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MURDERED: Tylee Ryan & J.J. Vallow Part 1

by Erika Meisel & Allyson Squitiro
May 12th 2021

Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow went missing in September 2019 and were found deceased in June 2020. All clues lead police to two people: the kids mother, Lori Vallow, and her now husband, Chad Daybell. I... More

Welcome to Crime on caffeine. I'm your host, Erica and I'm your host, Alison. Thank you so much for listening to our first ever podcast episode. So before we get into today's episode, we just wanted to talk about a few things. Kind of tell you what our podcast is all about. Basically. We're going to be drinking a lot of coffee, getting super caffeinated and talking about all things true crime. I'm going to be focusing mostly on serial killers and murderers. And I'm going to mostly be looking at missing people. Missing peoples. No, but really my focus is going to be on unsolved cases. Missing persons cases. All right. So Alison tell our listeners what coffee were drinking today. Alright, before we get into any episode, that's what we're going to be doing. We're gonna be telling you guys what we'd be sipping up. So today we're going to be sipping on some super coffee, the coconut mocha flavor. It's so good. Yeah. Not sponsored but definitely open to it. Super coffee. If you're just like, you know, hit our line down my number.

You know where to find me at crime on caffeine on all social media's like that. All right. So let's get on with the case then. So this case I wanted to start off with is one that I have been following since day one. I remember my mom calling me to tell me about it and we've just been obsessed with it ever since just because of how crazy it is. So this case is going to be centered around Lori Vallo. Di able just a heads up guys. This case is bonkers and there are a lot of people involved. So I'm going to try to make it the least bit confusing for you guys to be able to keep up with. We're going to have some resources up on our website to help out with this too. Just in case you guys are kind of lost on the who's who are the timeline. So stick with me. There's going to be a lot of info, but we are gonna break this episode up into two parts. So in the first episode we're going to talk about Lori's childhood and her family leading up to the first few marriages of hers in part two, we're going to get into everything that happened with her Children, her most recent husband and the current state of the case. So let's just jump right into it.

This case is still going on right? Yeah. It's still going on and it keeps getting pushed and pussy visit. Oh gosh, I'm not ready for this. Honestly, I have no idea what this is about. I have not followed it at all. So all the information eric is about to share with me. His nose. I'm giving you the T. Oh yeah, we'll be seven. So Lori below was born Laurie Noreen cox on june 26th, 1973 in southern California. Her parents, barry and Janice cox raised her and her siblings as very, very devout mormons. So it was Lori, her two brothers, Adam and Alex, who you're going to hear a lot about later. And then she had two sisters as well. Summer. and Stacey Stacey actually passed away in 1998 when she was 31 and the cause of her death is still undetermined. Sounds specious. Um So Stacy has a daughter named Melanie and we'll learn more about her later.

But I kind of just wanted to introduce to you the main players and Lori side of the family. So like I said the cox family was super religious, Laurie would go to religious classes every single morning before school started, she was a competitive cheerleader in high school and she mostly just stayed with her group. Um everyone said that she was super nice and she was funny but she was shy and she really just hung around the cheer squad and for those two I was a competitive Children so she didn't really pay attention to boys up until her senior year, she had her first boyfriend, she was really just focused on school and her friends, she got really good grades. She eventually wanted to attend Brigham Young University BYU, yep. Yeah, definitely. Okay, so it's school in Utah and it's owned by the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. It was hard to find a lot of details about her family life when she was younger. Obviously we know they were super religious and I did read that they were a close family but I thought this was super weird.

So her parents, you're going to think this is weird. Her parents never attended a single one of her cheer competitions. Like I just I don't know I think that's so weird A single one. Yeah because I mean anybody who was a competitive cheerleader knows like you had like a million per like they were like every weekend. Yeah I mean it's like they were never with her basically if you're a close family like I don't know what you want to be your kids. I guess they weren't because. Yeah so I thought that was strange. But there are a lot of interesting things on the internet about her parents, specifically her father. Barry her parents spent years battling the I. R. S. And I didn't know any of this until I started like deep dive researching into this case. Like I didn't know about it until this. Yeah so Barry admitted that they used false statements to avoid paying federal income taxes in 1988 89 1990. So they ended up being sued by the government 2000 and four. Um And the government claimed that they owed $300,000 in back taxes In 2008.

