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Wim Hof

by Jennifer Cawley
October 29th 2020

WIM HOF, a.k.a. “The Ice Man,” holds multiple world records for his feats of endurance and exposure to cold. The benefits of his method, now practiced by tens of thousands, have been validated by e... More

It's a feeling. It's like love, Love you. Don't ask yourself what is love? Should I do this? No. If you are struck your struck. I was struck by psychic power within, and it made me go every day loyal to the court order freezing water for 25 years. Every winter on that made me able to connect on change my neurology inside on then had a certain moment by the newspaper. They came to know that there was a guy going into freezing water under the ice and disappeared. And, uh, that was not possible. Yoga was something unheard off and going into cold water. You are crazy. I believe that each and every one of us has the power within ourselves to create the life that we really want

. And I want to help give you the tools to make that happen. I'm Danica Patrick, and I'm pretty intense. Today. On this show is the Ice Man, Wim Hof. He has more than two dozen Guinness World Records. He's run a half marathon above the Arctic Circle while barefoot wearing only shorts, he's run a full marathon through Africa's Namib Desert. Without even drinking water, he stood and packed ice for hours at a time without his core body temperature dropping, and he summited some of the world's largest mountains dressed in Onley shorts. This guy is crazy. He is always pushing his body to the limit. But what comes through so much from him in this show it's just his passion, his excitement. And he is an absolute inspiration. I love I love how many times in his book called The Wim Hof method

Activate your full human potential. But he says, Anything that I could do you could do is well, and I think that that's a great message, though. Enjoy this episode. Enjoy the energy that Wim Hoff brings and all that he has to teach us. You hear me good? Yeah. Oh, my gosh, Thank you for doing this. E, where are you? I e love it there. When I was a kid, I lived in England when I was racing and went over to Amsterdam for for a race one time, and actually I've been there a couple times. It's a very cool town. How, but how is it now to be one women in a man's world racing and winning of these guys. Yeah. How did you do that? That is pure the power of the mind. Well, no better person to talk to you about that than you, but yeah, it is. I mean, you just have to have

, I think, believing like to really believe something which includes I feel like a lot of the things that you do visualizing like you have to be able to see it, right? Yes. Exactly. Um, what I can say about that directly and that showed through brain scans in the pioneering studies and psychiatry. How thio to change the neurological pathways in your own brain mawr than knowing possible by humans or ever studied. Now, people who are out lies like yourself. Being in a man's world is ah, there are protocols. They act different behavior different behave different to women. Women different too, man. And then, Hey, you can't be part of the game. But that is sympathy for men to

compete with each other. That is all neurology. It's all neurology pathways conditioning on. And to get in there and to find a way to beat them in their own literally game is yeah, it's just bloody amazing. And You know, that is amazing what you did. Uh, but it also exemplifies that women are able to tap into the mind, set off a man in their conditioning and beat them at their game. Hey, that that that this marvelous that is exemplified that women and men are not only equal, they they still needs to be done. A lot of work to show that everybody is equal because we all have a mind on. That's what

I showed within psychiatry. Sport is one thing, but hey, Depression, outbound depression, depression is a product and fruit off our thinking, our conditioning, our behavior on why can we not changes? Why do we need all kinds of things from the outside inside, like anti depressive, on pills, therapies and all that while we have a mind? And we're talking in songs about the unlimited power of the might and things and the love. Where is it, man? Where is it? This is what I want to show because people don't listen. When I say things like that a man he looks like a hippie. Must be a hippie. Don't take him serious. So I showed it through signs and through old kinds of challenges

like yourself. You know the challenge, your body. You see it your visual wise. You begin to feel that you can do something because you go from the god you go not into untroubled pathways. You go where nobody has gone before because you are in competition. You can't rely on what is being said. You gotta be better. So there you have only one companion that is your own gut feeling and that God feeling. I learned by going into nature to develop a feeling. Pure feeling, pure power in my body. Nothing to do with any thoughts or controlling by thought. No, it was simply there. Going into the court order is a cold water is the most aggressive impact on the body

possible. It's freezing water. You die in a person. Non train will die in 10 minutes or 15 minutes or something on a it all shuts down on fire is maybe even not mawr. You know your parents and fire in one minute, two minutes. You've been on the brink of death like your whole life. I feel like in reading your book I'm like you, like, fell asleep building an igloo when you were a kid, you got a really terrible bacterial infection. Like your birth. Even just how you were born was crazy story. Yes. You know, sometimes some guys just get it all. And why? No, suddenly nobody know why. Why? Why now? I've got the answers. I've got the answers and the answers is that everybody

has a mission in large. My mission had to appear without me asking for it. It's over. It's over. Came within my life and it's raised a deep soul search. It raised a question. Why on that? The guy with that began also the intrinsic feeling. I wanna I want answers. I got this feeling I want answers. I don't know how, but I will find answers. And it took me on a path and sold search. And when I was 12, I was reading into psychology. Into is, um and all. And when I was 17, I had to write so much already and gone into so many traditions, religions, philosophies, doctrines, practices, etcetera. Then I found too cold water just suddenly

