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Outpouring Day 4

by Lucy Paynter
August 5th 2021
Acts 2:1-13  When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitt... More
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Don't ask me if I know cars. I love cards. It's line work is one of the most noticeable aspect of its appearance from there. From its an aesthetic standpoint, one glance at the curvature of its body and receipts, a sibling feeling Its body is simply one beautiful piece of art. But let me tell you the chrome and the sleek as the F150 body is, it is nothing without what sits inside that body without the engine. That body is useless in the car world. That body gets its meaning when the engine is installed, it's the engine that makes their luffy lolly car. The car. Yeah, so the apostles we have covered in the last three days who are probably the most noticeable people in Jerusalem.

Their association with the messiah drew a lot of attention to them. And as we saw in the second day of the out powering series, jesus commanded them to wait in Jerusalem until when the Holy Spirit would come. They had spent years with jesus. They had been shaped and prepared to receive the Holy Spirit the helper. They were perfect vessels for the Holy Spirit and time had come for the engine, the driving force to be instilled in them. So the bible says, and we continue in the Book of Arts chapter two verse 1 to 13 that when the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tanks of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the spirit enabled them. Now there was staying in Jerusalem. God fearing jews from every nation under Heaven. When they had this sound a crowd came together in bewilderment because each one had their own language being spoken utterly amazed. They asked are in this who were speaking galilean moons. Then how is it that each of us hear them in our native language. Pavilions, murders and ella might residents of Mesopotamia judea and cambodia porters in asia, padilla and papa leah Egypt and other parts of Libya near sarin, visitors from Rome, both jews and comforts of judaizing creations And Arabs, we hear them declare the wonders of God in our own tongues, amazed and perplexed, They asked one another, what does this mean?

Some however made fun of them and say they have had too much wine in jewish tradition. The Pentecost was referred to as the day of the first fruit. It was the day when the first fruits of the wheat harvest were presented to the Lord. So the day also coincided with the day on which moses received the commandment and I find it that it is no wonder that God chose this day to release his spirit of grace a day when pilgrims would be gathered in Jerusalem from different places to celebrate a day when what was about to happen was going to be experienced by disciples in seclusion, but it is going to be with nest by so many. So I believe that it was a strategically picked today so that the testimony of what was about to happen would be more than their posters word this was the birth of the church as we know it and God made sure that they will be witnesses to that, You know, the a posters had been tested when Jesus left their patience and unity had been tested over a 10 day wait, but the day of the promise of God to be fulfilled had finally come.

And I love how the Bible says that they were all together in one place they had remained of the same heart in their love and trust in God. When the spirit of the Lord came down, I pray that we will remain together brethren, we will remain together, we will remain united. It is my prayer you know and I love it that the Holy Spirit when he came down, he did not single them as I'm out, you know, they all felt the rush of the mighty wind that the Holy Spirit was released upon them in formation. They all had the tons of fire, the fire of purification resting on them. I don't think the disciples could have imagined the extent of the promise they had been given in Acts 18. They could not have fathomed the kind of power that Jesus was telling them they would receive because they all knew of the works of the Holy Spirit was what they had witnessed when jesus was with them.

But we see here that the moment the Holy Spirit was powered upon them, their ministry began right away. They began to minister to those who are present in their languages, languages, they had not speaking spoken before in their lives because when God signs off a mission, there is no delay, the a period of waiting had come to an end. They had been patient enough. They had prepared their hearts enough and God in his own time had clothed them with power from on high power to sustain the completion of the mission. He had started in them and the disciples and those who had attended the Pentecost festival had of course, hard of the ways that God had moved among the Israelites in the, in the past, you know, his presence could come as a thick cloud as lightning, a sound that is rolling a soft voice.

But never before had the presence of God presented in this way you know God in this time of revival and reformation of the body of christ after his accession moved in an extraordinary way. He powered out his spirit in a fresh and customary and dramatic way and my dear system, my dear brother, we are living in the times of extraordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit because we have been charged with taking the gospel to the final frontiers of the world and as the first outpouring happened during the feast of the harvest. So is the outpouring of our generation happening to effect the great harvest in the world. We have been given power like the like the one they're pastors received after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that led to the conversion of 3000 souls and many more after.

I know as I speak today many of us have been frustrated because we have at some point invested in prayer for the in feeling by the Holy Spirit didn't happen at the time and in the manner in which we expected it to happen. But the scripture we have right to the says that the outpouring was sudden. The Holy Spirit is not bound to our timing and techniques. He comes when he wills and he comes suddenly our duty is to bank on his indwelling presence and grace to pray diligently and persistently and to walking on beaches. You know I find it rather unfortunate that most of us when the time and pouring is of the spirit is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is speaking in tongues. But I want to caution ourselves again is limiting our expectation of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit to only speak in intense and I remember I mentioned this in day one, there is much more, so much more, so much more than a spirit of God best calls upon us.

And so as we conclude today out want us to open our hearts to experience the fullness of the spirit of God as the disciples did to let the fire of the spirit of God ignite a passion for the word of the Lord in us, A passion to witness, christ to the world, to let the allow this of the power of the spirit drown out our answer tonalities and the doubts are discussed about our calling until we are overflowing with courage, praises and zeal to witness christ Chalon This is passed to Lucy painter with your daily insights, and this is outpouring day four.

Outpouring Day 4
Outpouring Day 4
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