The court ruled in favor of the government obviously. Um But Barry ended up filing a claim refusing to pay and he stated that collecting income tax was an unauthorized use of federal power and he referred to the I. R. S. As a rogue agency. Yeah so he was pretty crazy and as you can assume His claim was dismissed. He also got in trouble in more recent years in 2018 for representing himself as a lawyer I guess he was like advertising his services. Um so the state of Arizona was like, no, I don't think so. And then the following year he went on to publish a book. And keep in mind this is in 2019 when he published this book. This is while all of the madness is happening with Lori and her husband's and her Children, he writes this book and he publishes it and it's called How the american public can dismantle the I. R. S. He just had like a vendetta. He said the government said, he said they came after me.

So I'm coming for their wig. So the book states that americans have been quote illegally and deceptively held captive and in bondage by a gang of self policing liars who have arrogantly and without conscience imposed an evil regime to do whatever they want whenever they want and to whomever they want to the american public with impunity. What? Yeah. No, no. Yes, No. Yes. Yes. Yes. It's in a book, you can buy the book, you can read the book. I'm not doing it, but I just, I needed to know that somebody published that. That's all you need to know really. So you don't need to buy it. But clearly we can see that he is a little cuckoo, he a little cookie go. I just want to paint a picture of where she comes from. Yeah, honestly. So he's not responding well to authority figures whatsoever. Narcissistic and thinking he's above the government and its rules. Very abstract of him.

Yeah. So I just want us to keep all of this in mind. Later when we're looking at Lori's actions and her motives, Let's get on with the first few marriages. So she graduated high school in 1991. She ended up marrying the boy that she was dating her senior year. His name was Nelson. You gains it didn't really last long at all. There's not a lot to read about it. Her friends said that they just thought it ended because he wasn't mormon. So that's okay because she gets married again in 1995 to her second husband, William. I hope I'm saying this right, logo Shia I don't know. I asked my mom, but Um, they now live in Texas. She's working as a self employed hairstylist. You can't see. But I'm doing the quotation mark quote. So following here in 1996, they have a baby, Lori's first son, Colby and William ended up filing for divorce that same year. So the divorce is final in 98.

So in 2000 and one, she marries joseph Ryan. He's very important. He adopted kolbe and Kolbe ended up taking his last name and then the following year they have a daughter named Tiley two years later. Show files for divorce two years Hey longer than last one. So this divorce was messy. This custody battle lasted 12 years. That's so freaking long. Yeah. And like imagine being the kids. Yeah, that had to be hard for them. Colby was nine at the time, Tiley was only 18 months. So like she didn't know what was going on then, but you know it lasted 12 years so she definitely knew what was what was popping off at the end of it all. So I'm not sure if this was part of what made it so messy. But Colby did come out in recent years in an interview saying that joe was physically and sexually abusive towards him, Joe's sister. Anne did say that she witnessed her brother abusing Kobe physically. She did not say anything about the sexual abuse just because she had never witnessed it herself.

But she did say that she hopes Colby gets the help that he needs and she wishes him the best. So during this year um Lori was doing some things. She went on wheel of fortune and $1.17,000. You you're blind. Yes. No she did. We're going to put the videos of her episode up on the website so you guys can see it was like yeah and this is like while her custody battle is going on and her Children are talking to social workers and yeah. Oh my God, she was just like yeah brb. Going to go on wheel of Fortune. Yeah, that's not all because she also in the same year competed in the miss texas pageant. She lost. She should she should never have been there in the first place. I just it seems that she was seeking a lot of external validation and she was dealing with a lot involving her family. So it's like the fact that she was doing all this stuff while this is going on, it's just is proof.

It's kind of like she was trying to put on like a persona a 100% and she's clearly cares about only herself so much and only those things. Here's the interesting part. She claimed that God had told her that she would be on Wheel of Fortune. So that is why she auditioned. I've never heard that message from God for myself. Okay, I didn't tell her. Okay go off jesus. So the divorce was finalized in 2005 custody battle was still going on though, so Joe was required to pay $1,500 a month in child support and he had to please listen to this. He had to take out a life insurance policy for no less than $350,000 for the benefit of the child. And he had to provide health insurance. But I just want us to remember the money involved life insurance policy. It's not not the only one you'll see in this case, it's just the first one, it's just the first.

