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Matters of the Heart Pt.6

by Lucy Paynter
May 10th 2022
One of the reasons why we are talking about matters of the heart this month is so that we may develop a consciousness, a conviction that will lead us to see the impurity of our hearts and nature. We h... More
Hello and welcome. This is Pastor, lucy painter. With your daily insight. And one of the many reasons where we are talking about the matters of the heart this month is so that we may develop a consciousness, a conviction that will lead us to the impurities of our hearts and nature. We have said over the past couple of days that the affections and the feelings and thoughts of the kind of mind are corrupted. They I'll end it as from God. And to read ourselves of this veil. We would need to have our affections and thoughts made right. We would need to have the goodness of our hearts replaced by something better, something that is firm in the purposes of righteousness, something that is stood first in the service of God. That it will not yield to the temptations that we have yielded to before.

We need something new. A new heart. You know, the kind of heart that David hungered for when he said in Sam's 51 and verse 10 create in me a clean heart O God renew As T at 1st a right instead for spirit within me. See, I know you've ever prayed the prayer of David. And I know and sometimes I reflect and see that David looked back at his life and realized that he had been wrong all along. He had the wrong spirit. He had a wrong attitude And he needed a new one. A new heart and spirit that would be more faithful to God than the inclinations that drew him away from the Lord. He needed a clean implantation of Greece. a clean installation of faith.

And this is why after realizing how far away he had wandered from God, he sought a radical change of heart and spirit. He desired to have a heart that, however had it was assaulted by temptation, it would remain fixed and resolute in its allegiance to God. He prayed for a renovation of his inner essence, of both his mentor and more on nature. You know, just a renovation and recreation new. He did not just ask that he be forgiven of his sins. He did not just ask that he be changed so that he does not follow his old path anymore. He desired something more, something deeper than a mere change of heart. He did not just desire to be separated from sin. He wanted to be separated for God to have a relationship with him, to have the spirit of God dwelling him so that he would be a conscious devotion to God.

You know. So often we seek after outwardly change. We stopped doing the wrong things that we were doing. And we so often sick after the construct of human conduct and goodness of what we call morals or virtue without necessarily committing to God. But we see David's please, was to be led back to the parts of righteousness that he does not just have a change of conduct. His prayer was that the Lord merely a new foundation in his heart, a clean heart and that's still the first spirit. I don't know what's up. That is something you desire. Maybe you look back in your life. Ah I messed up again. Mhm. I'm not cutting it and maybe this is a prayer for you, create in me a clean heart and a steep first spirit, David was yielding himself to be God's instrument.

He understood that he could do what was right by men and simulate virtue the way sometimes we do or literally just moralists do. But the blossom of this would still be vain because the only true perfection of morals and virtue is that which is founded in the spirit of God. And this is what we pray for when we pray for a clean heart, this is what we plead for. When we pray to be filled with the spirit of God to be changed not just to appear right before the eyes of men, but that we must turn right and justified in the sight of God to be possessed through and through by the spirit of God to be a fruits that are evident of the gracious inferences of the Holy Spirit. And I can I say, this is a prayer for you and me, create in me a clean heart, renew a right and state.

First bill within me. Oh God shalom, this is pastor lucy painter with your daily insight and this is matters of the heart that's six

Matters of the Heart Pt.6
Matters of the Heart Pt.6
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