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Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #65 It's All Love With Matthew Stapley

by Sue Dhillon
August 22nd 2022

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #65 It's All Love With Matthew Stapley

Matthew Stapley is a naturally gifted, full-sensory psychic-medium, ordained and licensed minister, inspira... More

blossom, your awesome podcast episode number 65 today on the show. Matthew Stapley is here with us. Matthew is a naturally gifted full sensory psychic medium, ordained and licensed minister, inspirational speaker and healing facilitator, I am so honored and delighted to have Matthew here with us sharing his insights, wisdom and light. Matthew, thank you so much for being here, Welcome to the show, thank you for having me, I'm excited to be here, oh I am so excited to have you here, get into your story, so you are a full sensory medium, psychic medium and an ordained minister, which I think is so cool, so talk to us, let's start with the psychic mediumship work, how did this come about for you? Have you always felt this way, what was the first moment?

So yeah, I mean when people ask me what's it like to be a medium, I'm like what's it like to not be, you know, I was born with it, it's something that came to me to really, really young age, I think my first memory was around eight years old, but according to my family was happening even before that um and it's, it's, I like that I can help people with it, I enjoy passing on messages from spirit uh it definitely has its own challenges associated with it for sure, but overall I, I feel like it's generally a blessing blessing um because I get to be present with people as they're going through their healing journey and you know it's like that whatever time we have together and their loved ones are coming through, I think that it's a special thing for them, and very much a special thing for me as well. That is awesome. I love it. And, you know, I mean, it seems you don't really have a choice though, right? Because it's kind of like, you were born with it and you kind of have to embrace it, you know? Exactly. And I get asked by parents all the time, like, you know, I get calls like, is my house haunted, is my child haunted?

Something's haunted. And, you know, the one thing that I found, and the only way to really help allay the anxiety that comes with these types of abilities is for people to embrace them and to not try and run away from it or push it down, and it can be challenging, you know, even in in our world it's becoming a lot more open minded when it comes to things like this, but it's not quite fully, they're not quite fully there yet. Um So, embracing it. Yeah, you're right. I think it's the only thing that we can do. Yeah. Now tell me. So, do you have so you're tapping into other people's loved ones on the other side, But do you have your own? I mean, of course you do. This is a dumb question. I'm an energy worker. So I already know that I'm psychic too. I know the answer to this, but do you have your own person guides who kind of step in when the other people, people's people are, maybe you're not able to connect with them in that way or get them the message they need.

Um So I I really believe that we all have spirit guides and and loved ones and ancestors and angels and you know, all of like basically a team of people and spirit working with every person on earth. Um and sometimes when like a loved one won't come through for whatever reason, um whether I'm not the right medium or it's not the right time or whatever messages still do come through, like you said from spirit guides and things like that. I don't think the messages are coming from my guides and in that sense, I think it's actually coming from their spirit guides. And um I have definitely noticed that a reading can be a few different things, but the two main categories are like people coming forward that have passed away. And the other category is like life path stuff. So I think a lot of the time when um the reading is hijacked for lack of a better word by somebody's spirit guides, it's because they have things that they want to discuss with the person that is life path oriented. So things that are pressing in nature or things that they need to be aware of for the work that they're doing on themselves or in their life?

Mm, wow, this is so fascinating. And what has this done for you on a spiritual level? Like as far as understanding life, you know, I think the biggest thing that it's done for me is open my mind up to the idea that none of us really know. Like and I know that that sounds crazy because as you know, a medium and a minister and a psychic and all of these things, people expect people like me and people like you as an energy worker to have a lot of answers. And the one thing that it it's done for me in a very humbling way. It showed me that actually you know what, no matter what kind of connection we have, we're all just trying to figure out this world in our life path and things like that. But equally to that, it's also showed me how not alone we are in that process and how guided we are in trying to figure all of this this life stuff out. Um and so that's probably the biggest personal gift that I've received from it is this sort of like humbling as a person.

