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045 CLUBHOUSE EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dwight "Skrapp" Reynolds, Inventor, Social Digital Currency

by meiko s patton
June 26th 2021

Skrapp coined the term Social Digital Currency (SDC). He is an in-demand paid Clubhouse moderator because when he enters the room, he uplifts and strengthens everyone present. He teaches entreprene... More

Yeah. Hello, hello, Hello and welcome back to clubhouse legion. I'm your host, Mika S Patton. And today I get to interview Dwight scrap Reynolds. He is the inventor of an amazing term called social digital currency. He is an in demand paid moderator on clubhouse and once you listen to this interview you will know why hey you guys. This is my co I just want to say that I am doing this podcast on anchor. I absolutely love this platform and I've been on it for a couple years and if you don't know, anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast is free. They have creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or on your computer. They will distribute it to Spotify, Apple and all the other distribution places and you can make money just by starting a podcast and you don't need a a minimum number of people listening.

Everything you need is in one place, this is the best platform I've ever come across. And so what I want you to do right now is to download the free anchor app or go to anchor dot FM to get started and that's a N C H O R dot FM. Go there now, download the episode and get started. You will absolutely love it. Yeah. Mhm. Thank you so much scrap for being with us today. Can you tell us what is your full name or the name that you like to be called by? And how do you help clients? Um I mean, everybody can call me uh scrapped, but my full name is Dwight scrapped, Reynolds. If you were to put in your google search, you're going to see a lot of information about what I've done in my career musically, as well as uh my acting career. And then most recently, you hear about a thought process or a uh theology, I call social digital currency. Um, and it is the leading way to generate, uh, not only followers supporters, but also it can channel itself to convert your social digital currency into actual currency.

Absolutely. Now, I first heard about you on clubhouse. So my question is, what do you love most about clubhouse? Um I think I like the fact that uh, you know, I got on in november, so november was probably the blossoming point of the app. It was originally, they offered it to us in March and I had no, I hadn't heard about it. Um, not many people did hear about it until uh, october november ish. And then when I heard about it, I was working with a talent that um, that I got signed to Black ground music. She was like, hey, have you heard of this thing called clubhouse? And she was on it at the time and I was like, no, I ain't heard of it. But she was like, you have to be on the scrap, you'd be good on it. I was like, for real was like, yeah, he's like, you always got good information, you're always helping people out. I was like, cool. So I get on the app only to find out. I had already been, somebody had already sent me a thing. Like, you know how you have to be invited on the app? Well, I was invited by uh remember the singer B. O. B. He said uh nothing.

He's saying he did the song with Bruno mars, no nothing on you. So his manager is the one who invited me onto the app and his name is be Rich. So I got on the app and um when I first got on it was a lot of music rooms, like it was very uh the culture was very black, like when I got on it was like it was the cool thing, all my peers were on it, it was just a stage of people that I knew. Um and they invited me up as soon as I got on, they invited me up to a stage as a speaker. And from there I began communicating about music because that's what I that's that's at the forefront of what I know best. And so as I was communicating about music, they they started making me a moderator more often, but the challenge with that is, and again, I like to communicate. I was a communications major in college, so talking is the easy part. Uh so as I'm communicating, the way the app is set up, it says, you know, tweet me or whatever, um or DM me is what the responses.

And so, you know, people were DME, I had 80 90 D. M. S. Every time I spoke, every time I spoke, my inbox had exploded. And so I was like, oh man, that's really cool. Until I saw nobody was following me, No one was liking my pictures, no one was commenting. So now I'm at an impasse, I'm like, yo, how that doesn't make sense, You know, and I'm, and they're all asking for something not want, some are saying, hey, that was great info, some are saying, will you manage me watch my video, listen to my song. I got an artist array of different things, you know, and as I sat there puzzled as to why it wasn't reflecting in my analytics um, on on instagram, I was like, man, you know, all these people have this currency that they could spend, that they aren't spending on here. And from there, I started coming back to uh, I came back to the room and the common speech was make sure and you still hear it a little bit in some of the rooms, you still here, make sure you following your dinner and go to instagram and data. And I, and I stopped that when they started doing that to me in the room, I said, hold up.

