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Test of Abundance Day 2

by Lucy Paynter
February 1st 2022
Blessings in whatever nature they come in, are an essential part of our growth as believers. But they’re not just meant to bring us comfort. They’re supposed to lead us towards developing a more intim... More
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Yesterday we say that everything that God restores to us, including blessings have a purpose. Everything that has its origin in him has an end goal. Mm hmm. A higher purpose to answer to his design. And We looked at Luke 5 4-7 and saw Simon's reaction to the miracle of an ambivalent catch. Today we are going deeper at verse 8-9 and see further Simon's reaction. When the majesty of the miracle settled in and he realized that he was in the divine presence, Simon asked jesus to depart from him. He was instantly awakened to the reality that he had found God. His sense of sin and unworthiness was wrung out of his heart and he cried out in agonized humility.

He responded truth briefly with a conviction of sin and acknowledged the state of his heart that his relationship with God was not how it should have been. You see the drought of fish did something in him that was a lot of fish that they just caught filled. Not only his boat, but even the neighboring boats. It awakened him to a greater hunger. It triggered a reflection in his heart that made him realized that he was lacking in sunday. And this is why we said yesterday that even blessings in in and of themselves are what we call a test of abundance. When the Lord fulfills our prayers in abundance, his intention is that it will do a greater good. And recognizing this requires a lot of for that effort and constant attention without which we will simply be rolled into complacency or uncritical satisfactions with things as they stand.

We risk being fixated on that blessings without asking ourselves what more it was supposed to help us achieve. You see blessing in whatever nature they come in are an essential part of our growth as believers, but they are not just meant to bring us comfort. They're supposed to lead us towards developing a more intimate relationship with our God. You know, there are those blessings that come to us, even when we have not wished or prayed for them and they are good. But when you have believed God for something and he decides to get this personal with the fulfillment of your prayer, something is supposed to change in you. It is supposed to bring a new meaning to add vitality to what you already know about God. It is supposed to open a door a glimpse to the purity and holiness of God.

It is supposed to be a manifestation of his closely nous to us, Something that should evoke a longing for an even deeper relationship with him. This is the test of abundance that we're talking about and we so often fail at this post abandoned state because after our prayers are answered, many overs settle down until there is another need. And I don't think there is a greater test than this in our lives as believers can. We stand in faith if there, even after, there is no more need to breathe our needs and soak ourselves in tears, praying. Can we still see the need for God? After our needs have been met. Will we pull back from our faith? Are we going to shift our reliance from God to our wealth?

You see, we need to prepare our hearts even as we pray for abundance. This area. It is indeed a great test for us, but there is no reason for us to fail if we keep her heart's in the right place before God and we Give God The 1st place and pre reality, even during the seasons of abundance, This is Pastor lucy painter with your daily insights and this is a test of abundance day to shalom

Test of Abundance Day 2
Test of Abundance Day 2
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