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Divine Experience Day 17

by Lucy Paynter
September 23rd 2021

On that night God appeared to Solomon, and said to him, “Ask! What shall I give you?” And Solomon said to God: “You have shown great mercy to David my father, and have made me king in his place. No... More

Good morning and welcome mrs past allusive painter with your daily insights and today we continue with our salaries divine experience. Yesterday I was speaking in a meeting and answering one of the questions I wondered about motive old, why would you were treated and you know, in life everything we do is inspired by something build a farmhouse to guarantee the safety and the well being of those who will be living in, you get to education insurance to secure the future judges administer justice to promote equity. We train people into the helping professions to validate human suffering.

We have different motivations for our actions, but I think that the best votings to actions are those that are not being reduced by the hope of personal benefit because this thing produce a final element into other choices. He needs us cherish an action for the food that you produce even with that good, but not directly benefit us. So I'm just going to cause all uh has killed. What is that? Actually? We did and it constantly but it didn't mind the past because after all in the future it will not necessarily benefit you. That's the benefit of humanity. Do you have such shelter, your life working activated? What's inside? All right. As a backdrop of the story you're about to meet today, we see Solomon gathering the Israelites and to give you to seek the Lord end of a sacrifice system.

Yeah. And Solomon offers 1000 bunch offerings to the world. This event mask the ceremonial beginning of Solomon's great. So we're going to read for the second corner because chapter one for 7 to 12 and it says that on that night, God appeared to some of them that said to me ask what shall I keep and several months to God you have shown great message maybe father and have made you king in his place. Now all Lord God let your promise to day with my father the establishment you have made me king over a people like the desk of the other multitude. Now give me wisdom and knowledge that I may go out and come in before the stupid for who can judge these people who is. And God said to someone because this was in your heart and you have not asked breaches or well or honor or the life of your enemies nor have you asked long life but you have asked used of knowledge for yourself.

But you may judge my people all the hope I have made you kill wisdom and knowledge granted to and I will give you riches and wealth and honor such as none of the kids have had, who was it for you? No one shall any after you have the life, wow, yep. It is worth noting that this visitation from God happened at the time that the act of the company was not in Israel, but the physical absence of the object that represented God's process did not hinder Sullivan from seeking the war and the bible tells us that in that state of devotion, in that act of sacrifice and humility. While Solomon was seeking the Lord, the Lord sought him to in the quiet of the night when he was alone, the Lord came to him.

The Lord sought Solomon and manifested himself to him. He manifested his divide responsiveness to hear. You know, we see instances in the bible where the Lord has spoken to his people when he has given commandments to these people. We see instances when the Lord has sent profits to his people. But there is something different. There is something special where the bible says that the Lord came to someone or appeared to someone. It is that fits something, it adds extra digital to the relationship. You know, it paints a picture of certain closeness, a certain level of compassion in this, of the world is present in a special way, that there is something extra about that presence. He comes to us when he is close to us, he draws near when he has moved, he draws near to confirm or establish a relationship with us.

You know, by offering sacrifices to the world. Solomon had been seeking access to the Lord. He wanted the presence of the Lord to be with him from the beginning of his grave and the Lord showed his approval of the relationship that Solomon was trying to establish, he proved to Solomon that even when the acquisitive present when there was nothing to show us proof of the Lord's presence, God still had access to his people, he still had access to Solomon. You know, we've seen the lot appearing to people in the form of thunder smoke. He has appeared to people in visions in a burning bush as a blinding light, as a still small voice. But he appeared to Solomon in a dream, he gave Solomon a unique experience as he does with us. Even today, he comes to us in different forms. It might be that great and approval.

You've been sick whatever where he shows up in, it is unmistakable. It has his name written all about it. I'm sure Solomon had had dreams before, but he realized that there was something different about this one. He knew this was no regulatory, he knew he was having a conversation with the world. The bible tells us that when the Lord taught Solomon asked, what shall I give you? Solomon replied, you have shown great Massey to daily and have made me king over his place, you know, give me wisdom so that I'm able to judge these people. Everyone in Israel knew about David's achievement. Solomon himself had seen the things his father had done and he had been left with such a great charge in his hands. He had a legacy to maintain, he knew he had to God and strengthen that legacy.

He had to enrich and enlarge that legacy. But how could he achieved that if he remained at the same level as its father. And so this is Solomon praying for something greater and worked his father head. He asked for wisdom and knowledge to govern the people. He asked for the one thing that will help him enlarge the heritage. He that received. The one thing that would help him do the what the Lord has given. His prayer was not inspired by selfishness. His choice was not induced by personal achievement. It was driven by a desire to do the right work the Lord had given him. It was driven by a desire that his reign may benefit the nation of Israel. And we see the lot in his response telling Solomon because this was in your heart. You haven't asked for riches or well or order.

No, I have been asked for long life. Now the wisdom and the knowledge are granted to you. I will give you riches and wealth and honor such as none of the kings have heard who were before you, nor shall any after. You have the like you see, someone had sought righteousness of the school. He had sought purity of the heart that he would be able to govern right, But they don't give you something great. He gave you more than he had thought. And this is something we should all seek after because when we seek the best, we find more than we see if we security of her, we seek to be right before the Lord. We seek what is right even for those around us. We get to experience the graciousness of our Lord that some women experience. If we pursue the good of others, we secure the end with design. Solomon had sought after the Lord with purity of heart.

He went before the Lord with a simple request. But look at the turn around, look at the turn around, look at the turn around. After that experience. He left the presence of a lot better than he had God he left with more than he had asked for. I pray that we may seek after the Lord with the intensity his seats. As with we may experience this kind of divine visitation, this kind of compassion, this kind of closeness with God. I pray that we may be able to recognize the presence of God. We may be able mhm to know when he shows up that we may not mistake his hand for the hand of men. That we may not mistake his intervention as the intervention of men. I pray that we may seek to enlarge to enrich the heritage that has been blessed on our hands.

That we may see quarters right before the Lord, so that we make we reward and with even greater things, maybe see graciousness of the soul. Maybe security of the heart when you go before the Lord and we will not leave his presence the same way we went in in jesus mighty there amen This is faster, lucy painter with your daily insight, and this is divine experience Day 17 shallow.

Divine Experience Day 17
Divine Experience Day 17
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