In the middle of this huge custody battle it's 2000 and seven. So Lori's brother Alex cox, he followed joseph into a parking lot. So Lori and joseph were exchanging tightly. They had like a meet up spot where they would exchange her. I hate saying that. But he like if you have divorced parents my parents would meet up with Winghouse and like already in his car. Yeah, they would exchange me. So he followed him into the parking lot as he was leaving and he tasered him and he threatened to kill him. Um I guess this was just because he learned about the abuse of Lori and her Children, I don't know, Lori was saying that he was abusing her blah blah blah, but whatever she was telling Alex yeah, he was kind of like a little puppy dog. Um so he was charged with aggravated assault in the second degree and he was in jail for 90 days. So that brings us to marriage number four. that's really funny because in my notes, I have a lorry mary's Charles Vallo in Las Vegas lleva love thing, Charles was catholic, he ended up converting to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints because that was Laurie's religion.

So the mormon church, Yeah, okay, so he was a nice guy, He converted religions for her. Yeah, he tried his best, yes, while this custody battle is going on and they're together, Charles and his ex wife, Cheryl are also having a custody battle at the same time, so there's like a lot going on, so they had it the whole situation, so they had two kids, Nicholas and Zachery um and so Cheryl stated that this was when she first realized how wack Laurie was right from the beginning of meeting her, she knew she was like this is crazy. Um so we will hear more of Cheryl's thoughts later now Charles and Laura are married and they decided to move to Arizona, which means joseph also had to move to Arizona because he had to be, they had to live within a certain distance from each other, just so that Kylie was able to see both of them. Now we're going to talk about JJ, he's the other child in this. Um So this is like really confusing how this just bear with me.

So Charles has a sister, her name is K and she's married to Larry, so Kay and Larry. Um Kaye's son Who's Charles Nephew, so he has a son and he can't take care of him. I didn't really read much about him, but Kay and Larry decided to adopt him. His name is J. J. He was born in 2012. Um so they had their own business, so they were super busy. They were like working all the time and Soon after he was born, they realized that he had autism and they just came to the conclusion that with their lifestyle and always working, they wouldn't be able to give him the best care that they could. Um, so um in 2013 Charles and Lori adopted him. That's nice of them. Yeah, super nice. And then they said, well by we're moving to Hawaii. Oh yeah, so with the kid with both kids with tightly and JJ, okay, JJ's out. JJ is out, he's sipping pina coladas on the beach. You don't care. He's having a good time. He said, I like this family.

So this is in 2014 JJ is to at this point and Tiley just to those are virgin Pina. Yes, yes, they are. He's too and tightly is 12 and they actually had a really good relationship. They were super close and tightly was really protective of him. They loved each other. That's so sweet. You know, I love a good like sibling moment, right? I didn't have those moments. My brother just chokes. Deal with no kidding. Yeah, literally, we're cool, we're cool now, but when he was 12 he just would ruin me. Oh they're living in Hawaii there, working in Hawaii, they have like a juice bar or something going on and before they moved, Charles was like a very wealthy investment person, so he was making good money. Um Laurie was unemployed when she was married to him, so he was, he was definitely making good money. They're in Hawaii and Laurie reads this book series called standing in Holy Places written by chad gable.

And so friends of lorries were saying that this is when she became obsessed with this guy chat after reading, became obsessed with the author of the books. Yes. Okay, interesting. Yes. So she becomes obsessed with him. All the books were categorized as exciting prophecies, events that still must occur before the Second Coming. So like the Second Coming of jesus christ, this is what they believed in. They just Yeah, so he believed in everything that she believed in um which was very, very extreme for For what she practiced. Not everyone believed in the same things. So um they realized that they weren't making a lot of money in Hawaii, they decided to move back to Arizona in 2016. But the next big thing that happens is in 2018 is actually happened on my birthday. April three, Joseph Ryan dies from what was originally named, a heart attack.

