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Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #72 Finding The Balance With Dawn Renee

by Sue Dhillon
October 18th 2022

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #72 Finding The Balance With Dawn Renee

Dawn Renee, a pioneer of holistic Caregiving complemented by integrated practices utilizing herbal medicine, Ay... More

blossom, your awesome podcast, episode number 72 today on the show, Don Renee is here with us. Don is a pioneer of holistic caregiving. She is the founder of traveling caregivers. It is a grassroots hope faith based organization that is bridging the gap between balance of life and offering holistic life lifestyle. Administration. Don is also a health coach, a Reiki healer, herbal medicine, Ayurveda practitioner and ordained minister. I am so honored and delighted to have Don here with us, sharing her wisdom and insights. Don thank you so much for being here. Welcome to the show. Well, thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here. Oh, I'm so excited to have you here and get into your story. So let's talk a little bit about your background leading up to the work you do now today as a health coach and holistic intuitive healer, you're the founder of traveling caregivers, you're an author, we're gonna get in all of that, but give us a little bit of the back story.

Um, so I spent most Being ill and so it wasn't until um 10 years ago that I kind of like turned that whole ship around the doctors couldn't tell me it was wrong. I kept having tests, just dealing with all kinds of issues. It ended up that um in 2010 I was in a bed for 30 days, it could not move. I had just gotten married. So my, my husband, um, the first week out the gate had had to start carrying everywhere because I couldn't lift my body for a month. Uh he had to take me to the bathroom, to the doctors everywhere and I was so sick. Um I had endometriosis, diabetes type two, chronic fatigue migraines, autoimmune, lime gallstones and I got bit by a black widow all at the same time. Well the black widow happened when all of this stuff kind of triggered and and sent me into a spiral where I couldn't lift my body Um and I spent 30 days in bed having to caregiver for myself and figure out what I needed to do differently to not have that happen ever again because you know I wasn't sure if I was going to even get out of that bed.

The first two weeks were really hard. Um I am a go getter and the kind of person that has to get up and get moving and here I am laying in a bed so um I had to go through this kind of process of surrendering to what was going on, letting go of my my need to try to control my my abilities and to just um rest and so it was in that rest and surrender that I was, I started to have this aha moment of oh this is how I can heal I can heal by actually resting, not by doing by resting and from there um I was, I was also just starting to be a health mentor and I was working with animals at that time but I was just starting to work with um um people that were coming into a shop that I worked at, that I became partners in and it was a health shop, we would sit there for a couple of hours with people and just do intakes and figure out what they might be, what might be triggering their energy deficiencies and and what might they need to add into their life and whether it was nutritional or whether it was spiritual or or um energetically or emotional or whatever it was, we try to figure out how we could illuminate how they could change their own course and it was just bringing a light to their situation.

It wasn't anything I was doing. Um but learning what I needed to do as a, as caregiving for myself in a bed is kind of what steered me onto that path of oh my gosh, I never wanted to go through this again and I wouldn't want anybody to go through this. And if there was a way that I could pass on some information that might illuminate somebody else's path so that they don't have to go through these kinds of things. I just wanted to do that. I want to I want to help people find their energy again and it just kind of snowballed from there. Mm, I love that, that is such a beautiful story. So let me ask you don have you always been spiritual and into alternative holistic wellness stuff or did that all really just come about through your own healing journey? I would say that I was always very open to it. Um my whole entire life, I didn't always have access to the things that that I do now. Um but I think that's just because my own curiosity of wanting to know more about other ways of of um of seeking these things out, that might help me get my energy back while I'm trying to figure out what it was.

Um So yes and no, I always wanted to know more about it, but then my path kind of put me my what I was doing was putting me in line with those things and those things just started showing up in my life, like one after the next stuff started showing up in my life and now I'm I have a lot of tools and resources that I'm pretty excited about that help me stay um sustain and maintain my energy every single day now, which is exciting. Mm I love that. Okay, so we're going to get into that, but let me ask you, so you know, you're going through this, own your own thing where you're bedridden and then so through that, at what point did you decide I'm gonna take care of other people, I'm going to be, you know, it's it's a so this this universe, this life that we're living. Um I've been noticing all the synchronicities of things that just kind of open up doors and you have a decision, you can either walk through that door or you can walk away from that door.