But also this um embracing this idea of oneness and the idea that you know, every single person is is guided and maybe if every person knew how loved they actually are, our atmosphere and our landscape and our world would actually be very very different than what it is. So I am very grateful for that. Mm. I love that. That's beautiful. That message. You know, it's so unfortunate because I think people are so kind of self limiting in ways, you know, to their own detriment right now. Let me ask you. So, as far as life after death or this kind of consciousness, this idea that our spirit, you know, it doesn't just end there. Right? I mean that has to give you some deeper just affirmation there when you're connecting with spirit. Oh, very much so. And I think I think the most beautiful part about that is seeing how intact somebody's thoughts and memories and feelings are even after their physical body is no longer like with us on earth.

Um I think that's a beautiful thing. And I think um the times where spirits have told me like, oh, you know, yes, I was alone in the hospital room but really my mom who passed before me was here in my dog and my uncle and whoever um you know, hearing them know that they were surrounded by people even though physically they weren't, I think that's amazing. And every time I think about it, I just get like shivers. Um but that yeah, that would be, I think an example of of that and of course knowing that life goes on and things like that. But I think the comfort in knowing that even in those final moments heaven steps towards us, I think is an amazing, amazing thing. That is so beautiful. I've never heard it put like that. But that is just it sounds so uh so much more inviting than death. You know what I mean? No kidding, no kidding. You know that? Yeah that that sounds very clinical or cold to me.

Um but I think like all I think like all transitions that we go through in our life whether it's from one life chapter to another or from this life to life hereafter. I think that um that element of of changes is present. And even though it's something that I think all of us at some point fear in some part of our life, whether it's of our physical death or just the idea of transitioning from one part of our life to another. Um I think it's very real. But I think there's a healing in the surrendering to it on some level mm And now what is your, how do you feel about or what are your thoughts on this? You can or cannot answer this. I'm gonna give you agency to choose. But you have that anyway whether I give it to you or not. But um reincarnation. You know because I've always believed in reincarnation. But then there's this part of me when I talk to someone like you who does this work for a living, it's like okay so that spirit that was in this body that's connected to this person is still there.

But then because I believe the soul and spirit just lives forever, right? But then how then does that say spirit go reincarnate in another body and take on a different identity? I mean what are your thoughts on that? I my thoughts are if you figure it out, call me honestly because I'm kind of in the same boat as you like, I do believe in reincarnation. I also believe in eternal life hereafter and those are two competing almost in complete opposition to each other. Um and so honestly I have no idea, but I I cannot shake believing in both and I have kind of just tried to shake down the universe multiple times for an answer to that. Um and I honestly don't know, I think maybe there's elements of the human spirit and the human soul and multiple dimensions and in the idea of past lives or even other lives that we, as humans can't possibly understand or we don't have the reference points to understand it fully.

Um I've heard a million theories on how there can be both and none of them have really ever sit comfortably with me in an intuitive level. So I just kind of pass that one up to the universe with its cool, I don't know, but I don't know how it works. I love that. That's awesome. So we're both confused and here we are together, forming our confusion. So that is awesome. Now tell me, Matthew, do you feel called to do the work you do? Like, do you feel chosen? Um you know? So yes, I do feel called to the work that I do. I hate the word chosen though and the reason why is because it kind of creates this otherness that sort of happens right? Like you are like one of how many people that I have had chosen to do this on earth, you know, I just feel like everybody can actually do it. I think everybody, the way that I would describe it is that I think we're all constantly having a conversation with the universe at a very subtle, energetic level and the only difference between someone like me and somebody who doesn't do this at least consciously is that I was born with it turned on um and they haven't decided to pursue it and I think that's the only difference.

So um do I believe that we have different life purposes and that were called into different lines of work or different ways of helping humanity or the world or the earth itself? Absolutely. But I've always believed that our life purpose is like is us, we are our life purpose, our anchoring of a certain frequency and our uniqueness that we bring into the world is our purpose. Um but within that, I think we do get called into different, you know, modalities of healing or ways of being present here for other people. Um So yes, called chosen maybe a little bit. Okay, that's a great answer. Now, tell me for you, I I love that you said and I want to get into this with you that you know we can all kind of tap into our intuition more. So you were born with this, like it was very much their present, you had to kind of acknowledge it because it was in you um in this other way, did that as you started working with it more and more, did that kind of, did you sense it developing like your own intuition getting stronger very much so um I think that you know, like even even if somebody don't know is born with the ability to write music or paint something or or something like that, even they will continue to improve at it the more they do it, even if they already came in kind of with a bit of a leg up as a talent.

