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Blossom Your Awesome Podcast #35 - Intuition With Medium Mari

by Sue Dhillon
March 6th 2022

On episode 35 of the Blossom Your Awesome podcast I talk to Mari Cartegenova.

Mari is a psychic medium and an animal communicator. She connects with people and pets on the other side and h... More

Hello and welcome to the blossom, your awesome podcast, episode number 35 today on the show, Mari carter Genova is here. Mari is a psychic medium animal communicator and best selling author, she has clients all over the globe and specializes in delivering heartfelt messages from both past loved ones and living or passed animals. I am so excited to to have medium Murray here with us sharing her wisdom and insights. I am honored and delighted. Thank you so much for being here. Mari, Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate you having me on the show. I'm excited to chat with you finally. Oh, I am so excited to have you here.

So you know I have just always been drawn to psychics and psychic mediums and just you know, working on developing my own intuition and stuff over the years. So tell me, let's kind of start go back to how this first started coming up for you. I mean have you always been psychic as far as you can remember? Was there an incident? How did this kind of start for you? Well, it's a good question and thank you for asking. It's you know people always like to know the background. I mean honestly for me I like to say I was just born this way. I mean my earliest memories honestly are talking to angels and seeing spirit and talking to them and for me it was just something normal. I mean you know I was like four years old and that was just like okay you know everybody must do this, and then when I got to be a little older and you know, the kids might make fun of me in school, I kind of realized that not everybody did it and uh you know, maybe it was something that I should sort of keep to myself, um but it was something, you know, I was just sort of born, you know, born with this, I mean everybody has the ability to connect, um but it's like a muscle and you need to train it, but for me it was just very strong when I, you know, from the time I was a little girl, wow, and now at what point Murray did you kind of did it really kind of hit you as you're getting older, like, wait, this is, there's something more hair for me, this is just coming to me and you know, just innately, and I need to kind of be doing this as a line of work or helping people in actively doing this well, it's interesting because it was sort of always with me and as a teenager, you know, I, I read tarot cards, I was into astrology, like I was just always sort of been working, you know, quote unquote, working in the field, I was always involved, you know, I do readings for my friends for other people and it was just like a thing I did, it was just like, you know, some people play tennis and I was doing astrological charts and reading tarot and you know, working with crystals and it was just like my whole life sort of evolved around these types of things.

Um but like I mentioned earlier it wasn't, you know, people can't see me, but I'm a normal person, I'm not like, you know, sometimes people think of psychics as like kind of crazy or whatever and I'm just a regular soccer mom and I didn't want people to think that, you know, I was really weird or anything. So I just did the normal quote unquote things, I went to college, I went to graduate school, you know, I'm a licensed therapist, I worked in that field for a long time, but I still have that connection, I would still talk to spirits when my relatives passed, I would talk to them or I would talk telepathically with my friends or animals or all that. So it's kind of like, you know, I like to say in quotes air quotes my dirty little secret because it was kind of something I just hid, but I continued doing. Um and then when I got to be older and you know, I have Children and my kids started getting a little bit older and I just kept getting more and more nudges from Spirit and that's sort of how it works because if you know, Spirit really wants you to do something, they're gonna keep putting stuff in front of you.

And so I actually, you know over the years I had multiple readings with different psychic mediums, you know, just because I'm that's I'm very interested in all that and I had one with the medium from the UK um I believe is actually cross now. Um and he said to me like well you're supposed to be doing this work and I was like what are you talking about? Like that's no that I'm like just normal therapist mom and he said no you're supposed to be doing this work and I was like okay sure, whatever. And so I kept getting little hints like that um and then when my grandmother died and my aunt died, they were like coming to me really strongly like, hey you're supposed to be doing this, you're supposed to be doing this. Um and just sort of make a long story short, we were on a trip going to florida um and I was with my daughter and you know like a normal person had to use the restroom at the airport, so you know the airport restrooms are like gigantic with a million stalls and so I happened to just go into whatever random stall I went into and when I went in there there was one tarot card in the stall and all it said was trust and I literally like looked up into the air and put my hands up and I'm like okay I get it, you want me to do this and from there, I just you know, kept doing the work and studying and all that and yeah, this was kind of I know I've told that story before, but it's 100% true and a pretty cool story I think mm that is such a cool story.

