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Divine Experience Day 13

by Lucy Paynter
September 17th 2021
The Bible says His word is yes and amen. He completes the work He starts in us. He has always been there. Right there in that whirlwind with you. He’s there when you feel like you’re going to suffocat... More
Good morning and welcome. This is faster lucid painter with your daily insights and today I continue with our episodes, divine experience data it in I don't know if you have ever gone through a face in life where you feel like the bad and your current is becoming intolerable. You feel like you're suffocating, you are in a torrent of grief, you feel like you're being span in a wheel winder and you get to the point that job was in when he cast the day he was born, when he wished he had never lived. You begin to ask yourself if you really deserve what is happening to you. If you brought it upon yourself, you look at yourself and realize just how much you're broken and there's nothing you can do about it.

You've tried everything and nothing has worked. You've imagined every possible and and that doesn't seem to be any way you'll have a good ending. You become so entangled in pain and worries that you can sleep, you can't rest. And you start asking God, where are you in all this? Do you hear me when I call, Do you care that I'm going through this. The truth is, most of us have gotten to that point in our lives. I know I have I was there 19 or so years ago I questioned myself well, a question to my purpose in this life. I questions God's purpose for my life. I had no reason to go on. I had no reason to take the next breath And that's the story I want to share with you today because you see, we've talked about divine experiences for the last 12 days and we've looked at different people in the Bible who had their divine moments when they were at their worst when even hope didn't seem like a viable option for them and you know, sometimes we tend to think that these are things, but, but that happened ages ago, we forget that God still visits his people today.

Sometimes he gives people dramatic experiences. Sometimes it's not a ha, a ha moment, it can be a wild or a quiet turning point, but however it happens, this moment turned out to be some of the most compelling moments in our lives, yep, they say that vulnerability is encouraged the best versions of ourselves to come to the forefront to connect with us before whom we make ourselves visible and so today I'm going to share my own divine experience. Yeah, I'm gonna be vulnerable to you. Yeah. Something that happened 19 years ago at a time when all I wanted was for my world to stop. I was a young woman, five or four months pregnant with my daughter patients, so broke and broken, so afraid with no place to live.

I was really done with shame. I didn't know how I was going to survive. I got to the verge of giving up and I started contemplating suicide, but I couldn't figure out how I was going to do it. I thought the best way was stop myself to death. So I went to an isolated place in the outskirts of nakuru kenya and I hit their life had decided to make a mockery of me. I was peter beater with myself, better with the world. I was angry with God. How could he let this happen to me? How did he expect me to survive with a pregnant without anything to go by? And I stayed in a place for days alone, wishing for death.

And then one night feeling very weak, I thought to myself, this is it. Even if I'm not gonna swaddle peels or have myself, I'm not going to last Beyond this. That night. I thought this is gonna be my last. I had an experience whose details are as fresh 19 years down the line as they were that night. In a vision, I saw an angel of the Lord appeared to me and say, I am the Lord, I am with you. Nothing has happened without my knowledge. Behold you shall bring forth a baby girl and you shall name her patience. For after you have patiently endure what you will go through.

I will crown you with glory. They were so clear. I didn't have time to ask questions, but by the time he finished talking, I had stopped feeling societal. A ray of hope. Shut up in my heart. That presses that closeness, That voice of compassion took the baton of my shoulders. It relieved me of the baton of hopelessness, hopelessness that was wearing me down and on contemplation, I started getting the answers to the questions I had asked myself questions I had asked God when I felt abandoned when I felt like a lost child and I realized that God had been with me all along. He had been with me in that fire. He had had my most desolate cry.

He had a purpose for the life. I thought I had lost its purpose. He was not done with me. He cared, he understood. And so I left that place. The place I had gone to wait upon death like Elijah had done. I left and went to the nearest shopping center. I walked down the same path I had walked a few days ago wishing I would never have to work again. I saw the same faces I had wished I didn't have to see a few days ago. But the burden of shape and guild had been lifted away that night. The bitterness and hopelessness, helplessness. I had had all been taken away. I walked that path, a totally different person. I had just had a life altering experience and experience that would change my life entirely and send me on a new path in life.

I was come. I knew I'm not alone. Later on Amara pastor and after some minutes of talking with him, he told me that they had an opening in their church. They were looking for someone to stand in as a minister in the church and that is how I got an opening to continue serving as they were waiting to get a permanent pastor. And I look at my daughter today, the little girl whose name the Lord gave me when there was no scan to reveal the gender. I look at her 20 years later and remember that divine experience. I look at the journey of head as a minister from preaching in a small village to where I am ministering here, a charge in the US and I thank the Lord for his faithfulness.

The Bible says his word is yes and amen. He completes the work he starts in us. He has always been there right there in that will greet with you. He's there when you feel like you're going to suffocate from the pressure building around you. He has an answer. When you think there's no foreseeable answer, he has a way where you think there can be no more way he sees the future from the beginning. He has a purpose for your life. He hears you when you call, He cares when you think no one cares about you. He understands when no one else care. May he visit you in that turbulent storm. May he visit you, May he take away the burden. May he give you hard rest in jesus name.

Amen this is faster lucy painter with your daily insights and this is divine experience. The party shallow, Thank you For your continued support and encouragement to the making of the daily insights, reaching an average of 60 people a day with over 10,000 total place I invite you to partner with us by supporting this podcast through month three or one time donation. Your contribution will be used to sustain the episode subscription and hosting platform. My goal is to inspire and share inside for messages in our generation, Empowering one person at a time each day to continue serving the purposes of God in our generation.

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Divine Experience Day 13
Divine Experience Day 13
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