Um I think that we all constantly developed further and as we grow as people are gifts and talents and abilities continue to grow as well. So definitely noticed that it's tightened up a little for sure over the years. Um I love that and you know the reason I asked that is because I believe that we are all, we are all intuitive, but not everyone believes that right and it is a muscle and you can and maybe no one will have the level of intuition that you have not, no one, but you know, I'm just someone who's right, trying to develop that so that I love that you affirm that for us that it can intuition is something that can be developed. Oh, absolutely. I think it's an innate part of who we are as humans, you know, that that connection and um and all of that, and I've I know like I've been teaching development classes for since I was 20 years old and now I'm gonna be 37 next month. So it's been a minute, I've been doing this for a little while.

And uh I've had people come into my classes who are like, I've never even touched a tarot card and by the end of the, the time that they've trained under me have like reached the caliber of professional mediums and psychics and and so I think that it is something that as long as we nurture it, and I think the biggest thing is to not be afraid of it, um we get challenged in our development process, right? So when we're too afraid to give information or we get something really obscure sounding is a message and we were afraid to give because we don't want to be wrong, that's really the only block I've ever seen in somebody who's developing their their their psychic ability, mediumship ability, intuition. Um so people can approach it in um an acceptance of their vulnerability and and being okay with maybe looking crazy. Um for a minute, I think that it's it's something that we can all do for sure. Um and now what is is there a single tip or two that you can share on kind of learning to trust your own kind of intuitive, you know, guidance a little more sure.

So I would say like if like step one would be getting to learn what your own energy feels like, right? So learning how to sense your, your own oric field, learning how to tune into your own channel and all of that and see um what that looks like for you, what that feels like for you. And then the second step, I always say the learning is in the doing so really getting hands on practice with people that you don't know or that you've never met before is vital in the development of of these abilities. And the reason it's vital is once you can maintain objectivity so you know that you don't know john from anybody else in the whole world and so you know that whatever you bring through it and and the detail of which you bring it through is authentic and objective. Um and then the second part of the reason that that's important is because you will see improved to yourself in a sense over time with doing this with more and more people that you don't know that you are actually authentically receiving information. Um so doing it having a hands on approach but also learning your about your own energy field and energy management.

So grounding yourself and cord cutting and shielding and all of that. Um those would be the two things that I would say if people apply that and they do it in a committed way, they will absolutely develop. Mm I love that. That is great advice. Now tell me for you doing this work. You know, it's really incredible work to help people connect to loved ones or just giving them guidance. You know, what is that like for you on a soul level to be just doing this, you know, other worldly work. Um for me it's it's obviously on on one hand I feel very honored. Um I feel like it's a beautiful thing. I feel like it's a gift to me to be able to help other people which I love. Um it's also very tiring. So there's like a little bit of both there. But at a soul level I feel that those are the moments where I feel connected to, even though I'm connecting for somebody else, I can feel support for myself in that moment as well from the universe.

And I think that um I think that's that's probably my favorite part of it and um when you connect spirit and your you know, truly tuned in it feels like this unconditional, loving energy and I mean who doesn't want to sit in that um as the medium or as the recipient, that's amazing and now um you know, it's got to be hard at times right to be pulling in all this energy or sometimes even when you're probably not actively trying to tap in things are coming in, it can be very challenging. Um I've turned, I can turn on and off the information receiving thing, right? So I can turn off the hearing messages or seeing things um but I cannot turn off the feeling. Just energy in general and that part is is very challenging for sure. Um there were times in my life where I struggled with it like really badly um and other times where I've been able to manage it um so that that's a bit of a challenge and I think um maybe what's also hard about it sometimes is just I've never met a medium who doesn't have anxiety on some level and like I said, I've been doing this for a long time and I've met many mediums from all over the world and not once have I met one that has said, oh my life is so free of anxiety.

