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Kimberly Snyder

by Jennifer Cawley
November 19th 2020

Kimberly Snyder is the founder of Solluna, a lifestyle brand empowering you to live your best life with offerings in each of its 4 Cornerstones: Food, Body, Emotional Well-being and Spiritual Growt... More

three emotional side is where we start to understand our feelings, and we let ourselves feel our feelings so they come out. So the practice with emotional well being is journaling, I think, is the easiest thing. I journal just a couple minutes a day. It's a safe space to be authentic and to see your feelings and to see, and you could start to sit back and separate from your feelings. Eso I teach a lot about journaling because I think even with your best friend or your mom or your husband or your wife, you don't want to share everything right. But we know that emotional well being and mental health is related to voting. It is related to inflammation is related to aging. So even though you don't see it, if you just sit there all day and anger Onda, things become unresolved. It really starts to break down your body. I believe that each and every one of us has the power within ourselves to create the life that we really want, and I want to help give you the tools to make that happen. I'm Danica Patrick

, and I'm pretty intense. Today. We have the beautiful Kimberly Snyder. Kimberly's been involved in health and wellness for a long time, and she has helped so many celebrities, um, with their food with their diet foundational e. She has what's called the four cornerstones, and that would be food, body, emotional well being and spiritually growth. And so she describes that they all need to be in balance. Otherwise, we put too much focus on on the other three or two or one, whatever it may be. And so it's about sort of cultivating a practice for each one of those and then really getting into our body and less about the external and more about the internal. We talked about her past and what led her to being interested in wellness. Um, and then where she is now, eso she has ah podcast called the feel good podcast. And she also has a product line called soluna. Basically, by the end of this, you're going to be ordering

soluna products and you're probably gonna be tuning into her podcast to get more information because she is a wealth of it. So enjoy the show today. It's so nice to meet you in person. Ideo If you remember this. But we had I had my first juice shop. I think you did a couple of cleansing there. I totally did. And I was just telling my producer Jen, about this. I was like, Man, back in the day I ordered Glow Bio. Yes. And, um, I was trying. I was looking to do it again. Like maybe I don't know. I feel like it was like, a year ago, and I'm like, did it to do? Go on. I'm like, Wait, did you do to Dio? Hang on. This doesn't exist anymore. Is that true? We moved into the Four Seasons, actually. So my lifestyle brand we have, you know, supplements and meditations, online courses. Um, it's called soluna. So then we have a saloon, a juice bar inside the four Seasons. So it is part of the hotel. Um, and also, my clients could go there. So it's nice because it's enclosed and the other one was just like a

standalone on. Yeah. Now everything's closed, Of course. Like the hotel Pretty shut down for a while. Probably just in time to not have a brick and mortar point. Like selling things that this this day and age of everything going on. But yeah, I mean, I do. I loved your cleanses. I was actually it and that in fact, I'd be curious to ask how you came up with it, because it's really or like, how you designed it, because it's still possible to recreate these things at home and so eso when I have done them like that and recreated them, it's because of your cleanse that I'm like, I'm going to do some smoothies in there. Doesn't all have to be juice. Yes, So I think, you know, first of all, the reason I got into health and wellness was because of my own challenges from someone that, you know, is it e consider myself of recovering perfect creationists, but having eating disorders and bloating problems and acne and all sorts of indigestion different

things, eh? So I've been on the long journey. I went backpacking around the world. For three years I've studied Arvida. I've been in China for a long time with different things. And one thing that I've always really felt is such a big part of healing. Digestion is fiber, and we know fiber doesn't just fill you up and it doesn't just, you know, sweep waste out, but it actually feeds. Um, it feeds the bacteria in your body, and it helps to create what are called short chain fatty acids, which increases inflammation, and it just rejuvenates your whole system. So what I found, I've done every sort of cleanse to Danica. I've done water fast. I've done all juice fast. I've done a 16 day watermelon cleanse, or you just out of my yoga studio. You just eat watermelon for 16 days. I've tried pretty much everything and what I found in the combination of some fiber. So some smoothies, because the juice that fibers taken out it's just the actual juice itself is that there is a deeper level of healing that can happen because you're actually really

re fortifying your gut flora. It's not, you know, people will do a juice cleanse and think, Oh, look, I lost £5 but it's really just water weight, and then they can gain it as soon as they start eating or it puts them on. This cycle is yo yo cycle, whereas when you have some smoothies in your cleanse, you are stabilizing your blood sugar levels, and you're also again recalibrating your gut. So it's a period where you're really going inward and just helping to really re establish your body strength. So that became the most powerful, most powerful clients. And when I started working with clients and different people and men and women in all different sorts of people, I found that when I added in the smoothies, you know, that's when they started going to a whole new level and then for the rest of their diet. Besides smoothies, I'm a big proponent of soups, especially if you're trying thio slim down or boost your energy or all these different goals that most of us have. Soup for dinner is a really great thing because it's the same concept as the smoothie, where it's easy to digest

. But it still has fiber, and it breaks down easily and it cleanses your system. It's very nourishing. Eso, yeah, blended super. Would it be soup ingredients like vegetables in it without it being blended? So I'm actually more of a chunky soup person e think you're talking about? You could blend, but even when you're making a chunky soup because I like to chew a little bit. The veggies have been so cooked down and then infused with different spices, ginger, different things that it's still easy to digest. Yeah, blended soups are great, too. Of course. Hmm. Okay. I wanna I could spiral off on food and wellness, and we will. But you touched on kind of how you got into wellness. So I'd love to hear about that. I'd love to hear about, like, how old were you And what brought on those issues that you fought and overcame and learned from, like, take me back in time to before it was Yeah, health

and wellness guru, you know, take me back to the younger years. Yeah, it's it's so funny because I just feel like this whole time. Danica, I've just been sharing things. I've learned that it worked in my body, and the journey keeps going, keeps expanding. But if I look back, I look at a you know, a pretty insecure a teenager that grew up in Connecticut, and everybody was white and I happened to be, you know, Asian and Hispanic and some white. So I'm mixed, and I just really just didn't feel comfortable. I didn't feel good in my body. So I think for a lot of us women, especially you start trying to control things that you can, which was often food. Because you can see it, you could pick it up. And so I started really obsessing about my body. This was, you know, sophomore junior year in high school, eh? So I started Teoh, you know, I was running track. I was not because I liked running, but because I was trying to be thin. And that's when I became bulimic. And I, you know, twin extent anorexia that was never diagnosed. But I was just

, you know, just not comfortable in my body. And then it swing the other way that I went to college, and I was like, Wow, I'm living with all my friends. So then I got into partying. I was drinking a lot. I was eating late night pizza, and I'm I'm not that tall either. I think you're five to write. I am Okay, so I'm just a little bit taller than you. But I mean, £30 and a lot of it was blow into my belly. And so it was just this letting go. So I was like swinging here that I was swinging here. And then finally I came into more of a middle ground. And the way that happened is I, um It's a long story, but I was gonna be a doctor. I went into college with a science and math scholarship, but then I entered in the hospital and I didn't like it. So I didn't know exactly what I was going to dio. But I had saved up some money and I got a job in Australia to marketing firm. And then I ended up traveling, was going to travel for a couple of weeks. But then I e yes, I was there my junior year of college. And then after I graduated at this job I interned for had an office there