And um and I've been just starting to really learn how to trust my own intuition when those things happen. And um about 2014 was the ice bucket challenge with A. L. S. I don't know if you've heard of a. L. S. But A. L. S. Is um Lou Gehrig's disease and it's where a person would lose their capabilities from their neck down with their muscles. They just at the atrophy, everything atrophies. And the only thing that you're virtually left with is your mind. And um and so for us, my husband and I we've been being holistic mentors ever since I've been healing myself, which was about 2012, you know, 2010 to 2012. Yeah. And then in 2012 I started taking on lots of people and just helping people um as much as I could mentor them. And then in 2014 was when we were challenged to do the ice bucket challenge and I knew nothing about L.

S. So I said to myself I want to learn. So I started learning about it and I said to my husband, I said well wouldn't it be interesting if we if somebody came into our lives who had a L. S. And we got the opportunity to work with them to see if maybe this energy healing and holistic approach might help them. And literally six months later and I just say this because this kind of stuff happens to me, it happens to all of us when we're paying attention. But um these kinds of things would happen. So six months later, somebody that I had met literally in 2012 when they were normal walking talking and everything. They had come out to see us perform, my husband and I are both singers and um in a band and that we created and um and we write our own music and they came out to see our show and this was in 2012. I didn't see him again until 2015 which was six months after I had called into my life. Somebody with a L. S. So literally in january of 2015, 6 months after I had made that comment, somebody came into my life and it just happened to be somebody that I had met before.

And um when I when I saw her and her husband I didn't recognize them because they had both changed with weight. One had gained a lot, the other one had lost a lot. So they didn't look the same. It was actually her who remembered me and she texted on her phone because she could still use her hands, she wrote on her phone I'm from nova Scotia. And at our concert at the back of the room, she had screamed I'm from nova Scotia. And it just as soon as she typed that on her phone, I just looked at her and I said oh my gosh it's you. And I looked at both of them in the situation that they're in that she's now been diagnosed with a L. S. And she's you know, it's just them, they didn't have any other family and and um they how he came out to see us was even a huge thing because we were playing at their best friend's restaurant which was an hour outside of town. The best friend was texting the husband over and over and over again to come see us perform. And he was at the hospital with his wife who had the Ls and he's like well I can't because my wife's got Ls then she talked him into going.

So he came out to see us anyway and then two days later we're in the hospital and that's when we're seeing her and we come to the realization that we've already met each other and I just looked at both of them and this opening happened in my head and it said just say yes. And so I just looked at him and I said you know we work for ourselves and if you need my help, I want to help. And I had never taken on anybody at that level of caregiving before. Um she had event, she had a trick, she had a catheter, she had a feeding tube, she had all the things and she was going to be in bed. So this was gonna be a very physical job, This was something that I had no idea what it was going to be taking from me or what was going to be giving to me or what I was going to bring to it, I had no idea. I was just throwing myself in like, okay, let's go, let's do this. And um we started working with her um in april that year when she was released from the hospital and I spent the next seven years with her and, and and ended up moving in and living with her for 4.5 of those years of the last half of those years.

So yeah, it was not something that I was, had chosen. But now, as I look back at it, it's very interesting because I've come to understand now that my work is um some people might call it a death doula, but I'm not a death doula because I don't believe in death, I believe in energy. And so I call it an energy doula. And she was actually the fourth person that I had come to work with. Um that was transitioning and this is just a new realization that I've come to in the last few months, is that um this is a specialized work that's, I don't know, I just keep having people come into my life that have been given some kind of diagnosis and um you know, my my journey with them is to help them walk it with as much energy and expansion as they can get out of their daily life while they're still here here, living it. And that's that's what ended up happening with that journey with her, wow, I'm so done.

