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Test of Abundance Day 6

by Lucy Paynter
February 8th 2022
We’re like mustard seeds planted in the Lord’s garden. We have the potential for a magnificent growth. But our growth does not stop when we sprout. There are even greater heights to be conquered. And ... More
right. Hello and welcome. This is pastor lucy painter with your daily insights. We often imagine when we pray that the blessings we are praying for are going to keep us in perpetual remembrance of the Lord that they're going to help us maintain a daily engagement of appreciation to our God. But I'm sure you know all have heard about someone who went right off the tracks. The moment blessings started to trickle in, you know, when everything is running smooth and our lives are filled with abundance. We attempted to stop seeing the sense of all that devotion. If there is a period that changes people's character, it is the season of prosperity, we would imagine that slavery and the rigors of the wilderness would have welded God permanently into the hearts of Israelites.

All that hardships could do the same to us. But it doesn't always happen that way. And this is why moses cautioned Israel in the metronome E 8 11 telling them beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping his commandments, his judgments and his status moses understood the nature of man to forget the Lord The moment his problems are solved. This is a test. I have seen people fail over and over again. And I must confess to you, my listener, I have failed this test to on several occasions. I remember when I first became a mom, I turned down every speaking engagement invitation and one day I arrogantly tore up an invitation letter to speak in a youth conference. I remember saying, don't people understand I am now a man.

I got a baby. I can be available when they ask A few days later my baby girl, that's patients was on oxygen admitted in a hospital with a bad case of pneumonia. Let me tell you those days or the days they didn't have to put on the I. V. S to put on the injections. I had to hold my baby every day and they had to inject her 24 injections. It was one of those days that were really hard on me. I cried to God in repentance telling God I'm coming back, don't take my baby away. I will serve you. Mm hmm. The Lord intends that we do not forsake him when our needs are reconciled and you know, you don't have to go to the lengths of worshiping woods and stone idols. There is not a shortage of things that we give attention that's beyond the award.

Things that we placed at the center of our world. Like I placed my baby at the center of my world. And I didn't bother to serve the Lord anymore. After I got my baby, my first baby, forgetting the grace that lifted us to the heights that we have reached. We forget the Lord's constant care. We forget that his work continues even in the seasons of prosperity. Maybe you've just changed your season. You just changed your status. His work continues that we are supposed to yield to his design and his workings through all the stages of our growth. We often forget that leaning on the Lord is not supposed to be seasonal all at one time thin and this is what's today words here is to remind us to caution us against complacency during the seasons of abundance because abundance is better stage in our growth as individuals, as believers, we are like mastered seeds planted in the Lord's garden.

We have the potential for magnificent growth, but our growth does not stop when we sprout. There are even greater heights to be conquered. And the same way a plant doesn't stop digging its roots deeper into the soil that provided the condition necessary for it to germinate. So should we also not forget that it is the Lord who makes it possible for his people to prosper. It is my prayer that we do not forget this fact that it is the grace of God that carries us from one state to another, that it is his grace that's going to sustain us. It is only by reliance on his constant providence that we are guaranteed further growth because the moment we forget the Lord because we have being ushered in the season of evidence, That's the moment we begin to stag in it. The moment we detach ourselves from our life source is the moment we begin to die off.

And I tell you in all honesty, it will be better for us to remain seeds than to sprout and die off because there is hope in a seed than in a dead plant. May we not forget the Lord in our evidence? May we not detach ourselves from him in Jesus Mighty name? This is pastor, Lucy painter with your daily insights, and this is a test of abundance. Day six.

Test of Abundance Day 6
Test of Abundance Day 6
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