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Matters of the Heart Pt.5

by Lucy Paynter
April 5th 2023
For the past four days, we’ve been talking about what we’re calling Matters of the Heart. You know, the heart, in this sense, is called the seat of emotions. It is the seat of will and intellect. The ... More
mm hmm mm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. Good morning. This is pastor lucy painter with your daily insight. We are talking about matters of the heart and the heart in this sense is called the seed of emotion. It is the seat of will and intellect. The seed of understanding, intent and thoughts. Now I want us to think about it this way. If the heart is all these things that I have mentioned, it only makes sense that it should be protected. That extreme care needs to be directed to this inner self. The heart being the center and the fountain of our actions. It needs to be guarded. It needs to be protected and to control our thoughts, intentions and actions. This control needs to be exercised at the source and with more caution and vigilance than we do with our most precious possessions, our human nature.

It draws us towards our blind impulses and desires and thoughts which he'd to no law sometimes, but they are of their own satisfaction. And if these untamed tests and pretty elections are not carved and held in place, if they are not Subordinated to our 2nd nature, the nature of Christ than every area of our lives will definitely be thrown into chaos. And this is why The Bible tells us in Proverbs 4, 23, to watch over our hearts with diligence to develop harmony between wheels and concise science of a wheel needs to be governed because this is the only way we can control the tendencies of our nature which is to seek gratification even against the most obvious prohibited ations.

We just want to post there and give you a minute to think about. Some of the things you've even thought, if you had the freedom to do, you just throw caution to the wind and to them. What would really happen now? The bible is telling us to God, our hearts to shield it from the world around it that is constantly appealing to its needs and desires. You see a believer who does not watch over their heart, who does not rule over his own spirit is like a city without walls. Anything can come in or go out of that heart because it is not guarded. But remember what we said yesterday that the heart and the mind of a man is weak. It is real and weekend in nature. And so someone might ask, how then are we supposed to watch over their heart? If the watcher and the one being watched over are one and the same.

Mm hmm. You know putting our kind of mind to stay guard over the heart is no different than putting traders guard over the fortress. The can of mind is as weak as the heart itself. And so it needs to be uncovered to something with a higher bar. Something that cannot be deflected by the frailty of the nature of men are stable and fixed light that we can steer towards the highest standard of right and wrong. a standard that cannot be warped and perverted or silenced by the energy flowing from without or within. And this standard is the word and the light of God. This is the standard we need to subscribe and submit to. This is the only standard, the cozy sieve power strong enough to oblige the heart of men. It is the submission to the wheel and purpose of God that hans is their range over our own hearts.

It gives us a new and a stronger motive, the stars from within us, an effort to tame our wheels. And this is what keeps us from yielding to even the strongest charms and appeals of our hearts because we even have a mighty appeal which is to let in and let out only what is pleasing before the eyes of the Lord. It is my prayer today and we may open ourselves to the world dr Lord, that we may let the Holy Spirit take possession of the heart. He reels to defend because there is no other way by which the heart may be guarded, but that which is incorruptible. There is no other way that the heart can be tamed but by submitting fully to the will and the purposes of the Lord.

This is how we guard our heart by flooding it through and through with the light of the word of God, by weighing it against the highest standard, the standard of he, in whose name we occurred, jesus christ shalom. This is pastor, lucy painter with your daily insight, and this is matters of the heart Part five. Amen.

Matters of the Heart Pt.5
Matters of the Heart Pt.5
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