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by Sumaiya Fathima
September 25th 2021
Make choice's for yourself and not to please others.
the extension, you know how people have been weirdly good or just be nice to look gradually protective and happy for you, but you somehow know that no one really cares about you or your life. It's just a matter of fact that how we grow from being silly to transform into a more mature person. The feeling of just existing doesn't actually creates a big difference than being more alive and living the way you want to without being bothered about any opinions of use from the people around you when you just wake up and find yourself in a place which you had never imagined to be in and now you don't know how to handle this. Pleasure of your existence in your mode evolved life. The choices and the changes creates a big difference in your life. Let that decision be the promise to others. But for you it's a choice which will lead to a better life. It's just that live with a dream of living better.


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