That's what they said happened to him at first. So this is where all of the mysterious death surrounding Laurie start to happen. The first of several said for all some weird stuff buckle up. So after he died, Lori did not contact any of his family members. She didn't tell anyone, nobody, nobody. She refused to claim the body. She refused an autopsy. Everything like she wanted nothing to do with any of it. Oh my God. So no one claimed the body. So they cremated him and they were like they were like we needed no, no, they were like we need to figure out who the student is like whatever. And so they eventually end up I think they called like his brother but five weeks after he died they contacted them. Oh my God that's like over a month he was cremated before they even knew he was said oh my gosh they didn't even have time to see his body. Right?

Nothing they would have buried. They said that they would have buried him obviously they would have had a funeral and everything. And my God, he didn't get anything like that's terrible. Yeah and Lori was being sketch about it like would not talk to anyone about it and you know, you could think maybe oh she just hated him because of you know what he did or whatever what he supposedly did. But it's just messed up. Yeah. So last year joe's sister, Anne gave investigators a recording of Lori talking about killing joseph earlier this year, they declared that he did indeed die of natural causes, but not everyone is convinced. So anne actually started a petition recently. We're going to put it up on our website for you guys to go sign. Um She's just petitioning for them to reopen the case investigate further because she still thinks that Laurie had something to do with it. I mean I'm with her. That's sketchy as heck.

I know and for it to go from heart attack to like, okay, well it was natural causes to, you know, I don't know, just seems a process to me. Okay, so that's one down, We're one down or one down at the end of the year, um, is Lauri and the author chad, their first documented public connection, I guess you would say So they appeared on a podcast together called Time to Warrior up the podcast was with preparing a people. Their website claims that they prepare the people of this earth for the second coming of jesus christ and they put on what they described as a series of lectures, events focusing on self reliance and personal preparation. Sounds like a cult that sounds Like Kool Aid seven, serious little cultish, you know, we're going to talk about, we're going to switch over to chad real quick, get to know, get to know chad.

So chad devil was born in Pravo or provo Chaz Provo Chad was born in Utah on August 11, And chad was close with his grandfather and his grandfather taught him that heaven sends messages to those on earth and that really stuck with him, especially after his grandfather passed away, Chad actually had two near death experiences that he said really opened his eyes and made him believe in that further. Yeah, that's scary. Yeah. Um at 17, he wrote that he had a near death experience while cliff jumping and that he crossed into another dimension and realized there was a world beyond this one. That's what he said, I don't know what happens when you die. So I can't really say, I didn't even know what happens when you have a near death. So he could have, he was somewhere, he was crossing another dimension, I don't know, he was doing some other thing. Yeah. And then in his early twenties he said he was hit by an enormous wave at the beach in California and while his body was being tossed around, his spirit was visiting with his grandfather who showed him future events involving his still unborn Children.

Um Yeah, wow, speechless, yep. I don't know. So these experiences are kind of what became the inspiration for his book, his first book, Living on the edge of Heaven. So you know, he ends up writing a bunch of books and that's how Laurie knew who he was and became so obsessed with him. So chad met Tommy Douglas the summer after her freshman year at BYU and they got married in the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. So he had a Wife, he did have a wife. They yeah, he had a wife, they got married in 1990 which was right before Laurie married her first husband. Um and he loved her, like he described her as his soulmate. Like everyone said they were super cute together and like that he just adored her. Um She was working as a secretary for the Springville Utah parks department And Chad was just finishing school. He ended up graduating in 92 with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

They had five Children together. So this is really cute. They started their own publishing company together, sips coffee called Spring Creek Book Company. Um They later end up relocating Idaho and they took the business with them. So a lot of the authors they ended up publishing had written to them about their own near death experiences. So that's how chad kind of brought them on. And he alternated between working as a writer and publisher and digging graves and caring for cemetery grounds as a sexton. So, he was a writer. Publisher by day, he was a grave digger by night. That is transition in your day. Somebody say foreshadowing. Uh hold. So he wrote about his cemetery experience in one of the books he wrote in 2001, ended up being published in 2019. Um if you want to read it, it's called one ft in the Grave The strange but true adventures of a cemetery sexton.

I will not be reading, but congratulations to him. A fictionalized version of his daughter, Emma appeared in several of his books, which I don't know. I found that to be quite odd. I mean, you love your kids, you love your kids, but I just hurt. Yeah, you had four other kids. And if anybody's read this books, please let me know what the fictionalized version of his daughter did because I wouldn't know if it's weird. So TME raised the kids um once they had kids, she was working as a computer teacher at an elementary school. She mostly took care of them while Chad was working. They lived in Springville up until 2014. So this is when they decided to move to Idaho because Chad said that the spirit told him to move there. Oh okay. Well I don't know who this the spirit is, but he said get up, take your family to your business and go to Rexburg Idaho.