. So I worked for a year, and I saved my money and I started backpacking. And that was this whole other part of my life. What area? Where you backpacking? Well, it started. I was in Australia, so I was going to just do Thailand in Southeast Asia and come back. But I started meeting all these people and I started camping and doing it really cheaply. eso. In the end, I ended up being on the road for three years and the important part of the story I still get goose bumps is that I wasn't in the Western world, Danica for three years. So I was in Africa for about seven months. I was in Asia for about 18 months and then some Eastern Europe and then South America. So that period I wasn't in the media. I was taken out of the world of dieting and numbers. And you know what everybody thinks beauty is. And I was just in this, like this expansive realm. I was in India for months. I was in China for months. So it was just this whole re education I think that I was in so

that I came back to New York City. My family's from the east coast and Oh, and along the way, I was learning about digestion. I was learning about beauty. I was learning to connect everything. I was learning that digestion has so much to do with your mind and, you know, meditation and spirituality. And it was all these things that were blowing my mind open. So anyways, I come back to New York City, and I just started a free blawg and I was going back to nutrition school and I was teaching yoga, and I was doing all these different things, and I was really passionate. And as you could tell, that was still really passionate about talking about, and it just started to really grow organically. The second television segment I ever did was Good Morning America. And then I met one of my my e Think she was my first celebrity. Um, UMA Thurman And and, um, you know, the different magazines, like Vogue and Al, were asking me, you know, right about different things. So it just started to expand very organically. And then I ended up moving thio L. A. Where a lot of my clients were and then started that first to spar where you and I first interacted. And

, you know, the books have come down running my sixth book right now, you know, And then so now I have a company called soluna and the biggest one of the biggest things Danica that I've learned in the thing that I really teach today is my four cornerstone lifestyle, which is food body emotional well being in spiritual growth. So I look back on my journey and I look at my first two books and they were very focused on food and food. I think is the beginning of the wellness journey for most of us, because we could pick it up and you can see it and you can interact with it. And it becomes this thing that you can focus on. But it's nearly about working with energy, right? Look, e don't feel right. Any of my books, Danica, but I've read something. Oh, okay. Is take numbers out of it, so I don't weigh myself. I don't count the calories of food. I don't ask people how old they are. Sometimes I forget how old I am. I will live in a world world of like finite nous and numbers. It's really working with You know what the yogis call the underlying

energy matrix of everything. So then I started working with food and I started understanding. Oh, we don't have to diet, you know, we were just talking about fiber and flow. We could open up energy in our body. We can work with energy in a much different way, Andi. Then I you Nobody is how we exercise how we take care of our skin. And then my last book really focused on the emotional part of being And all this research about bloating and inflammation related to our thought patterns and holding on to guilt and shame and anger on. And then the spiritual part I defined is just, you know, understanding yourself better and connecting with yourself. So meditation, being in nature, all these different things. So the reason I say this Danica because when I worked with these clients, I worked with all these different actors and all these different people, I would live with them for four months, things before I had kids, eso I would travel around the world, and sometimes I would do the press tours. We'd be in a different country every day, and sometimes it would be for the film and the way I worked with them, you know, I was there, nutritionist on paper, but I always say that was maybe 10 to 15% of it. It was again on

all these different principles, freeing them of he's limited beliefs and these mindsets and these ideas opening up their body. Getting them to connect, to breathe, to relax, which has a big effect on your hormones, has the effect on stress hormones. Your body can release weight easily, more easily. Eso i Really? When I talk about wellness now, I always say, you know, it can't just be about food. It can't just be about the way you work out. But it's everything all together, the emotional the spiritual side are really important to It was a long a long That's okay. It's like all of that is really true. You can't just address one thing and expected Thio, you know, reshape your world. I feel like you hear about, you know, people talking about. You know, once they finally relaxed and reduce stress in their life, they just magically lost weight. And so there's so many there's different facets to it. Um, So what? I'm curious. Like, did you learn something

when you were abroad? You know, traveling that you started to make those connections yourself? Yes. So you know, when I look back on my past, I was a chronic dieter. I was obsessed with numbers with all these different things that I tell people not to pay attention to now and, you know, just like I was. I mean, like, I think a lot of women suffer from that. This isn't, you know, like I was hard on myself much more so, like quite a bit when I was younger, too. I mean, like, how do we Yes, yes, yes. So I'm I agree with you. It's a normal. It's a normal thing. Especially, I think, for women. Well, I think when we don't feel comfortable or good on the inside, then we focus on the outside. You know, so again when we're coming into ourselves when we haven't gotten into our power yet And we realized, you know, beauty is so much about our inside on our magnetism and are energy, it's not just about the surface. We give away our power because we focus on the surface. So anyways, for me, I was you know

, I mean, I'm plant based now, Danica, but back then I tried atkins and paleo ball on, you know, counting calories and supervised. I tried everything in my body. And so that period where I went to Australia and I was interning, you know, I I was I was pretty heavy for my frame. And I was drinking diet soda all day and I never went to the gym because I was tired. I was partying every night, but I haven't to see this flyer. And it would said, you know, learn how to detox at this gym, You know, some classes. This was teaching, and I didn't even know what detoxing was. This is you know, um, this was, you know, over well, over a decade ago, eso I went and I met with this woman and she said, So tell me about your digestion And I was like, You know, I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about how to lose weight. Can you tell me the good stuff? And at the time, I didn't want to talk about it because I was super constipated, by the way. But I was like, I don't wanna talk about that. And she said to me, she looked me and I

and she said, It's all related. It's all the same thing. So that's when the light bulb first came on that Oh, my digestion is related to my anxiety to my acne. To my hair not growing to my fatigue, to my inability to lose weight. So that was when I started to be interested in becoming a nutritionist from working with this nutritionist and just seeing how she could help me, Um, look at my life in a much more holistic way. And so then I would say India had the next biggest impact. I was there for months. I was studying Arvida. I was studying yoga for the first time in meditation and learning all these ideas about energy eso one of the reasons I became plant based, you know, I love you know, the environmental reasons in the health reasons was actually energetic reasons. You know, the fact that when something beyond I'm not all or nothing, by the way, and a lot of my clients eat meat so I don't say you don't eat me. Although I do permit eating more plants and mawr vegetables. Um, is that when you kill

when something with a developed nervous system is killed, it starts to decompose, the energy starts to go down. So because we're living beings and we're trying to be, you know, in our fullest vitality and meditate and go up. Those kinds of energetically aren't supportive. So I learned a lot in India. I learned a lot from many different teachers along the way. Um and then I've done many trading formally and informally. Thio, come up with my philosophy today. Let's just let, like, let's go into the food part because I think that we could probably spend a little bit of time on each one of these four cornerstones because they hold the key. Um, so more about fool. Like what? What what What is the What do you eat on a regular basis and why? And why don't you eat certain things? You know? How does our body operate? Like give us, like, give? Give us a quick overview of what's important. So okay, the quick over view, Danica, if I could sum it up, make it really

simple and going back to our core teaching, which is energy, right? So I would say How do you want to feel in your body? You wanna have, like, energy? You want to feel you wanna have You wanna be strong. You want to reduce inflammation and bloating? Um, yeah. You mostly just want energy, energy, strength, vitality all these different words, right? So imagine that the truth that is, that energy is never created nor destroyed. It transmutes. So what you're putting into your body starts to become part of the basis of your cells. It starts to infuse throughout your body. So when you look at food, what is supportive of your body goals? Right, So to me, it's fresh food. It's food that's grown in nature. Nature is our highest teacher. Nature comes in a complete nutritional package. Onley plant foods have fiber. You know, we can get caught up in all these numbers and oh, my getting enough riboflavin and you know how many milligrams of vitamin C R in here, eh

