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Demonstration of Power Day 1

by Lucy Paynter
August 9th 2021
1 Corinthians 2:4-6, Paul tells the Corinthians, “My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest... More
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Mhm So we humans when conditions are set right, are very valuable and that is why you find people subscribing to insanely extreme ideologies and beliefs take for example the people who joined counts the world, they get sucked up into the things they do and the practices they defend do not make sense to anyone outside of those cards. And yet as bizarre as those ideologies are cows still managed to suck up fairly normal and healthy people. And I will add even very educated people, cults have a culture of love bombing in their initial stages to recruit. They flood their targets with flattery validation and affection. They capitalize on making you feel special and unique. They target people who are most substantive able to recruitment people who are emotionally vulnerable youth who are trying to form their identity, people who are under certain stress and need, but people who can be manipulated to further the goal of the occult.

Yeah, cult recruiters are pretty persuasive individuals because they have an agenda to settle and that's how members of Heaven's gate were convinced that by committing mass suicide they would leave their bodily containers and enter into the spaceship behind the hill bob comet. That is how the leader of the branch Davidians managed to convince his followers that he was the messiah and all the women who are his spiritual wives. So I've just named but a few okay, which we have seen the effect and it's sad outcome. But it's so sad to note that even in our day to day living the cults that are still blooming that are still recruiting and so as we talk about the demonstration of power as we begin this topic and I pray that the spirit of the Lord is going to help us and we will be able to be a witness.

When you see demonstration of power, we will be able to be a witness, which power is being demonstrated In the book of 1st Corinthians two. That's 46 Paul tells the Corinthians my message and my preaching. We're not with wise and persuasive words, but with and demonstration of the Spirit's power so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God's power. We do however, speak a message of wisdom among the mature but not the wisdom of this age. All of the rulers of this age who are coming to nothing. You know, as we talk about Persuasion, it's good to understand that Paul was one of the most persuasive preachers in the history of the church. I've taken a course in public speaking and one of the uh skills or styles of speaking is persuasive.

So he was one of the persuasive preachers. Yet we see him in this text stating, but he did not rely on his own ability to persuade people. Paul acknowledges that neither his style of teaching nor the content of his teaching was so good that it could appeal to the test of the Corinthians. The result of his teachings were attributed not, but not attributed to human skill, but to the spirit of God as the source of the power and success Paul acknowledged how insufficient he was. I still preach the whole council of God. And this is what we as believers. And if you are a minister of the Word of God, we should ask for this to preach nothing but christ until people are brought to believe into the salvation of their souls. Paul did not bring men to believe with enticing words and his persuasive reasoning mm he did not use flour early nurse to captivate and charm people into believing his message.

And this oratory efficiency was something that the Greeks of his time held high in regard. And yet paul disregarded this notion to let the Spirit of God fun ish the evidence of the origin of what he was preaching. He let the Holy Spirit demonstrate his power through the gifts of time through miracles and the conversion that followed his teaching. It was through divine power and the efficacy that souls were converted. When the human effort could not have worked. I want you to look and see this when the power of the Holy Spirit is in effect, lives are transformed. He diffuses through heart. His work is demonstrated. There is no greater demonstration that when a lost sinner is brought to the piece of the cross paul demonstrated here.

The difference between human ways and God's way paul uses persuasion to move people uses it's not porn. People uses persuasion to move mine. God. On the other hand uses demonstration to move the mind of the people, demonstration. Lives absolutely no doubt about the workings of the Holy Spirit. It inspires implicit faith and conversion, and all this is exhibited in words by the work of the Holy Spirit, Hallelujah, I want to say that all this is exhibited in words by the work the Holy Spirit does in the heart and it is outward today by the performance of miracles. So whatever the work the Holy Spirit is doing inside, it is brought outside, it is manifested outside by the miracles.

And I want you to just grasp, get the topic that the lesson that paul is trying to teach us today and the church in courage. That rhetoric and logic only persuade weekly and they only appeal to the affections rather than inspiring understanding and sound judgment. It leads us to make conclusions based on natural principles. And this is why Paul avoided using his own wisdom list. He falls into temptation of demonstrating the concept of the gospel based on the principles of natural resource only. And let me note this and put a disclaimer here, Paul was not again studying the word of the Lord, but he was again studying it for Mayor ornamental value and the application of our wisdom in order to push our own ideas instead of letting the Holy Spirit direct the work that is his to direct.

And so Paul was advocating is that we speak intelligibly so that people may understand that we may make a conclusion from scripture principles that we base our preaching on the principles of revelation and build what is spiritual upon what is spiritual this way. Even when we use our natural reasoning, it will always be to illustrate and confirm what is already confirmed by divine revelation holiday. Do I know there is a place for intelligence? Yes, we should be intelligent to our listeners decent and reasonable enough. We should speak the truth boldly, but we should never twist the gospel in the hope of making comforts. And as I say this as I come to the conclusion, it is rather unfortunately that some of the preaching strategies in today are founded in on human wisdom.

They are centered on emotions, entertainment in human nature which on face value yield great response. But from the spiritual standpoint, this tactics do not yield results for the kingdom of God. Some of us ministers of the world in this generation. Uh it is sad because some used deception to rule people into the church under the girl of winning them to christ, forgetting that what they draw people with is what will they will be drawn to if ever that thing is no longer available for them. They will go right back to what they were before. Because human wisdom that was used to persuade them into that church can also be used to persuade them all of it. Mm I know today's deep stuff.

Yeah, because we are going to look deeper into the demonstration of power. So while Paul is not desperate to appeal to the Corinthians love for human wisdom, his message is loaded with wisdom that one who thinks with a kind of mind may not design. He says we do however, speak a message of wisdom among the mature see, paul used a language that is listener I could understand depending on whether they are the new believers so long to those who could chill hard foods. He gave hard foods to those who needed soft foods. He gave swords food. The heated wisdom best told by the Holy Spirit upon him and enabled him to make this distinction when we let the Holy Spirit take charge the plain facts of the gospel that tend to be re parent to human nature. Human intellect.

Start to elicit the conviction we seek to see in the people. And it is my prayer that we aspire to bring people to the Kingdom of God through things that are off the kingdom that we seek to bring people to the Kingdom of God. Not through persuasive arguments but through surrendering to the will of the Spirit of God so that he can use us to appeal to the concert science and to cut through their hearts and produce the change of heart that only he can bring. I know this introduction is quite loaded but I pray the Holy Spirit is going to make you understand what he's saying to the church and to you as a believer in jesus name shall um this is pastor, lucy painter and this is demonstration of power. They were. Mhm.

Demonstration of Power Day 1
Demonstration of Power Day 1
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