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Battles Frontline Day 4

by Lucy Paynter
October 7th 2021
And it came to pass in the days of Amraphel king of Shinar, Arioch king of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer king of Elam, and Tidal king of nations, that they made war with Bera king of Sodom, Birsha king of Gom... More
Good morning and welcome. This is pastor loose a painter with your daily insights. Battles frontline throughout the history of wars and conflict. There have been numerous instances where smaller forces have worn against larger forces. Such victories turn out to be pivotal in these conflicts and become inspiration to other forces. Their heroic and remarkable nature become entrenched in their respective cultures. And some of these victories are attributed to an element of surprise complacency in the larger armies, better strategies, better training or even craftiness in the capture of belgrade by fritz killed Greenberg during world war two, it will say that fritz sneaked through the enemy lines past thousands of men into the city with just six men, fritz captured some trucks and yugoslav troops and paraded them as his own.

When he presented himself to the mayor on seeing the large force and I'm saying large force in quotes. The mayor surrendered to fritz forces. When the troops saw men putting up german flags around the city, they gave up thinking that it was a general surrender. So biblical war stories like every war story based on a conquest And domination. The story we are going to reach today begins at the end of a 12 year Dominion of confederation of kings of a group of other kingdoms. And I was doing my research and I realized that this is the first war again, this kingdom that was fought or recorded in the bible and this is in genesis Chapter 14. So as usual, let's go ahead and have our Dose of Reading Genesis. Chapter one That's 1 uh just genesis.

chapter 14 from this 1 to 24. And at that time when um raffle was king of Sheena aria, King of a Lhasa kendallo marking of Ellen and t the king of Gilan. These kings went to war against vera, King of Sodom, Bishop, King of Gorham, Gomorrah shine on King of Kadima, shame. Ebba king of the Boy, Anna and the king of Bella that is door. All these latter kings joined forces in the valley of Seeding that is the dead sea valley. for 12 years they had been subjected to kedo oma. But in the 13 Year the rebel in the 14th year Ketola Oma and the king's allied with him went out and defeated the re fights in a chateau rov cannot seem the zoo sites in harm.

The termites in Chavez carried I'm and the Hauritz in the hill country of Syria as far as El Paran near the desert. Then they turned back and went to Enmesh part that is kurdish and they conquered the whole territory of the family kites as well as the hemorrhoids who are living in has a zone tomorrow. Then the king of Sodom, the king of Gomorrah, the king of Ad MMA, the king of zubaya, the King of Bella that iso marched out and drew up their battle lines in the valley of Seeding against Kiddo low marking of Ellen Tedo king of G um um raffle King of china and are you king of Eliza four Kings against five. Now the valley of seeding was full of tar pits and when the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, some of the men fell into them and the rest fled to the heels.

The four Kings says all the goods of Sodom and Gomorrah and all their foods. Then they went away. They also carried off Barbara Abrams nephew Lord and his possession. Since he was living in solo. A man who had escaped came and reported this to Abram the Hebrew. Now Abram was living near the great trees of Mom Read the hemorrhoid, a brother of Ash coal and Anna, All of whom were allied with abraham. When Abraham had that his laxative had been taken captive, he called out the 318 trained men born in his household and went in pursuit as far as done during the night, Abram divided his men to attack them and he routed them, pursuing them. As far as Khobar north of Damascus, he recovered all the goods and brought back his lucrative Lord and his possession together with the women and the other people and other people.

After Abraham returned from defeating Kendallo, Oma and the king's allied with him. The king of Sodom came out to meet him in the valley of Shah V. That is the king's valley, then Melky Zedek King of Salem brought out bread and wine. He was Priest of God most high and he blessed Obra saying, blessed be Abram by God most high creator of heaven and art and praise be to God most high Who delivered your enemies into your hand. Then Abram gave him a 10th of everything. The king of Sodom said to Abram give me the people and keep the goods for yourself. But Abram said to the king of Sodom with raised hands, I have soon an oath to the Lord God most high creator of the heaven and art that I will accept nothing belonging to you, not even a thread or a strap over Sando so that you will never be able to say I made Obra rich.