, uh, spontaneously. On a winter day, I felt the attraction went in and there I felt something I could not have rats or experience any time by books or by philosophy, or by debating you at a certain moment. You are ready to dive deep into the psych on that At that moment at 70 years, I went in. And since then, every day, every winter I went into the called freezing water. Sometimes I sat outside the door in short, just to see if this works all possible throughout all the night in my shorts, You know, what is that? That that is an absolute tangible, great drive to do something You don't know why you do it for So do you think that it's

that you have been in this place where you've nearly died many times and life has been challenging? Even you talked about being into psychology and hedonism. But he Buddhism all these other religions, like you, grew up Catholic. Your mom was super, super Catholic. And so you've kind of been you've been in this challenging position. So was cold water just meeting you where you were and helping push you along? Or do you think that going into the cold water was a completely different mission based calling that you couldn't understand, but was within you. Yes, it's absolutely Matt, the depth I was looking for, You know, you do something you are attracted by, but you don't know the outcome and then suddenly the outcome match completely what I was looking for. So it says

. Then I began to explore mawr. And the thing is, when you go into cold water and you learn to breathe deep, what you do is that you learn suddenly that through breathing you are able to change the chemistry within the body, making it strong. You are able to become strong while being in cold water, and that may be able to control that strength within to uphold or withhold the the strength off the impact off the freezing water coming in and changing my pay chemistry inside. Willfully. I learned that, and that makes me Abel had a certain moment to stay for one hour or two hours in freezing water. That means something needs to oppose the impact, and that is inside. And then I did that many times like 20 years, 25 years on my own. I just

felt good because good feeling is a good site. You feel it it is not there in thoughts. It's a feeling. It's like love. Love you. Don't ask yourself what is love? Should I do this? No. If you are struck your struck. I was struck by psychic power within and it made me go every day loyal to the court order freezing water for 25 years. Every winter on that made me able to connect on change my neurology inside on then had a certain moment by the newspaper. They came to know that there was a guy going into freezing water under the eyes and disappear. And, uh, that was not possible. You know, in those times and especially because my mother was Catholic, the whole thing was Catholic there the religion

and they believe, and the experience and the protocols and the behavior. So if somebody was into those streets, religions, yoga or something unheard off going into cold water, you are crazy. Not all that. I tried to seclude myself there from on that made me 25 years doing it completely on my own. And then from one day on another, somebody came to know a journalist that I was doing that and he made a a little article, but boom television, television s o many stations for 10 days in a row and suddenly my name began to appear. They called me the Penguin, the ice frog, and then the ice band on the polar bear that the ice man like evolution. Yeah

, that's a Batman, Superman, Ice Man off course that that can assist the the ego, of course, enormously. But the thing is, I had done this almost for three decades on my oh, it has and had not got anything to do with an ego. It was practiced pure psych. Going every day into my water was like something so familiar. So eso me a day is saying that I was a nice man. I tell everybody, Listen, I'm a simple man, yet I'm changing the world How I will tell you and that means that if I got that quality, you got the quality. Everybody else the quality to change the world. And especially now we've got to change the world. They change the way off the way we think. Can

we? Yes. You have shown that I have shown this in brain scans to go into parts of the brain thought off in science, in psychiatric signs they thought off is not possible by humans. And I just went robustly into it, not little bit big time. And then they say, suddenly say, Yeah, we now found the compelling evidence off the key components off the autonomous processes in the brain related to mood regulation. That's a long sentence, but this is being published. They saw me going into parts of the brave. They thought off this is not possible at will to do by a human. And then they said, Hey, but uh huh, it just showed it on there. Those are the keys to learn

to regulate your mood, something. Think e was always lost. So people have no key to enter into those parts off their brain to regulate their own mood. So nobody likes to be depressed, but nobody likes to be unhappy, but we don't know how to tap in and change it when it is that. So now we found two keys to do so and for that we needed people like yourself, like me showing there are there is more than meets the eye. And there is more than the common way of thinking on here. Here it ISS So for that, I salute you. Uh, Danica, for what you have done is great. And now you are sharing this through podcasts with other people like yourself to the world to show that we can learn to regulate

our own moods. And with that passed down to our Children to be happy you cannot buy. It's nothing to do with power. Its power within its already there awaken to the ability, the innate capacity, the innate ability to regulate your own mood. You want to be happy here? It iss Where did you So is it natural for you to Was it? I guess the first question Was it ever hard? Was it ever hard to go in the water every day? No, no, no. To me, it waas the beginning. It was a revelation. Psychic revelation. Wow, I could do this. Wow. I felt the rush I felt afterwards was like drugs. It was like cocaine. I have taken one time cocaine my life

