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Be There Day 5

by Lucy Paynter
December 31st 2021
Now when Job’s three friends heard of all this adversity that had come upon him, each one came from his own place, Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite; for they had mad... More
good morning and welcome. This is pastor lucy painter with your daily insight. And today we come to the conclusion of the topic. Be there. What a topic. Be fair in case you have missed any day. This is one of those topics I argue to just go and listen, go back and listen because it is one of those life lessons that each and every one of us need, we need to be there when we are relating with God. We need to be there when we are relating with family, we need to be there when we are relating with friends. We need to be fair. And as we come to the conclusion, I want us to speak about when are the times we need to be there? Do we need to be there? Only in good times, but also in bad times.

As I was thinking about this, I thought about the friends of job. No job is the man who really hated raf. Whenever you think you have it rough. Think about job. Job headed rough. He lost everything within a span of a day. He lost everything he had and he went through so much. I wonder how he survived. But in the Bible, in the book of Job two verse 11-13, there is something that is he didn't lose. And this is so dear that even in that rough patch, there is something that job did not lose. The bible says now when Job's three friends had of all his adversity that had come upon him, each one came from his own place. He had three good friends when they heard about what had befallen job instead of talking about it out there instead of just acting surprised and trying to think and to fathom it out there.

They all left their own place and these are the names of Job's friends early fast the terminate build at the shoe height and so far the numbers right for they had made an appointment together. They had made an appointment together. So this they had planned, they made an appointment together to come and sympathize with him and to comfort him. So this means that three friends talked together, they made an appointment. They rallied together. They said, here's our body, He needs us now. We ought to be there and they made an appointment. We need to go sympathized with him. We need to go and comfort him. The guy has lost all his kids, he has lost all his wealth, he has lost all his honor. But we are his friends. We need to stick with him. We need to be there for him. And when they looked from a distance and did not recognize him because of his disfigurement.

Can you imagine they came at the time that Job, even his body was so disfigured. But imagine even at that they raised their voices and wept and each one told his robe in grief. They threw dust over their heads towards the sky in sore row instead of running away because Job was disfigured instead of thinking all his contagious. You know if it was in our era right now, you know with with with all the illnesses and all the diseases and the communicable diseases that are there. Instead of thinking that and being selfish about themselves, they started, they sympathized with him, They started wailing. They told their robes in grief, they threw dust over their heads and it was the sky in sorrow and then they did something that was very unique.

They sat down on the ground with the job for seven days and seven nights and no one spoke a word to him for they saw that his pain was very great. You know, I believe that if there is something that God had given Job that was so precious is such friends, you know, friends that can just be there for him, sitting with him, not judging him, not trying to say anything, they gave him the time, he needed to internalize whatever he's going through to figure out uh to to to get beyond the shock face and to the denial affairs to be able to go beyond the roller coaster of emotions that he was going through without talking in total silence. They were just there friends that were just there sitting on the ground with him without the robes.

They have tall, tall, tall down their robes, they have put dust on themselves, their wailing there crying and then they after they have cried and wailed enough they sat in silence. But they were there, they were there, I believe, each and every one of us in your time of trouble, in your time of pain, in your time of grief. You need such people who can be there for you and if you need such people, how about you become one of that person who can be there for your friends when they're going through such a time. And you know many at times we have so many sorrow stories about people where where when you go down you go through a rough patch people dessert you. But it is high time my listeners that we we know the importance of being there. You know these these friends who sat down with job for seven days and seven nights when his time of glory came.

They were the same people who were with him in the time of glory. They sat with him in the time of pain. They weren't with him. They saw the glory, They saw the Lord repaying him double. It is important for you to be fair for your friends. Don't be a friend. Just in the times of happiness when it is only mary and party. No, even in the times of sadness in the times of pain. Be fair. Don't be a friend. Only when your friends have money. But when they are in debt and then financial crisis you can't even pick their phone. No be a friend. be a friend. I pray for you, my listener that you may find at least even if you don't get the three like job, get at least one who can sit with you in silence for seven nights, 77 days. Hey this is golden, this is golden be fair, be there, this is pastor lucy painter with your daily insight and this week we have been talking about a very important lesson.

Be fair, be there for your friends, be there for your family, be fair in your relationship with the lord shalom. And as I said yesterday we started the ladies empowerment nights. Uh it's through zoom its virtues or wherever you are listening from, you can join through zoom and the icon, the artwork for this week is the flyer that has all the details for the ladies to join the zoom meeting. So just just check the icon, the artwork on the, on the podcast this week it has all the information and you'll be able to log in. We started yesterday the meeting and it was very powerful. We continue today and tomorrow saturday and on sunday we conclude it is four nights, four nights of empowerment for the ladies for the glory of God. And as as you should I say on Fridays that it is an opportunity for you to partner with us uh in this podcast.

So you can click on that support link and just give your contribution and it will go a long way in supporting this podcast. Good news. Again, I want to declare and let you know that we have a pod web. There is a podcast website right now where you can access all the episodes that we have ever done on this podcast and you can find all of them on a website, the website. Um, the website is w W dot podcast dot pastor lucy painter dot com. That is the website. If you want to find all the podcast episodes from season one, we are now in season 31 you will find that at w W dot podcast dot Pastor lucy painter dot com. That is a website that is set and dedicated for just the podcast and it has all the details, all the platforms that the website is available and all the ways that you can be able to partner with us and to support the podcast for the glory of God Shalom.

This is Pastor lucy painter until next week. Be there

Be There Day 5
Be There Day 5
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