Tell me on a personal level what this has been like for you now, that you're doing this work on a regular basis and helping, you know, you're there through the transition. What is that teaching you about life and about death and not in a morbid way, you know? But yeah, no, absolutely right. Absolutely. I'm no, it's it's pretty magical. Um what happened in my life because one um it taught me about that surrender thing that I felt when I was in a bed and I couldn't move and how I had to surrender that um when we let go of the stories and we let go of the outcome, and we we just focus on what we have right here right now in this moment, and we expand from here that we can live really full lives in no matter what position we're in, even with with my friend who had the L.

S and was in the bed for those seven years, we lived a very full life with her. We made sure she laughed every day. We we just would find how we could expand if if if she could we got her walking, we had her walking for the first six months and again. And um and then she fell again. But it wasn't about not being able to be physically capable, it was about where do we take our mind with our energy while we're here to still experience it? Because however we're expressing through our physical being is um that's what we're meant to do and and it's sad and it's tragic and people always say to me how hard it must be to live with A. L. S. And yes it's hard and it's tragic to watch somebody lose their physical ability. But it's also beautiful to watch that person energetically become something even bigger than they were physically. And um and that's what I witnessed with her.

Um It was it was beautiful. And now even looking back at it, I I realize in my own journey now because I still am walking through my own healing, I would say healing doesn't stop. Even when you put something in remission, you have to still continually focus on where your energy is at and whether you're staying aligned with it. And if you can align yourself kind of like you're tuning a guitar, you gotta tune a guitar, you gotta tune your body, you gotta tune your frequencies so, you know, you wouldn't want to like put yourself in a situation where you're sad every day because then you're tuning to that frequency of sadness. So if you can find something to be happy about, even if you're sitting in a place that most people would look at it as being sad, you know, you can't move your body, oh you only have your mind left, What do you have to live for? Everything? Her thoughts, there were everything. They took her everywhere. She could, she could travel with her mind and her thoughts. She did meditations, she did all kinds of traveling, working with her thoughts and it was beautiful to see what she would come up with from that and where she would come back from and how she would relate with all of us about that.

And it was beautiful because you would never think that somebody could live that existence, but she did and um even with the stuff that I'm going through now, um because it's kind of like peeling an onion when you're dealing with your health, your like, you figure out one thing and then something else comes up and you're like, okay, and for me mostly, I feel like that happens only because I might have gotten out of alignment with how I was feeling like um one of my biggest things with my challenges was people pleasing and um not giving away all my energy to everybody because it's really easy as a caregiver to just want to help and want to jump in and and um getting to a place where you're like no I have to conserve my energy. And she taught me that she taught me that the more that you can harness your own thoughts and your own energy into where you want to go with those thoughts. Energy, nobody can take that part away from you. You know, people can lock you up, you can be locked up in your body but you still have your imagination and you still have your energy and you still have your thoughts and when you die when, because I've witnessed it a number of times now that the when you die it's not morbid situation.

It's actually beautiful. Your your energy is just transitioning your body physically no longer can maintain the frequency. So the body is saying I can't be your your your receptacle at your vehicle anymore, You're gonna have to take your energy and transform somewhere else. And watching that energy transform into something else and to become bigger and not be contained in a physical body is um it's beautiful, it's beautiful too to be a part of and I know a lot of people um struggle with death. Um but I'm here to tell you they don't, nobody leaves every the energy is still here. It's kind of like a tv set stopped working but the the transmission is still happening. It's just not going to that tv set anymore and that might be hard to understand but it's just what I feel what I've witnessed energetically watching what I've what I've seen. God I love that, that is so beautiful.

Um now you know I mean I love this thing you said here about her energy, her body stopped working, but her energy was bigger than that and God that's just so beautiful and so powerfully put so thank you for that explanation. Now don let me ask you though on a personal level how this has changed your understanding of life. Just you know how you do you see it in a different way now that You're 100% I don't it's hard to have a complaint about anything. Even if it's really something tragic, it's it's hard to, because to me the outcome anymore doesn't it doesn't matter what matters is what energy you're bringing to your day, what energy are bringing everybody else, you know? Um I feel for myself it has helped me heal so many more parts of me that um I never thought would heal I'm I'm standing more true and in my own personal um um being my authentic being, I feel like it's just gotten so much stronger.