And he said okay, he said potatoes man. So he said that the spirit told him that it would be a blessing to his Children and his future grandchildren to move there. So he started also speaking at the preparing of people conferences. If you remember, those are the people who put on the podcast that he went on with me. So he started speaking at those conferences and that's actually how they met. He told one of his authors that he had signed that he publishes for her name is julie that he had an out of body experience at home and that he had been acting differently ever since. And he was talking about past lives and all this weird stuff. She said he was acting totally different ever since it happened. So this was Like the beginning of 2018 when he was like speaking at these conferences. Um this is right around the time that Lawrie's third husband dies. And you know, they never received a full autopsy like nothing whatever. So chad was speaking at a conference in ST George Utah later in 2018 and this is the one that he met Lori at.

So he told her that they had been married in a past life. Okay. Yeah. And the friend who spoke about this interaction also said that chad had a separate phone that he used to speak to Lori. A trap phone, a trap phone, essentially a burner. He had a burner. Um and the friend also claimed that chad told her that he had made a portal in lorries closet so the two could interact spiritually, you wanna know what I thought you were going to say what you made a portal and I was like oh oh no, what did you think I was going to say? We're talking about Dirty 30 films. Oh no, no, I got nervous and portal portal. I mean still weird, they're in a portal. Still weird. I don't know what they're doing in that portal right there interacting spiritually. Uh So yeah, she said that they often spoke about their beliefs where they concluded that they each had a special role to play in the end of the world.

So chad and Laurie said that they were chosen by God and that this was their assignment that they had to carry out. Oh boy that yeah so things are like especially their escalate quickly. Yeah so the friend also said that she described chad as being the hand and Lori as being the puppet. Okay. Um and the friend was on that podcast episode with them actually. Um They took that podcast episode down. They should but I know you can listen to it somewhere on the internet places. Um And keep in mind Laurie was still married to Charles at this time. Like when that portal was in her closet and stuff, child would go away on business on the weekends and so she was she was home and going. She was, she was in portals with other met, she was Portland and Portland. Yeah, she was portal in Yeah, I don't, I don't know. But they both actually believe that their spouses were going to die in car accidents like so that they could be together like they were leaving the earth to let them be together.

I don't think that's how no, no, you did not die in car accidents show enough. So two months after that podcast, It's February 2019. So Lori comes home and she says to Charles that she no longer cares for him or J J the baby The baby, he was not a baby at this time, he was seven but still baby. So in the same month Charles said, I buy I'm filing for divorce and he said that Lori was not herself and at this point she was lost. Like she was gone. He said that she viewed herself as a God preparing for the second coming of christ it was a God. Now that's what she's claiming. Yeah. He said, yeah. He said that she said she would kill him if he got in her way. He said that he feared for his life at this point. Like he called the police and he was like, my wife is not good.

Like she's not okay. I'm scared. I'm worried about my kids like blah blah blah blah. And they were like, All right, we're going to do a psych evil and I don't know if she knew what she was doing. She's sociopath, she manipulates something, but she passed, it was fine. Yeah. So Charles was on a business trip, he was coming back. Um, so she took $35,000 out of their joint bank account. She canceled his return flight home so he had to go buy a new one and then he finally gets home and she stole his truck. So his truck wasn't at the airport for him to get home like this. Poor man. Damn he got the shit end of that stuff. They all did like just wait. I don't there's been enough just you've had enough. Just hold on. Okay so at this point he's just like Sketched out. He had a $1 million dollar life insurance policy.

Oh I bet he did. He did. I bet he did. But he was smart because he changed the beneficiary from being Laurie to being his sister. Okay I love him because all he cared about was those kids and he knew that if he changed it to k she would take care of the Children it would be good. He was smart. I'm glad that he was able to do this. So they are in court going through the divorce. His attorney said that he expressed genuine fear for his life and they got an order of protection against Laurie Bello. Um And once again main concern was the kids. He wanted the same for Tiley. He wanted Jt to be okay. Wanted the same for Tyler. But she wasn't as involved in the court proceedings just because she wasn't his biological child. Like he didn't adopt or anything like that. But he was JJ's adopted dad. So in the weeks of the proceedings, Lori disappeared for 58 days. Wait, Whoa.