? So there's great. Dr Colin Campbell wrote this book. You know, the China study, and he says, When you eat whole foods, your body does the math for you, and I really like that, because again, I'm not a numbers based person, but to me, like the fresher the better, the more colorful, the more vibrant, the more alive. Now it doesn't mean you have to eat in all raw diet, but it does mean you want fresher. You probably don't want you know, to eat one, make one meal and eat it all week. So by day seven it's been sitting around for a long time. I would say, like nature. You want to eat a wide variety of foods? Um, fiber, I found for me is the natural form of portion control. So you don't have to obsess about calories, because fiber will help create bulk in your system and fill you up. So on a daily basis, what that looks like is, you know, I have a glowing green smoothie. I drink hot water. Lemon, I'll just go by. You know what? I'm what I've eaten today. I have I I personally don't eat gluten. I know if it's because of my genetic

, my Asian side or some people don't tolerate gluten as well. And I'm one of those people I get really loaded. But I ate a gluten free rap with microgreens and sprouts. Think about baby sprout baby plants. Danica. They're bursting with energy and vitality and all these fatty acids and amino acids, the building blocks of protein. So I eat sprouts and microgreens and try to eat them every day. E grow them. But I don't have time right now, but I buy them. So I have a lot of those. Like I have avocado in that rap just very alive. And then, um, for dinner last night, I had, like, a big veggie lentil ginger soup and some sprouted brown rice. So the reason I'm into sprouting to which is you can get sprouted rice, by the way, and lentils and nuts for a couple of dollars more, it just activates. It goes back to nature. If there's a seed and it sits in water, it starts to shed the inhibitor enzymes. And it says, Oh, it's safe for me to blossom and to become this huge oak tree right? If you don't put

water like so it's so it's a usable exactly like let's say yeah, looking just think of like a like an almond, for instance. It's kind of hard, right? Yeah, if you if you were to put that almond in water. What happens is all this stuff comes to the surface, which are basically inhibitor enzymes and all these out these acids that protects the almond because, until it's ready to sprout, what if fungus comes? What if something tries to eat it right, but it just tries to protect itself. But when you germinated, you put it in water. In nature. When you put seeds in water, they start to sprout right. They start to grow roots, so it's activates. It says to that seat or not. Hey, it's safe for you to grow. You can become this giant tree and what that means when we sprout grains. You know all the stuff you hear about it. So confusing isn't Danica. People don't eat grains. There's elected all this stuff. So my answer to that is, you know, we soak, we sprout, which removes a lot of those assets. It becomes more easily digestible in the body. Um, I'm a big fan. I'll

say right now, a big carb fan. I'm not someone that doesn't eat carbs. I'm a big fan of Dan Buettner. I don't know if you know who he is. He's come on my podcast, too. He discovered the blue zones, which are the five healthiest, longest lived communities in the world. There's one in Japan and you know Italy, Greece, California and Costa Rica. And guess what? They're all thin. They don't have neural. You know the same rate of neurological disorders or super happy all these different factors. And I said to him, Hey, Dan, do they eat carbs and grains? And he said, Not only do they eat them every day, they eat them every meal. You know, whether it's the form of a sweet potato or tuber or whatever. So I think that everybody's body is different to some of the stuff. Um, I think that, you know, different foods interact differently for different people. Some people and I always say, There's a range, you know from macronutrients. So maybe some people need more fat. They do better with more carbs or they do better with protein. So you really have to find that right ratio for your body. There isn't one exact

right way, but I'll say overall, the more alive to we choose, the more plant foods we choose, which have again fiber and such a huge range of antioxidants and nutrients. Um and, you know, trying to be more seasonal, trying to really vary what we have to me. That's the foundation of a really, really powerful diet. And we also know that your gut health is activated by having a wide range of different plant food. So you don't want to just have the same five things every day every week. But you want to just go and explore and mix and match your veggies. And I think that's really important, as is taking the right probiotics. And there's a couple of key supplements that I think are really important. Thio. Well, you should talk about what SOLUNA has to offer because I know from doing your cleanses that, um, you offered, um, like a detox e like a detox. Kind of. I don't remember exactly. I don't know if it's magnesium or what exactly it was, but there was that

. And then there was a probiotic. But I think you might have one other one other item in your soluna line up. So what? What what should we take if we're going to take something? That's a great question, Danica, because I think like anything else, you can fall. I've gone into clients, homes and open their cabinet, and there's been, like 70 different pills, and I don't think that take didn't come to my house. Did you have, like e? I want to come their next I'm gonna do it clean out. Actually, it's You find a lot of adapted Jin's. That's probably what I heard the most of I think that's great. I think, you know, adapted things that our whole food based and based on actual herbs and plants, I think are amazing. But there's just a lot of, you know, synthetic stuff out there. There's a lot of my new show. There's a lot of things that it's just I think I find superfluous. What I like to focus on first because then we can layer on top are the supplements that work synergistically and they work holistically for your whole body to go up. So we have what are called SP Oh, probiotics

. So they're the soluna S p o probiotics, and this is based on the fact that again nature, your ancestors, Danica or wherever they came from, my ancestors that came from, you know, the Philippines and different countries. Someone comes from Africa wherever you come from. There's one thing that our ancestors have in common, and that's what they didn't have running water so they would pull the veggies out and they would actually, um, eat a little bit of dirt because they didn't have enough water to wash everything. And that dirt. That soil has the perfect mix of bacterium, and that's how our ancestors got their probiotics. So our probiotics look brown. They look like the dirt. And it's not just some contrived manmade formula. It's actually based. It's based on how we used to live Danica, which is in such close connection with the Earth that we used to eat the Earth every single day. So it's really powerful. Well, you don't have to refrigerate them because they're so hardy that they survive stomach acid. Sometimes I think, Oh, these probiotics that air so delicate. How is this even going to get through the stomach acid into my gut? So probiotics

, I would say, every day, that's my you know, probably number one thing I think people should take. Just because I got floor gets wiped out all the time, and then the detox e you were talking about, so imagine And I use this water analogy. You know, when I was asking you about how you wanted to feel, Danica and you were talking about being strong and being in your body, um, from a water perspective. Think about a waterfall like a water analogy, right? A waterfall is powerful. It's magnetic, It's moving. There's flow. When you see a waterfall, you want to just stare at it right now. Compare that to a stagnant pond thing about a pond. You know, Billabong. I guess you'd call in Australia, where there's this this come and sort of algae growing on top, and it's just not really beautiful. It's just not moving, and it just starts to look really gross, right? So think about our bodies. Um, it's not just about the calories that we're eating. It's not just about you know what we're putting in, but it's how much is also coming out, because if things start to stick in our body, if they stay toxins, you know, constipation