I just I love that. And I'm always in such a big you know, I always I believe that signs and symbols like happen for a reason. It's not just you know, things do happen for a reason. I really believe that. Absolutely. And like today is, you know, to, to, to, to to, you know, the date that we're recording this podcast. And so I think that's not a mistake either. So that's a you know, manifestation angel number two really things that you're looking for in your future to sort of put it out there and you know, the help from spirit will be there. It's a very powerful day. And uh you know, I think that's good to note as well. Okay, so Murray. Like forgive me, I did not even honestly I'm this is so cool because I feel like that was a message that you just directly gave to me. So thank you for that because that just I didn't mean then that hadn't crossed my mind yet.

But now I'm really going to take, take this day and run with it, but thank you for that, you are very welcome. Absolutely no, I definitely feel like you are very intuitive and I think if it's something that you want to I mean everybody has the ability to do this. But I definitely feel like you have you know, some people just like you know are better piano players from the get go or whatever. But I definitely feel like you have that ability as well. So if this is something you're interested in, I definitely encourage you to you know, study more and learn more about it. Because I think that you know you have that connection. Mm wow, I love that. Thank you. Um So now let me ask you. You know what? I think it's so beautiful about the work you do as a medium connecting to the other side. It kind of gives us for those of us who believe in this stuff and have seen it in action like at work I've worked with some mediums myself and um it just gives us this other perspective on life and death.

And I think that's so beautiful. What is that? Like for you connecting just being able to do this, connect to the other side. How does that change your understanding of life and death? Well it's funny because if you think about it, you know, if you kind of step outside yourself. Like think about beliefs you've had your whole life and if you've had those beliefs your whole life, it doesn't really change you in the sense of changing you from who you are now. So for me it's just always been like, well yeah, of course, like of course you can talk to spirits of course there's life after death, like, so in terms of changing me, I wouldn't say there's been a lot of change in that department because ever since I was little, I knew that this was a real thing, you know, it's not just and and certainly some people are on the other end of the spectrum and they haven't had that experience and like I totally get that and they're looking at it from a different perspective, but I've always been looking at it like Yeah, well of course you can connect to people and everything has energy, you can connect to plants and trees and animals and um that for me has just always been normal.

Um but in terms of my perspective of life, I mean I think it makes your perspective a lot larger because you know, you're not, not to say, I mean obviously I'm human like everybody else, but we are a soul having a human experience, not the other way around, and I think looking at it from the soul's perspective, which, you know, I try to do as much as I can. Um it sort of opens up your world because you're not caught up in the little like, oh you know, whatever, I didn't get the right coffee today at Dunkin donuts or whatever happened to you and of course that does happen, you know, because I'm human but I try to look at it from the bigger perspective of like what really matters and the continuity of life and how the universe and spirit is just so much bigger than any one of us. And sort of look at it from that perspective and it really does put things you know into place in terms of you know, my own life. Mm I love that, That is beautiful. So now with your perspective and your ability to be able to connect to loved ones who have crossed over what happens after we die or what's going on over there, if you're able to kind of articulate that in some way to give us some deeper insight into that.

Sure, sure. And you know, in all my work and of course, you know every medium works differently and they may have different perspectives and like that's totally fine because we're all sort of going at it in our own way. Um but in my experience, it's like when we cross, it's sort of like our soul, like our body, whether it's you know, we're a dog or a person or whatever we are, our body is kind of like the outfit that we're wearing this time around, you know, this is our outfit for this lifetime and then when our when we cross, when our body no longer is functioning our soul, that speck of infinite the source God, whatever you wanna call it, sort of leaves the body and goes up to, you know, some people heaven the other side, what do you know what? Everyone has a different name for it. Um but basically in my experience it's like the process of leaving the body and going to this other place which is filled with light filled with love. Often you're met with your other loved ones that have crossed over. You're definitely met by your pets.

