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by Sumaiya Fathima
June 4th 2021
Some of the questions which i had received have been answered in this podcast if you have anymore go ahead and mail me, you can also send me your questions on my insta handle @faultsinourlife. --- ... More
today's podcast is about me answering a few questions which I have received first question. Is it wrong to cry for no reason sometimes? Okay let's answer this. No it's not. You can cry for no reason. People will anywhere tell you things like why are you crying for no reason. Why are you happy for no reason? Is there anything wrong with you? Why should we be accountable for our heroes And as mix? Is there anything wrong with you? Why is this become a thing? Why do they use this? You know what, why they use this? Because there is something wrong with themselves. Only there are times when emotions get piled up and you have that breakdown. But why people say is there anything wrong with you when we are totally normal, You don't have to give them an answer. If they give you hate you give them love, hate can never win. But it will win when it is loved. That's it. 2nd question. Is it okay to be judged? And is it okay to be affected with it? No it's not okay to be judged. There is no reason for anyone to judge anybody. Some people are really unimaginable the way they are.

I really don't know what happened is they get by putting down others. All we can do is not giving them what they want which is we getting disturbed by their words. People carry a book with themselves which is interfere and pass comments and others life, even when they don't want it let that be anything they will pass comments, They will judge you. They will give you the trash of opinions which they themselves are unable to handle it. Of course you shouldn't get affected in any way. I know the words had heart, but if it's affecting you in any way they are very much successful in doing what they want to do. You don't have to please everyone around you. You just have to please the one who created you, mm mm.

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