I will accept nothing but what my men have eaten and the share that belongs to the men who went with me to a nail esco and mama let them have their share wow. Uh so this was an interesting read with a lot of tough names to pronounce. But I I invited to read at your own time genesis chapter 14 and just practice pronouncing these king's name and the territories. It's quite interesting. So the five kings mentioned in this story joined against kim cheddar Roma and the other three kings who supported him because they wanted to be free of this Dominion. And I was looking through this and archaeologists have documented the plundering and destruction that these kings left behind in their attacks. They wiped out entire populations. They shattered monuments down, they laid the entire countryside to waste and left the entire area looking like an abandoned cemetery.

And the bible says that during the wars, the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled leaving the king Kendall Aroma and another king at the masses of the revolting kings. And when Lord Abraham nephew was captured, Abram had to get involved. And so he gathered 318 men and went in pursuit. And I can't help but feel that Abraham after living with these people anticipated that something like this could happen. And so he kept an army ready. He must have been training these people and the word of the Lord says that Abram divided his army and attacked the revolting kings by night. He rescued Lord and recovered his possession. So now I want you to imagine and I don't know if you can imagine the size of the army that Abram was against. These were five kings, each with his own army. And on the other hand, he had only 300 and 18 men.

But Abram had military wisdom. He planned and executed his plan well, but beyond his plan strategy, You see a man who was willing to leave his comfort and happiness to go after. A man who had willingly decided to go and dwell among evil men. You know, you know the story about how Lord decided to go and dwell in Sarona, We see a man who went the whole distance, A man who was willing to go through so much trouble and pull someone out of danger out of bondage? I don't know how many of us would be this daring to go after? Someone who has literally condemned themselves into the state they're in. Some of us would say, why should I bother preaching to them? It's not like they haven't heard the word of God before and rejected it. Why should I help them out of something they got themselves into? You know, sometimes we don't even try. You look at someone's condition and tell yourself this is too much for me.

Someone is lost in addiction. But you tell yourself, nah, there's no way I'm getting involved in something like this. You know, sometimes all it takes is a little show of solidarity. A little effort and we can set into motion that the help that someone needs. The Obra took the first step in towards him like an impossible quest. He put together the little army he had and went in pursuit 318 men Against five full armies. And I want you to take note that Abraham victory did not take place in a vacuum. He had trained his men. He had prepared and dedicated them for this purpose. That should there be ever conflict between him and the tribes surrounding him. He wouldn't be caught off guard. He would be prepared to fight back. And I want to ask you today. How much do you invest in prayer?

How much do you invest in preparation for spiritual war. Do you have a team that can stand by you in the front line? Do you have a supposed system that can you can count on to hold you up in prayer or emotionally, economically or even physically? Or do you live in isolation? As we come to the end of the test to see Abraham having a conversation with the two kids who came to meet him after the victory, we see the King of Sodom giving Abraham a financial proposition. He wants them to divide the process of war among themselves. But A gram sees through him and refuses to benefit from the misfortune of others. You see, you know sometimes we help people. We stand by them in their times of need. But when we want when we water all that done by seeking to be recognized for the help we offered, we want to be featured every time their story is mentioned, it should not be like that.

Abram helped lot. He helped the four kings recover what they had lost and left it at that. He wanted the credit for his success to go to the Lord. And this is what we see in the conversation that Abraham head will milk. Isn't that the King of Salem? The king blesses him and praises the Lord for delivering Abraham enemies into his hand. We say the other day that we are in a battle with forces greater than ourselves. We cannot afford to sit down and wait until they shall attack. We must train ourselves. We must prepare through prayer. Through the word of God, we must have a team that can fight alongside us, a team that can stop what they're doing to stand with us when we need them. And since not all of us are strong enough to withstand this barrel, I pray that we may be willing to come to the rescue of both in need. May we not hold back when a brother and a sister needs help in kind and in prayer.

And like Abraham's victory didn't happen in a vacuum when you have something that the Lord can work with just enough faith to get on your feet, enough faith to put what you have to work and let the Lord use it to bring victory in jesus name shall. Um, this is faster lucy painter with your daily insight And this is batters. Frontline. Day four

Battles Frontline Day 4
Battles Frontline Day 4
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