you've won you've won your presence back. When you can win your presence back, you start to learn how to live out of physical time now to live in this present moment and how to allow your intuition and the powerful human imagination, which is I think one of the greatest gifts you've ever been given, how to use that to serve you and serve your purpose and serve other people through that. It just, it changes your stars. It changes your point of attraction. And by virtue of the law of identical harvest as it's called in some teachings or the law of attraction activates. And then you learn to use your imagination and your present moment awareness how to bring abundance into your life emotionally socially spiritually, financially societally.

And then just like the Hafeez quote you just when you have this abundance when you have a lot of anything I don't know about you but me when I have a lot of anything, I just want to give it away, I want to serve people and that's how we get out of this. I feel like as a society after these last two years of Covid and so much fear. I mean the bigger virus in my opinion is the virus of fear not the actual Covid virus because I think it's claimed more had more devastation on the psyche of the world and and the stress. And speaking of stress, I mean there's there's another thing Doctor Wayne Toddy says there's there's no such thing as stress. There's only people thinking stressful thoughts and we know that's true because stress is the number one killer. It's number one killer in the world, the United States and its heart disease cancers. Number two hospitalizations number three. But heart disease the # one killer largely is related to stress. And how does that stress this phantom stress. You can't put it in a jar, you can't like put it in a wastepaper back and say this is stress. We're gonna analyze this thing that's killing everybody. It's only people thinking of thought and you can change as dr Wayne Todd when you change the way you look at things.

The things you look at change. So I want to teach people how to use their imagination to live in the present moment and to learn through the rituals that I teach in this practice especially at the live event but also have an online course that just came out january 1st 2022 called the narrowest experienced digital ticket that's on my website which is sorry to plug but billy Man Torino dot com and you can go and pick it up and watch it on your phone, you can watch it on your computer. But it's the it's last year's now ist experienced live, we recorded the whole thing, It's an eight module course and um if you go to my site and you pick it up, you'll see at the very top and you type in in the present tense, it will reduce the price by $100 instead of being 1 97 will be 11, 11 will be 1 11 drops and I will have a link to your site and all of that. And now you know billy you've I mean it's all been just insightful and so amazing. And my question for you, it's going to be redundant because you've you know, like I say, it's just all been so powerful and just so much wisdom that you've shared here with us in closing what is your one message that you want people to leave everyone with?

I think if if it was for me and I could get on get on the microphone and talk to the the planet. I would say take all of your energy, take all of your focus your time and just give it away, find somebody find, find someone to serve that cannot even give you a thank you that cannot repay you the Dalai Lama says if we could take the last, we could take a generation of kids and into kindergarten and in 10 years, just teach them to meditate on compassion for an hour a day. There'd be no more war. There'd be no hunger, there'd be no strife Because it would be such a he's a scientist. Ultimately. He knows that we would reach PIN 3.1 to a phase transition would take place of compassion of love. We would up regulate the energy field of this planet to such a degree that be love and compassion would be ubiquitous would be everywhere. So my message for everyone is you find some way to serve, find some way to just serve somebody through your presence. You don't have to do anything. You can serve yourself, you're serving other people by getting out of stress because stress is the ultimate killer.

This virus of fear we just went through for the last two years. Hopefully it's waning now where I'm, that's my prayer every morning and every night is to send light around the world. And I teach that in the narrowest meditation, which is a one minute meditation. It's on all my social media channels. It's on my youtube instagram facebook. It's it's it's the now is to look up the now it's Billy Mannarino the narrowest, you'll find all of the social life. I have 533 videos on my Youtube channel that teaches so much of what I talked about with you today Sue. But that's my ultimate message. If you could just if we could all come from a place of service and love and shining the light that we are. I mean jesus said it best. He says you are the light of the world. He also said I am the light of the world. But he also said that you are the light of the world. It's both. And people think that they don't have this power but they do. It's the power of the presence that is the brightest light. And when you sign that in service, watch out how the world changes and how your world changes. I love it. That was so awesome, Billy, you have been amazing.

Thank you so much. Thank you. So it's my arm. I'm so grateful to be of service to your to you and your audience and be be as Gandhi said, be the change you want to see. That's the bigger message and just be that change, be the change for yourself first and then go serve from that inspiration inspired change in your life. Mm mm I love it. Thank you so much. Thank you soo peace. Be with you my dear. Thank you. Mm hmm. Okay. Mm hmm.

Blossom Your Awesome Episode #33 - Shine Your Light With Billy Mandarino
Blossom Your Awesome Episode #33 - Shine Your Light With Billy Mandarino
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