and never again. You know why? Because the cocaine cannot be to feeling driven from going into cold water. It's what it iss cocaine is like, Wow! Yeah, here you go into the cold water, and then you really are because you're just affecting your brain chemistry, right? So you can do it with cold water, Or you could do it synthetically or however else you want. But cold water has, you know, as you list in the book and with everything you talk about, basically, it benefits you in every single way. So how did you I mean, how did you come up with? How were you able to stay so dedicated? Where did the dedication come from? If you feel good with something, you always go back. So if something is so strong

, man, I don't wanna live mediocre. I want to be the Joker everyday, like big time I met. Uh, what is this name again? Uh uh, Jim Carrey. We did the breathing and everything. He played a sort of the joker. You know, this this'll film, etcetera. You know, that's the alter ego. The deeper your deeper being. If you feel you deeper being, then you don't want something else. You wanna feel it on for that? I go once a day at least in wintertime outside and have a swim. Have a meeting with my deeper self on it goes without words. It's there. I think that call is a noble force. It brings it brings you to your kingdom, your queen them

you're being just being shining, being so that that makes that makes it easy to go because you don't want to feel this the normal way. A nice involved. No. I want Thio feel really strength and that really strength. The cold is really the most direct way to make you shut up and feel who you are and what you are. That's why I do. That always s I'm gonna confess There's a couple things that are really hard for me. 100% is cold water like I absolutely hate being cold. I want you to know I've been taking cold showers, though, because you say a shower cold shower a day keeps the doctor away. But I wanna go back, Thio, you talking about, you know

, wanting to live your best life. If something feels good, why don't you keep doing it? It makes me think about how in life were around people. Sometimes that don't wanna live like that. That don't wanna live their best life that are negative that are lazy. Um that aren't that aren't nearly as committed. And so did being like that. Was it helped by the people that you were around? Or did you have to evolve beyond sometimes your circles? Because I think that, you know, for people listening, sometimes they're they're stuck in this cycle with certain people in their life. And it's really hard. Thio stay dedicated to something or stay positive with the people around them. So, you know, what was it like for you to reach that Teoh To be able to stick with it like you did and keep on evolving and growing? Did the people around you have to do the same? Or did they fade away? I I lost my wife

in 95 in a suicide, and she was going like, psychically downward on old psychiatry could not help her. All the pills and injections and nothing out. She jumped from eight stories down that that is not only feeling heartbroken, it squeezes the life area. The sense of life, the purpose, anything. It's all gone. You are damaged at that moment. You're lying on the ground. You don't wanna you don't want to stand up. You don't know why you shoot anymore Because half of your life is gone off. Your separation is tourney within. You are wounded, wounded, animal wounded. Being inside a society doesn't give a shit. So you need to stand up or stay

there or be brought to psychiatry, asylum or a lunatic asylum or something? No. I had four Children had four Children with. She was the love of my life. I was broke and had four Children with and they were young. They needed me. So they made me survive. And the sense of going into cold water was directly there because the mind keeps on running circles painfully. Yeah, And you ask yourself why? Why? Why? Directly driven from a broken off? You get that and the cold water make sure might go still. It was the only moment Every day I got so deep that I waas not into suffering that I had a moment where I met myself in the depth And hey, I am nothing

there. Can you imagine when you are depressed and suddenly a moment off relief A moment of sunshine After months off clouds sunshine camps on that that made me go every day into the Cold War. You know, the the called off your emotional being broken. It's much colder than going into freezing water. So the freezing water made me able to see the sun again. And I I always say that my Children made me survive the cold yield. Me? Hmm Did. And you know what, Danica? Right now with the psychiatrist in the world, I show in the brain scans that we can be depression, schizophrenia, bipolar son we're doing right now depression in San Francisco all with this method coming from heartbroken

man who honestly wants to be the father on make a nest for their his Children because his love is gone. Hey has broken hearted. So he needs to be strong. He needs to be warm. He needs to have all the energy on I got it. And still, I feel the emotion right now. I'm not a cold hearted person. I'm a warm hearted person. But I'm healed as well. And still, the emotion is there. I can talk about it. It's still fresh. As in this. I can still feel crying right now, but it's there, and that's because you listen also well, this is human. This is beautiful. This is what makes us beautiful. And this is what I wish everybody. So if we are able to be racing and beat everybody and or I do what I do and I make so many will records and and all that, that is nice. But if

we can beat depression out of this world a schizophrenia and and bad feelings and hurt feelings and also disease and then then we got a really reward off our focus attention, concentration, training or what we did with our mind. And I am into that. And you are into that right now. So, laureate for the work you dio laureate for the work we do on, we will pass this on and say that it is simple that it is here the power of the mind to get out of a difficult situation when you got into misery and you haven't got the tools to get out. Now we hand them over to the people like the first time when somebody run within the 100 m within

