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Launching Deeper Day 10

by Lucy Paynter
January 14th 2022

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Matthew 5:6 KJV

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Good morning and welcome. This is pastor Lucy painter with your daily insight and this is launching deeper. Day 10. There are needs that are so natural to the human body that unless you're sick, you have to experience them. Take hunger and dust. For example, something would have to be seriously wrong with you to go for days without feeling the tiniest urge to eat or drink unless you're consciously fasting or intentionally starving yourself because these are natural fins or in strict or processes in a healthy person. And it's not so different with us, believers.

A healthy believer cannot fight off the urge to follow that which is good, pursuing righteousness and holiness should come naturally to us. It should flow naturally. It should not be enforced. Yes, we do seem to have a fountain of sin within us that is ever flowing with bitter waters, but we are assigned a new nature, a righteous nature. The moment we accept jesus into our hearts, a nature that becomes the driving force of our actions, a nature that makes us long to be righteous to be sanctified to be more like our Lord. Jesus christ. And this is why Jesus says in Matthew five and 6, the blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled because this is his nature.

This is what we should be hungry and dusty for righteousness and like all the dust, hungers and longings we have been talking about over the last nine days. This too is not for the mere sake of it. It is supposed to point us towards something. It is supposed to help us achieve something. This dust and hunger for righteousness is supposed to be like the largest meal that both satisfies you and keeps you longing for more. This hunger, this inward dust for Righteousness is one of the most distinctive characters of a christian. It becomes like a homing beacon for us, like the pole of a compass, such that even when the flesh wrestles against the spirit while the desires of the flesh crop up will remain like the needle of that compass.

However far off the mark it is pulled, its greatest attraction remains at the pole. Righteousness becomes a habitual constant, a habitual inclination for us. It becomes a master passion in whose presence other worldly passions die out. This constant rest, rest and active desire for righteousness is the key to satisfaction. It's the kill switch for the desires of the flesh. This is the purpose of this hunger to starve off all other hungers to secure us to the yoke of christ, to give us a purpose that is higher than avoiding sin. It is the key to satisfaction in the life of a believer. It is the only hunger that guarantees absolute fullness because it is a desire for the whole thing and not just a part of it.

And jesus even tags a pledge to this hunger that those who have it shall not only have it, they shall have it to their field. You see this is a call for us to be conscious of our salvation, to be conscious of our action, jesus is calling us to grow, a preference for righteousness, to be possessed by it, to be found in it, to realize the value of the justifying righteousness of christ. And it is my prayer that we develop and maintain this kind of hunger, our hunger, our vast that's deeper than the desires of the flesh, that we desire to take up the character of christ until it becomes a natural instinct for us, until it dries off the fountain of bitter waters in our hearts until it starts off the desires that holds us back from attaining absolute devotion to our God Shalom.

This is Pastor lucy painter With your daily insight and this has been the launching deeper episodes. We have covered day one up to day 10 Amen.

Launching Deeper Day 10
Launching Deeper Day 10
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