I said, don't you dear me until you follow like or comment, spend some social digital currency. I would say that and then people like, what's that? And then then the questions started being, hey man, I love that thing you said about social digital currency. What is that? And so it's set up the conversation and it really took hold one day when Grant Cardone was in the room red card and got invited to in our rooms. And at this time everybody wanted me to talk about social digital currency because people wanted followers, people wanted likes, people wanted comments, people wanted to uh cultivate an audience on instagram just as they were building it on clubhouse. And so while I was in the room and speaking and he heard it, somebody kicked me off the stage right when I was getting to the finish of my spill. It was crazy but it was awesome in the same in the same sense because he jumped in my D. M. S. And he was like that sounds amazing and that validated me for bigger rooms. So at this time mind you I'm only speaking among my you know the musicians or people who are who are in my peer group and now I went to a stage that he was on, which he's, you know, the resident billionaire.

So he gets pulled on everybody stage, everybody drops the mic gives it to, you know, Grant Grant and say, do whatever he wants. And uh and so he pulled me on stage, he's like, uh I was in one of his rooms, his 10 X rooms, this is before his conference, and he saw me in the audience and he sent me the invite. I screenshot the invite because I knew how big of a deal that was, and I put it on instagram and everybody's like, yo that's crazy, you know, as well, Grant Cardone invited you on stage. Now there's a bigger backstory to that, because I didn't know who he was prior to me coming on the stage. Now, between being in those music rooms, I started hosting my own rooms under the relationship expert show and I've had Tiffany had a show on there, I had Jeff Robinson who manages her and Alicia Keys. I had Theron thomason there, who's written for Rihanna Beyonce, you name it, he's the top writer right now. He executive produced lizards project. I had a slew of celebrities that are my peers, that people that I know and I was having them do what was called TRX Pro on Sundays. And so as I was doing this, um, I was also doing a regular show during the week and the young lady was like, hey, you know, I wanna, I wanna meet somebody and I want you to tell me this thing about social digital currency.

And so I told her how to use it and she, she took the steps and Grant reached out to her like, uh, well what it was, was a person that she knew, I saw her doing the techniques that I said, and he knew Grant as well, and he hit her up and said, I'll set the meeting up, Oh my goodness, that is amazing. So of course, how does a person use their social digital currency? Well, first off social digital currency is the actionable items that you use to create a social media engagement. That's the purpose of all of us being on any platform, is to create a social media engagement on any social media platform with all of these people and persons of interest. Um so whether you're trying to have, you know, start a relationship or friendship or business relationship, whatever the case may be, the only way on social media to get any kind of response is by giving and a lot of people think flirting and all that kind of know on social media, people want to know that you're into them and the way you, the way you do that, even on a business level, I had another, I've got plenty of testimonials where people have used social digital currency effectively and there's a bull's eye effect that goes along with it, which is, it doesn't matter if you hit your target or not, because most times everyone else sees you spending this social digital currency and building this report with that person that they want to get in on it too.

So there was a publicist who was trying to make kim Kardashian them a client of hers and as she spent her social digital currency, another celebrity saw her posting and reached out to her and then they spoke about her in a news article and tagged her in it, and then they actually reached out to her and they had a dialogue and they have since built a relationship from that. But for instance, um another young lady, she wanted to, she reached out to this motivational speaker. Um she had reached out to her way back in May, mind you, I didn't get on two november. She was in my groups along the december line and whatnot. And I just told her, listen, go back to this young lady's page, you're already following her. Why don't you like a few pictures, comment on some of those pictures, something genuine interesting, funny, profound, witty, whatever, but be engaging like, like be into whatever it is you you know what you're responding to and as you do that. Uh the other ways you can support our by re posting some of her content, saving some of her content, but making yourself a person of interest, like she's a person of interest to you.

