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Launching Deeper Day 9

by Lucy Paynter
January 13th 2022

Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me. Yet the Lord will command his lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall ... More

Hello and welcome. This is faster lucy painter with your daily insights. And we are almost coming to the conclusion of this series of launching into the deep yesterday, we said that one of the reasons why we are challenging ourselves to seek greater depths than we are used to to hunger. And thus for more is because this deep dust subdues us. It brings us to the point where God becomes our greatest end, where we seeks the satisfaction of his presence more than anything else. Another reason, and this is what we're going to talk about today. Is that developing that longing for God gives us an idea of how far out we can reach, how deep we need to throw our drawing back it. When we when the need arise.

In other words, it gives us an idea of how much potential is within us. You know, learning to stay in these decks, prepares us for that intense depth. The way learning to swim prepares you to survive in waters That might drown someone who doesn't know how to swim and to borrow the words of the psalmist in Psalms 42 7-8 that says deep calls unto the deep. You learn to reach the depths that are there in our God. Such that even when you're buried in waves of misery, you know that you can count on his loving kindness, that his song would never leave you. And you can only have these assurances when you have experienced them.

You see when you learn to swim in the greater depths of God. His presence affliction cannot draw you away from him. You cannot drift away because you will have land. That there is a depth in God that corresponds to the depth of your need. And I'm gonna say that again, you cannot drift away because you will learn or you will understand that there is a depth in God that corresponds to the depths of your needs. That the deep of your needs can call to the Deep of God's providence and he will answer that. The depth of his redeeming power can call out that it can reach out to the depths of your needs.

That the deep of your prayers can call to the deep of the Holy Spirits, intercession. And this is why we said that we need to move beyond simply knowing God to seeking a personal encounter a personal relationship with him. This is what it means to intimately experience God, to personally know the richness of his grace, to know his ways and the truths of his heart. This is what we mean. When we talk about launching into the deep and I know this is the truth that Job knew the truth that he held on when he said, I know my redeemer living and I will see him in the land of the living. You know, That is the deep calling unto the deep, you know.

And when you touch this depth when you experience that life given communion with God, he feels the wells of hope deep inside you are well that you can draw from when you are cast into the waves of trials and afflictions. A well that reminds you of the delights of his presence A well that reminds you of the safety of his protection. A well that reminds you of the faithfulness of his provisions. And I pray that we may learn to stay in this depth in constant dust and hunger for more of our God. May. We seek to have a personal experience of our Lord, because it's from this depth that we can confidently pour out our hearts to the Lord knowing that he would never for seconds knowing that he can hear our deep from the depth of his mercy, knowing that even in the midst of the ranging storms that we are in, our cries are not drawn out by the noise of the waters he will show up, he will come and bring us rest.

Yes, his constant presence is immense. It is as intimidating and frightening as it is powerful and beautiful. But this is exactly where we need to be, where his boundless love is constantly revealed. Where deep calls unto the deep in jesus mighty name. This is Pastor lucy Painter, With your daily insights and this is launching deeper. Day nine Shalom

Launching Deeper Day 9
Launching Deeper Day 9
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