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Outpouring Day 1

by Lucy Paynter
August 2nd 2021
“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women... More
if you haven't heard about Anka, it is the easiest way to make a podcast, let me explain, it is free, there is a creation tool that allows you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer and then anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be hard on Spotify and apple podcast and many more you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listen ship, it is everything You need to make a broadcast in one place, so download the free anchor up or go to anchor F. M to get started mhm Yeah, good morning and welcome, this is pastor lucy painter with your daily insights and it is a new month and we thank God for the grace and we thank God for the fact that we have come in this daily inside program every morning, monday through friday 5 to 10 minutes of words of encouragement, inspiration, empowerment as we continue to serve the purposes of God in our generation today, I want to just talk about the day I was baptized, no prior to that day, I was going for discipleship classes and because I was still very young, I remember every end of the discipleship glasses, the people would be baptized but I would be held back because of my age and I would plead with the pastors in charge, please pop ties me, I've been going to the classes but I was still too young to be baptized because uh the baptism that I was going to undergo was the baptism of immersion, you know go down to the river and be baptist and they were afraid because I was still too young, but I remember after two years the bishop said no if the parents give consent, let her be baptized and so I remember was so excited when I knew finally my parents have given consent and I will be baptized and I was so excited and very prepared for baptism.

No, I, I have an older brother who I really love and he told me that night, you know what you need to spend the night on your knees because we are going to river china for those who who know river Chechnya in kenya, it's one of those, it's not the biggest, but it's one of the big rivers in kenya, it was the biggest in the area we are living in and it was said to have hebrews according to the tales of my brother, he paused and crocodiles and if I had seen in my heart, oh if I had wronged god, the hippos and crocodiles would come from, you know when they would follow me and let me tell you, I didn't need any other incentive to spend the night on my knees repenting and prying. So I spent the night praying and asking God for forgiveness praying that this baptism is going to be the will of God and I'm going to fulfill all righteousness according to what the word of God says and according to what I've learned in the discipleship classes and the day finally came and we went, you know, we used to have the service by the river side, you know those days or I miss those days when it was baptism sunday and we would all go to the riverside, that's where the service would take place and I had my mom there to prepare me and it was time for me to go into the world.

The waters were called, the river was scary and my garden and when I got in, I remember I remember going in the water but immediately after going in the water yeah, I remember seeing the vision, I saw a vision. I don't remember how I came out of the water, I don't remember how I got in the dressing room but I remember I saw a vision and in this vision I saw angels, I believe they were angels because by then in my young mind mm the only people who would be dressed in white and so beautiful, they must have been dangerous and they came and gave me kids wrapped up so well so perfectly. Each angel who came to me in that vision gave me a gift and by the time I came to in the dressing room my mom was helping me change.

I was speaking in tongues. I was speaking in tongues, I was beginning tongues and I couldn't stop that is how I got it, that is how I got to speak in tongues. You know I used to hear people speaking tax and I used to wonder where do they get it from? Do you get to be trained to speak in tongues? Do do I have to imitate how they're doing it? You have to copy, but I got it from the river during baptism and this week we are going to be speaking about the outpouring the in feeling of the Holy Spirit. You know speaking in tongues is just one sign. This outpouring of this in feeling. It's just a sign. It's just a sign because the bible says that in the last day the Spirit of the Lord will be poured upon all fresh upon all flesh.

And so joining me this week as we start this journey to speak about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon no flesh shall. Um this is pastor was a painter with your daily insights and this is outpouring the one shalom. Uh huh mm

Outpouring Day 1
Outpouring Day 1
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