58, days disappeared. People was like, she was open and portal somewhere. I don't she was in the portal but she was just leaving the Children with other people. Okay. No one really knows where she was, what she was doing. I don't know. But I'm not so sure about this. It's March now and Charles actually dropped the divorce proceedings and he said he wanted to try and make the marriage work because he's a good guy. He deserves better. He does. I don't get it. Why did he want to go back? You shouldn't have gone back. He shouldn't have because she was like, I'm going to kill you won't. Well, so they're trying to make things work somewhere a couple months later they end up being just like separated. Like they're living in different houses and put together, they're probably going to get divorced at this point. It like wasn't it stopped not being able to work. So we're getting into the summer. So remember when I brought up Laurie's sister who passed away?

Yeah, Stacy. So she had a nice Melanie, Laurie got her involved in all of this. And so in june Melanie's husband, Brandon um filed for divorce and he went on facebook just spilling, like he went off on facebook, he said he said Melanie fall Laurie into this cold and all this stuff, he was saying all this stuff about Lori, like we can put the screen shot of it on the website. So Melanie was brainwashed and Brandon was like by so we're going to hear a little bit more about him later, but I just wanted to kill you. And yeah, that's that's on the timeline. So a couple weeks later, Lori's brother Alex, he's in the picture a few weeks after Brandon files for divorce from Melanie Alex. Lori's brother from before. Guy with the Taser, he shot and killed Charles below. Well, Vala was going to pick up JJ Oh so what is this guy half with Lori?

Well so he was claiming that it was self defense. He said that he went to confront gallo about abusing his sister which once again she's going around saying yeah yeah so I don't there is nowhere keeps telling him yeah that he's people are abusing her so he just starts wilding out on people. He does indeed. Yes, okay. But he said it was self defense. He said he went to confront him and he said that Charles struck him in the head with a bat. So he went inside to his room to go get his gun, know what you had time to leave, get a gun and come back. That's not self defense sir, you could have stayed in the house, Charles used to be a professional baseball player, so if he struck you in the head you'd be gone, you'd be dead, you'd be dead. And like he was fine, he was fine, you know, he was fine.

Oh my but the cops said okay. Yeah, it was self defense and he was never charged and then the way it gets better, the neighbors said that they had a pool party later that day at the house. They had a pool party literally while it was happening tightly saw all of this. Like the kids were there because Lori was, she was going to take tightly somewhere. So they were literally just chilling in the driveway. Like they were both present. I am in shock. Like how traumatizing is that. Lori was literally just like, okay, well I'm going to go take, take her here now. She literally no emotion, no reaction, no nothing. The rule of pool party. Okay. All right, I'm gonna go grill some hot dogs, like nothing to say. So once again, she didn't inform any of Charles family, including his Children from his previous marriage and like they spent a lot of time around her because he had joint custody with his ex wife.

So they wouldn't be over. Like Lori was kind of like their mother figure. Obviously they had Cheryl, but the weekends that Charles was out of town, like they still went and stayed if it was like their weekend to be there, they were still there. So they were with Gloria, she just did not care or pay any attention to them. Um and you know, the family members were trying to call her and text her about like what the hell happened? Like what's going on with Charles? Like blah blah blah and she just would not respond to them. She wouldn't tell them anything. I don't get it. Like sis you look, you look sent size like you oh my gosh! It's like she's so narcissistic to the point where she's like I can do all this and I don't even need to cover it up or act like she's like I will get away with it. Well you do remember she is a God, she is a god, She's a god. Don't forget it, I will not forget it. Summer is ending and by the end of august early september Laurie decides to move the kids to Rexburg Idaho, okay who else lives in Rexburg Idaho.

Um The portal. Yeah chad devil lives in Rexburg, Idaho, K. K. And larry. Um They said that the last time they spoke to J J was on august 10th right before the family moved. I guess the landlord told them after the shooting like you need to get out of here. So they did have to move, they didn't have to move to Idaho where chad David was, but they did have to move. Um, and Tiley was just going to move in with a friend in saying Arizona, but she said that she wanted to stay with JJ, so she went with no, yeah, such a good system, you know, So there in Idaho now, Laurie enrolls JJ in school on September three. he last appeared in class on September 23 and Lawrie unenrolled him the next day. She told them that she's going to home school him now and this was the last time he was ever seen. So boy, the exact day that Tiley disappeared or whatever is unknown.

