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Test of Abundance Day 7

by Lucy Paynter
February 9th 2022
Recalling the past, in Biblical context, is an act of being honest to ourselves and to God in reconciling the past and the present and surrendering them to God. This is why Moses cautioned the Israel... More
good morning and welcome. This is Pastor lucy painter. With your daily insights, memory, All our capacity to recall the past was made by God a part of us by design. And while opposed to paul in Philippians 3 13 cautions us against focusing on the past at the expense of forging ahead. The bible in so many occasions reminds us not to forget the things that the Lord has done for us. You see, we spend so much energy trying to suppress our past experiences, trying to numb the passed out over our hearts. But the word of God reminds us in so many occasions to reflect on our past because doing so is an admission to ourselves and to God that yes, this happened.

I can't do anything about it, but I have the present and the future and I'm leaving it in God's hands, recalling the past in biblical context is an act of being honest to ourselves and to God in reconciling the past and the present and surrendering them to God. And this is why moses cautioned the Israelites in the metronome E 8 14 to 16. I hope that you're reading that text for yourself because all I'm doing in this series is Farrah phrasing and just quoting it for you. They were taught that they should not forget that it was God who brought them out of bondage, that they were once in a wilderness with serpents and scorpions that they were once without food and water and God provided for them.

The greatest test of their prosperity is that they were likely to focus on their present affluence and forget the God who made it possible. They were likely to forget their history with suffering. They were likely to forget their history with God. And in the process forget God himself. This is the danger of forgetting awfulness. This is the danger of focusing too much on your present exploits that you forget. You did not get there by yourself. Yes. Mhm. We should not be obsessed with the past. We should not let the past cloud the present and the beautiful future that God has promised us. But remember the tears you have shed.

Remember the nights you have spent on your knees, remember the pain of yesterday. So that you may not forget you had your tears wiped by the Lord. Remember the days you had nothing least you forget that it is the Lord's providence that got you where you are today, remember and reinterpret the pain of yesterday. Remember and let those memories be shaped through the grid of our Lord, jesus christ so that they may mean something to you remember yesterday. So you may never forget that today was weaved out of it by God, that he weaved laughter out of that pain. That he weaved something good out of the evil that was intended for you.

That he weaved wholeness out of your Brokenness. Look back and see God's whole narrative from back then to where you are. You see, you cannot tell the testimony of a story whose origin you don't remember. But you can sit back and reflect on the progress you have made. Then you can see God's hand in bringing you into the place of evidence and only when you can retell your story and in a way that on has gone. Only then can you retell your story in a way that glorifies God and acknowledges his role in your redemption. May we not let the season of prosperity make us forget the other of a balance. May we not forget yesterday?

Least we forget the grace that made to the possible in jesus mighty name. This is pastor Lucy painter with your daily insights and this is a test of abundance. Day seven shalom. Yeah. Mhm.

Test of Abundance Day 7
Test of Abundance Day 7
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