, just excess waste. Whatever it is, it starts to accrue, and it minimizes space in our body that minimizes oxygen. It ages us faster, and we just don't have that energy because everything is being, you know, cycled through. It's about 90% of our blood for, for instance, that goes through our coal, and it could pick up waste and redistributed around our body, so I think it's one of the reasons that people age faster and I don't just mean, you know, oh, wrinkles. But all our organs start to decrease, degrade and our vitality goes down. You know, to me that, you know, big factor of aging, a big way that people ages, their energy just starts to get lower and lower. So what detox he does. It's not a it's not a laxative. It's not habit forming its nascent oxygen with SC two p, which is a really potent form of vitamin C and clinical research has shown when you combine those ingredients, it helps to stop shortening of telomeres, which is basically the caps on the DNA. It's the root root root cause of aging. So when you're taking these supplements, you're just strengthening the

very, very internal root of your body. And at the same time you're helping to flush way out, waste out. So it's sort of like a traffic jam. You know, I used to live in New York City, and sometimes there'd be a traffic jam at Union Square 14th Street, but it really started uptown at 80th Street, right? So when you start to release more from your colon from your G I track you start to open up flow across all your organs, your entire blood flow your body or, you know, your gall bladder. Your liver. There's an exchange that happens between your colon your liver every few minutes, so your whole body starts to open up. So again, this is really important. Because even if you start today and you start, you know, going, um, spending $1000 a week on organic food and eating perfectly and doing all this stuff. But there's still all this waste that continues to accrue and was there before in your body, you're never gonna look your best. You're never gonna feel your best. Eso I recommend taking that in the evening. It's called detox E people. Take between one and five Depends on your body. I take four personally

the probiotics. You take two in the morning and then our final supplement is called their digestive enzymes. They're really powerful enzymes. And you take them right before you eat because I always say you're not what you do. You know what you eat. You are what you digest, and these enzymes help to break down the food into, you know, the carbs, that protein, the fat also the fiber and also breaks down strains of candida. So you absorb more nutrients into your body. When you eat, it just gets maximizing it, and it's moving it through so that you don't get bloated. It I e No, I've had this stuff before because I've done your cleanses and I've been like, yeah, absolutely need to Toxie and I really should have finished the bottle. Probably a zai does it, does it? It's probably still not good. It's been many years. Eso I'm ordering that, but more. But then I'm going to ask the gross critical question Is that how often should we be going number two and

like How often? So I mean, there's there's a really wide range of opinions here, and different experts will say, Oh, well, you know what's normal for one person isn't normal for other people or whatever. I think in an ideal world you would go to the bathroom every day at least once a day. You guys can go more. I know my husband goes like six times a day, but you know that mean I mean, you'd be shocked. Danica. How Maney women in particular. I worked with that. Go like once a week, sometimes once every 10 days. Yeah, like it can get pretty gnarly. Nothing can ruin my day. Worse than missing a day. That's like the worst thing in the world. It is the worst thing that you feel heavy. You just feel gross. But I will say this even if someone goes to the bathroom, you know, six times a day, 10 times a day, it doesn't mean that all the waste is coming out. There can still be parts of you know what you're eating and also just the cellular

breakdown that stays in your body. And it starts to you know, what's called imp action. It starts to cement into the sides of your G I tract. Your body's hot. It's hot mammalian body temperature. It's almost 100 degrees. Eso things bake things sitting there. So what's great about detoxing? The oxygen just comes and it helps to get between your your the side walls of your colon and the old waste and helps to get it out. So, you know, just because someone puts a lot doesn't mean that their toxin free. That was the case then. Everybody That was this big pooper would would be an amazing helping energy. We know that's not true. That's definitely not true. OK, eso the next the next cornerstone. So the body, Yes. So, again, this is This is interesting, Danica, because we're as human beings. We're having an embodied experience, right? We're supposed to be in our body, but you'd be amazed at how many people say to me. I don't know what I'm hungry. I

don't know what my body wants to eat. I don't know what what I need because people are so disconnected from their bodies. Especially women there were up in our heads were over thinking we're analyzing, um, we're seeing what everybody else is doing on social media, right? We're just We're just out here. We're just looking at the time of day. You're looking at the time of day and going Well, it's eight AM or not. I should have breakfast. And now I should have lunch. And yeah, I pretty bad about that. I feel like I'm almost always hungry, and I forced myself to wait 3 to 4 hours between each time I eat. But you know what, though? Because you're such a high energy person. And I have to like, you know, look like look at you in person a little bit or ask you some more questions. But I just think you have a lot of you have a lot of otta energy argument. I would say you just have a lot of your active. You're healthy. So as long as the foods are digesting well, you you know, you may just have a different eating pattern than other people on. Do you want to make sure you're getting enough fiber? So you do stay full longer at each of your

meals. You're not just eating something that's like going through you really fast. I will say one of the weird things that I've noticed about myself is that I really do better with cooked food. Yes, yes. I mean, if anybody else relate to me when they're listening to this, But like roasted vegetables, like cooked like potatoes and cauliflower and all that stuff like that works so much better than, like, for me, raw food cold. Actually, smoothies gives me a stomachache. Yes, Well, first of all, it's a lot of fiber on when we cook. When we cook veggies, we break them down, we make the fiber. It's much easier to digest cooked foods. So I'm a proponent of both. I think we definitely want to have a lot of cooked foods in our diet. But the problem with cooking is that it does D nature, Vitamin C and enzymes. Eso you if you are gonna eat mostly cooked, which is, you know fine and are elevated would really like that. Actually, just make sure you're taking your digestive enzymes

so that you're not taking all your own body's enzymes to break down the food. Andi, I still think some raw food, um, like fresh fruit with all the vitamins. Or you could try taking the enzymes before a smoothie. Also, some people get bloated from smoothies because they chucked them. Since their whole foods, you really want to chew them well and mix your saliva to break them down enough. So that could be a reason that people don't do well. Also improper combining You don't wanna put a bunch of protein powder with, like a bunch of, you know fruit, for instance, and the fruit breaks down really fast and protein takes longer. So if we simplify our smoothies like I make protein smoothies with protein powder and banana, which is a a slower digesting fruit that doesn't have water. You can't juice a banana, but you could make smoothies out of it. So, um, anyway, that's a whole other discussion. But my first book, the Beauty Detox Solution, talks about food combining. And that is you know, when you start to learn some of the principles of that that can really help bloating and

issues with raw food to thank you. I've actually always been curious about that, and I've wondered if it has something to do with sort of because you had mentioned vodka. And so what are the what are the three? Um what would they be called? An eidetic dosha is like the different body types. So we all have, you know, different levels of of You know, most people aren't just one there, you know, they may be dominant in two very where someone has tried. Oh, Sheikh. But bata is the wind energy. And usually people that have Botta are, you know, that could be smaller and thinner. Um Coffa is is Earth. So it's like, you know, steady, slower, moving a little bit heavy, easy to gain weight, body type. And then Pitta is fire. So really great digestion. Um really moody gets really hungry if they don't eat right away, like needs that fuel, fiery nature. So So you so probably because you're this race car driver. You all the adrenaline I say

you're probably picked of at eso, uh and then you know, that makes you know that makes sense. So you you you know, the everybody's body is different, but the cooked foods for you would probably do really well. And like I said I would take, I would still do digestive enzymes. I would still do some because the fire could get out of control. You want to make sure your nervous system is soothed all the time, so things like Tulsi tea you can just sip on when you're working. When you're around, it's really great for your system. So it's an herbal. It's an Indian herb. Basically, it's called Holy Indian. Holy basil s so you can just sip on it. That would be really good for your nervous system. So speaking of body Danica like think about your nervous system yoga and arguably talks a lot about our nervous system. We don't talk about it as much in the West, but our nervous system were starting to, like fight or flight mode, right? People talk about your sympathetic system versus your parasympathetic, but this has always been such a huge focus off, argue beta and yoga is not aggravating your nervous system. When