Um, police think it was around the same time, there are reports that said, people saw her going into yellow stone national park with Lori and some other family members that was really the last sighting of her the day after september 24th. Now, Laurie told JJ's babysitter that she doesn't need them anymore and she told the babysitter J. J. Is going to go stay with his grandmother in Arizona not be home schooled by her. Yeah, so she's telling a few different stories this situations are happening. Yeah. So one week after Laurie rents a 10 by 10 storage unit. Um so footage at the storage unit showed her visiting nine times that month of October, she visited with a man several times. That man is believed to be her brother Alex. He also visited a few times by himself. The brother. Okay. That's weird enough as it is. Remember Melanie lorries niece spaces daughter.

So On October two. So this is like the day after she rented that storage unit, Her estranged husband Brandon, the one who went off on facebook reported being shot outside of his home and he said that the bullet missed his head by inches and get this. He said that the shooter was driving a car that was registered to Charles val. Oh but he was already dead. Oh my gosh, so Brandon believes that it was Alex cox who was driving that car who shot him or tried to shoot him. Lori's brother definitely tried to shoot him. So Laurie never reported her Children missing And she and chad were actually telling people several different false narratives as we saw before. I mean she was already telling the school and the babysitter two different things. But um they were telling people that Tiley had actually died two years prior in 2017, 2 years. Yeah, Chad told someone else that Laurie had no Children under the age of 18.

Like they were saying literally anything on october 9th chad's wife tammy called police saying that someone in a ski mask was attempting to shoot her with a paintball gun. And 10 days later the family called 911 to report that TME had died in her sleep in her sleep in her sleep. 10 days after someone tried to shoot her with a paintball gun. So chad refused an autopsy and the death was ruled natural. So authorities ended up after everything happens with this case, authorities ended up exhuming her body and they were looking into her death to see if she was poisoned. They still have not Said anything about it. But authorities did learn that he collected over $400,000 from her death. Oh mm, suspicious. Mm hmm. So on October 25, a friend of tiles reported that she received a text message from Tiley. It said hi miss you guys too dot dot dot.

Love you L. U. B. I love you. Okay. Are we sure that was Tiley? So now that to me is out of the picture. Yeah. Um Laurie and to get married in Hawaii. Um back in Hawaii. Yeah, not exactly sure the day, but it's within a few weeks after that text was sent, they do know that 17 days before Danny died a wedding ring was purchased for $36 off of Charles valois amazon account. Why does they said please catch me? They said please. They are just begging staying. I mean big spenders too big spenders. Listen right here. If my future husband even thinks I'm not ordering me $36 ring off Amazon.

You'll never know. You know who you are. How will they know? So a few weeks later, um, november 26 K and larry call the police and they are like, we have not heard from our grandson JJ in months so please go from a welfare check, Lori and Chadli and they said that the kids were in Arizona staying with family and please call and they were like uh they're like, wait a second, no, because she is the one who reported it. So the next day they come back they have a search warrant. But at this point Laurie and chad were gone, oh gosh! They jumped right in that portal. They jumped right in that portal. The end of this month people are getting married like Alex cox got married, um, Melanie remarries uh and her new husband, Ian said to police that Melanie had been told by chad and Lori that like JJ and Tiley had been possessed and had become zombies, zombies.

Yes, they said that they were human bodies that have had their original spirits force from them and they have been possessed by either a demon, a disembodied spirit or a worm or a slug. I'm gonna go with the slug. Like what is the slice? I can't even like you can't make this shit up. I feel like they are making it sounds so I'll be Children. So absurd slugs. She was possessed by a demon, a spirit or slug like, hey, you never know about those slugs. I just so Melanie also allegedly told Ian that she was worried that Alex cox may have had to take care of the kids. Oh so the brother took care of the kids. That's her uncle to like she's saying to her new husband like she thinks he did it week after this there a girl named Melanie this is not the same Melanie, this is someone who got double Melanie's.