And the reason the reason why I think that's the case is if if we use an analogy for example, if we think of ourselves as humans as like a garden hose, which is, you know, ready and comfortable to be hooked up to a garden tap um then then it's all good, but being a medium is being like a garden hose that's hooked up to a fire hydrant sometimes, so there's that high volume of energy and it can, it can make us feel very expansive and it can be um a bit challenging, so learning how to manage that for me and every other medium I've ever met has always been probably probably the biggest challenge of the ability. So you know, this just speaks directly to anxiety. I want to get your insight on how, because you know, so many times anxiety seems like a lot of times, you know, we bring it on ourselves, whereas some of the anxiety you're talking about is kind of coming from outside of you and learning to manage that, so how do you kind of manage that?

Um it's, for me personally, it it kind of goes off into two different directions, so on one hand I can tell if it's an energetic anxiety, if it's something coming from outside of me and it's making me feel ungrounded. Um the other side is that I also have autism and so that naturally also comes with a lot of anxiety. Um so for me it just depends like if it's a spiritual energy anxiety, I just take a minute ground myself. Um things like that, if it's, you know, other anxiety then then I take other steps to help manage it. Um but yeah, I think, I think, I think even when we're bringing anxiety on ourselves, um I think that there is still an element of that, that has to do with our world around us, whether it be challenges from you know, previous within this life experiences or just the state of the world um I mean I've looked outside the window a few times in the last couple of years and it's become a very intense place and I think that most people have some sense of ungrounded nous with all of the rapid change that our world has gone through in the last few years and I think that this is something that um more and more people are seeking assistance or help for and um yeah, I don't know where, what tangent I was going on with that, but um it was just speaking to the anxiety that you were talking about, okay, and now, Matthew, so you are an ordained minister, like how would this come about?

So this is this is a actually a good example of feeling called, something so I remember, I was I was young like I must have been 12 or younger probably and I remember sitting in church, it was a Catholic church and um the priest was, was going on about fearing God and fire and brimstone and all those scary things and I just had this feeling within me that was so strong, like it took every like ounce of strength I had within me to not stand up and be like, no, like God loves us, we don't have to be afraid of God. Um and so I think at, at a young age that's sort of where it started to come in um and just feeling this closeness with, with divinity in general, um and and then that just kept growing and I kept feeling like I was building this sort of relationship with the universe even from that young age and going forward and then it was when I was 21 I ended up going to a spiritualist church uh here in Ottawa and I instantly felt like I found home because there was, you know, this presence of divinity, that there was also mediumship and there was healing and there were all these things that felt very close to my heart and so I started going every week um and then I just felt like, you know, I think this is where I want to be, and so I applied to a ministry program that was in another city and it took five years and lots of essays and studying and practicing and and all of that, and then I, I got ordained when I was 28 it was uh I was like the youngest um minister that that particular church had ever ordained and uh then I went on to serve in the interfaith community in some other places, I love that and but for you beyond that, like what really, what were you, was there a mission with the ministry?

Was there a hope? What were you wanting to get out of becoming ordained? That is a beautiful question. And you know, I I think that if you would have asked me that right up until giving my first sermon, I would have had no idea, to be totally honest. It was like this, this poll. Um, but I will say when I, after I did all of my training in my, you know, um, like hands on training and all those things in my placement and everything. Um, I went to get my first sermon as an ordained minister and I remember standing there at the pulpit and I had my sermon all written and prepared to go and everything felt wrong. Everything felt like it didn't fit, and I felt like I was like a fraud almost. And, and so I ripped up the sermon and then when it was, when I was called to speak, um I felt like I didn't want to be standing behind that, that podium. And so I went to the level of the congregation and I just felt like this freedom happened and I just started with the words like, I'm never going to stand up there because there's a perceived authority of people who stand up there and I remember saying that, um, I don't know God any better than anybody else that might have like a leg up on history and theology, but that's about it and and in that moment, I think I realized that I wanted, instead of bringing people to God, I wanted to help people to form their healthy beliefs.