you aggravate your nervous system, you affect your endocrine system and your immunity. And obviously everybody right now is trying to keep up their immunity. So your nervous system is like if we're always just really reactive to everything going around us, and we're you know, our anxiety levels in our stresses high, we actually weaken our bodies. We make ourselves very susceptible. So when we're talking about the body cornerstone from a wellness perspective, one of the best things you can do is to give yourself a little RG, Veda says is the number one. Um uh, anti aging rejuvenated of practice, which is called Resiana, is very simple, short two minute self massage. So you're supposed to do it with warm oil like coconut oil and then you're supposed to take a shower, and it seems really simple. But touch is one of the best ways to soothe your nervous system. That's why massages air, so feel so good. But you could do it to yourself day in and day out, and just to soothe your body. Also, remember, your skin is your largest organ, so body is, you

know, not maybe not doing hot yoga in the middle of August, when it's already really hot outside. If that doesn't feel good to you, it's really adjusting the way that you exercise to be aligned with what feels good to you in that moment. That's how we exercise. It's how we take care of our skin. I also have a high performance, nontoxic natural skin care line because probably because I had so many skin problems and I had really bad acne and patching this and rosacea all this stuff. So I really do enjoy skincare, too. So all of that is in the muddy, so beautiful skin is really beautiful. Thank you, Danica. See how hard it is for women to thio. Accept compliments. I'm like whatever, even though I love to complement people, so I'll take that and I'll say thank you. See, I'm still, uh, what is and you know I mean, like, that opens up a door to something that I've been contemplating a lot and so we can keep going down these, like, concepts about things, you know. But let's riff on this idea. And so because this kind of plays into, I think

perhaps maybe the, you know, emotional part of you where I agree with you, it's hard to It can be hard to accept a compliment. And it would be because I because in my mind, as I've been unpacking, is like if we don't believe it about ourselves, we can't we It's harder to accept it from someone else because we're like, we blow it off about ourselves. And so, you know, I've been working on that, working on sort of mork confidence and MAWR ownership in this like very kind way. And in fact, somebody suggested it to me that, you know, imagine that it's like the little girl in me that's being compliment, complimented, as opposed to it, being so direct at me so that so that it could be accepted. But I believe I believe that that's that's part of that sort of self love that you have for yourself that then you can accept the compliments. Is that resonate with you? 0 100%. I

think that it's easy for us to deflect you right. We have to really know it and feel it. And one of the biggest things that I've been working on Danica in that regard is, um, not feeling, you know, I'm beautiful or I'm, um, enough because of all the things I do. But just because of me being me right, like just that's the essence of yoga will say no, you are important. You are amazing because you're living and breathing and that's it. So it's easy to get caught up in achievements, and I'm like, Oh, look at my book did really well or look, my hair looks good today, but what about the days when my hair doesn't look good? And what about the times where maybe I don't make that list or I don't do that? Because, I mean, I'm not good enough anymore. It's, you know, this external point of reference when we're like relying on validation and compliments and likes on social media to feel good enough. It means we never do because it keeps moving and it keeps shifting. So for me, the big work is, you know, skipping to the fourth corner Stone is spiritually

practice, which I define is just, you know, whatever you do to understand yourself better and connect with yourself. And so that's sitting in stillness for me, meditation being in nature because I could se Teoh you know Danica Oh my God, it's so amazing. Look at all your you know, things you've accomplished. It's amazing And it is amazing, by the way. But you know, for women and you know, being a pioneer. And you're doing all this amazing stuff with race car driving and all this stuff. But still, with all your achievements, when I look at you, you're this unique soul. There's no one like you. You're this beautiful person. So I say I see you not your achievements, and it's it's you being worthy and amazing isn't dependent on that. You don't have to keep getting more achievements. You don't have to keep winning more races to be enough. And that's I think the problem with our society is, you know these dopamine hit and we put something up and people know a million people like it. So we're like, Oh, look, people like me for this or, you know, winning whatever it ISS

. So we start to think we start to chase that and it becomes exhausting. And then when we don't get it, then we start to feel like, aren't I good enough? Aren't I worthy anymore? You know, it's like the mom, like her whole self worth, maybe and just raising her kids. So when her kids grow up, she's like what I dio, Or if an actress which airs or she doesn't get role, she's like, Well, I guess no one cares about me. But that's the falseness. That's you know, that's the limited belief that we create. It's not. That's not why you're beautiful. That's not why you're worthy has nothing to do with out here. It has to do with the fact that you are a unique, so there's no one like you, and so no one can take that away from you. MM such a journey. It never ends either. It never ends, but there comes a day where you know, for me and I'm writing about this in my new book, where you you change from what's called an external point of reference, where your whole idea about yourself is created from the outside. Look, everybody's looking at me. Everybody likes me or they don't like me or

people really liked, you know, for me, that book or they like that project or they like that. It's all from the outside, and that's your reference for something does good or not, Yeah, and then when you start doing this four quarters style lifestyle and you start to really think about your feelings and you journal and you meditate, what happens is you switch to what's called an internal point of reference where it means, you know, when you do your best, you know you're showing up. You know, you're just being yourself. You're being authentic. You're being sincere, and that means maybe that isn't the biggest post. Or maybe this didn't do that well. But it doesn't take away your confidence because you're connected to yourself on the inside, and that's your riel source of safety and security. What is it? What's the practice? So it's like, How do I get here? Because it's hard to know it is hard to know. It's hard to know who am I exactly and what does make me happy? And you know, that's such a journey for all of us. And it also evolves, right? So it's kind of an evolutionary

process. It's right. It changes because we shift. But I will say so. The first two owner stones are food and body, and those are very physical and quite, um, you know, you could see them, you can pick them up, you could touch them. So those were, like, you know, easier starting points. So the next point is body because I wanna make sure I wanna make sure we give somebody, you know, giving them a tangible Like we talked a lot about food, but embody Is it about physical activity, or is it just about the nervous system? No. So anything that has you know, anything related to your body that's not food. So skincare using less toxic products, modifying your eyes routine based on the season or based how you feel supplements would fall into bodies like we talked about eso. I would say, you know, just really listen to your body I used to have this, like, hard core hour and a half yoga practice. And then when my mom passed away a couple years ago, I didn't want to do it anymore. I wanted to ground myself. So I started doing beach walks, and now I do more hikes. And

, you know, it's just like, not forcing, but going in really listening to what your body needs s Oh, yes, skincare supplements. I would say, You know, touching that self massage is really healing eso Anything related to body is in that second cornerstone really focused. Okay, now that that yeah, emotional well being is, uh, emotional Well, being a spiritually spiritual your spiritual growth are really interesting because they're the ones that I think people ignore. And what happens is if you are some of the cornerstones, you obsess over the other 11 or two. So for me, I wasn't in touch with my emotions of my feelings, So I became obsessed with my body and food. I had eating disorders. Three emotional side is where we start to understand our feelings, and we let ourselves feel our feelings so they come out. So, for instance, have you ever noticed it. So for me, I'll say it. Um, I used to get really annoyed when anybody I felt like people didn't listen to me

