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Protocol of His Presence Day 10

by Lucy Paynter
November 12th 2021
Honor the Lord, you heavenly beings; honor the Lord for his glory and strength. Honor the Lord for the glory of his name. Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness. The voice of the Lord echoes... More
Good morning and welcome. This is Pastor lucy painter with your daily insights. It's friday the end of the week and we have been talking about protocol of his presence, one of the grandest titles associated with God is the King of Kings. This is a title that indicates nothing. Shot of absolute Dominion. The mention of it should star respect worship and wonder. The ultimate serenity of God is a core part of his presence. The transcendent integrity of his reign communicates the essential nature of his goodness. I was thinking, is there a word like that? Goodness? You know, we talk of goodness. But is there a word like goodness?

Just think about it? His goodness. You've told me whether there's a word like that And David in Psalms 29 that we have been reading this week evokes an image of God that seeks to awaken our heart to the Lord's Majesty. An image that seeks to rekindle our desire to be under his lordship. And for the past two weeks we have seen that there are countries, reasons why the Lord God is worthy of all our claim, why we should find a sense of all, delight and honor in seeking him. And so as we continue to discuss the protocols of being in the presence of God, I want us to wrap up this week by looking at the lordship of God and you see in what where he rules and the way he demands for us to approach him in a sighted way.

So Some 29 has been so rich and I'll add you to take time and just read it Over again from verse 1 to 11, But verse 11 says, the Lord rules over the flood waters. The Lord reigns as king forever. The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace. I'm gonna read that part again. The Lord rules over the flood waters. The Lord reigns as king forever. The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace. David paints an interesting image of Jehovah sitting upon waters as keen and thrown high about the storm. You know, when we talk about floods, some of history's most destructive natural disasters without from heavy rains, busted dams or strong surges.

We know flats have been known to claim thousands of lives and even live entire cities in ruins. And yet David brings forth an image of God moderating, ruling over the most abandoned and violent out rushes of waters. I want you to just visualize that if you remember what we covered yesterday, after the temp test the thunder and the lightning. Those who are in the Lord's temple praised and worshiped him. They praise him in recognition of this. The Lord still restraints and overrules this violent and unceasing outpolls and thunders. He still reigns supreme as he did during the time of north in the most dreadful flood in the history of mankind.

He still sits at the helm of judicial sovereignity, Executive judgment and must. The Lord still sits as the eternal king as judge and guardian of these people. Even after the storm has passed. He rules, judging in rough and in my ship. And what David is telling us here is that the Lord presides over the power that produces such all that. It is not a matter of chance of fit. It doesn't happen by accident. But this is beyond any physical laws. You know those laws of gravity, Isaac Newton and all the other people who discovered those laws. No, it is beyond those physical laws that even such power is not without restraint. That this is not without a ruler.

That um it is the fury of the Tempest and the floods. The Lord sits and drone opponent that the Lord presides over it all. I'm just gonna post there. Let that sink in. Yeah. And then after describing the tempest with the Lord and thrown upon, David introduces a thought that brings the mind of the reader to outcome and confined in place. He says the Lord reigns as king forever. That even as the winds hole, as the thunder rolls and the flat sweep through the land in the midst of all that distress and commotion when it seems that the terrors of the storm would sweep everything away, there is a Count that can only be found by turning our focus to the one and drawn upon the clouds he that reigns forever and ever.

Who though he may permit afflictions only allows them to go so far and not an inch father. And in the next verse, David says, The Lord gives his people strength after the kind of commotion described in the previous verses, David assures that the Lord will support his people. That you will pressure them in terms of um and storms, that he will strengthen and fortify them. He is the everlasting king, the Almighty King and drawn upon the stump and he will furnish them. He will perfect a strength in their moments of weakness. This is how our God rules. This is the nature of his lordship. He is not a god of terror. His reign is for his people. His reign is a reign of peace. And he whose strength was expressed in the stone offers to impact his strength to his people.

He invites his people to partake in it. He is willing to endure them with a share of his mind. What a wonderful conclusion David gives us here that the Lord in his reign, is absently able to uphold his people, that he can defend them and he can protect them from all dangers. You see what David is telling us is that when we understand that God presides over everything that there is nothing that can happen behind his back, then we will most assuredly have no doubt that he can protect us. We will go through the worst Tempest with the assurance that his strength is enough to support us. And David closes this summer with a promise of peace after the struggle and contention. The Lord brings his people rest.

You Know, the kind of rest that hebrews 4 9 says that there is a special rest still waiting for the people of God. For all who have entered into God's rest have wrested from the labors the peace of God that Philippians 47 says transit. It's all understanding. David is assuring us that the same power that controls the storm is able to bring this piece that however, fears this tall marriage. The Lord will bring Count that over and be on the storm. He will give us eternal peace. This is the God we serve. This is the king. We approach every moment. The God who gives wings to the storm and carries us on his own wings. The God who executes judgment with a hand of Massey the King and warned upon the stone.

He who says in Jeremiah 5 22. Do you not fear me? Do you not tremble in my presence? For I have placed the sun as a boundary for the C an eternal decree. So it cannot cross over it. Though the waves stores Yet they cannot prevail though they roll yet they cannot cross over it. He presides over the stone. He sets boundaries for it. He is the God who strengthens and supports us. He fortifies and furnishes us. He is the everlasting king, the only king who invites his people to protecting his parents. He rules with peace. He reigns with compassion. He is the Lord Our strength and our peace sums 28 for 7-8 says the Lord is my strength and my shield.

My heart trusts in him and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy and with my song I will, praising the Lord is my strength is the strength of his people, A fortress of salvation for his anointed one. Let us approach, is drawn with thanksgiving for his eternal masses for his assurance. When it seems like there is no hope for us, let us run to him when we are weak. Let us rook to him when we are troubled for he is our fortress. He is our strength and peace. Me. These truths never be lost to us. When we call out his name made these truths never be lost to us. When we approach his truth, he is I was trained, he is our peace. This is our heritage in jesus mighty name shall.

Um This is Pastor, lucy painter with your daily insights and this is protocol of his presence. Day 10 Yeah

Protocol of His Presence Day 10
Protocol of His Presence Day 10
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