Yeah so she was friends with chad and Lori she was in the Church of Latter day Saints or whatever and she went to those conferences and stuff but she did not believe and what they believed and she was like this is a whole other thing like I am not a part of this, I want no part of this. And She called the Rexburg Police Department and told them that Chad and Lori called her on November 26 and asked her to lie about JJ's whereabouts. So go Melanie like oh my gosh yeah good for her. Yeah A couple of weeks after this on December 11 Tammy's body is exhumed and the Fremont County Sheriff's office ruled her death is suspicious. Um the results is results have still not been released but they did announce that they finished it on February four of this year. Oh my gosh, I can't wait for that to come out and be itching. I know. So the next day Alex cox was found dead in Arizona. Oh I feel like I just keep spewing.

I know. I'm like wait it was one day after another. Okay, so that's the brother who it was most likely behind all of this. Yeah, he was possessed by a demon or a slug to I guess the slugs got the best of him. Okay so he's gone. He's gone. It was eventually ruled a blood clot. I don't really care though. By suspicious Or not. I don't care choices. So then on December 20 the Rexburg Police Department announced that highly and JJ are missing and that their disappearance may possibly be linked to the suspicious death of tammy devil. Okay, I would agree with that. They're onto something here. I know and it just is this whole thing is upsetting but it's upsetting to me that they were missing in september and this was so messy. It took them far too long. Yeah, because nobody reported them. I know, but like, like it was literally because of Melanie and because of K and Larry Jill we Yeah, So the day after on December 21 is when they named Lori and chad officially as persons of interest in the case.

Just a reminder, this does not mean that they are suspects there are persons of interest. Okay, so they're being looked at but they were the only ones being looked at what that's where we're going to leave up. Oh you left me right on that cliff. Uh I was ready to die. I so on the next episode we're going to get more into missing Children. We're going to hear where they are. We're going to hear the aftermath of a few of the deaths that have occurred. I mean we need a body count at this point because oh don't worry, it'll it'll all be, everything will be on the website. Oh gosh, we're going to talk about the trials that um actually as of the other day were delayed again. Oh yeah, I remember you say. Yeah. So I think the next important day in the in the hearing is like somewhere in june and then the official trial was going to, it's going to yeah, there will be updates but that's they're not gonna be able to start it until the fall.

But um there could be some good reasons for that. So we will get into that on the next episode and then we will also get into kind of like the psychology behind all of this. And yeah, we're going to get like a little profile Yeah, why, why, why Lord of the Way she is? Why did she do the things she did? Oh my goodness. But yeah, so that was part one of Laurie Vallo. I am hooked. Like I feel like a little fish with a thing in my cheek. I have no, yeah, hug in my cheek. Yeah, wow. So make sure that you head on over to part two to figure out what the heck is going on. Make sure you follow us on all of our social media is too, because we're going to post updates on their, whenever episodes are coming out. Any case updates that are happening in the present will post to there as well. So follow us on instagram, twitter babies bug.

We might have a Youtube channel come out. Let us know if that's something you guys are interested in because we don't know if that's a real thing. So let us know if you want to see that because we'll do it. Yes. I just need time in advance to prepare. You're going to see Grubby gonna be grubby as him. Erica burbs. Yeah. Follow us on everything. Just at crime on caffeine. It's the same on everything and our website is just simply crime on caffeine dot com. So all the resources from this case are going to be up there. All of our sources will be their photos, court documents. Um, a little cheat sheet as to who's who of the case will be there as well. We'll have like videos and audio recordings. Um, and make sure you subscribe, go on our website and subscribe to us as well. Just so that you know right away when we have episodes coming out. Yes. And don't forget to give us ratings On all of the places you find podcasts, itunes, Spotify.

You know the deal five stars. If you're feeling lucky if you're not four is fine. But that's that's all we will under that you're done and we are gonna alternate. So Alison is going to do the episode after per two. Oh and do I got a doozy for you as well. Again, thank you so much for listening to our first podcast episode. Just hanging out with us having a cup of coffee and you know, spilling the tea, spilling the tea or the sea. But like crime. She didn't want me to say it, but I said it anyway.

MURDERED: Tylee Ryan & J.J. Vallow Part 1
MURDERED: Tylee Ryan & J.J. Vallow Part 1
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