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Divine Experience Day 22

by Lucy Paynter
September 30th 2021
Divine Experience Episodes Have been Enlightening and Refreshing. As we come to the conclusion of this Season 51 share your favorite Episode! Use the voice message Link and we will include your experi... More
Good morning and welcome this is pastor lucy painter with your daily insights and we have been having a wonderful time refreshing moments as we learn about these divine experiences. We started with the divine moments that most has experienced at the burning bush. We've gone down all the way to the boy Isaac laying at the altar and I believe that this month of september it has been a learning experience for each of us and I believe that we have all had moments where the Lord has connected with us personally intimately and closely and so today I want to dedicate this day in the remaining days of the month two reflecting on what we have been learning of the divine experiences and just give each and every one of us an opportunity to share a divine experience.

You've had a moment with the Lord that you feel you want to share with us Yeah or something that you have learned through this month in this daily insight and you feel it is important for you to encourage the preference. So this is how we are going to do it. There is a link, you can click on a says message and on that link, you can record yourself for a minute or two and once I get that message, we are going to added to the episodes that are remaining and we can have a flavor of these experiences in the remaining days and I believe we are going to be blessed, we are going to be empowered. I just want to pray this moment and God is going to bless you father in jesus name.

We thank you. We honor you. We Exalt you. Thank you for revealing to us that you are the same yesterday, today and forever. And just like the way you connected with the people that we have encountered in this episodes in this season or Lord, you are still the same and you connect with us at the same way. Oh Lord, we open ourselves up to this invitation to this connection to this intimacy a lot that we may have moments with you experiences with you encounters with you. Oh God that our hearts, our Lord may be open to experience your Lord to know you more. Oh God to understand your Lord in ways that we've never understood, understood you before in the name of jesus christ and we thank you for those moments that you have visited the listeners of the daily insights all or the moments that you have encouraged, empowered, inspired and even given the grace to continue to your father.

We thank you Lord. We honor you Jehovah in the name of jesus. Even as we continue to share with one another of those moments when you moved, when you touched when you healed when you delivered or God, when you provide dear father, we will all testify and give you glory for you deserve all the glory. Dear Lord, we give you praise. We give you honor in jesus name. We pray amen any man a man. I believe you say the men with me and in this same episode you want to be the first. You want to be the second. You just click on the message link and record your message and I will add it and we can share together your experience as we continue to talk about this divine experiences in jesus name shall um this is pastor, lucy painter and this is the conclusion of the Divine Experience episodes We have a few more days before september is over.

Please don't keep quiet with your testimony, don't keep quiet with their experience, share with us and we will be blessed. Amen. Yeah.

Divine Experience Day 22
Divine Experience Day 22
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