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The Splendor of His Holiness Day 1

by Lucy Paynter
January 28th 2023
Our God, in His very nature, is infinite. He is an eternal, self-existing God and by nature, beyond our imagination and comprehension. His thoughts transcend our own. His power transcends our power, h... More
Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening forever. You're tuning from, you know parts of the world. This is Pastor, lucy painter with your daily insights. Our God in his very nature is infinite. He is an eternal self existing God, and by nature be owned our imagination and comprehension. His thoughts transceiver our own. His power transcends our power. His ways eclipse our ways, and his wisdom is by far out matches our wisdom. The fullness of his essence surpasses any human experience. This is the nature of our God that makes him deserving of all adoration. And the glory in our praises. Our association with this greatness places upon us a special responsibility to proclaim his name, to praise him, to edify the world and to lead the people to adore him.

His love and grace, his justice and majesty are nothing short of beautiful. It is without doubt a terror to the weekend, but to the righteous it is a treasure, an irresistible drawing power that causes from the darkest of valleys into an endless admiration, a constant delight for their heart that has tested of the beauty of the Lord's holiness. Our consciousness to the subliminal nous and the splendor of his beauty becomes an invaluable. A constant quality in our songs, in our lives, in what we say and in the design of our worship. It is this awareness that we see in David's words in Fast Chronicles. 16 verse 27 To Daddy, when he says splendor and majesty are before him.

Strength and joy in his dwelling place. Ascribe to the Lord all your families of the nations. Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due to his name, bring an offering and come before him. Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness, tremble before him. All the earth the wild is family established. It cannot. As we begin the salaries, we are calling the splendor of his holiness. We're going to do a pretty much on this aspect of the Lord's essence of nature. And we will seek to understand what the bible means by this phrase splendor of his holiness. You know, how does our own experience of this beauty influence of our worship? How are we supposed to experience this beauty?

And how should this experience help us render to the Lord Worship? That is genuine and relevant and transformative in our lives? How can we as believers transceiver the Madain flesh horribly um of worship into the rear of the Lord's splendor. You see, we must rise about the rhythm of ugly blessings and realities, about the visual and musical aspects of worship, about the sounds and motions around us and into the re um of stillness. Where we can focus and behold the one on the seat of mercy in the fullness of its glory and strength? It is only when we dive that deep into our worship deep enough that we feel light enough to let go of everything that teeters us to the world.

Only then do we experience the splendor of his holiness in full. It is only when we reach into this rear that our reservations are broken and the conflicts within us resolved. That only then can we say with the conviction that David had, the splendor and majesty are before our guard. The strength and joy are indeed in his dwelling place because it's no longer a rumor. It's no longer something we have heard someone say. It's no longer something we read in the bible. It is something we have beheld and intimacy we have experienced. You know, sometimes we read the bible and imagine that such intense intimacy and experiences with God are mysteries of the sovereigns and the prophets of old and a posters like john the revelator. But the fact is a way into this real was opened for us when the Lord jesus became flesh away that is lit by a worship rendered in spirit and in truth, and we really are capable of experiencing this holiness the way they did.

And when we embrace and appreciate the beauty and the magnificence of it, how could we not be prompted to cry out with the heavenly beans that Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty. We are not called to Mayor outward actions but to explore an even greater death of worship, to reorganize our attitudes and submit to a higher standard of holiness and worship that makes it possible to walk in the footsteps of our Lord jesus christ and be eligible to stand in the presence of a Holy God to comprehend his transcendent sovereignity and to appreciate his irreproachable purity. For how else are we to experience his potent, overwhelming presence other than by dwelling in it? How else are we to experience the all powerful God that by dwelling where he is exalted upon his throne?

How could we understand the external consistence and infinite holiness of our God? If we do not ourselves work in holiness? You know, there's an old irish saying that you do not know someone until you have lived with them. And ideas say that this goes for our relationship with God to we cannot fully appreciate that we have not experienced. We cannot understand God's nature and the splendor of his holiness. If we keep him at arm's length or avoid intimacy and contact with him, we can never appreciate how deserving of our adoration and praise our God is until we let go of ourselves and the mass ourselves without without reservation into his worship, Until we read ourselves of all what holds us back until we are light enough to be readily drawn into his presence, by the beauty of it.

So, I'm gonna challenge you today when it's time for worship, just let girl be drawn into his presence and by the beauty, by the splendor of his holiness. Worship and the splendor of his holiness. This is Pastor lucy painter with your daily insights shalom, Thank you for your continued support and encouragement to the making of the daily insights, reaching an average of 60 people a day with over 10,000 total place, I invite you to partner with us by supporting this podcast through month three or one time donation.

Your contribution will be used to sustain the episode subscription and hosting platform. My goal is to inspire and share insightful messages in our generation, empowering one person at a time each day to continue solving the purposes of God in our generation. Your support is highly appreciated, click that support button now and give your support. You can support with $1 $5, all as much as you are able to give blessings.

The Splendor of His Holiness Day 1
The Splendor of His Holiness Day 1
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