. So, like, let's say you interrupt me. Let's say it just seems like, you know, you're just listen your opinion, not listening to mind. Whatever it was, it was this huge trigger make me really upset, and I would kind of avoid somebody or whatever it waas When I started focusing on this cornerstone, I started journaling a lot, and you could start to see different patterns and you could start to process things. And I started to let myself feel and realized. Oh, you know, this something like, You know, we all have stuff from our childhood. It came from feeling not seen and not heard. And then it became this whole thing. I constructed my life around like achieving really hot so people would have to see me and getting really annoyed. But the problem is, we stick in those patterns unless we start to see them. So the practice with emotional well being is journaling, I think is the easiest thing I journal just a couple minutes a day. It's a safe space to be authentic and to see your feelings and to see you could start to sit back and separate from your feelings. Eso I teach a lot about journaling because I think even with your best friend or your mom or your husband or your wife, you don't want to share everything

right. But we know that emotional well being and mental health is related to bloating. It is related to inflammation is related to aging. So even though you don't see it, if you just sit there all day and anger, Andi, things become unresolved. It really starts to break down your body, so it's very interesting. I wonder if you get this, too. But for me, um, I am my emotional well being shows up in my body in a very direct way. But the problem is, is it shows up in my body before is aware. I'm aware of it in my mind. So when something's coming through the process, something big, something emotional. Um, usually it's my solar plexus, and it's usually my stomach right there. For those who don't know the solar plexus, it's the fourth chakra. It's right, sort of at the top of your stomach. It's like that where you get the nervous energy. Um, and it will like I will like digestion goes down. Um

, sometimes I've even felt ill, like sick. I can't eat a thing. And, um, but generally, like digestion and bloating or a big thing like I just can't can't can't get away from this nodded feeling in my stomach. And nothing is going on in my mind as far as what's good, What's my world? But I know now because it's happened so many times and I'm aware and I'm present and I'm paying attention to how I feel. And I also have a good diet to know like, Oh, it wasn't because I had pizza don't have pizza. So, like it was it's I'm pretty consistent with my diet. And so, yeah, I wonder if you if that sort of thing resonates with you, if you feel that happens in your body, Exactly. So what? In that case, Danica, it would be noting when that happens and then, you know, thinking to yourself, you know, what was the precursor to this last night? Did I have a stressful conversation with somebody? Did something get trigger. Did I, um, you know, some painful subject

to get brought up or, you know, whatever it was, try to backtrack a little bit and see, And every time this happens, you could start to create those patterns. Like for me. I had no clue that I had this thing about not being seen. Which then I equated with not being loved or lovable. But when I started to see it and it came like black and white, it just came because I was You know, tracking this with my journal awareness is a huge part of emotional well being. Then it doesn't mean we're perfect. It doesn't mean it still doesn't bother us. But we start to create that distance that comes with awareness, and then we can work on it. And then we can create new ideas, new beliefs. We can overcome it. There's this really amazing psychologist called Dr David Hawkins and his this book called Letting Go, and he talks about the difference between feelings and thoughts. And imagine that thought that may have led up to this Danica or someone, you know, someone having a stomach. Not maybe, like you know, that person is a big a hole there. So mean, You know, whatever it is like they suck and it just keeps going around and around in your head. It's a thought. But if you drop into your body

and you start to feel OK, this is a tightening in my solar plexus. Or like I start to have this weird feeling in my heart and you tune into that feeling. He says it lasts about no more than 10 minutes. So is this intensity. But then it passes through you and you let go of that emotion. You let yourself feel it, and then you let it go. If we don't let it go, it ends up getting suppress and repress into our body and into ourselves. And then it starts to lead to bloating and indigestion. And, um, you know, all sorts of aches and pains and joint issues and all sorts of things. So what I would contemplate, Danica is you know, is there something that you don't want to feel you or anyone you know? Not just you, But you know, for me is something you don't wanna look at. Is it a pattern? Is it away? You react and you know what is being held in your body, and then you could start to unpack it for yourself. And no one else could do this work for you because obviously, you're the only one feeling it. But it's really, really powerful. And if you're you know, if you're banging your head, you're like, I'm eating perfectly and I'm doing all this stuff and I gave up dairy and

I'm still bloated and I still can't lose £10. For a lot of people I've worked worked with this emotional part is huge. And when you start thio yourself process that it's amazing how Maney, um, I had one man lose £80 once when we started really getting into this stuff. Yeah. Wow, that's incredible. Do you think that you because Okay, so I heard you say if you go into the feeling you feel it last no more than 10 minutes, do you? Can you get out of this, um, trapped emotion or this held emotion or this awareness that your body is letting, you know, letting you know about without going through an actual emotional process? Meaning, Do you? Can you just witness it and let it go away, or do you actually have to be vulnerable enough with

yourself, too? Cry essentially and really feel or scream. Some people might need to, like, scream into a pillow or go run down the road and back, or for me, and you know, it's it's usually cry, but can you process it by witnessing it versus just versus actually going through the emotions? Because I really do have, Ah, for me. I totally believe in growing pains as in like it will be painful to go through emotional growth, but it's kind of required. That's right, right? I do agree. I think sometimes the only way out is through it. But again, I think that we can get solace from the idea that from knowing it's only going to be about 10 minutes or so, According to Hawkins, It is not like we stay in this intensity for a long, long time, and we have to follow it, swallowing it. The problem is, most people Danica don't wanna feel anything, so it's so easy to distract you gun. You drink alcohol

, you can go on YouTube or instagram or, you know, watch Netflix or whatever. And so it keeps getting buried down, buried down and again. People are just like it's gotta be the diet. Maybe I'm not getting enough of this or that, Like there is this obsession with one cornerstone when really it's looking at this part of, you know, of our lives, the parts that people can't see, the emotional and mental part I find if I get disappointed or I'm scared. You know all the emotions I don't want to feel, but I let myself feel them. It does get better. It does come through and they say It's like a well, So let's say anger is your big thing and you let yourself feel the anger really feel it instead of holding onto resentment, it keeps going down. The more times you do this and eventually you get to the bottom of the well where the same thing doesn't make us angry anymore. And I can say that from personal experience that has been the truth for me. And then you feel a lot lighter and then, you know you're not a sensitive you could go through life. Just feeling like you're not is triggered, and that's huge