Um and and bring sort of God to people rather than the other way around. And um the only way that I was able to do that was to show my own humanity in my own search with building a relationship with divinity. And so that's what I personally get out of it is is I get to be a part of a community where we're all building that relationship and we're all kind of on even ground with the understanding that I was taught how to help facilitate healthy belief systems and other than that, like we're just going to figure it out together. I love that, that is so awesome and so cool. Um so for you and I know everyone is not gonna agree about, you know, with this and that's fine and they don't need to um what is your take? Like what is God to you? I love that question. Um I think it's like the all right, I think it's like the the the supreme sentience within the universe.

I think it's it's love. Um I think it will come to people in whatever way they can best understand it and accept it. Uh and whether that's somebody in the christian faith or in an Islamic faith or in some other religion whether somebody who's in a polytheistic, believes in many gods and goddesses or monotheistic believing in 11 source. Um, I think that it's all the same energy and, and the reason I say that as I've worshiped in different religions just so that I could respect them and understand them and I will say as a minister in the medium, I felt the exact same presence of love at a, at a spiritual energetic level. It didn't matter what I called that, that energy, it always showed up the same. Um, so my answer is simple. I think it's just the, the goodness within the university, the goodness within the world. I think it's the all loving, all compassionate presence and I think that, um, that it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not, it's still there present within you in your life.

Um, and that's my, my two sons on it. Um, I love that. That was so beautiful. I wish God, I wish people were more open. You know, it just, um, and I think, you know, it's so powerful to share in that way. Like, hey, I've been to a mosque, I've been to a church, I've done this hair, I've done this there. Right? So you're open to it and your heart is open, You're not going in with judgment, you're not closed, You're not, oh well, you know, this isn't the way and let me go check this out, just going in and seeing what it's all about and and letting our, you know, I think, I think when people walk into spiritual religious spaces and their, their guard is up and they're ready to defend their own beliefs, it's just fear and, and so I think if we can be strong in our own faith, even if you approach something you didn't believe when that person believes and I've, I've got a few friends or our beliefs are like quite the opposite.

But we, we were comfortable enough with our own beliefs that we can let our guard down and still care about each other, love each other, all of that knowing that the same divine presence is working within both of us. Even though we have completely separate ideas of what that is. Um, I think if we understand that a lot of the time when we want to defend or push things away, it's because we're afraid of it because we're afraid that our beliefs are going to be compromised on some level. Um, and so when I decided just to become comfortable as a student of the universe and say, well if my beliefs are wrong, I hope the universe lets me know, then I was able to go into all of these places and and look at it with an open heart. Mm that is beautiful. Matthew I love that. That's just really um, you know, um, body, you are a minister, you are a, you weren't lying. You, it's it sounds you're talking or you're walking the walk right. It really and this is what you know, if I if every minister could just speak from a space of love God, what an amazing world.

You know, I think if every person could do that, we would have, you know, I think that I think that if if if everybody took a moment to observe the world around them and um whether it's interactions between other people or or honestly some of the biggest lessons I've ever learned were taught by insects in the garden and I just was watching them walk around and do things and it was like learning at a very deep level, which sounds crazy probably. But if everybody um became open to the idea of learning something that was um trans personal, Right above the above our earthly life, trans personal from our earthly life. Um and they could see the synchronicities and they could see um the way that people's hearts open when they need to. Um I I think that I think we'd all be speaking like this probably to be honest. Yeah. Any advice for people who are guarded and closed off have a closed heart.

What is that insight for them? I would love to tell them that they're okay the way that they are. I would love to tell them that I apologize on behalf of whoever hurt them. And however many times they were hurt if they never got that apology. Um I would like to tell them that their that it's okay to be tired and that when we're tired that we do want to um preserve our own energy, therefore we are guarded in our heart is closed because we're just trying to save that last inch of ourselves before something comes along and steals it. I would want them to know that I and the universe accepts that of them in that moment and that even though it's hard for them to be walled up, um that it's also temporary that this is something that if they give themselves the rest that they need and the compassion and love that they need. Um and whether that be directly or through finding help outside of themselves, that this is something that will get better, that they will heal, that their heart wall will come down. I don't think anybody's born a jerk ever in the whole planet and the whole, you know, in history, I don't think one person's been born a jerk.