I know why I'm here, I know what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm also okay with just sitting and being because sometimes just being is what people need to see. They need to see that expression is just you being and not so much doing um which has been huge because I grew up in a house that you know, you gotta work, work, work and you've got to overachieve and you've got to overdo and and now it's kind of like I've been backpedaling, backpedaling and minimizing and you know, getting rid of stuff, shedding things that I don't need in my life because I have everything I need inside of me. Um It taught me that I wasn't born to a house, I wasn't born to other people, I was born to myself and that um my myself needs that attention that I give other people just as much as I give them to, because if I don't give it to myself, then I might end up back in that bed again. And there was a number of times during the journey that um you know, because when you're dealing with somebody who's Who is quadriplegic, they need you 100% all the time.

There's no, I mean you have to be able to have a plan. If you if you're gonna walk away, you need to be able to know that you can see them or that somebody else can see them or you can hear them and sometimes when you're on your own healing journey, that can be hard because those moments can happen at any particular time, it could be happening at one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock in the morning. You know, it didn't matter. It did not matter. And you had to be energetically ready for that. So for me, taking the time to energetically give myself space and blocks of time to recharge my battery, make sure that I'm taking care of my needs. I'm drinking water. I'm I'm eating the proper foods and nutritionally what works for my body. The things that actually work for me and listening to my body and then, um, and then meditating, giving myself time to, to go into a silent space so that I can talk to the trees and the birds and the animals. I do all those things too. I love that.

But it comes you come back so much more full of wisdom. And the other thing too that I've noticed and and I guess I've always paid attention to it, but I never really like gave it as much credit as I do now is that uh animals bugs things that come to visit me when I'm sitting outside because they don't always come to visit you. There's certain things that come to visit you. So why are they coming to visit you? And so I'll sit there and you know, try to understand their behavior and understand, okay, what do they represent? And how does that connect to my energy in my life? And so what in my energy in my life am I not doing to, to express myself fully. You know, maybe that animal is bringing me that message for a period of time I had a lot of birds coming to me and the birds were always coming to me when it was trying to tell me to set something free whether it was myself or something, something else. But the birds are always like, hey, it's time to, it's time to fly. It's time to time to be free.

A bird actually came to me three times and on the day that an passed um the same bird got in the house and um it was pretty powerful because at the time I didn't understand what the bird was trying to tell me, but the day after I did, because it had, it had pooped on a picture on the wall of her and I sat there and I looked at it and I'm like release, release Oh my gosh! The bird was telling to tell us release, release, let her go. It's okay. We need to go tell her it's okay if she wants to go. But that was you know, that's all stuff that as it's happening, you're not, you know, you don't think that the birds are coming to talk to you, but they are, I love that, I love that now, you know, talk to us about. So it seems so many people kind of end up in these situations. I mean we all have loved ones or someone at some point, we may end up taking care of. What is your advice for that because you know, I know it just seems like sometimes people are so nurturing, so loving, they get lost in that caring for others and neglect themselves.

So what what are a few tips for self care? Um I would say first thing in the morning, make sure you have yourself like five, I have, I have like five things that I like to do in the morning. And um as long as you do those five things then it always seemed to make my day go better. So one of them was getting up and doing breath work. So I do breath work first thing in the morning. And then um I also have what's called a P. E. M. F. Matt which um gives you the electromagnetic field of pulse, electric magnetic field of the earth. And it's got a bunch of settings on it where I can set it to balance and regenerate, you know, so far geo scale and all these things so that I can be the equivalent of going for a walk in the woods for two hours, but you can accomplish accomplish it in to 22 minutes, you know? And so um I do that and um because a lot of people don't have time to go for a walk in the woods and then I've got my water I drink with my lemon.