Um and you know in the end our soul, our spirit and our purpose here is really just about love. So when we cross over we're just filled with this abundance of love and joy and you know, oftentimes people when they're in spirit, they tell me they're doing the same things that they like to do here. Like if you like to garden or if you like to go out in your boat and so somehow I don't know how exactly they do it, but they say, yeah, I'm out of my boat today, you know in heaven or on the other side and they're just kind of, you know, energetically enjoying what they like to do and um and again, a lot of times they will come back down and it's not linear. It's not like, like if I'm, you know in Los Angeles, I can't also be in boston at the same time. But if your spirit, you know you can be in multiple places at once so they can part of them as you know on the other side enjoying whatever they're enjoying or they sometimes are helping new souls that crossover and sometimes they are down here sort of helping you know, us humans, us imperfect humans um with whatever things we have going on in our life and you know, a lot of people may not believe that, but a lot of people do and I've seen in my own work that there's so many amazing magnificent things that the spirits come to do to help us and you know sort of in turn get us to believe that they are actually there, mm that is beautiful.

So can you give us an example of that? Sure. Um you know like there's a million examples like a lot of times if you have an animal and I know I do a lot of work with animals and um animals that are crossed or animals that are living um and if your animal crossed over and I know people that are super attached to animals, including myself um when your animal crosses over and you're in this deep grief and some people certainly grieve deeper for their animals than they do for people. Um and many times the animal will come back and sometimes people tell me, oh yeah, I saw my cat, you know after they crossed, like not in the physical but they're energetic form. They saw them and the animal is coming to be like, hey, I just wanted to let you know that everything's okay, that I'm okay. I'm not suffering or you know, I had an animal tell me the other day that, you know, I left a little, you know, I left some water for my mom. I know that sounds really weird, but like my job is just to interpret whatever they're telling me and that's what they were telling me.

And the woman was like, oh my God, that's so weird. There was this weird puddle that was in the middle of my living room and you know, it just showed up there and it was basically the animal letting them know like, hey, you know, I'm here, I'm around you and I want to bring you comfort to let you know that I really am okay, wow, I love that. And you know, I had a precious dog who I just love and miss dearly, I dream about him on a regular basis. And um, there are times like even times when I felt like almost like him sitting at my back or something because he used to want to sit right up next to me and he would like lean on me and I swear to God, I have felt that since he's passed and I will think of him in those moments like, wait, is this him? Absolutely. You know, 100% it is. And I think that happens all the time in my readings, the animals will come and they will snuggle with you and no, it's not the same feeling as if a physical body was struggling with you, but it's almost like a quiet whisper or the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Or almost like if you're in that half awake, half dream kind of space and the animals very often come up and snuggle with their owners in bed or sit next to them on the couch and you can feel them. So, I absolutely believe you that that is your dog that is coming back to comfort you. I mean, really, that's what they're doing to say, like, hey mom, I'm okay. You know, I'm okay and I'm still with you. Mm Oh, I love that. Thank you for that affirmation. Now, can you um, tell me what this is like? Because I think this is so amazing the work you do and you're helping people in this just incredible out of this world way? No pun intended there. But what is that like for you to be able to kind of offer up, you know, connect with people's loved ones and share like, these affirmations and things that people need? Well, honestly, it's very gratifying. And like I said earlier, you know, I'm I was a therapist previously to doing this.

And so my whole goal, I mean, since I've been on this Earth that I can remember has to been to help people. And so whether it was with therapy or with this work that I'm doing now, ultimately, you know, I feel like that's why we're here and it sounds super cheesy to say that. But I feel like that's why we're here is to help others, to help make the world a better place. Um and that's it's really gratifying to me if I bring through someone's grandmother that used to bake, you know, certain types of cookies or bring through their, you know, their cat or you know, anything like that. Because they get so much comfort from that and knowing because if you think about it, if you're not in this line of work, you're just a regular person. Which obviously a lot of people are um you don't have really that confirmation that your nana's okay or that your brother is okay. And so if you go to someone like me and I'm able to give you, you know, verifiable evidence that they're giving me because, you know, I don't know who any of my clients are. Um it gives that person a lot of comfort to know, like, wow, like, you know, my nana really is talking to mari or you know, my bunny is talking to mari and giving me this information and I think it gives people a lot of peace.