I think people become closed off because things that are so hard have happened to them, that they're just trying to preserve their own last little bit of energy. Um and so I would want them to know that that's okay. It's not the place that they want to stay forever. But if that's what they've needed to do just to survive, then I freaking get it. I totally get it. And that would be what I would say, wow, that was beautiful. You almost made me cry their first, almost cried for a second. That was a really, so beautiful. It really, really was now, you know, for people who are grieving like a loved one, what is the, what do they need to hear? I think it honestly depends on what their path is, what their belief system is. I mean, the easy answer is like, don't worry, none of us are ever alone. Our loved ones are always with us and around us. But as somebody who's aggrieved a few times myself, I know that that is helpful in some moments, but it's not necessarily helpful in the depths of despair and desperation that grief brings, I think be patient with yourself.

I think understanding that we all don't want to feel like crap for longer than what we have to and as humans generally, we can agree that we only want to be in a bad space for about two minutes and then we want to move on with our lives and be fine. Um but being realistic with the process and understanding that your grief will have its own time, it has its own way of unfolding. Um there isn't a right or wrong way as long as it's healthy. Um it just needs to unfold and and of course as the medium, your loved ones are always with you, you're never alone. I sincerely believe that. Um but as a human being who's also aggrieved, I would want to say like please cut yourself some slack, please respect your process, respect the time that this is going to take and seek help in whatever way you need to in order to move through it. Mm And now I love that, That was awesome. Now tell me Matthew, you know, so you call yourself, I love this a healing facilitator.

What can how do we how do people if there's anything they can do to kind of begin to facilitate their own healing? What is that advice? I think my biggest piece of advice is like stand in front of the mirror and I don't mean like you know the bathroom mirror, I mean the mirror, like the cosmic mirror, maybe we'll put like a hippie name on it. The cosmic mirror which is really just being able to see yourself honestly and um and going into that deciding that no matter what you find when you look at yourself or within yourself, that you're going to accept it, even if you're even if it's uncomfortable, I think that's always the first step is to really actually view who we are and and take away all of the self judgment um and and embrace ourselves and when we can do that then we'll either understand that the things that we need to heal from are already in process or we'll understand what direction we may need to go with them, whether it's, you know, like somebody like me or you or somebody like a doctor, you know, we'll be able to get an understanding of that when we fully see it.

I think that um I think that's always the first step is deciding what I'm going to love myself into. I'm going to see myself and I think those are the first two things that I would recommend for anybody who wants to do that work. Mm that is awesome. So Matthew, now I, first of all I want to say you have been so amazing and I just thank you so much for all of your wisdom and insights and your time today, it's just thank you for having me. I have loved your questions by the way, I think they're fantastic. Thank you so much. I just, I loved your answers more than probably you loved my questions. So, you know, you took the traps like the steel door of the vault door off of the, what do you think about God and the universe and all those things, I could talk about that forever. So, I, I very much enjoyed your questions. Oh, I love that. Well, I would love to circle back and do this again because I have yeah, so let's make that happen, I would love to do that and um yeah, we're just kind of in alignment on that because I it's not just because we have the same beliefs, it's just I love talking about this stuff too, you know, Irrespective of what you believe.

I just, I love hearing, you know, other people's take on it and your insights and it's been awesome. Well likewise, I think that for every person that's ever existed, that's how many types of relationships there are with the universe, right? So it is always cool to see what other people have experienced or what they're taken in this crazy thing we call life is Oh my God. I know and and I know you have had so many powerful takeaways that people are going to really get something out of this here. So in closing, if there were one message, just some words of wisdom and insight, what would you like to leave us with? Uh Freaking Breathe, just take a breath. You know whether you're listening to this um maybe not if you're driving, but like if you're listening to this anywhere other than driving and maybe performing heart surgery, uh take a minute, breathe homework for the next 30 seconds, 60 seconds is just be with yourself.

Just be present with yourself. That would be the one message because that is the one thing that can get us through almost anything. Mm I love that you've been awesome. Matthew, thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I've really had a great time on your show. Oh you were awesome. So did I yeah

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #65 It's All Love With Matthew Stapley
Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #65 It's All Love With Matthew Stapley
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