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by Lucy Paynter
December 30th 2021
And he said, Let me go, I pray thee; for our family hath a sacrifice in the city; and my brother, he hath commanded me to be there: and now, if I have found favour in thine eyes, let me get away, I pr... More
Good morning and welcome. This is pastor, lucy painter with your daily insight and today we continue with the topic. Be there day four yesterday we flipped the coin and we saw the consequences of our absence, accusations will fall and blame will follow If you're not there, there are things that will happen and people will say if you had been here, this and this would not have happened. And today I want us to look at our priorities from the life of some best bodies. David and Jonathan. Let's talk about them. David was anointed to be king when he was just but a youth and King Saul was the one who was raining And we know about the story of David slain the giant Gore. If and immediately after that, the women had a song. They sang this beautiful chorus that David had killed tens of thousands and soul had killed just 1000 and out of that song sparked for jealousy and from their King Saul decided to kill David.

Let me take a take you back a little bit. Before they went to slay the giant David had gotten a gig in the palace because every time an evil spirit would possess king's soul. And the only thing that could soothe him was the playing of the hub, a music instrument that only David could play. So David had a gig in the palace and his work was to play the music when the evil spirit possessed the soul. So David and soul, we're not strangers in the valley. When he went to fight Goryeo, they knew each other because he was a guy who used to work in the palace. He was the guy who used to calm down the demons in King Saul. And here he comes after the great victory. The women are singing and there is King Saul looking at this young man and wondering who is he, who is he to take the glory and the evil spirit in King Saul decides I'm gonna slay him.

And several times he tried so David one time he's playing the hub and king and King Saul decides I'm gonna just throw the javelin the spear and pierced him on the wall and it misses him. And so David starts now living in fear and being cautious about his life. But in the process of all that he has a body Jonathan, the son of the king. The prince is his best buddy. And so they're talking and they're sharing everything that is going on and they love each other so dearly. And they come up with a plan. Say you know what Jonathan one day I see your dad is gonna kill me and they come up with a plan because a feast is coming and in this feast, every person who works in the palace is expected to sit at the table with the king. And so David tells Jonathan, let me not sit at the table because I'm thinking now your dad's anger is really wack a wack top, it's really boiling.

It's and your dad is planning to do something very bad to me. He might kill me. And they come up with a plan and say, okay, you don't show up. Don't show up the first day. Don't show up the second day. Don't show up that day. And when my dad asked, let's come up with a plan. This is what we are going to say. So they come up with a plan and we want to talk about the plan they came up with and why they came up with a plan. So I'm gonna read to you what they said when the king asked about David's absence from the table, this is what Jonathan said and he said, let me go. I pray thee for our family has a sacrifice in the city and my brother, he has commanded me to be there. And now, if I have found favor in your eyes, let me get away. I pray thee and see my bread friend. Therefore he come at note unto the king's table.

So King Saul asked, where is the son of Jesse? Why is he not sitting at the table? And can you imagine how many people are sitting at the table? I'm trying to imagine how many they are. There must be so many people working in the palace. But the king is like looking, I didn't notice David yesterday. I haven't seen David today. And so he asked Jonathan, a Jonathan, where is that, son of Jesse? Why is he not here? So Jonathan says what they had planned with David. He said, you know David asked for permission. He said that his family has a sacrifice in the city and his brother commanded him to be there. And he asked for permission if he has found favor in my eyes to let him go. Therefore he is not seated here because I gave him the permission to live. So I want you to look at what they came up with. It was a standard test. David's family have a sacrifice in the city.

They have a feast like this one we are having here and the brother wants him to be there and because it is family, I have given him permission. I have granted him leave of absence because it is family and his family needs him to be there. And that was the standard test that David and Jonathan came up with to measure whether skin Soul is really angry or determined to destroy David's life. Why? Because family comes first. If King Saul was genuine, he was supposed to understand that because it doesn't matter who you are. It doesn't matter whether you work for the king when your family needs you to be there, you were supposed to be guaranteed permission or leave of absence to go and be there for the family. So as a king, he was supposed to understand that David's family needed him to be fair.

And so they used the standard test to see whether King Saul was ready to kill David. And so I'm gonna leave the ending to you so that you can read and understand. And now let's talk about us. Here is David who works at the king's palace and he understands the importance of being there for the family and that's why he is using it as a standard test to test the waters and to understand whether he is in danger. What about us? What about our priorities? Is it the work that comes first or is it family when the family needs you to be there? Are you, are you courageous enough to speak to your boss and say my family needs me to be there? Or have you been So, so yes, yes. Person. You know, you know, you know there are people who are just a yes yes person. They they don't have the no word boundaries.

And if you missed my series on boundaries, I encourage you to check the episodes, the season of boundaries and learn about boundaries. Because if you don't know how to set boundaries, even at, at the place of work, you find yourself saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. That even your boss does not know you have family, wake you up at odd hours, even the hours you're supposed to be spending with your family, You're still there for the boss are not there for the family, but we need to set our priorities right. David and Jonathan knew this is a standard test because family comes first. You need to be there for the family. This is pastor lucy painter with your daily insight and this is be fair day for shalom. Before I leave today, we are starting the fourth annual Ladies Empowerment night.

So if you are a lady join us tonight from seven PM to nine PM Eastern Time. Ah you can check the flyer, which is the icon of the meeting the whole of this week, the icon of the meeting, the whole of this week has been a flyer of the Ladies Empowerment night, check it out for the details of the meeting and join us from tonight Shalom. Okay?

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