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Splendor of His Holiness Day 5

by Lucy Paynter
April 18th 2023
We are surrounded by both the visible and invisible tokens of the glory of God. His presence is undeniable even to the ignorant mind and apparent to us believers whose faces have been unveiled by the ... More
good morning and welcome. This is Pastor lucy Penta with your daily insights and we continue with the splendor of his holiness series. I hope that you are developing a lifestyle, a habit of worshiping the Lord in the beauty of his holiness. For we are surrounded by both the visible and invisible tokens of the glory of God. His presence is undeniable apparent to us believers whose face have been unveiled by the salvation and grace of our Lord, jesus, and even to the nonbelievers, just looking around the creation and so many things, they of the existence, the presence of this God.

We have been invited to behold and to share in the communicable comprehensible splendor of the absolute divine perfection of the Lord. This whole series. It's an invitation an invitation to just come worship in the beauty of his holiness. You know the glory of He that is clothed in Gresh and his glory is faultless. We are invited to know this Infinite God by his truth. We are invited to know his love in our hearts. We are invited to be in contact with him and to experience his gracious hour. To know the Lord, for sure, by the blood of jesus.

We are invited across the bridge of the flesh so that there stands nothing between us and God, so that our spirits are enjoined with his. So that our hearts may know his heart. God has revealed himself to us so that we may know him and know him intimately. I'm talking about just he intimate when we worship him in the splendor of his holiness in the beauty of his holiness. You're talking about just being at his secret place where you just get to see him for who he is and to know him just to know him. And it is in his nature to elevate his people to lift them to levels where they can know and experience him beyond the human service understanding of God.

I don't know whether in your heart you have this hunger and dust for more. You know, like the way David was saying my soul dust for you in a dry and a wary where you feel just, you know, just singing a few choruses, a few songs and just lifting hands and just saying a few repetitive words of worship ain't enough. You need more. You know, this is what we're talking about and this is why the bible is filled with people who had extraordinary experiences with God. This service. It's for people who are saying I need more. I need more. I'm searching for more. We get to see people in the word of God, People who got to see a side of God. Not many people in their generation God to see that's what I'm talking about.

And over the past four days or four series, we have been reading of such an experience from opposed to john in the book of revelation, chapter four and today I'm just gonna touch On verse five and six, John says from the drone came flashes of lightning and rumblings and peals of thunder and before the throne were burning seven torches of fire Which are the seven spirits of God. And before the throne there were all as it were a sea of glass like crystal. You know, this is the extent of the power of God. He invited a mortal human being, a mere man to bear witness to his glory in its fullness. I want to provoke somebody john the revelator was a man with flesh and black like we are.

Yet he pushed through. He got an invitation like you and I have received and was able to witness God in his glory. And this is the God, we serve a God who does not alienate himself from us by virtue of being God. It doesn't matter how strong he is, how mighty is, how great he is. He is a god who initiates relationships with mankind. He says come and I'll show you who I am walking to my presence and I will show you the secrets of my dwelling place. We are not strangers to him. And this is why he took a poster john to the throne room and displayed the very symbols of his righteous power to him. The very tokens of the power of God that adorns his throne and the sin that in symbolized his righteousness and judgment.

I'm just gonna post there and I just want you to know that we got an open invitation, How majestic is he that sits on the throne? Imagine that scene before a posse john the intensity of the glory of the appearance of God, The Holy Spirit of God in his 7th full dispensation, imagine witnessing the omnipotent of the everlasting god first hand, you know both the manifestation of power and life the all and the fearful presence of the Lord and he's come and remitting inferences at the same time. You know, I can imagine the, of of you know, the overwhelming feeling in john's heart when he stood by the shoes of that calm christ like see uh huh the symbols of God's absolute council, his just holy ways and his pure love and righteousness, the manifest foundation of God's throne on grace.

You know, all these phenomenal communicates the virtue and approachability of God. You know the lightning, the ramblings, you know of the thunder. They're like warning signs, symbols of the terrifying holiness of God. And if you think about it, this is enough to keep anyone away. And yet the Lord says, come to me come and I will show you things never seen before by the ash of men. And this is why we say it at the beginning that God does not alienate us. He does not wish that we remain as strangers to him. You know in Genesis started three verse 18 to 19 days also another person who was so daring who pushed through and said, I need more And I pray that.

Today, after this episode, there is going to be a desire bath in you. That you're going to seek for more hunger for more. And this man in the book of in the Book of Exodus. Sorry, it's not genesis it's exodus. That through this is moses he hang gird for more. He told the Lord I will need more. He had asked for the presence of the Lord to go with him. But after receiving the answer to his prayer, he said, Lord, show me your glory. And the Lord replied, I will make all my goodness pass before you. I will call out my name. Yeah, we before you, I will show mercy to anyone I choose and I will show compassion to anyone I choose. You see that moses pushing through, He wished that he may see the glorious majesty of the Lord.

The brightness of his countenance, a manifestation of the Lord's excellence and all this is happening after moses has been to the mountain seeking the Lord having such intimate communion with God. He had such a vast, for even deeper, deeper acquaintance. He was honest with God. And how does the Lord reply? He says, he's the merciful, gracious God of Israel in his abounding goodness and love. He tells moses I will make my goodness pass before you and he made sure to give moses that which would abundantly satisfy him. Just take time and read through that moses experienced that glory. And this is the God. We serve majestic.

All inspiring. Yet, as I have said again, he doesn't keep us are far off. He doesn't keep himself hidden from a heart that desires to know him. How beautiful it is that we are invited to worship him in the splendor of his holiness that we are invited to know him intimately to know his heart, to walk in his dwelling place. How beautiful that we are not aliens to the beauty of God's glory, that we are not strangers to his counsel and his holy ways. His love and righteousness. Oh, how much I desire that we may have a yearning for the Lord's excellence that we may desire to know him, to understand the manifestations of his glory and to dwell in its splendor.

We may desire to stay in contact with his gracious energy, for there is no better place for a believer to dwell and worship than in the splendor of the Lord's holiness. This is my prayer for you, may you hunger, may you dust and may you also be obedient that you may develop a lifestyle of worshiping in the beauty of his holiness shalom. This is Pastor lucy painter with your daily insights and this is the splendor of his holiness. Day five, Thank you for your continued support and encouragement to the making of the daily insights. Reaching an average of 60 people a day with over 10,000 total place.

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Splendor of His Holiness Day 5
Splendor of His Holiness Day 5
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