So I have my lemon water and then I might do some journaling, I do some stretching and I do a little pump up exercise, go outside with my dog, go play in the garden, do things that make your soul fill up with joy because if you start your day and you just get into go mode of, I got to get there and I got to do this and then when you get there and you're going, you're doing, you're not gonna give that stuff to yourself, you're not going to give time to yourself to do those things. At least I never did. It's just too hard. Um but what I did start doing was if I had a day that I had to get up early with her and I would make sure that I would block, okay, I want to be outside for at least an hour today, but that meant I might be outside for five minutes here, five minutes there, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, might take a book, might sit down, have my lunch outside, go walk in the dirt. Um, those kinds of things um, definitely helped me, helped me a lot, get up and get moving and um you know, and then also I like to sing.

I like to dance, anything to get your body moving, anything to activate the little mitochondria in your body and energize those cells and get everybody fired up and excited for the day. I find that it's best to do it in the morning. Um but again, that's not always a good time. So it's always about figuring out what it's going to work with you and your schedule and then committing to it and being consistent with it because it it won't work if you don't do it. And then uh we also found some functional mushrooms that we take. Not funny mushrooms, medicinal ones like Chaka and lion's mane. And I've got the 10 blend that's got, it's just loaded with all of these super powered mushrooms that that I take all the time between all of that. It keeps me juiced. Um I also do spring water. Um we have hydrogen machines. So that way we can do hydrogen in our body. There's all kinds of little things that I do little tricks to help re energize myself. Um but it's about finding what resonates with you and doing it.

And if there's something in your heart that you've always wanted to do, then just say, okay, I'm gonna play UKulele. I'm gonna sign up for UKulele classes and I'm going to go take UKulele and just do it. Um but do those things that at least bring some joy back to you because if you get into a situation where you're hungry, you're angry, you're lonely or you're tired because you didn't take care of any of those things, you gotta stop for a second halt, reevaluate and then, you know, come back at it again when you, when you got to a place of clarity, because otherwise you're not gonna be able to be in a very clear place when you're helping somebody. Anyway, mm I love that. Now tell me Don. Um so that is also amazing and right up my alley I may um raking master and energy worker myself. So I just so much of what you're saying resonates for me, but I think it's just practical guidance for everybody, you know, So talk to us about traveling.

Caregivers, what at what point were you like, you know, I'm going to start this business and I'm going to get other people doing this and grow this and have kind of teach people your own philosophy of, you know, being a caregiver. Exactly. Um it actually started while I was taking care of an we um because there's we've been talking about doing a a show about it too. And so we were we were talking about how we could bring awareness to these situations of chronically ill patients because that's something else that I really have a passion for is chronically ill patients because they kind of get disregarded dismissed, diagnosed, told a story and that's your story and that's all you got, that's it and I don't agree with that. I don't agree with that. So usually when somebody comes to me and says my doctor said I have this and I says, well that's great, okay, so how do you feel, you know, because let's start how you're feeling and um from there, it just with um um shoot, I was gonna go down the road, hold on a second, let me get it back.

Mhm. Hold on a second, what was at the front of your question again? Just how you came up with this idea of traveling? Oh yeah, the traveling caregivers. Okay, so um we wanted to start putting out resources to people, so I wanted to just start building in a website that people could come to get resources and I'm still working on it. I don't have all of the resources up there yet, but it's um it's a it's a work in progress. I wanted to share a lot of the things that we keep finding that are helping and um and then as we were developing and becoming, I wanted to also make sure that people knew that if they needed somebody that wanted that could hold their hand hold space for them while they're walking this this path, this journey with with illness and finding how they can become well again, then then I wanted to be there for that. I wanted to be available for that because I don't think that illness is necessarily just physical, it's it's it's very much energetic, it's very much spiritual, it's very much the whole picture, It's the overall holistic thing of how we are living our lives and how we are coming back to ourselves because again, we were born to our bodies and um and then as it developed even more, we said, you know what, there's a lot of caregivers who need help and a lot of families that need caregivers that aren't able to afford caregivers, there's actually 54 million unpaid caregivers in the country right now, and that means family friends that are just taking on the job of a caregiver and um not trained, not understanding what they need to do.