So honestly, for me, it's just really fulfilling and rewarding. And I really feel like I'm like living my soul's purpose mm I love that now. What I you know, for me what I think it's so cool. Kind of we just touched on this briefly a moment ago. But the work that you do kind of it helps me, it gives me this other perspective on life, right? And all of us are those who believe in it because it's kind of like yeah our loved ones do kind of live on in this other way. So it's not this finite thing where it doesn't just end when somebody passes. Yes. Exactly. And you know, because if you think about it and you know, everybody obviously has their own perspective and I respect that but for me if I thought about like okay I'm just here now and when I die God forbid, like that's it show's over like that it just feels kind of empty to me.

Um And so knowing that you know, and it's not just like you have one lifetime and you know because I believe in reincarnation, like you have multiple thousands of lifetimes and you could be you know, a person or an animal or you know you come back multiple different ways as a way to help your soul grow. So it's sort of like Earth is like the school, you know like people say, oh you know after you cross like it's so I'm so sad that they that they passed and of course we're sad as humans but the people or the animals that have crossed, they're not sad because they're in love and they're just sort of you know, living the dream I guess as it were here on earth is the school. This is where it's difficult and I don't have to tell you or your listeners life can be very difficult. And but that's purposeful because that's sort of to help our soul grow to sort of evolve into different levels. And so, you know, we're really the ones that you know, need the sympathy I would say and not the people that have crossed over. Mm hmm.

And now, you know, I know earlier when we were talking about intuition and stuff and you were saying everybody is intuitive, it's a muscle. So what is some practical advice? Uh you know, again, I know it's so different for you because it just kind of comes so naturally. But is there a practical advice for people on developing their intuition? Yes, Absolutely. And even for me, I mean, yes, it's something that came naturally to me. But even if you say are gifted again and playing piano, you're not just gonna sit down and play Rachmaninoff. You know, you're going to practice, you're going to study, you're gonna, you know, so I've had to do all those things. I continue to do those things because it's an evolving type of work that I do. So it's important no matter who you are to continue always continue learning because you know, that increases our growth and our skills and I would say if you're just starting out in this and you sort of have that nudge, like, hey, I kind of want to get involved in this.

Um number one I would say is, you know, meditate, which I know some people immediately hear that word and they're like, like I can't do that. So it doesn't mean you have to sit there for 20 minutes and OEM like a monk. I mean literally a meditation could be walking outside and being in nature, it could be sitting, you know, listening to quiet music, it's really just about getting out of your head and dropping into your body because that's really more the seat of the soul and the heart chakra and that's where you're going to connect with stuff. So when people are starting out and they start sort of thinking of stuff and they start getting images of stuff in their head that's not usually spirit coming in, that's usually like our ego or ourself just sort of making stuff up. Um so that's sort of the first piece of advice I have is to try to get into your body, whether it be through physical means walking outside, sitting and meditating, just even washing washing dishes quietly and going through that sort of monotonous tasks allows you to get out of your mind and sort of be still in your body.

Um and the other thing I'd recommend is if there's any development circles near you. If there's any type of metaphysical stores wherever you are checking to see if they have a development group or you know, a practice class. Um Because sitting with other people doing practice readings that that will, you know, expand your world tenfold. And ultimately that's what everybody has to do. If this is something that they, you know, they want to get involved in. Whether it's just for themselves or if it's for a profession because you have to get that practice in. But you know, reading, settling your physical body and getting in practice, I would say are the three things you can start with if something that you're interested in getting involved with? Mm. Okay. That was awesome advice. Now mari let me ask you a kind of technical question about you connecting. Now I know different people work in different ways but you know, you're a psychic medium. So is it generally like you're someone comes to you for reading and they can connect with loved ones who have crossed over.