And sure enough, that's what happened. She, uh, she reached out to this lady again uh, after us having this conversation and the lady hit her back immediately after, you know, following liking doing all these different things and she got a chance to talk to her. She said they spoke for like an hour and a half, two hours and the lady agreed to be her mentor. Wow, that's amazing. So how, so you are giving, giving, giving all this on clubhouse. So how are you generating leads for your own business? What's been cool. Um, I've had the opportunity to actually consult, uh, you know, there are people who have businesses and I'm an idea guy at the end. Underneath it all, I'm an idea guy. So if you come to me with a, you know, you need to know or how can I kind of thing, I kind of got the answers because it's a fresh palate for me to work with, and a lot of times the answers, a lot of times business owners are standing too close to the elephant, and I, you know, I have the opportunity to first off examine what they see based off of their conversation and details about their business, and then I get a chance to say, well I'm standing 10 ft back and that's what it looks like to me, and these are probably some ways you can get that elephant out of the way or do whatever the case, you know, whatever situation has been.

So I've had an opportunity to help uh a lot of entrepreneurs, mostly like tattoo artists, uh people starting out new businesses with clothing companies. Um and those are, the immediate ways is just having a consultation with them, discussing that over a 30 minute or hour long consultation, um and then relationship stuff people want to talk and uh of course that conversation, the same thing I consult with people about their relationships, give them a peripheral point of view so that they can understand their contribution to their situations and how to kind of get out of their own way. So those waves have been really cool. Excellent. Now um you're writing your book, billionaire, talk, social digital currency, can you tell us a little bit about that? Um Yeah, man, it's been exciting um long process, more than it was a longer process than I ever expected it to be. Um we're in the final phase of the editing just trying to get the last wording and everything correct. Um I got some really, really dope help that's going to come on board towards the end once we get that knocked out. But um man, um outlined five of the biggest social media platforms, of course, Volume two will include uh the other ones that I didn't include in this volume, but I knocked down the wall of how to get what you want out of these uh social media platforms.

Everybody wants an engagement, whether it's an engagement with their followers, whether it's an engagement with the company, whether it's an engagement as an influencer, but it all takes uh knowing how to give and what to expect when you receive and if you don't know what the currency is on that platform and how to use it, which is what my book is detailing. Um you're going to have hazard lee continue continuously using how you've always used it um, ineffectively, you're gonna, you're gonna keep doing the old habits that most of us do. We get on and we see a picture we like and we like it, we see if you know this very random, it's very there's no structure to it. As opposed to saying hey I like this, this uh this this post, why don't I do something effective and really uh you know dig a little deeper. Let me find out more about this person, Let me engage and see how if they can I can incorporate them into my circle or the livelihood of of that platform. Should I decide to use it? And it's simple. Uh it's as simple as making sure you know how to spend your social digital currency.

But you have to know what that is. If you don't know that you're a billionaire. If you don't know you have an endless supply of social digital currency, you'll you'll hold it tight, you won't let it go. You just, you know, you just, you won't use it properly. Um and you gotta treat uh you got to treat your spending like a relationship, you know what I mean? You have to believe that what you put out there, you will get back. You have, you have to be uh uh into it, you have to be engaged. It is a an engagement. It is a relationship. These are the things that you're building when you're on. Social media, social media engagement is the, it should be the most primary word everyone ever uses when they decide what platform to get on because that's also a thing is like um I'm in social media rooms often on clubhouse and we're discussing, you always hear this question, which one is the best one to get on? And I always say the best platform for you is the one where you are creating or having the greatest engagement, That's the only one that matters. They're going to be new platforms popping up left and right and you can, you can spend your time on eight of them and get nowhere, or you can spend your time on one, learning the language, learning the currency, learning how to spend your social digital currency and creating the proper social media engagements, not only with other influencers, but with the followers that you develop and from there, that's how you go from 0 to 100,000 followers.

How you go from being a person on the app to being an influencer on the app, That's how you go from a sponsorship or branded uh, influencer. You know, I mean, these are the things that, that most people are trying to achieve in there. Some people just want to have fun and I preface that too, I say listen, if you just wanna have fun, that's cool, I'm not knocking you, but I will tell you in this day and age um as more platforms grow as the ability to be an earlier adopter on platforms like we were on clubhouse, I mean I see the benefit of doing it um but I also understand that there is no cap limit on any of these platforms as to who can be great from youtube to twitter to you, name it, you have an opportunity to be great, but you, you have to know how to spend your social digital currency now, how did you become so positive and so like you motivate other people, where does that come from? Um I guess, I mean it's my mother is very giving, um my mother is very giving, I saw and I grew up in a in a struggled household and when I say that, I mean we had hardships but they were developmental like it wasn't like yo the world is bad and all that, it was like yo these are the challenges we face.

