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Be There Day 2

by Lucy Paynter
December 28th 2021
And the Lord said unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, and be there: and I will give thee tables of stone, and a law, and commandments which I have written; that thou mayest teach them. Exodus 24... More
good morning and welcome. This is pastor lucy painter with your daily insights and today we continue with the topic be their day two. We said yesterday that God required of moses to not only go up to the mountain but to be there area on God had told the moment moses to come up the mountain and go down. But this time the Lord expected moses to come up and to be there. And so today we see how did moses prepare to be there to pay attention, to commit to be there and we're gonna learn from him. Remember yesterday I talked about how sometimes I would be in class and not be there at all. And I know and I've gotten feedback from some of the people.

They say they can identify with that. How sometimes they are in a place they're in a meeting yet their mind is wondering or sometimes you're praying and you're not there at all. You're not there. Uh your mind is not there, you're not there is emotionally, you're not there. But how can we practice the discipline of pink there when we are There. I hope it makes sense. So the Bible says in the book of Exodus chapter 24 after the Lord told moses to come up and be there moses rose up and his servant Joshua. He had a servant. Um, somebody who was helping him out and moses went up into the mountain of God. So he rose up. He was prepared and he went up and then this is how he set his heart. He set his mind to be there, he said unto the elders, terry you here for us until we come again unto you and behold Aaron and hur are with you.

If any man have any matters to do, let him come unto them. So moses knew, the only thing that can make me not to be fair is my responsibility. I have so much as a leader, I have so much upon my shoulders. I'm the judge. I'm the leader. I'm the one who resolves conflicts in the camp. I'm the one who judges the people. I'm the one who does the the decision making. And so if I have that weight upon my shoulders, if I have all those questions and all those things in my mind, I will not be able to be there as the Lord requires of me. And so moses makes sure before I go up the mountain I delegate, I will delegate to make sure that I have peace of mind. I have undivided attention. I am just very free.

I have cleared my schedule so that I am there as the Lord requires of me. So he speaks to the elders and tells them this is what I require. Nobody should bother me. Nobody should disturb me. This is my me time with God. God requires me to be there. I need to give him the time that he needs, I need to give him the attention that he needs. So any other business, anything else that needs attention should be passed on to Aaron and hold if anyone has a conflict. If anyone needs a decision made, let him go to Aaron and hold so that is how he prepared himself and we can learn from this. What are the things that makes you not be there? Let's talk about in our prayer life when we go for prayers when we say this is my quiet time.

Last week we talked about the prayer closet when you go to that prayer closet, when you decide this is my prayer time, what are the things that hinder you from being there? Maybe you are you you go for prayers and there you are and you you have some assignments, you have some schedules that are that that are just a crash program that are coming up and you can't even concentrate because your mind keeps wondering whether you are going to get caught up in the upcoming schedule. But we find morse is preparing because he knew that God required him to be there. So he he planned ahead of time. So this is a great lesson. How can you be their plan ahead of time, moses planned ahead of time and he was there and he went up into the mountain and the cloud covered the mountain and the glory of the Lord upon upon the mountain of Sinai and the cloud covered it.

Six days and the seventh day he called unto moses out of the midst of the cloud and the sight of the glory of the Lord was like devouring fire on the top of the mount, in the eyes of the Children of Israel and moses went up in the midst of the cloud and got him up into the mountain And Moses was in the mountain 40 days and 40 nights. Amazing! So something else we find here is that before the 40 days and 40 nights moses had to wait a little bit before the Lord called him up. He had to wait for six days. So he had to be patient patients and to to be patient. And this is something else that we need when the Lord says be there, we need to wait patiently and just be there not to be impatient. Today we're just gonna focus about being there in the presence of the Lord in our prayer life while dealing with God.

How can we be there in our prayer life? Let's talk about it when you go to church, are you there? You you go to charge your attend service are you there or are you just there physically and in the new norm you're just there in the virtue service yet you are there in the zoom service and yet you are on another. You know right now I know there are people who log in in a virtual service. You're logging in in your church and yet you wander off to other services all over the world. You're watching another service on facebook, you're watching another service on the tv. You are all over the place. So you are not there. So by the end of that one hour or two hours that you have set apart to be there. You have no idea what God spoke to you because you are there. Yes, it was a time dedicated for God but you're really not there.

You are all over the place. All over the place. So let's talk about it plan ahead when it is your time and the Lord it's your time with God be their plan ahead. Set apart the things that will distract you the things and they're not bad things because these are duties that are necessary. They're not unnecessary things. These are the daily work that moses was doing but he delegated he made sure that they are not going to affect his time with God. So I'm not saying we neglect do not neglect your daily duties but delegate so that you have time with the Lord to be there, be there. So today we're just gonna address that time with God, be there when you have dedicated it's time for prayers, be there when you have dedicated it's time for the service be there when you have dedicated it's time for worship, be there when you have dedicated it's time to study the word be fair and then from tomorrow let's talk about being there in our relationship with our family, with our people because just like we neglect being there for God because he is invisible.

The same thing applies to the people who we can see, who can touch, who can, who can feel our presence. So be fair in jesus name, shalom, this is pastor, lucy painter with your daily insights and this is be there day to.

Be There Day 2
Be There Day 2
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