But when those loved ones come through, are they sometimes are they giving you information like about someone's future? I mean can they are you getting stuff like that from people who have crossed over or is it more just for validation that they're okay? They're they're kind of to offer comfort. I'm sure it's different for everyone. I'm not sure my question even made sense there. But no it does it does and and there's sort of a couple of parts I can answer is that you know if your if your psychics psychics usually talk about questions of like your job of you know what's happening in the future. If you're moving relationships, that type of thing. Um And the saying goes that um every medium is psychic but not every psychic is a medium. So just let's separate the psychic and the medium. So the psychic is again questions about life about your job relationships. That's sort of one type of reading I do. Um And then the mediumship piece is connect is specifically connecting with loved ones.

And so if I'm connecting you know with your uncle bob and you know he was a farmer then he's probably not going to give you advice on your financial investments, right? Because it's just that doesn't make any sense because he wouldn't be able to give you that in life. And so he's probably not going to give you that from the other side. So when I do a mediumship reading, I asked the spirit to give me specific information like you know like where they used to live, where you know what town they used to live in or what they look like. You know what they're what they crossed from any specific memories that they would have this person jewelry or you know like a specific event. Um and they give me all this information that you know, I would have no way of getting on my own because you know I I do most of my work remotely now certainly since the pandemic. Um and so spirit will sort of give me this information and then I'll relay that to my sitter and they'll you know, verify it. And so they sort of have an idea like yes I do have you know your aunt belle here or I do have your dog here and then through that connection sometimes they might ask questions like you know is my uncle okay or is you know they might ask questions like that but they don't, the spirits don't specifically offer again like financial advice or do they think I should move or something like that?

That's more of like a psychic reading and not really mediumship. Um and then I do also do like past life readings where we can sort of connect with your spirit and see who you were in a past life. Um And that's sort of also similar to like a soul reading where we can kind of really dig in there and see like what your soul really wants. Like what your purpose on this earth is. Um and that's sort of connecting with almost like a higher spirit level and sort of seeing what they have to say and giving you guidance in terms of that. Mm wow, okay. And then you know my next I'm asking you some strange questions but I'm really okay here he is. Here to have you as an expert here. Now. You know I do I know you do work with like lost animals and even lost people. I do I do. Yeah. And what is that does not feel it's gotta feel different or like heavier versus just a regular reading, right?

Does it? Or is it just kind of it is what it is and you don't really have any kind of attachment to it, You're just letting spirit come through? Well it depends on the situation. I mean certainly lost animals are sad um and you know when I'm working with that, although like, you know, just a couple of weeks ago I found someone's lost dog in maine so when we were able to find the dog it was very exciting. So when I'm working with a lost animal case it's almost like the animal has me on their head like a GoPro like I'll say okay where are you, where have you been? And he'll kind of show me like little spots and then of course the most I would say one of the most important parts of missing animals is that the pet parent is out actively looking. So if I say okay, you know you need to go to smith road and whatever look for yellow house or whatever information they're giving me. Um the pet parent has to go right away because if they go, you know, eight hours later, then it's a good chance that the animal is not going to be there.

So in terms of working with the animals, it definitely is sad because you know, sometimes I don't find them, I'm not perfect. Uh sometimes I find them and the animal has crossed and so that's sad. Although that does give closure to the owner. Um and then when we find them and they're alive, like what just happened recently with Layla? Um it's it's awesome. It's amazing. And so that has, you know, its plus sides in terms of the missing person work. Um you know the cases that I have been involved with unfortunately have been more have been a little darker, you know, like there was a murder case I was involved with and they did end up finding this woman, she was in a barrel and it was kind of a long story, but um so those are really heavy, like what you were talking about um and I tend not to do a lot of those, I do, you know, someone reaches out to me if I can, if I feel it's okay, I will do it. But you know, with those type of missing people cases unless it's like, you know someone that wandered off like and it doesn't feel so heavy.

Um I usually try not to do too many of them because it is kind of darker energy. Not in terms of negative energy but just, it's like, I don't want to be seeing like all the bad things that happen to somebody and you know, um And so I don't do a lot of those. But it is, the vibe is a little bit different. But I just, I'm very clairvoyant which means I see things energetically. So like if I'm, you know, doing a missing person or animal cases, it's kind of the same. They take me on a little journey. They show me where they were like, I see it energetically almost in my mind's eye. And I can say, oh yeah, I can see this. I can see this. I see this house or they're showing me this word Or and that's how we find them. Mm hmm, wow. And now this is so cool. So when you're communicating with animals, are you getting auditory messages or is it you know, like are you seeing stuff and they're communicating with you that way? Or are you actually, are they actually like talking to you? Like people? Well, it's funny because you know, anyone that's seen movies like ghosts or whatever.