, huge, So like e get so excited. I never really like I was doing this with my clients. Danica, you know, doing this processing. But then I didn't really define these cornerstones until after you have this big, huge life change where, you know, my mom passed away and I'm going through this huge break up. Everything kind of happened at the same time, and I just started looking at everything. And by the way, this technique of feeling is how I was able to get through that grief. Grief could hang on for 20 years for some people. But feeling it like you said, it's not fun. It doesn't feel good, but you go through it and then it starts to come out of your body and then you could start to move forward. Little by little, I really was not buying into the 10 minute thing too much. But now that you've mentioned it, the pinnacle of it, the ALC um ization is maybe 10 minutes. But there's a lead up and there's, um yeah, there's a surrendering that has toe happen

to that point, and so that can take a while. Just remember, though, when I say 10 minutes, I mean Onley feeling. If you start thinking and you're like, this sucks, this isn't fair. I'm better. I should have what? Whatever it is that can last for years. So when you do this process, you literally have to say to your brain I'm not listening to any thoughts. And you have to drop into your body and feel the feelings inside your body, which is where a lot of trauma and a lot of repression is held. Tell me more about a couple of years ago. Like what? You know what happened? What? We're epiphanies like, So there had where there were some moments that you had Ah ha. Moments a couple of years ago when you said everything was Yeah, it was a really, like it was crazy because my mom is, you know, it was always so healthy and you know, she by the time when we found out she had cancer, she was gone in six weeks. And so

it was just like, Oh, my God, every anything and everything can happen in this life. And so I ended up, you know, just looking at my whole life and re evaluating everything. And I ended up moving out on my own. I went through this big break up with my partner at the time. Who is the husband? He's the father of my first son. So I became a single mom, and it was something like I never thought was gonna happen to me again. Half of my family's from the Philippines, where divorce is still illegal. So this was like a big Yeah, it's just like this whole big thing that happened, and I sort of was the breakup. Something was the break up part of you kind of admitting certain things to yourself, face things, certain things. There's something that was inflicted on to you that you had to then deal with. No, no. I think that when my mom passed, I looked at everything in my life and just became like It's like I woke up and I was like, You know, this guy is great, like he's amazing

guy. But, you know, we just weren't right for each other. And I really, you know, want a deep spiritual connection with my partner, which is what I have now. Um, so I just feel like I hit rock bottom. Danica I would go and like cry in the closet. I look at everything and one of the And then I just started to rebirth. And one of the things that came out of that is soluna So when you think about what a saloon it means the sun and the moon. So it means like the light and the dark. So I started looking at everything differently, like don't run away from hard feelings. Don't think it's just about the food. It's this idea of everything's all together in the pot and were whole and everything's and are the part of us, too. So you know, the dark is where seeds start to germinate and grow on. Shamans talk about the dark being necessary for transformation. You go into the dark, you go into those hard feelings and then you grow eso for me. I came out on the other side. I started soluna I started talking about these cornerstones. Um, I started talking a lot about the spiritual part

of, you know, my philosophy, which is something that's been so huge for me, and I was doing with my clients. But I was talking about food more publicly, so I just, you know, this whole part of you know what we were talking about earlier about internal reference Started to become alive for me and feeling, you know, truly confident for being myself. Not just all these endless achievements I was trying to dio so s Oh, yeah, big shifts happened a few years ago, which is where this whole philosophy has has, um, come from So it was a breakdown, breakthrough breakdown, rock bottom breakthrough. And then now I'll say the happy ending is that you know? So when this happened, my, this monk that I meet with from time to time from the self Realization Fellowship Yoga Center, he said, Treat your home like a Nash room for five months. You know, just do your practice, read your spiritually text like don't go out too much, Don't do anything. So I did that. I just kind of reset, and

I focused on these cornerstones. I focused on myself and then, you know, when I was ready to start going out again and doing things and then one night I went to this random, actually, is a podcast or dinner When some of these people that had been on my podcast, where I barely knew. I got invited to this random dinner party on. I went in and Boom. I met John, my husband, and he says within 15 minutes, he knew he knew I was going to be his wife. But we ended up. We went on three dates in 24 hours. We went on a beach walk, and then he came with me to this work event I had to do. And then, um, yeah, you know, we got married. And then, uh, you know, pretty had a baby. Pretty. Yeah. And then the first time we tried to have a baby, we had babies. And we have our second son together. And it just, you know, I I would just say to anyone who's like, Oh, God, like my life isn't exactly right or this doesn't feel right. I would say, You know, you could make it right like you can you can Not Everything is going to be perfect. But if you stay authentic to yourself if you really start

to connect with yourself, you connect with what you deserve. You connect with, you know, this whole concept that were whole. We are worthy because just because we're breathing just because you're Danica and I'm Kimberly and there's no one else like us on. When you come from that deeper place, you start attracting different relationships and different opportunities, and you just feel it feels really good to the authentic mhm. Well, that kind of leads to the spiritually element, which is I'm It's near and dear to me. I mean, waking up in meditating and yoga and even just kind of beyond that into the realm of sort of the metaphysical realm, um, into Yeah, I mean, I could ramble on about all that, but what is the spiritual practice for you? So think about how much time we spend, you know, talking to your best friend or making a meal or playing with your kids or, you know, all these. We spend time when a lot of different things, but for me, I define the spiritual path as you know, connecting with an understanding

yourself. You know what's inside of you, who are you, really? And you need time to do that. You need time where it's not just doing doing again this external stuff, but going inside. So when you sit in meditation, when you sit in stillness When you sit in nature, you have the opportunity to listen to yourself more to connect. And I do have a defined spiritually practice, not just sitting and emptiness and doing nothing but really, you know, learning to work with your breath and the life force and techniques I practice crea yoga. Um, so for me, it's just what's create yoga. So it's a it's a It's an ancient form of yoga that was taught by Paramo Hansa Yoga Nanda, this Yogi Amazing Yogi who actually brought yoga to America. So for me, it's just doing a practice. You can start with five minutes, but just really the consistency of sitting with yourself instead of being on your phone or watching you're talking again. This is how you start to get your power. You start to go from external to internal, and then

it changes everything. And guess what the more connected you are to yourself. Very practical. Everyday things like food grading start to go away. Mindless eating. Um, you just all wait can come off. You know, all these things were trying to find your soulmate. Everything starts to come in when we become more connected to our inner world. So it's not what society teaches. As you know, it's all you know, buy stuff. Look here, do more of this. But interestingly enough for thousands of years, yogis have taught that to go inside Thio access your power and that Z that's really where it iss. So that's e I get it. I agree. But that's still not clear enough, I feel like, especially if this is not common lingo, too. So So let me, let me say really, really simply, let's say in the morning this could be the beginning of your spiritual path. So again, spiritually doesn't mean religious. It's not dogmatic. It's not anything like that. It's just think about it as connection. So in the morning when

you wake up and you could do this, you could just sit up in your bed. Let's say before you go into your email before you go into Instagram. Before you pulled into the outside world, just literally sit up in your bed, straighten your spine, close your eyes and even if it's three minutes, I call this with my clients. So I'm trying to get them to give me. They're like I don't have time for anything. Give me three minutes. Just listen to your breath, literally. Just your breath and do that. And I promise you, if you do that consistently, that's the beginning of your practice. Your more centered, you're in your body. You can feel what you need to eat more you can feel when you're hungry. You start to be less thrown off from other people because you're in your own breath. Your breath will be probably slower and fuller for hopefully at least the rest of the morning. So that's the beginning. Just a few minutes here and there, off connecting in. And you could do that before you fall asleep. Don't fall asleep to TV. Don't fall asleep to other people's ideas. But just connect back in with your body and create a little bit of stillness. And out of that stillness

