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Protocol of His Presence Day 5

by Lucy Paynter
November 5th 2021
I watched as thrones were put in place and the Ancient One sat down to judge. His clothing was as white as snow, his hair like purest wool. He sat on a fiery throne with wheels of blazing fire, and a ... More
mm Good morning and welcome. This is pastor lucy painter with your daily insights. As we conclude this week's episodes in our ongoing series of protocols, all these presents. I want us to look at something that has constantly featured in the past episodes and one that is going to feature in the remaining ones. I want us to look at the idea and symbolism of Thrones. Whenever there's a talk of kings, queens and kingdoms, the mention of a throne is almost inevitable. You see Thrones are more than those iron, stone, bronze, wooden or golden sits. There are more than the covering fabric, Thrones are seats of authority. The assembles of stability and sovereignity.

It is a place from which authority and laws spring from. Mhm perpetual itty and endurance is the essence of the nature of a throne drones are symbols of a power that can outlast the ending and flow of public opinion, a power that can remain unshaken in. When waves of change strike a power that can tame the conspirators, They are built on the principles of stability and sovereignty and the mayor appearance overthrown and the person that sits on it is supposed to communicate something, something that demands, respect ana and reference. And today I want us to see why those who make reference to the throne of God do so in so much detailed.

So go with me in the book of daniel and let's see what daniel saw when he had a vision of the throne in daniel seven verse 9 to 10. The bible says, I watched as prunes were put in place and the agent one sat down to judge his clothing was as white as snow, His hair like purest wool. He sat on a fear. We thrown with wheels of blazing fire and a river of fire was pouring out, flowing from his presence. Millions of angels ministered to him. Many millions stood to attend him. Then the court began its sessions and the books were opened.

Mhm mhm. We began this episode with speaking about the throne as a symbol of power and authority. And we see in these two verses Daniel giving us the setup of the heavenly Thrones. And while he doesn't give us the identity of those who are to sit on the rest of the Thrones, one is clearly meant for the Agent one daniel doesn't even tell us how many additional troops was Sarah. But I think from our reading yesterday We can tell the identity of those who are meant to sit on these Thrones because from what we read yesterday, a postal job says in revelation for 2-11 and I instantly so in the spirit, I saw a throne in heaven and someone was sitting on it and one sitting on the throne was brilliant as gemstone like jasper and candling and the glow of a member and circled his throne like rainbow 24 Thrones surrounded him and 24 elders surround them and just when I read that that because we read this yesterday and so this might have been the identity of those who are meant to sit on the rest of the throats.

And as we go on with vast nine where we read in Daniel, Daniel says That the Agent one sat down to judge. You know, when you read the old testament, you realize that age was something that was venerated. Old egg stood for something. People looked up to elders for wisdom the same way we do today. And I think this is why Daniel makes reference to the age of the one who sat on the throne. He was the one from the asian of days. The attribute of age expresses the statelessness of the one who sat on the throne. It signifies the dignified and impressive form in which God revealed himself. This was the eternal judge who has been from everlasting who is and shall be forever.

And this is why Daniel mentioned that he was from the Agent. He was speaking of his wisdom and power, he is the all knowing God. Remember, we said yesterday that we cannot follow protocol. When we do not understand where were we are? We cannot accord the glory and the sovereignity of God. It is do when we do not understand the extent of it. Daniel knew that it was standing before the very embodiment of an internal and external wisdom, the eternal wisdom of God. And we see him giving a description of the appearance of the one who sat on the throne, A description as detailed as that of is a here and opposed to john, he says that his clothing was as white as snow. His hair like purest wool.

And we know that in the bible white signifies purity. It is a symbol of one who is sinless. And so it signifies the transported righteousness of his proceedings. Sam's 104 C's That the Lord Wraps himself in light as with a garment. He stretches out the heavens like a tent and fast, John 15 says this is the message we have heard from him and declares to you, God is light in him. There is no darkness at all. This is the this is the presence before which daniel stood. He was in the presence of righteousness itself before the one who is infinitely pure. He was before God's righteousness. And he says that his hair was like purist all, a symbol of eternity and maturity of gods cancel a sign that his decisions are right and true.

This is a presence. We walk into every time we bow our heads or kneel to pray. This is the God. We call to every day. The God who dresses in righteousness, the infinitely pure God. They're all knowing God, a God who knows what lies in our heart, even before we express it, A God whose wisdom and decisions are unquestionable and these are the things we are supposed to be conscious of before we approach his throne and then Daniel says that he sat on a fear. We thrown with wheels of blazing fire and the river of fire was pouring out, flowing from his presence. I'm not going to ignore that. I'm trying to imagine and visualize that it's terrifying.

You know, fire was the same number of God's presence and I know it still is. God appeared to Abraham as a smoking Farnese and a flaming torch. He spoke to moses from a burning bush. He descended upon Mount Sinai in fire. He led the Israelites with a pillar of fire and you see the images presented here, a fierce fiery, a fiery throne, wheels of fire and a stream of fire suggest an enormous power. There a manifestation of God's splendor and the fears heat of his judgment And hebrews two of 29 says our God is a consuming, consume me. Sorry. And the fact that he was not consumed by this fire attest to this.

Can we even begin to comprehend the greatness of this power. Do we even take time to think about the greatness of the God who has given us free and unlimited access to him? This is the power, this is the throne we approach literally every day, every minute and we see towards the end of today's reading, Daniel says something that really took me back surprise to me as I was reading and researching, he says, millions of angels ministered to him many millions stood to attend him? Then the courts began its sessions and the books were open. These millions of servants are attending to the asian world giving tributes to his grandeur and glory.

This was a throne room. This is a throne room. Let me not call it was because it still is, this is a throne room established for the purpose of rendering judgment and there is continued worship. This is the throne room we approach when we call upon the Lord millions, millions of servants, Arthur, millions of angels are there, this is the parent. We stand before every day and as we conclude today, I want to call upon all of us to take time and reflect on these things. I want us to take time and reflect on the greatness, the grandeur, the holiness and the sovereignity over God because when we understand who our God is, when we understand the extent of his power, we will know how to approach him, we will reevaluate in our hat his place and I called him the honor the glory, the reverence that is due to him Alone in jesus mighty name Shaolin.

This is Pastor lucy painter With your daily insights and this is protocol of his presence. Day five. Mhm mm hmm mhm glorious Power Church is inviting you to a refresher and equipping summit. There is credit on Saturday November six 2021 sunday november 7th 2021. The schedule is as follows. We will have a fellowship breakfast on saturday from nine a.m. To 12 p.m. Are you a pastor? A leader who feels that you need refreshment? This is the place to be mark your calendar on that saturday. After having the fellowship breakfast, we will have an outreach program from three PM to five PM and then the same saturday evening with the youths.

We will have an evening aflame From seven pm to nine pm On Sunday, the Sunday service will be as usual at 11 a.m. Then that sunday afternoon come on with your dancing shoes and ready to raise your hands up and praise the Lord. There shall be appraised concert from three p.m. All these will be happening at 40 vinyl square not transferred massachusetts, the zip code 01863. And for those who are very far you're not able to attend in person. It will be broadcasted live on all our social platform, virtual platform at glorious power charge dot org Come be refreshed, be equipped.

This is where we serve the purposes of God in our generation shalem mm

Protocol of His Presence Day 5
Protocol of His Presence Day 5
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