You know, it's like, I always tell my clients, I have my little spiel I give before before the session starts and it's like, it's at least from my experience, like the spirits never come up to me and they're like, hey mari, how's it going? I just want to let you know, this is what I'm doing. And no, it's, it's not like that at least not for me. Um, and there's many different ways that we receive information as mediums. And so like I said, I'm, I, I get a lot of clairvoyance, which means I see things. Sometimes spirit will draw me a word like in cursive. Actually, I don't know why, but that's what they do. Um sometimes I will hear things sometimes I'll smell like I'll get a smell of cigarette smoke or like a certain kind of dog food or perfume. Um, and a lot of times I just sort of have like a knowingness or like a feeling like I'll feel and I'll be like, yeah, I know X, y, and Z. So there's many different ways that spirit can come through and give this information and what I like to tell my clients is, it's really like a three way interpretation because it's like from spirit through spirit to spirit.

So, you know, your loved one or animal is passing me the information. I am the medium, the intermediary. And then I'm passing that information along to you and sometimes it's not, it's not super clear cut. Like I remember I was doing a reading. Um, and this, uh, this spirit kept talking about kept talking, kept showing me like a big Mac and I was like, and he put that, you know, maybe I don't know if you're old enough to remember. Um for the, your older listeners, the Mcdonald's song, it's like pickles, onions, sesame seeds on a bond or whatever. There's like, there was a song, a commercial song about the Big Mac. And so I just kept playing in my head and I was like, why? You know, why is your loved one showing this? So I didn't understand. And then the person told me, well that's because his last name was Pickle. And so that was the way that they were sort of getting that through. So sometimes they'll come out and say exactly what it is. Sometimes the thing is like a metaphor and sometimes it will be coming in as a Big Mac. And so we sort of have to figure out, you know, what they're talking about and that's sort of how it works, wow.

And now mari are you doing? I mean, I know your spiritual, but is there some sort of work, spiritual work you do to kind of tap in in a deeper way or just to kind of stay grounded or nurture yourself. Some of this work seems, you know, like it's heavy. Yeah, definitely. I mean for sure, and I would say, you know, not every single medium, but I would say that most of us to do this are really givers and really like to take care of other people. And I would put myself in that category. So I mean, it is hard to make that time to make sure you have self care. Um you know, in the past I might have self care might have been like, you know 30 minutes for the week for me. But now I'm kind of realizing that's probably not enough. And so I do have to make a concerted effort to, you know, use self care and make sure I have time to work out or take a walk. Um in terms of my practice for getting ready for a session.

I always meditate. I have a list of my clients I sort of go through and I talk to Spirit and say, hey I'm going to be seeing you know, A B, C. And D. Whatever today and you know, please help me connect to whoever they need to hear from most so that you know, I have a whole ritual connected with that. And I have, you know my my office that I work in, I light incense. I have a singing bowl. I have like a whole bunch of rituals that I do. Just sort of like, it's like signaling the spirit like okay I'm here, I'm ready to work. Um and that's like in every medium usually that I know of has a whole process that they do to go through to get ready. Um and it just sort of like opens up the channels and often people also asked me like, oh are you like I'll be in the supermarket and they know, you know, they'll recognize me or they'll know who I am and they'll say, oh, do you see anybody around me? And You know, some people do, but for me, it's like it's either on or it's off. Like if I'm working, I'm working and if I'm not, I'm just like a regular person, I'm just find my cheerios or whatever I'm doing at the supermarket.