, intuition builds and you all sorts of things start to come forth. Don't worry about all that. Just start to have a few minutes a day where you sit with yourself, and that is very, very powerful. So, you know, next 50 phases on is I'm sure where you're at. But Blaine, what That means when you get into intuition, like, how does that arrive for you? What do you hear? Do you see things? Do you just know things? So explain how intuition comes up for you. Thank you, Love. I love talking about this. I think that we all we all have intuition, right? We all have this incredible six cents inside of us. The problem is again if it's so noisy. If we're so used to just asking everybody else what they think it we're getting all the opinions. You don't listen to that intuition. So, for me again, the more I sit in meditation Um, I just you know, I would just like to be in nature. I go for a walk outside, the more still I become The more for me intuition

comes in, which feels like a thought that just drops in E. Call it a download and I get more and more downloads. The more I do this, which isn't cousin come from logical thinking it doesn't come from my mind is coming from somewhere else, and I could feel it. So it just feels like something drops in or I tend to get a feeling about someone like, Is this the right person for me to work with or, you know, the right relationship for this or that? And it's just a feeling you have that you know, we can all develop mawr just from spending more time with ourselves like a sureness knowing this, sure, knowing a sureness of just about what you need to do. And there's no more justification beyond just that's what you believe. That's right. It's the next to take. It doesn't mean you don't. You may not know the whole path, but it's direction on one step at a time and that you can know. And so it keeps you. It gives you direction and energy and strength to keep moving forward. You know, whether it could be a simple

A you know, the intuition of, you know, my body really needs an apple right now. Not an orange or not a pile of, you know, cashews. It could just be like, really into it in your body. And then it starts. Thio expand into bigger and bigger things. Mhm, Yeah, I love those, um, memes or gifts or more like memes. When they talk about intuitive eating there like intuitive eating is I had told me I had to eat a pizza. You know, intuitive eating told me, E But you know what? I didn't think. Sometimes if you need that sort of stress release and it's like it's going to give you something and you're going through something, you know, the psychology of food cravings is something I wrote about my third book. You know, crunching down on something like a chip is just a way to release tension. Eating a bunch of ice cream, which is soft and soothing sugary, is like giving yourself a hug. So I would say, If that's really what you feel like you need to do, do it and don't feel guilty. Be aware, you know, hopefully don't make it a huge pattern, but sometimes you need that. You know, our goal is never

100% or goals. Never perfection. It's 80% you know, that's the goal. Sometimes we don't hit 80% but still, that 20% is a lot of leeway to play with and to be human. Mm. Well, what do you obviously have such an awareness to yourself? You have, you know, have so many you know, quality practices that help you develop things. But, like, what do you do? What do you do to help you grow more? What? What? What do you do? I guess it would be externally. But are there any things that you do to continue to feed you to help you help provoke growth? Sure. So I'm a huge reader. First of all, um, you know, pretty, pretty nerdy. I don't own a TV, but I just think I've always been drawn to the written word, so I don't listen to e books. I really do like books. I really do like the written word. And I do like modern books, but I still always go back thio spiritually Scripture. So this is the Bhagavad Geeta. It was still on my desk. Like I'm always flipping through. I really

love, you know, wisdom and poetry and and again, scripture. So I try to read, you know, every day doesn't happen every day, but I try to infuse myself with that with, you know, whatever form of wisdom I can every day. And there's a modern, uh, you know, authors. I love a lot. I love Eckhart. Totally. I love Deepak Chopra, who I actually co authored my fourth book with. So I think, you know, reading for me is a really huge form of nourishment. I'm also really big into women's circles. So before quarantine, you know, we have something called the Soluna Circle, which is live. I do them in different cities. We also have an online circle where we talk about a theme this month. Our theme is honing your focus. Last month it was overcoming self doubt. So I really love sitting in a circle with other women, especially where we could be vulnerable and share and learn from each other s. So that's something that was a big practice for me, too. Is vulnerability something that comes naturally? Thio? Oh

, God, no. It doesn't come naturally to anybody. I mean, I think you have to learn how to be vulnerable, right? I think especially to e think you know, first generation immigrant. Um, there's a toughness that comes. I think when an immigrant like my mom was really tough and she came on a, you know, academic scholarship, and it was like, you know, we're working like trying to get ahead and get out of poverty and make it so. You know there's a love, but there's little bit of hardness that comes with that, too. So sometimes, you know, vulnerability wasn't practicing my family for sure. So it's something I've had to learn along the way. Um, and something I've really worked on, um, with my husband and deepening our relationship. And, you know, sometimes I get annoyed. But then now, trying to work on saying, you know, actually makes it hurts my feelings. And that's why I don't like it when you do that, because I can cover anger. I can cover anger over my vulnerability. But I'm learning toe let my you know the soft underbelly show and when I'm really hurt Mm hmm

, That's critical for connection. It Isett ISS, and it's really deepened our marriage and you know all my relationships. So the circle for me was that practice of being vulnerable, it with friends with other women, which I think, you know, it's hard for me, too, because I wanted Thio show certain sides and maybe hide other sides. But But yeah, you know, we keep learning and going and practicing all these things, and then you could look back in the year And I look back and, you know, when I tell you that epiphany from a couple of years ago and I think wow, like I really have, you know, a grown. And so for that, I give myself a pat on the back. I think sometimes we have to acknowledge what we've done and not just keep getting to the next level. I agree. I agree. We can have destination syndrome, and we could be very judgmental and, you know, to be able to stop for a second and just be like, Yeah, that's pretty good, actually. And be proud of ourselves. Yeah, well, well, well done on helping so many people with

how to live their best life, Like how to be happy And how thio get into your body so that you can, you know, stop seeking so much externally and find it internally. Thank you for helping so many people do that. Thank you. Thank you. And, uh, and for giving birth to the G s drink. You have all the things I've given birth to of my books. These recipes, the GS, my Children, it z funny. It seems like I have a lot of babies now, Danica. Well, a lot of those who don't know the GS is the glowing green smoothie. And that would be like the cornerstone of your cleanse. Yeah, it's the, you know, one of the cornerstones within the food cornerstone, right? Exactly. Greens blending easily digestible for sure. Yeah, give us the recipe for that, and we'll end on that as like a parting note for people. Thio, go ahead and go make in their kitchen. Great. So I would just say Think about it in terms of ratios

. So it's gonna be about 70% greens, and you could mix and match your greens. But, you know, kale, Spinach, Dark, leafy romaine. Um, if you're okay with herbs, cilantro, parsley, A really great to cleanse your system as well. So when you're looking at your blender, you're gonna put depending on how much you make one or two cups of water. No almond milk, no coconut water. This is just keep it simple water, 70% greens. And then you're gonna blend those two things together because the greens need more work to break down, and then you're gonna add lemon and about 30% high fiber fruit, which is usually for me. Apples, pears, banana. Now the reason that squeeze the lemon. Do you squeeze the lemon, or do you just cut the rind off? I cut the Rhine because I want more of that fiber. The lemons really important because it rebuilds our liver, which is our main detoxifying organ, our main fat burning organ. It helps to really give your smoothie a high threshold of vitamin C, which helps your body absorb the non heme iron, the plant based iron and

then the fruit is, you know, besides adding natural sweetness, it's putting all those vitamins in your body and then the greens, all the minerals, antioxidants. So it's a very complete, beautiful smoothie. So again, but 1 to 2 cups of water, 70% of however much you're making green, 30% high fiber fruit and, you know, again, depending half or one whole lemon. And that's it blended up. Mm. Well, thank you so much. And this has been really fun talking Thio. Yeah. So inspirational and so beautiful. Thank you so much. Danica. It's so great. I admire what you've done in the world groundbreaker for women s so It's a real honor. And I really love talking to you. Thank you. Thanks, everybody, for listening to the pretty intense podcast today. I hope you enjoyed it. If you like what you heard today and you want to hear more, please click on the subscribe button.

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