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The Splendor of His Holiness Day 3

by Lucy Paynter
March 29th 2023
Glorifying God, requires us to connect with Him and to understand His holiness and character, and the significance of these things in a believer’s life. Exalting God’s glory is indeed one of the cor... More
Good morning, Good evening. Good afternoon. Wherever you're tuned in from this is Pastor lucy painter with your daily insight. And we continue with a serious splendor of his holiness, glorifying God requires us to reconnect or connect with him to understand his holiness and character. And that's significant of these things in a believer's life. It's all about you. Knowing exalting God's glory is indeed one of the core goals of our salvation. We are made to glorify and enjoy God forever. I want you to just think about them, enjoy forever. His infinite perfections, his greatness and worth.

The manifest beauty of his holiness that set him apart and he has them in super abundance. His glory is more than a mere reputation. It is a solid, substantial quality and m bonding moment of its essential nature that exists independent of anything else. His splendor is the essence of who he is, the beauty of his spirit. These are qualities of all that the bible talks about when reference to his splendor is mentioned and we are called to do more than envision or form a mental picture of it. We are meant to experience this beauty. I just want to post there and just let that sink in. It's not just about and vision all form a mental picture of it.

You know, sometimes when I am speaking, I tell you, can you just pose and imagine it. No, we have been called to go beyond imagination to go beyond symbolism and just experience this beauty. Experience the splendor of his holiness. You know, if you read the description of the people in the bible who beheld dispute it is always a description of something surreal. You know, a beauty out of this world that even the writer seemed To struggle to find the feeding words for it. John the revelator says in revelation for 2-3 at once, I was in the spirit and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone seated on it. And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby, a rainbow that shone like an L like an emerald and circled the throne, john here describes the majestic form and appearance of the Lord and the emblem of his glory and universal Dominion symbols of the divine and excellent nature of our God, emblems of his wondrous justice and eternal covenant.

If you have read the parts of the scriptures written by johN, you notice that he is always very particular with his description of what he saw and experienced. There is very anything that is lost to him. He has totally engrossed in his expression expression and in his experiences, he takes him every sight, every expression like a man looking straight into heaven. You cannot be this involved in our experience and ever forget its details. If you behold God in his throne like john did. That is an experience that is permanently impressed on you wherever experience you may have. After that moment, however difficult your trials might be, you will always remember that the heavenly throne is not empty.

It is right ifly occupied and the one who sits on it reigns supreme over everything. This is the fundamental truth and the essence of the divine experiences that God exposes to us. To give us assurance that he is our God, that we are not orphans. This is the reason he invites us to his throne room for us to behold the self evident truths of his glorious existence and to remind us that he is at the center of everything. To elevate us to a new level of confidence and conviction in our faith. You know, this text that we have read today carries on further evidence to what we have talked about in the past two days that everything about and around the Lord testifies to his nature.

John says that the one that sat on the heaven new drone was like jasper and ruby. Jasper, especially the green one is one of the gems regarded as being both beautiful and agreeable to the eye and is therefore considered a symbol of divine consolation. The theory color of ruby communicates both judgment and the dazzling appearance of the Lord. And so the divine nature of God in his glory, Justice and holiness and righteousness is represented in john's vision. John witnessed the radiance of the glory of God and the setting of his drone as the center of sovereign Itty power and glory. He beheld the covenant of mercy, a testament that God limits himself by his promises that he is not a man, that he should go back on his word, john tells us so much about the character, the nature and the splendor of the glory of our God in just two verses.

And yes, we may not see Jasper and rubies and Ray both when we approach the throne of God in our worship, but we sure are invited to the most beautiful of experiences. This is exactly what we sign up for. When we proclaim salvation by the blood of jesus, we are invited to be a witnesses to the greatness and the beauty of his holiness. It doesn't have to have faith. Anyway, we may as well see it. I didn't say that you can't see the rubies and the justice to this is exactly what we signed up for. Uh, so don't say that Pastor lucy said, we cannot see the rainbows and the jaspers like john amen.

Yeah, I post there to activate your faith because we signed up for when we proclaim salvation by the blood of jesus. We are invited to be a witness to his greatness and the beauty of his holiness. To see and testify to the essence of the invaluable nature of our God. To behold the elm them of its glory and to tell us to the world to get permanent impression of the nature of God in our hearts. So that we can exalt him for what we know about him, to bear witnesses to the truth about his glorious existence. This is why we approach that throne of Mercy. This is why we seek his face. This is why the visions and the experiences of the servants of God from thousands of years ago were recorded in the bible so that it is not lost to the to ask the kind of God we are called to serve and how I pray that our hearts may want even more of this that we miss.

Thus to know our God is intimately to understand this nature, to appreciate his glory. To deepen our desire to walk in his coats and to dwell in the splendor of his holiness and mercy in jesus mighty name Amen. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement to the making of the daily insights, reaching an average of 60 people a day with over 10,000 total place I invite you to partner with us by supporting this podcast through month three or one time donation. Your contribution will be used to sustain the episode, subscription and hosting platform. My goal is to inspire and share insightful messages in our generation, empowering one person at a time each day to continue serving the purposes of God in our generation.

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The Splendor of His Holiness Day 3
The Splendor of His Holiness Day 3
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