So I'm not super tuned into that. And part of that is very intentional because it is really draining. And if I just kept those doors open 24 hours a day, I wouldn't be able to function because it would just be so much information coming in. So it's like, okay, I'm working for X. And then I'm sort of quote unquote off, if that makes sense. Mm hmm. Yeah, wow. Now, do you feel there's got to be with your ability to do this is what do you know that we don't about life or just in general, like what do you like? You know what I mean? I think, you know what I'm getting at here. That's funny cause I don't know if anyone's ever asked me that. I mean, I don't know, I mean, I think everybody has um abilities to see different things that other people can't and it doesn't matter if you're a medium or an engineer or a lawyer, um everybody has sort of their own perspective.

So I would say that every single human sort of has like I see things in this way and I have this to bring to the table and I guess that's why, you know, we're all here and that's why we're all different. So I mean, I guess, you know what I would have to say is really try to look beyond yourself. You know, if you're in a place and a lot of people come to me where they're like, oh, I don't know what I'm doing and I'm questioning and I'm not sure it's because I think in our world and especially in the US, I think we can get really caught up in like, oh, I'm gonna buy the new car. I got to get the big house, I got all those physical, you know, materialistic things, which hey, you know, I like nice stuff too. And that's fine. But to sort of look bigger than yourself because everything is connected and we get signs all the time. It's just a lot of times people don't want to pay attention. Um, you know, I had a client that literally was getting these directions from their GPS and they're like, oh, I never get signs.

I never get signs. And they were telling me this story about how their loved one had passed and you know, say their name was joan smith. And so the GPS said at one point, okay, take a left on jones street and then the next direction was take a right on smith circle and they told me this story and they're like, yeah, but I never get messages and I'm like, are you kidding me? Like that seriously was you know, your aunt coming through on the Gps? So like people tell me these stories all the time and they say yeah, but I never get messages. It's like, well you have to be open to them. I mean is someone as an apparition, you got to come into your room and talk to you. I mean sometimes it happens. I mean it's happened to me but I would say that's a lot smaller than saying, you know, wildlife coming to you like birds coming all the time or finding coins or lights flickering on and off or you know like an appliance is working, not working or like there's a lot of different ways that spirit tries to get our attention um and we just need to be open to them.

So that's I guess what I would say is open yourself up and allow yourself to trust because if you believe there's more out there there is, you just need to be open and be willing to accept the messages that come your way. Mm Okay and now that you brought this up, I have, that was really great. So thank you for that. I don't want to just sideline that with my next question that just came up for me at the tail end of what you just shared. But that was really awesome and um um yeah I think that's so helpful and just great guidance because people do seem to kind of overlook or not see all of those signs and symbols. Yeah. And it's not honestly it's not coming from a place of judgment with me because everyone's on their own path. I mean imagine, you know life is a a marathon like the boston marathon and some people are at the beginning, some people are in the middle, some people are at Heartbreak Hill which is at the end of the boston marathon. Um and so in terms of their development so and it's not a judgment like, oh if you're at the beginning you're not as good.

No, it's just like when you go out to dinner is the appetizer. You're not as good as the dessert. No, if you go to a good restaurant it should all be good. So it's just wherever you are in your process and you need to honor that. So you can't look at someone else and be like, oh well you know you're not as evolved as me or you know or someone is like, well you know I'm way more involved in them. I mean it we're all working on our own stuff and the fact I believe that we're still here means we still have work to do. So none of us are perfect. I mean none of us that I believe if we were then we would be angels and we wouldn't be back here. So it's just whatever process and whatever part of the road you're on and we sort of have to endure wherever people are and that's okay. Mm hmm. I love that. Okay. Now to questions now because you just kept giving us um insights and wisdom dropping little knowledge bombs on us. So, um, first question there mari is, you know, so do you believe that we, I know you said you believe in reincarnation?

I do as well, Do you? Is it your belief that we do? Eventually we will like we come back over and over again to evolve and do better and grow and then we can eventually stopped coming back and do become these like angels. Yes, that is what I believe. And you know, some people say, well like I don't have any hard evidence on that other than the work that I do, but that is my belief and that's sort of what I've experienced and because I feel like once your soul has gotten to a certain level of development and you've sort of shed all these human issues that we all have as humans, um, then our, our energy, our soul just rises and then we sort of become one of, you know, if you want to say God's helpers or spirits helpers and we're just sort of up there trying to help the other souls and sort of help our planet. I mean if you look at our planet, there's definitely a lot of help that is needed.