And so I wanted to come up with a way to help them identify how they could be best for that person because not everybody is a nurturer, not everybody is going to be able to sit at home. There are some people that sitting at home, it would absolutely drive them insane, they wouldn't, they wouldn't be able to do it and there are other people that would just prefer to sit at home and do those sorts of things, but caregivers come in all shapes and sizes, you know, a caregiver could come in and just wear a costume just to make somebody smile, you know, show up in costume and make somebody have a laugh because you're wearing a costume and um you know, a caregiver could be somebody mowing the lawn or, or running errands or even just sitting there talking to you, um there's so many different variations of caregiving and I wanted to be a voice and an advocate for those people that are just coming into this, that don't know where to go how to do it and need a little help and specifically caring for themselves, because it's one thing to care for others, but the harder thing is to care for yourself while you're caring for others.

So there's a three different things kind of happening with traveling caregivers. One is, yes, I'm bringing caregivers resources together, but two, I'm also offering to help caregivers looking for ways of finding their energy for self care. Um, and I will hold their hand as much as they want me to while they while they work through it, and I'll help shine a light on, on their energy and the things that maybe they're missing, that could bring them more energy. And then the same with, you know, a stage four patient, you know, that they're walking through a journey that they've been given a diagnosis and they don't agree with it and they don't want to agree with it because they want to live their life. So, anybody who wants to live and wants to try to figure out how to get more energy while they're doing it. I wanna, I wanna be that person to kind of just hold their hand while they go through that and help them figure that out from themselves to know that they have somebody that they're not alone. They're not alone on this journey. I walked it and I'm happy to hold their hand while they're going through it and um and do it in the way that that empowers them?

It's not about me, it's about helping and not having anybody feel what I went through because it and I understand, you know, you think about it, we have to have polarity, we have to go through the good, the bad and you know, we have to feel all those things in order to have momentum that pushes us forward. But while you're going through it, it doesn't have to be all bad. You know, it can it can be energetically good too and you can feel good from it at the same time while you're processing and going through the challenges of your physical misalignment? Because that's all it is. It's a physical misalignment. Your body just needs to be retuned. Your body is just like an instrument, you know, where batteries were charged by frequency. So it's just about helping figure out how that can how I can bring hope to that. I can bring light to that and traveling caregivers is is here for that. Mm I love that. And I will be sure to have links to that. Um for people now, let me ask you beth what um what else is on the horizon for you?

Are you planning on taking this some traveling caregivers, Are you going to be expanding that, taking it nationally or what else? What is your mission with that ultimate mission right now, we're kind of working from michigan down to florida we've just been because we also are a duo. So we have our own, we have our own um music that we're, which, ironically a lot of it was written during, during the caregiving journey. So a lot of our songs are very heart centered, uplifting. Um some of it might be a little slamming on Hollywood or, or just making fun of the situation and just bringing life back to life kind of thing. Um, so we're using that music right now and we're going from michigan down to florida and then while we're in the different cities, wherever we go, we find places that we can caregiver for and then that's where my clients usually come from, is is, you know, as we get to talking people word of mouth that goes around that, you know, I do this sort of thing and, and then I take people on um, but right now we're just pretty much working from michigan down to florida will eventually expand over to the west coast because I'm actually from Seattle.

So my, I have a lot of family in, in Washington and California and Oregon and so we will eventually get over there. But right now we're focused over here. Um just going back and going where we're called going, where, where the caregiving is called and letting it kind of unfold before us, wow, I love that. That is so beautiful. And now talk to us about the book I care waking the caregiver inside. So I care. It's actually it's a journal of sorts. And it started because I I started it on myself. It was something I was doing for myself to get deeper into understanding myself and giving myself grace because the journey with A L. S. It was it was it had it's really really awesome moments and really challenging moments. All it was all awesome but it was a lot of deep introspective, reflective work while I was walking through this with her and um letting go of ego and letting go of of the outcomes of things and um just letting go in general because there's nothing to fear.

