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Launching Deeper Day 8

by Lucy Paynter
January 12th 2022
As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God? Psalm 42:1‭-‬2 KJV --- Sen... More
good morning and welcome. This is Pastor lucy painter with your daily insights over the last seven days. We've been talking about launching into the deep and we have looked at various areas of our lives and faith that we need to seek great depths in we say that we need to seek the light of God that combines the news of darkness. I loved that part. We say that we need to scratch below the service that we need to go further beyond the length of the boat into the deep and we need to seek more than the average in our relationship with God. But someone might ask Master lucy to what end. Why do we need to do all this? What then after we achieve these great debts in all these areas, why are you pushing us? Why are all these? And it's the beginning of the year.

So in the remaining episode of this series, we are going to try and answer these questions. You see our last for God, our hunger for his word, our desire to have more of God is supposed to elicit to evoke something for once. It is not just a desire for the sake of it, it is a desire that's intended to direct us towards something. Otherwise it would be meaningless if you just desire something and you do nothing about. And this is why the writer of Psalms 42 says that the eagerness, the intensity of his longing for God could only be compared to that of an animal panting forward. This is the subduing kind of dust, the kind of dust that can make you put everything else on hold. Just to have a moment of communion with God.

You know, just like the way on a hot summer day when you are dusty, you will look for water until you find it. You don't just disparate regular C. O. I'm dusty, but I'm not gonna do anything about the kind of dust that can make you say, yes, I know I'm not, I'm not yet to pay my mortgage. I know I'm sick. I don't feel like I have trans left to go on, but I just want a moment with God. This is a vast more passionate than any hunger. More impatient than any discontent. And it is supposed to subdue yours until nothing means more than being in the presence of the law. I don't know whether you have ever experienced such a vast my listener and this is the death we are seeking to get to until being in the storm doesn't scare us anymore.

You know like those hebrew young men, they are looking at the fire is getting, you know, heated seven more times. But they have this passion for God and loyalty and they dare tell the king. It doesn't matter even if you aren't the fairness seven more times. We are so in love with God. We know he's able to deliver us. But even if he doesn't, our mind is made. You know that kind of passion that even storms don't scare you anymore Until we can take comfort in the Lord in the desert. Until communion with God becomes a natural instinct to our souls. This is what it is is supposed to happen when we thus for God, when we seek the very depth of communion with God, this is a kind of dust that can keep us going when our legs have been knocked from under us.

When all support has been withdrawn when we have been separated from our support system of other believers. Because it happens because this vast act as an anchor, 10th tearing us to God, grounding us, holding our focus in place. When all odds are against us. This kind of dust is supposed to fuel our actions to become the driving force of our worship and devotion to God. And it doesn't matter the circumstances we are in, it doesn't matter who is watching the drill of dust never lies. It takes us to what matters to us. And if that is God, even in the worst of circumstances, we will still choose God. When we fast enough for him, we will go heard after him because he is the ultimate prize and our dust will steady us until we get that price shalom.

This is Pastor lucy painter with Your daily insights. And this is launching deeper. Day eight

Launching Deeper Day 8
Launching Deeper Day 8
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