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Launching Deeper Day 1

by Lucy Paynter
January 3rd 2022
It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, And the light dwells with Him. Daniel 2:22 AMP --- Send in a voice message: More
Happy New Year of 2022. Our theme this year is launching into the deep, I desire to share with you my daily Inside podcast listeners about this. Um so do you have any New Year's resolutions yet? I know it's natural to worry about the future. It is a basic human instinct to seek self preservation, by wanting to know what could happen in the future so that we can prepare ourselves so that we can know how to respond, how to react to what is happening. And while this kind of work can sometimes be helpful, it often robs us of our peace of mind. And so the question becomes, how do we balance between something so natural to us and our peace of mind?

How do we seek such knowledge such great depth without losing ourselves? As we start the new Year, We're going to talk a lot about launching into the deep and will seek to understand what to do about the things that are too profound, too intense for us to comprehend by our own parents. And today we are going to read from Daniel chapter two verse 22, which says he revered the deep and secret things. He knows what is in the darkness and the light dwells with him. That's what Daniels words after God had revealed King nebuchadnezzar's dream to him, he was praising God for his communication to him. Because when the knowledge on the matter, he was seeking God for had remained hidden to the wise men of the land.

The Lord revealed that knowledge to him. The Lord did not remain silent when the Gods of the Land did. And this is the revelation that Daniel had, that the Lord takes his father than the human mind can take us. He opens our eyes to design and to distinguish that which is most closely intelligently concealed. He combines what seems to be beyond our range of inquiry because his understanding is unlimited. There are no shades of meaning and possibilities in our God. He lays the cause to the unknown depths that lies beyond the natural compass of mine. His insights remains our when our wisdom proves insufficient. When human reason leaves us at a loss, his divine intervention brings light to things. And you know, we're not just talking about the infinite death in the heart and the Council of Men.

This applies even more to the depths of the secret things of his grace. It applies to the deep things of the Kingdom of God. This is the kind of grace that reveals the deep things of God, the secret of his providence and the purpose of the Lord's heart. We are talking about the depth beyond the darkness of the blindness and the ignorance of man can. And these are the things we need to comprehend about the workings and the nature of God, that he is the source of our light. That he is the source of our enlightenment God himself as light as fast John 15 says that he is light and in him there is no darkness. Light reveals what lies in the darkness it and binds the news of darkness. You know when light appears, darkness cannot remain anymore. You know for example, when you walk in a room with and it's already dark, you just need to turn the switch on and darkness cannot remain anymore.

So I want you to visualize that that God is light. Darkness cannot coexist with God. He is the light. There is no darkness where he is, there is no darkness. Light reveals what lies in the darkness. That's what I mean By saying it and binds the news of darkness. It it sets loose what is bound by darkness by our limitations. It allows us to take a step further into the territories we could not set foot in. So, if there was darkness in your parts. When the light appears, when you are afraid to move ahead, you are able to take a step further. It allows us to reach out to spread out further than we could have imagined. His light grants us access. This is the nature of the light of God. It abides in him, it's place is within and about him it goes forth from him and and gathered in its place with him.

And so wherever he is, there is light, wherever he has involved, things are revealed wherever the Lord is, wherever his light is access to greater depth is granted. And so this is my prayer for you, this new year. May you purpose to seek his face this year, May you purpose to keep his company this year? May you find peace in your mind knowing that you do not launch into unknown depths on your own, That you're not going to stumble into darkness because he who and binds what is bound by darkness walks with you. He who reveals what lies beyond our rich walks with you. He is your God, he is my God, he is your light. He is my light. You might not know what the future holds, but you know for a fact that the Lord holds you and whoever and however deep the waters run, be it, financially, be emotionally, be it spiritually or otherwise, be sure that he is going to be right there with you, setting the cause of things lighting the way for you in jesus, mighty name.

Amen, This is Pastor lucy painter with your daily insights and this is launching deeper. Day one shalom

Launching Deeper Day 1
Launching Deeper Day 1
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