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Splendor of His Holiness Day 4

by Lucy Paynter
September 6th 2022
We are talking about the splendor of our God’s holiness: And two days ago, we said that we do not approach the throne of mercy to only receive but also to render to the Lord the glory that is due to H... More
Good morning and welcome. This is Pastor lucy painter with the daily insights and this is the splendor of his holiness series. Two days ago, we say that we do not approach the throne of massive to only receive, but also to render to the Lord the glory that is due to him. It is all about relationship we are given and we are also receiving. But when we talk about this, what exactly do we mean about receiving? What do we seek to get when we go to that place of glory? You know, when you worship, when you take that time off prayer quite time, what is it that your heart has sarah to receive today?

We are going to continue with a poster jones description of his vision of heaven in verse four of revelation. Chapter four, John says that he saw 24th ones and seated on these Thrones or 24 elders in white garments with golden crowns. And remember yesterday I say that these visions did not stop with the people the bible, we still have access through the blood of jesus through the relationship we have with the holy spirit. You can also receive the vision. So as you know, there were or our tribes of Israel and so someone might ask Why 24 elders and old 12. And when I say someone might ask, I'm one of those people who I've asked myself every time I've read and every time I've wondered why Did John See 24 Elders, Every time we say we join the 24 elders and declare that your home wonder 24 Who are these?

24. And as I was prepared podcasts, it's gonna say with my understanding, The two set of allude to or represent the church of the Lord in its complete form. They represent both the past and the future, the union of the gentiles and the jews the patriarchs and their posters. This is the United Church that john was looking at. And the way john explains they're sitting demonstrates our people who have been elevated to a state of woman because they are seated on Thrones around the throne are people who have found the arrest. It is a church that has found satisfaction in the presence of the law. And it shows the relationship of this church to the Lord.

Their closeness to him joy. They derive from the relationship. Isn't this the fruits of our intimacy. You know, I've mentioned this country's times of how during the pandemic Psalms 91 became a favorite son to many others because it has promises of divine protection. But it all begins with this, he who dwells in the secret, he who do in the secret place. And as I'm thinking about this, I'm thinking of this 24 elders and I'm thinking could this be the secret? Because it seems that they have a level of contentment that can only be felt when you are in the presence of the Lord, when you dwell, when you worship him in the splendor of his holiness.

And then the next thing That opposed to John Notices is how the 24 elders addressed, They were clothed or are clothed in white garments. You know white is a symbol of both the attributed and inherited righteousness of that place and of those who dwell in the throne room of the Lord. It is a symbol of not only how we should approach the splendor of God's holiness, but also the attribute of bestowal upon us. You know, he's holy. And if we are to approach him or worship him in the beauty of his holiness, then there is a demand that we be holy. And also it's important for us to remember that our own righteousness, our own holiness is just like feel the rugs, we cannot meet the standard.

So we have to allow him to make us holy. So this is what we present before the Lord. And also what is added upon multiplied tenfold for us. And john goes on to say that the elders had on their heads crowns of gold. Yeah. And when you mentioned gold, that is symbols of honor, symbols of the authority and the glory that the saints have with the Lord. This is the greatness that we are called into. This is what we get when we walk with the Lord. This is what is promised those who dwell in the presence of the Lord. These are the gifts of this dimension and we have been made heirs of them with christ and not only in this life, but it is our inheritance in the everlasting kingdom of God.

You know as I am talking about this, the splendor of his holiness. One of my desire is that our worship will change from just mayor words from just that singing session to a whole new dimension that we may tap into this depth that we may get into understanding that this is our inheritance. When we pay homage to our God, this is the pleasure of those who have walked in the footsteps of our Lord jesus. A place of special service to our God. A place of blessing and favor a dwelling place where christ walks among us because when we walk in the splendor of his holiness.

When we walk in the glory of the Lord, we become a part of it. His righteousness rubs off on us. When we seek to understand the ways of our God, he infuses us with understanding, he elevates us to the level of the saints. He crowns us with honor. He makes us table and fixed under his shadow. And this is the beauty of taking residence in the sacred place of the Lord. Our relationship with our God is not trial and everything. His dwelling place is not just a place we need to frequently visit or pass through, but a place we need to inhabit and settle in. It's not just a sunday event, place to just go there when it is just or its present worship time.

No, this is the only place where our identity as believers is affirmed. It is only in the splendor of the glory of the Lord that we are assured of who we are in him. We are supposed to dwell in it. We are called to live in this call for this is a call for a permanent attitude. A choice to embrace and maintain the Lord's standards of righteousness, A decision born out of absolute surrender. You know, you just surrender. You wake up, you're still in his presence, You are lying down after everything you're doing during the day. You're still there a binding. They're worshiping in the splendor of his holiness. You know, it's out of really full yielding to the obedience to the word of the Lord. This is what it takes to walk into dwell in the presence of the law that all consuming fire.

This is what it takes to walk on the holy ground. Being conscious all day long, all night long, if we wish to be heirs alongside the heavenly beings to be crowned with them to be. But take us of the glory and the kingdom of Heaven. We must let the spirit of the Lord permit us through and through. We must let the Lord inhabit our lives our worship. We must echo the words of the summit that the glory of the Lord may dwell in our hearts, that we may dwell, where his unfailing love and truth meet, where the righteousness of the Lord goes, as I Helen before him. Because this is the place where we belong in the splendor of his holiness. I pray in the name of jesus, that you, me and all of us become worshipers in the splendor of his holiness in jesus name.

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Splendor of His Holiness Day 4
Splendor of His Holiness Day 4
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