The outcome of what it is, is really dependent on how you look at it. And so at some point you start realizing that your life, your your circle, your path is what you make of it, and if you can maintain a positive uh a positive outlook, if you can consume the bad and regurgitate the good um then then you get it. I think that it's not what happens to you is what you do with what happens to you. I mean the the choices is uh you know, get down because of the of it or get up and keep it moving. Um I think that for those who are in astrology or whatnot, I'm a tourist with um on the cusp of a gemini, I'm like the cusp may 20th 11, 22 PM 32 38 more minutes. I would have been a gemini per se. But what that means is as the gemini has the duality, the Taurus has the, the focus and the determination. I have a peripheral point of view and I approach situations, so I have the negative and the positive and I get an opportunity to really examine the whole situation and this is what's benefited me mostly in my conversations with people when I consult with them.

Um I can have a very unbiased opinion, not holding onto anything steadfast when I'm communicating with somebody, because it allows me to be nonjudgmental. It allows me to see things as they are, not how, if you're on one side of it, you only see it from your perspective and you don't have the opportunity to really communicate from the other person's perspective. So that has kept me out of trouble. Um There's a quote that a school counselor told me that also has managed to help direct me, she said uh it only takes one second to get in trouble, it could take your life for a life time to get out of it. And that has always resonated with me. When I look back at the instances where I have had uh those hiccups in life, I'm like yo one second, one second decision, you know what I mean? 111 moment, I could have just pause for a minute and and did something else. And so uh that makes me um you know, that kind of makes me keep things positive. I like smiling more than not smiling, you know I mean I've been I've done comedy before and comedy is based off of giving and making other people laugh and then other people laughing, we laugh and we as a comedian you feel good and your energy is up.

So um that's been my life man. I'm the I'm the youngest of five, so you know, I've always fought for the attention and I know that the negative attention, you know, nobody likes that, that that doesn't bring the house down, you know what I mean? Nobody likes that. So I've always kind of like smiling and feeling good about life, awesome. Well, kudos to your mom for doing such a great job. So um scrap where can people find you online if they want to hire you as a consultant or get more information about your upcoming book? Okay well cool. Um right now I'm revamping the website, it's still up right now under uh TRX S. T. R. X. S. Now dot com. And uh there's I want to say there's a booking feature on it now, but if not you can come to instagram dm me after you spent some social digital currency of course. Uh you can dm me there um and briefly just uh communicate what your interest is and from there I will direct you to a site to you know to take care of all the business or whatnot.

But um so I'm Dwight scrapped Reynolds on all the platforms. I wanted to make sure I branded it properly. So from tick tock, instagram and clubhouse. Uh It's Dwight underscore scrap with S. K. R. A. P. P. Underscore Reynolds. Um you can type that in any google search and it'll bring up a lot of information about my past and what I've done, what I've been able to contribute to. And uh those are the best ways to get in contact with me now. Like I said the tr excess now is up and there is a link to email me from there for or if you want to email me, you can email me at info at tr excess now dot com. Excellent. Thank you so much for your time and well so much see you in clubhouse. Yeah. No, thank you so much man. Um I really appreciate, appreciate you doing this and being very patient with me. I know we have scheduled this a couple of times, but you know this seems like the right time seems like the perfect time for us to have this conversation and I really really do want to say um your determination and diligence is absolutely a social digital currency spent well, um uh but no, no, it's been delightful.

Um I love to communicating with you and I think that in the future I'd love to do this again sometime, awesome. Take care. All right, thank you so much. Bye bye. Hey, everybody wasn't that an amazing interview? Oh my goodness. This is just why I love doing this podcast, bringing you great individuals with great tips on how to dominate clubhouse. Hey, on clubhouse, your bio is the first thing people see. So it had better be captivating and that's why I created the captivating bio step by step guide. So if you want to learn more about how to create a captivating bio, then go to www dot captivating bio dot com. Again, that's W W W dot captivating bio dot com.


045 CLUBHOUSE EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dwight "Skrapp" Reynolds, Inventor, Social Digital Currency
045 CLUBHOUSE EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dwight "Skrapp" Reynolds, Inventor, Social Digital Currency
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