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Protocol of His Presence Day 8

by Lucy Paynter
November 10th 2021
The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; The God of glory thunders; The Lord is over many waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful; The voice of the Lord is full of majesty. The voice of the Lord br... More
Good morning and welcome. This is pastor, lucy painter with your daily insights. And for the past seven days we've been talking about contemplating recognizing, acknowledging being conscious about the character of God. In attempt to understand why there are protocols of being in his presence. The word of God has been constantly reminding us to be aware of the greatness of our Lord so that we might know how to approach such greatness. You know, if you read Sam's written by David, you realize that nothing that has got a name on it was lost to him. He contemplated on the expressions of God's power in great detail. He listened, he watched the vast expanse of the natural universe as it brought forth the declaration of the greatness and power of God and in them he witnessed the outstanding majesty of the Lord God.

And so David's Sams are not just pathetic expeditions. His praises to the Lord. We're not just rituals. He contemplated, he reflected on every bit of it. He was conscious to what he was talking about. He was conscious to what he was writing. He is called a man after God's heart because he didn't stop where everybody else stopped in the knowledge of God. He sought after a relationship with the Lord. He sought to understand the heart of God and a man like this would know who God really is. A man like this would know how to approach the presence of God because he has known God on a personal level. And so today as we continue with our talk on the protocols of being in the presence of God. I want us to look at something that David talks about in such great details.

The voice of the Lord. You know, what should it mean to us? What should it inspire in us? What does this have to do with the protocols we are talking about? Yeah. And so as we continue With Sam's 29. Yeah. The same text that we have been reading mm From vast 3 - nine. It says The voice of the Lord echoes about the sea. The God of Glory thunders the Lord Landers over the Mighty sea. The voice of the Lord is powerful. The voice of the Lord is majestic. The voice of the Lord splits the mighty cedars. The Lord shatters the cedars of Lebanon that he makes Lebanon's mountains keep like cuffs.

He makes mont harmon leap like a young wild ox. The voice of the Lord strikes with bolts of lightning. The voice of the Lord makes the barren wilderness quick the Lord shakes the wilderness of kaddish. The voice of the Lord twists mighty oaks and strips the forest bear in his temple. Everyone shouts glory, wow! This sounds we are ready. Mhm Contains seven description of how the strength and the authority of God is expressed through his voice. The first description expresses God's or the recitative Dominion over the waters. David here tells us that the Lord reigns Sovereign over all the waters below and above. That the voice of the Lord is in the clapping of plunder, that his voice.

His word controls the movement of the waters and the clapping of thunder and so strong is the Voice of the Lord. So strong are his words, that they hold sway over the seas and the thunder. And I know if you have ever had a thunderbolt, you know that it is, it sound drowns out all other voices, that it surpasses all other sounds. And like the sound of thunder, the Voice of the Lord is all inspiring. It is independent of the influences of man. It is infinitely beyond any limits below the sun and above the heavens. This is what David is calling upon us to reflect on the greatness, the majesty of a voice with this kind of power and influence. You know, the Israelites were not a seafaring people.

There's no record of there being ships and boats during the time of David. And so oceans and what David calls the mighty sea were all inspiring phenomena. She must have been seen as dangerous. And for bolding. Yet David realized that the Voice of the Lord was even more powerful. That terrain over this mighty waters that is glorious are passed to the gender. David knew that the Lord was the master of this great symbols of power. And from verse four, we see David describing Father the Voice of the Lord of Creation. He says that his voice splits and shatters the mighty cedars of Lebanon. You know the cedars of Lebanon were well known for their great size and strength. Their wood was used to construct palaces and temples. The abundance of sea that was seen as a sign of prosperity and parents.

But David says that the voice of the Lord is so strong that it breaks this mighty trees that it is splinters them and sends the mount Harmon and the mountains of Lebanon into flight. I don't know if you ever witness a gold bolt of lightning strike a tree. The damage is instant lightning turns the liquid inside the tree into gas and it's back explodes and in some instant trees instances the tree just shuttles the object. Omni importance of God is here expressed in the thunderbolt and in the quivering movement of lightning. This is the kind of power that the voice of the Lord holds. This is the kind of imagery that David wants us to contemplate on. When we think about the power of God. Yes, David says The voice of the Lord makes the barren wilderness of card ish chic.

His voice is like a storm on the sides of the desserts. Yeah, I read this and I thought about those wheel weeds. Yeah, it's a foreign name where you used to call those weeds. Uh the wheel hoods, they move around and just carry everything around. It's a funny name in my, in my language, I'm not gonna mention it. But if you know my language, I know you you have have an idea what I'm talking about. His voice is like a storm on the sands of the desert. It just rips through the desert to the farthest end the ground, the trees and the beast of kaddish all feel the power of the Lord's voice. This is the kind of power ascribed to the voice of the Lord. This is a voice powerful enough to knock down everything that stands in its way.

A voice that reaches the most desolate of places where it would seem there is no presence of God and turn it inside out. And what can we say in the presence of such great power? What can we do in the face of such a display of power? What can we do but fall down in adoration? What can we do but approach his presence in humility and admiration. You see when we say we are going before the Lord, this is the kind of power we are thinking about approaching. When we say we are calling upon the Lord, this is a kind of power we are calling out to. This is why we are talking about protocol because we need to come before the Lord with proper understanding of his greatness. We can only develop that deeper, more intimate relationship with God when we understand him, when we understand that it is an honor to come before the throne of God, that it is a privilege to be allowed access to a God who wields such power.

How can we not approach his throne with reverence? And in all it's only when we understand the majesty and the sovereignity of our God that we draw near the throne of mercy with confidence. We can only pray and inhibited and with absolute trust. When we understand the extent of the power of our God, I pray that we may contemplate on these things before we go into the launch presence. I pray that we may learn to approach his glow this power, these penitents with humility and with toro surrender that we may approach the throne of Master with confidence knowing that we are going before the almighty God and his voice is enough for us shall um this is pastor lucy painter with your daily insulin And this is crucial, Carrabba's presence.

Day eight Amen.

Protocol of His Presence Day 8
Protocol of His Presence Day 8
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