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Splendor of His Holiness Day 7

by Lucy Paynter
September 9th 2022
It would sound very outrageous if someone were to claim that they are too good for God. That they are too accomplished to need God. But the truth is, even while they may not always make public proclam... More
good morning and welcome. This is Pastor lucy Penta with your daily insights And this is splendor of his holiness series. It would sound very outrageous if someone was to claim that they are too good for God, that they are too accomplished to need God. Yeah, but the truth is even while they may not always make public proclamation of it, people sometimes act as if they do not need God, as if God is for a certain class of people. Sometimes we do feel like we are too good in our minds, as if God should be the one leveling up to our standards and all the other way around. We approach God with an unconscious indifference, almost as if we have forgotten that he is the living almighty God that he deserves and demands absolute reverence from us.

Yeah, he demands absolute reference from us. We have been reading from revelation chapter four over the past one week And from verse 6 B27 Today, that is where we're gonna focus on. John tells us that around the throne on each side of the throne are four living creatures full of eyes in front and behind. And as we are focusing on this encounter, the john head of the throne. Remember every day I've been telling you that we also should have a hunger a desire that as we worship in the splendor of his holiness in the beauty of his holiness, let us desire that we may also have a glimpse of this throne. We may not have something palpable like we said yesterday, we may not have the mountains that are smoking the lightnings, but may our eyes, our spiritual eyes be open to be able to see so back to john.

Therefore, living creatures full of eyes in front and behind. The first living creature like a lion. The second living creature, like an ox with that living creature with the face of a man and the fourth living creature like an ego in flight. So a poster jOHN provides here are rather vivid description of the four creatures on both sides of God's throne and beyond their physical appearance. John's descriptions offers deep insights to the nature of these beings. He paints an image of super intelligent creatures being with great understanding given their heightened perception. This one on one hand, means that our worship must be reasonable and intelligent, that our worship must be informed by what we know about our God and that we must be willing to spend time in his courts to understand and know him more intimately.

So that our worship is not blind. On the other hand, this means that however excellent we're or anyone else is. May we consider that there is no one among us that is too excellent to render worship to God. There is no created being so elevated that they are accepted from bowing before the living God. No one is accepted. It doesn't matter how successful your, it doesn't matter how intelligent you are, you are not exempted from bowing before God. And john goes on to explain that one of the creature had a face like a man, another like nose, another like a lion and one like an eagle in flight. And all these creatures are representatives of their respective spheres of dominance. Each represents the magnificence of their kingdoms.

Yet all they take their place under the throne of God. Exulted as they are in the world. They recognize that there is a kingdom above all other kingdoms. With all their endorsements, they discharge of their duty of worship before the living god. You know, the face of a lion. You know, we say the Lion, I'm just gonna use that. The lion is the king of the jungle. But you see at the drone, there is that significance that it doesn't matter whether there is that kingdom, that kingdom is bowing before the king of kings. They acknowledge the majesty of God. They acknowledge God's divine command and governance of all intelligence and wisdom and his dominance and strength over all that exists. You know, there is not a created being that is sufficient by itself.

However courageous, however patient, however prudent or rise we might be. Our place is before the throne of the Almighty. We are created to render our services to our God. We are called to render worship before the throne of massive. Even at the height of our blessings, even at the height of success. Our blessed is before our God our blessings and for his glory, we are elevated in status. So that we may have? We may have even more reason to worship him. You know, sometimes we see it when somebody is going through tough times, they are more in the place of worship, they are more committed in prayer. But when trouble's passed and they get elevated, they leave the secret place.

But I want to repeat this, that even when we in elevated status that happens so that we have more reason to worship him. Our blessings should not drive his father away from God. They should be employed in the service of our God, whose Dominion is absolute, whose design of things is for the purpose of drawing us closer to him And John goes on to say from bus age to 11 that the four creatures never cease to say, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is to come, and where never the cherubim give glory to the everlasting one that is seated on the throne. The 24 elders fall down before the Lord God and cast their crowds before his throne saying worthy are you our glory and God to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by your will, they existed and were created.

They never stop proclaiming the transcendence of the Lord. They never stop proclaiming that he is worthy of honor that is worthy of power and glory. They spend all their time worshiping God. They declare and called to attention the character the nature and the infinite holiness of the Almighty. How much more must we who are called by his name? Praise him. How much more must we? For whom the blood of the son of God was shed? Render our worship to our God. However gifted, however blessed, however elevated we are our Cry Crowns belong before he's thrown. It should be the greatest honor to live our whole lives. Crediting worthiness to the Almighty God. Are we not to lay our crowds before the Lord in homage?

Are we not to present our crowns of achievement before him in gratitude? The glory of God is to be admired and adult. The purpose of the created person is to give all glory and pleasure to his God. However high or low, however fulfilled we might be in this life, wherever our financial or social status is in this world. There is not one among us who is too good for God. It is our collective charge to reflect the majesty and glory of our God, for he is altogether worthy altogether holy and blemish altogether. Wonderful and perfect in every way. Shalom. This is pastor, Lucy painter with your daily insight and this is the splendor of his holiness.

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Splendor of His Holiness Day 7
Splendor of His Holiness Day 7
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