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Matters of the Heart Pt 7

by Lucy Paynter
May 11th 2022
Yesterday we read from the book of psalms where David prayed that the Lord creates for him a clean heart and a steadfast spirit. And we said that the reason for this prayer, was because he did not jus... More
Hello and welcome. This is fast, elusive painter. With your daily insight matters of the heart. Yesterday we read from the book of psalms, where David prayed that the Lord creates for him a clean heart And the state 1st Spirit. And we said that the reason for this prayer was because he did not just want to simulate virtue or appear to do right before the people. He wanted a genuine change of heart that is morals and virtues maybe founded in God. He wanted something we all wish we could have every time we mess up. Mhm. Yeah, a fresh start. A clean slit. And Sam's 51 verse 17 paints for us a picture of the heart that was making this request for a clean heart. David says that the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contract heart and God does not despise such a sacrifice.

You see the kind of prayer that David made in verse 10 is not made in a vacuum, just because we have that provision from God as his Children to ask for a clean slate does not mean that God is just sitting there waiting to dish out new hearts. Every time we mess up such a prayer needs to be accompanied by a genuine desire for change, by a conviction of the heart. By humble and Pentatonix faith. A prayer of penitence of forgiveness is an offering a sacrifice of the broken heart and remorseful spirit and such sacrifice requires more an external sacrifice of simply giving up the old ways. It's not just a formality.

David offered his broken heart and fully penitent spirit fast and only then did he follow up with external acts of penance. Internal repentance always comes first end. We will continue digging deeper as we talk about these matters of the heart. So the spirit must be emptied. First of all, vain glory, confidence, It must be brought to acknowledge, but it is empty without God. You know, that ain't a man, the mind And the wheel must be transformed. 1st. They must be I'm bored. They must be drawn into submission before God before he can remake them. Their heart must first become tender and pliable to the word of God.

The process of creating a new heart. It's not an easy one. You have to be tender. The heart has to be tender. It has to be pliable. It's an act that it's a process that comes through submission and acceptance acknowledgment of of knowing that we are empty without God. The soul must accept to bear the burden of conscious guilt until it is broken until it is melted down and subdued under the sense of God's displeasure. It must thus, for reconciliation with God, a broken heart moons for its sinfulness. It does not seek to lessen its guilt. It acknowledges, it seems I'm talking about the heart, it calls it by its right name. You know that broken heart will not justify. It will not say, you know, it wasn't a big deal.

You know, sometimes we just it's not a broken heart and just I don't know why people are making it a big deal. I didn't seem like it's a big deal. No, a broken heart will not lessen it's killed. It will acknowledge the scene. It will call it by its right name. It melts at the thought of the patterning grace of the pierced and the wooded savior. And this is the kind of heart, the kind of sacrifice that the Lord says. He does not reject. This is the kind of heart that mercy lifts up the kind of heart that the Lord regards and accepts with pleasure. The kind that he binds up immense. The kind of heart that he looks upon. The kind of heart that the Lord looks to come and dwell among. This is the kind of heart, the kind of heart that we should present before the Lord. He looks upon such hearts with favor.

No, we desire to have such heart to approach the Lord in our Brokenness and bereft of our own self importance that we may receive in full the joy and gladness of his salvation, that we may fall upon his tender masses and grace, knowing that he shall not turn us away in jesus mighty name shalom. This is Pastor, lucy painter with your daily insights and this is matters of the heart. But seven

Matters of the Heart Pt 7
Matters of the Heart Pt 7
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