Um and I Care was developed with a bunch of exercises that I did for myself and so what I'm, what I've started to do is I will be doing a work shop series to introduce it. Um The workshop series, series is going to happen, I think we've got it scheduled for the beginning of the year in january and um it's going to start with the first part which is I and it'll be a workshop on diving into you into I and I'll have a bunch of exercises to help the person go through some things to get things started and then I will make the the journal available to where they can either do it online and then print it so they can print a copy of themselves for themselves or um they can store it online as a pdf, whichever they want. But um it's gonna be an online kind of a thing that they can go and fill out all their stuff and then print it off for themselves so that they can have their own little workbook and it's just I create ask receive and expand.

So the eye is about you and the, the sea is about creation and what you create. And then the ask is all about asking and then the receive is how to receive and then the e. Is all about how you expand into that and it's just taking life and kind of simplifying it and getting to know yourself and love yourself to the point where you can walk in front of the mirror and say, hey, I got you, you're my best friend, I'm never leaving you, you, you're the one that comes up with the best adventures and I'm going with you on all of them, you know? So that's kind of the whole premise behind I care, I love that. Now don tell me. So what else is on the table for you, what else beyond this? It's so amazing what you're doing. But another books, other programs, things in the works or what is next beyond this. Um I've got some recipe books that are coming out because that was another part of the healing journey, was figuring out what foods actually worked for me and um and what seemed to be easy to process, but the challenge was, is that um I didn't really know how to cook with vegetables and such.

So my brother came along who happened to be a chef and he helped me put together a bunch of recipes to make vegetables taste great and made all of these um basically um all these recipes that uses spices and no oil, no sugar, no butter, if you want to add oil and butter, you can afterwards, but I don't cook with any of those things and I don't use sugar for anything. I we learned how to use spices and um and fruits in order to make things taste different things, different ways to make them fun. And so I've got a couple of books that are coming out, our recipe books that we're going to be putting out um and I'm almost finished with those one will be an entire sweet potato recipe book and it'll be from breakfast to dessert, all sweet potatoes, which is really fun because sweet potatoes were a huge answer in my life for healing um because I can't eat a lot of things, I'm allergic to a lot of foods, so so somebody who's highly sensitive and looking for high vibe being energetic, that was the other part two was creating recipes that were high vibing that were, you know, full of energy and light.

Because if I'm going to eat something, I want it to be full of energy and light because I'm an energy and light body. So I want as much energy and light as I can get, whether it's the sun or foods that have been, you know, brought because of the sun, those kinds of things, I'm really excited about that, wow, that is amazing. Don Now, first of all I want to say in closing you have been so awesome and so insightful and have had so much wisdom hair that you've shared with us. I know people are going to have a lot of great takeaways and I just thank you today for your time. Oh thank you. Thank you for having me on. And if anybody that's the other one last thing, if if anybody is interested in in fun, uplifting music, you can go and check out our Don loves nash and check out our music there. Um we do have two songs on Spotify, so if you have Spotify you can go listen to him for free. Um there, Don nash, I love that and I'm going to have links to all of your stuff.

Oh perfect, that's great, yep. So people will be able to access your music, access the book, access your site, all of that. Get in touch with you now in closing done. If there were one message, Some words of wisdom, you'd want to leave us with your hope for the world, what message would you like to leave us with in closing that we all give ourselves a little grace and um and that this energy that's inside of you is what the world has been waiting for and you do have a purpose and just let it shine be your authentic self and the more that we can all do that and just show up as ourselves and what makes us joyful and happy. I really feel like the more this world will be more joyful and happy. Mm I love that Dawn. That was an awesome closing message. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #72 Finding The Balance With Dawn Renee
Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #72 Finding The Balance With Dawn Renee
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