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Demonstration of Power Day 3

by Lucy Paynter
August 11th 2021
1 Now as they spoke to the people, the priests, the captain of the temple, and the Sadducees came upon them, 2 being greatly disturbed that they taught the people and preached in Jesus the resurrectio... More
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The work they do is really most dangerous form of rock. You know the they work in the most conflict reading zones in the world. Maybe these people spent the best of their time reporting from the front lines from inside the war zones. And as I was watching this documentary, I wondered do they train for war to be in the front line? Because they push themselves closer to the bottle closer to the danger and the carnage just to get a clear picture. Every single moment in the field is always a chance for them to push themselves hard to go even further to survive the day's battle. So then they can cover the next in the US.

I believe that their passion and why they keep doing this because they must have a calling, why they do it. It's not necessarily for money. Why else would you put your life in danger? I believe that most of these journalists, they do that so that they can bear witness to the suffering of the civilians and give them a voice. They allow themselves to be vulnerable to fill the losses of the severity civilians. Yeah. And this is that the cost of their psychological, their physical well, well being wait. And because of this, this journalist, this war journalists have changed the causes of walls with your len tress, boldness and commitment. Some of the greatest revolutions in history in both the secular and religious aspect have come at high cost and it's because someone somewhere had a conviction that what they were doing was right.

So today I just used the war journalists those correspondence and what they do to give voices to the voiceless because they have a great conviction and what they do is what it as a base of where we're going today in the Book of Acts, Chapter four that's 1 to 2 of the bible says while Peter and john was speaking to the people, they were confronted by the priests, the captains of the temple God and some of the produces these leaders were very disturbed that Peter and john were teaching the people that through jesus, there is a resurrection of the dead. They arrested them since it was already evening put them in jail until money, But many of the people who had their message believed it. So the number of the men who believed now totaled about 5000 the next day.

The council of the old duras and elders and teachers of religion, religious law met in Jerusalem and as the high priest Als there along with Kiefer's, john alexander and other relatives of the high priest, they brought in the two disciples and demanded by water power or in whose name have you done this? And Peter field with the holy spirit said to them rulers and elders of all people have we been questioned today because we have done a good deed for a crippled man. Do you want to know how he was healed? Let me clearly state to all of you and to all the people of Israel that he was healed by the powerful name of Jesus christ of Nazareth, the man you crucified but whom God raised from the dead. For Jesus is the one referred to in the scriptures where it says the stones that you build us rejected has now become the cornerstone.

There is Salvation in no one else. God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved, wow you know yesterday where we stopped, it was just such a beautiful, beautiful testimony of inclusion. A testimony of healing and look continues to present us with a picture of what happened after Peter and john had healed the lame man, the leaders of the temple gang up against them. The bible says they were disturbed because these two disciples were teaching the dangerous idea of this election, an idea who spread they thought they had stopped by crucifying jesus so they arrested them. They intimidated them. They handled them roughly.

And I want you to remember that these institutions had existed for hundreds of years. They post poison themselves against their posters and the new group of converts. They they're they're resting and all this did not come from. You know, the non believers. No, these other people who had the power to dictate the law and their religion and they had just declared war against their pastors. I want you to see the ton of events after the outpouring. But the bible says that despite all this intimidation and opposition, the number of believers still Increased and Grieved to 5000. From the initial 3000, the Spirit of God was still at work cutting across hearts, bringing people in conviction.

Despite all this opposition, Hallelujah Mhm. On one side, the guardians of the jewish faith, the same people who had crucified jesus. Now they had their posters before them ensure of power and interpretation demanding to know by what name, by what power are you acting. I want us to see a demonstration of power through the response of Peter. Mhm rather than been in to be dated by the shore of power by the authorities that are standing before him. The bible says Peter filled with the Holy Spirit roles in baldness and addressed them directly Hallelujah. He reinstated the very exclusive claims of jesus christ that made them crucify him.

Peter preached to them the same jesus, they had rejected the same jesus, they had crucified, he did not marry, proclaimed jesus as the way of salvation, but as the only way. What a demonstration of power. This is a level of confidence, a level of conviction that only the Holy Spirit can provide. You know, it takes a lot of confidence to face the very people setting you up for prosecution and indicting them in their own trial. And I want us to see how significant it is because this is the same period who had denied jesus before a servant girl and there he is facing the religious and see for authorities with such confidence and witnessing jesus before them.

This is what the spirit of God does in us. This is how he manifest in us. He instills the confidence and boldness to witness christ, even in the face of opposition. You know, the right to teach was a reserve of the priests, only them and those approved by them could teach people then we see Peter and john teaching the people a doctrine that was supposed to ward. They're christians who are teaching the Holy Spirit gives us the bawdiness to break barriers to take on grounds. People have feared taken on before to preach against vices that people have feared preaching against before. This was the Spirit of God demonstrating his power through there a posters and we cannot assume or ignore the change in Peter's character during this exchange.

You know, unlike the old, you know, mm to cameras, peter unpredictable. We see in the gospels who chopped off a God's ear. You know, we see a very calm, a pasta, a very different Peter can enough to acknowledge the authority of the courts before presenting his case. You know, it's like I was reading this and it's like he's saying all protocols observed before I answer your question. You know this cam boldness was not from natural instinct. Peter had changed. There was a huge transformation in the a posters after the outpouring even their personalities changed and I'm getting excited as I pray today that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit continues among us, that he may dwell within us and instill the confidence to testify, jesus, even in the face of adversity that he may instill in us that come in boldness that he instilled in the imposters so that the word of our testimony may cause a star in the hearts of the people until all who converse with us, know that indeed we have been with jesus, May, the spirit of God make us bold enough to call out the pride and the corruption that is ruling May he instilled in us that relentless baldness and conviction about our calling, and even in the face of fear and intimidation, we will declare the power and the name by which we have been called the power and the name of Jesus until the world knows for a fact.

There is no other name by which salvation shall come, but by the name of jesus christ. Amen Amen Shalom. This is Pastor lucy painter with your daily insights and this is demonstration of power. Day three. Amen.

Demonstration of Power Day 3
Demonstration of Power Day 3
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