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Protocol of His Presence Day 9

by Lucy Paynter
November 11th 2021
The voice of the Lord makes the doe labor and give birth And strips the forests bare; And in His temple all are saying, “Glory!” Psalms 29:9 AMP Leviticus 10:3 Among those who approach me I will be ... More
mm hmm, mm hmm, mm. Good morning and welcome. This is Pastor lucy painter with your daily insight yesterday, which was day eight of this series of the protocols of the Lord's presence. We read about the display of the Lord's power through his voice. As it was described by David in Psalms 29. We saw the awe inspiring expression of God's authoritative Dominion over the waters and in the clapping of thunder we saw that the voice of the Lord splits and shatters the mighty cedars of Lebanon. It makes the mountains take flight before him. We say that his voice is like a stone on the sides of the desert, that the voice of the Lord reaches the farthest and the most desolate places.

You see the full extent of the power of the Lord makes the wild tremble. It makes the hot melts with thin from within from without all just say the heart melts. It makes men hide their face. It is as fearful as it is all inspiring. But then the question becomes, what do we do in the presence of such power? Do we run and hide alongside the world? Do we run in shame from our inadequacy before the eyes of the Lord? Do we run away from this mighty presence? How exactly are we supposed to respond to this greatness and holiness? Why does the Lord manifest his power to us? What does he want us to do with this knowledge? So we're talking about the protocol of being in the presence of the Lord and we say the good number of times now that we must understand the power and the greatness before which we are called to stand so that we may respond the right way so that we may accord the Lord God the honor and reverence that is due to him.

And so today I want us to see what David said about the response of those who are in the presence of the Lord after the manifestation of the power of the Lord's voice that we read yesterday, David writes in Sam's 29 1st nine that the voice of the Lord twists mighty oaks and strips the forest bear in his temple. Everyone shouts glory. I want us to focus today. Yeah. To be on the response of those who are in the temple in his temple, everyone shouts glory. You see what we read yesterday is bound to inspire both or and fear. Imagine a voice like Atlanta bolt A voice like our lightning like a storm sweeping across the wilderness.

No one would dare stand in the way of a power like this. In fact, many of us would tremble and hide from it. But David brings out this picture and tells us of a different reaction from those who are in the temple. After witnessing all this, they are filled with all as the internet world trembles and suffers from the manifestation of the Lord's power. Those in the temple are engaged in praise when the world is trembling under the token of God's power. These people are under the grace of his presence there in the place of privilege, receiving the comfortable influence of his mercy. They are invited to a place of safety and comfort to worship and exalt the Lord God in his sanctuary.

And when these people discover the exact lint, majesty and power of the Lord, their fear of God does not send them away in flight with the mountains and the deer. It brings them close in praise and adoration of the Lord. They shout glory And this is what the power of the Lord does to those who seek to know him. It brings them closer, it inspires allegiance. It opens our eyes to the reasons for this manifestation and we see glory in the place of Fear. We see an inviting glory and flee towards it rather than away from it towards the hope that's said before us. We ran towards the glorious refugees Because we are indeed Children of the light as the Bible calls us in the fashions five or 8 and the Children do not fear their father's voice.

You see the forces of nature, the sky, they are the warriors, the trees all proclaim the glory of the Lord mm. Everything in the dwelling place of God declares the majesty and the glory of God the whole flame of nature. The angels are called on for praise. They speak of his glorious name. They speak of his glorious nature and works. They speak of his divine perfections and providence. Those who have heard the soul shaking voice of the Lord. Those who have felt the power of it, declare the glory of his press. They sing the beauty of his spirit. They acknowledge that the Lord is in a class by himself, in perfection and greatness and involved. This is why they shout glory as they watched the manifestation of Jehovah's majesty.

They marvel as the Lord reveals himself in all his irresistible power. And the Lord resists back the glory due to him and these thousands voices of a duration. This is why God manifest his power to us. So that we may understand so that we may get a glimpse of his essential nature, a glimpse of the solitude magnitude of his beauty, his might, his goodness, justice and honor. The word of God says in Leviticus 10 3 among those who approach me, I will be proved wholly in the sight of other people. I will be honored. This right Here is the reason why the Lord sanctions us into his presence. That we may behold his glory. And we must therefore approach with care with reverence and watchfulness.

We must approach his dwelling place in acknowledgement of his justice and in submission to a we must take into quiet contemplation of what the Lord has done when we are admitted into his glorious presence. We must not take his voice for granted. We must not take the manifestation of the Lord majesty for granted. For we are called to be witnesses to his deeds. We are called to reverence the Lord for his glory. In the assembly of his sets, we are called not to make the Lord glorious. Mhm. But to declare that he is, I want to repeat that again. We are called not to make the Lord glorious, but to declare that he is. We are called to vindicate and exalt the glory of God.

This is the ground and the goal of our salvation. We are talking about the protocols. We are talking about understanding how to approach the throne of mercy and we cannot even begin to do this right. If we cannot see if we cannot apprehend and re record with this kind of glory. But when we begin to appreciate the infinite beauty and the greatness of his manifold perfections. When we begin to appreciate the manifestation of his character, his wealth and his attributes, then we will approach his glory with all. When the world turns away in fear, we will draw near and worship him with understanding, we will recognize and respond to the glory of go right away, we will approach the place of mercy and grace and shout.

Glory. Glory! Knowing that we have indeed beheld glory shalom. This is faster lucy painter with your daily insight and this is a protocol of his presence. Day nine

Protocol of His Presence Day 9
Protocol of His Presence Day 9
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