And so there are angels, there are spirit gods um that are out there that are trying to help everybody on the planet. Hmm, wow, I love that. Um okay, so my next question is these lights help give us practical, um like guidance on this hair, because I swear to God, like I've dealt with lights and electricity in different electrical things, like I can't even tell you how many times in different locations, different places and sometimes I'm just kind of like whatever, but other times I'm like, ok, because they just keep doing it and then I start getting annoyed and I'm like, okay, they're totally messing with me, but what is, what's the takeaway? They're like, how do we uh you know, kind of process that in an empowered way. Well, you know, you have to just look at it, that they're doing everything they can to try to connect with you, meaning, you know, your spirit guides or angels or loved ones or animals, any of those things.

And so again, they're not usually coming because it takes a lot of energy for them. So they're not usually coming in full apparition form. Um but they can do these other things like manipulate electricity or stop your watch or, and especially when you're very, I'd say energetically charged, like when I was really getting into my development and doing like a lot of work and everything was kind of moving at a really fast pace every time I put a watch on, it would stop and that's because of my like, you know, my, my aura, the energy in my body I think was just kind of going a little crazy and it would mess with all of my watches. Um and so that that's definitely a real thing and in terms of them turning the lights on and off for you, um it can be annoying and if it does happen, you could certainly say to them and I've had to do it myself in my own house, like, okay guys, I just want to go to bed, can you just kind of leave the lights alone and not mess with everything and usually they're pretty respectful if you put it out there that way.

Um but it's honestly just their way of trying to reach you and you know, I can't even tell you how many times I've had clients or or meet people and they're like, oh yeah, whatever, this weird thing happened and but it was just, you know, it was a coincidence or it doesn't mean anything and, and I think for them, that person just isn't in a developmental place where they're able to accept it or they're able to say, yeah, there, you know, there is life on the other side or life doesn't end when we die because once you open that door, your life is going to drastically change your whole world view is going to change. So you, you know developmentally with your soul need to be in a place where you're able to accept that um and that's why I think some people just you know aren't there yet, but if these things are happening to you, it's sort of spirits way to nudge you and be like hey, you know you might want to check this out more and you might wanna like work on your development or see, you know you can ask for a sign, you can be like, hey okay, you know grandma, whoever you think is connecting with, you can you send me x, y and Z in the next two weeks, whatever it is, a picture of a red rose or four pennies or whatever you want to say and just put it out there and a lot of times they are able to do that, you know, you'll ask for something and then boom it's there um and it just gives you confirmation that they're the spirits really are around us all the time.

Mm wow, that was awesome. Okay, um mari, you have been so amazing and so insightful in closing, what is it your message for us? What's the wisdom guidance message that you would like to leave us with? Well I guess what I'd like to leave everybody with is just number one, be gentle with yourself because you know, we're only here on this planet for a short time and I say that as an opening as a doorway to allow yourself to let these things into your life, because if you're closed off and some people are just so close that it's not even a possibility, so I'm not talking to you, but um but if you have the door cracked open and there's a maybe, I don't know, I felt this thing, I'm not sure. Um just be, you know, be be generous with yourself, allow for that opening to maybe get a little bit wider, maybe ask for more signs, maybe read some books, maybe, you know, go to different classes or meet with the other people that are interested in this stuff because your world will change and you will, you know, be developing and feel so much better.

I feel because of it, because you're going to get a much bigger perspective than just I get up, I go to work, I come home and have dinner and go to bed, there's a lot more out there than that. And I just encourage people to investigate that and be open to that because it will make your life so much more fulfilling and so much deeper than it currently is. I love that. That was amazing. You have been so awesome, Murray. I thank you so much. Oh, it's my pleasure, thank you so much for having me on and it's been really great chatting with you. Thank you so much. Mhm. Mhm.

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast #35 - Intuition With Medium Mari
Blossom Your Awesome Podcast #35 - Intuition With Medium Mari
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