10 seconds a year. That's in the mind so on and then a year later. 10 15 people come here. They were there before as well, physically. But they could not do that. That is the mind. So now it shows that Professor sell when half has found when Hafiz drop out from school a whim. Hop very bad. Very bad for the system. For assistant, this is very bad, but that we show that they're out. There is a lot more and we are able to cover things the system is not able to cover or does not want to cover or thio to solve on. We just bring it. We bring it out there. So, uh, way showed I showed now in science with

the psychiatrist. This is a transformational technique that will change mental health care. That's what we that's what we need to do and that's what we are doing. We are We are in the Matrix man and we are doing it on. We don't know what's coming, but we are ready to get into the unknown, and we got to because we have the power off our mind. It's amazing. Well, you said it. There's a lot of people that don't want these techniques to be common because there's no money and wellness for these giant pharma companies. You know, there's no there's no money and wellness when all you have to do is sit by yourself and breathe right? That's a big system to be up against. Yeah, it's a big monster is present, and that, uh, loves us to be the clients. And that means we need to be sick

to make, to give them the money through to be dependent so they can control off. So it is time that we begin to wake it up to our internal innate capacities to regulate our own happiness, our strength and our health. And it has all been showing in universe Italian studies that it is there Suddenly we are able to go after hundreds of years of scientific written statements and knowledge building up, uh, literature. Suddenly somebody is stepping into, like the first man running within the 10 seconds. Suddenly there is a first man showing that the the autonomic nervous system can be influenced deeply through the immune system can be influenced deeply, especially now that is a bigger use it issue. They don't talk about it. They don't talk about

immune system they talk about mouth caps on social distancing, which does not work. It is not factual. What works is get you boost your own immune system. Can we do that? Yes. Within a half hour we showed in a half hour or in 10 minutes, 10 minutes to activate the adrenal access in the body through these breathing techniques while lying on a bet, feeling high kind off and that they measured the level of adrenaline spiking at that moment in these breathing exercises mawr than somebody's level off adrenaline when it goes into its first bungee jump. Uh huh. And you get it, You see what I mean? We are the masters

over our hormonal system, and the hormones make up all kinds of messengers and neurotransmitters within the body to regulate whatever is wrong to become back into balance. But we have never schooled how to master or known how to master or to be with what we are born with to the ability to be happy, strong and healthy. It is all there. We have shown this and many other studies. It shows that we have these innate capacities, but this system is which is sodomizing the planet polluting the planet, exploiting the planet and making people insensitive to each other and to the planets and to the nature and the cruelty and all that. It's like we are not connected with our deeper self with our heart sensitivity with our being the purpose off life

itself. No, we serve a system. We they make us ready to serve a system that is destroying the planet, and they don't care. And they keep on going there like murderers. I say, stop guy stuff gets Just be happy, strong and healthy. Here it is. Mm. Yes, I completely agree with all of that. Um, Man, I I was really I was really taken by reading the story about the vagus nerve test that you did. And the what transpired after that. Yes. So, yes, if I go back in 2007, I was in the Feinstein Institute in Manhasset, New York. And that was one day after I did a documentary for 2020 on

the TV Medical. What was it, medical mysteries or something on? They wrote a book about it. I was the human Popsicle in that book. How was it possible that a guy is able to stay for hours in direct contact with eyes, not changes, called body temperature and allow kinds of things were written. Derek. But I was also a documentary with ABC News that Waas and part of the documentary wants to go to define Stein Institute. It's a biochemical institute, and it is Thio, the researchers on the Vegas Man. So I came in into the institute. They put me in the chair. They got me cooped with the blood transfusion. Or you know where they way they take the blood out of me and then the other arm at the heart

and the long leader on, because I just do what ideo, which is the breathing exercises. The long meter thought because I was not breathing for two minutes a consecutive. They thought the machine was deferred. They did not know they were not aware what I was doing, so they took it out. One machine took, brought in a new machine and they took it out again. And then with the third machine, I was really on. I give the best I will get the best. This is what? Where, what Ideo And then a week later, after they had researched my blood in the laboratory on 307 blood values by which they are able to make an interpretation off how the vagus nerve is influenced because that was

unknown. They they're Jesus or their uh yeah. What? They wanted to see us that if a human is able to influence into the Vegas enough that it means he is able to suppress inflammation, that is the course and in fact, off disease. So if this guy, maybe this guy, the Iceman, will win path who just did a world record today before now in the Feinstein Institute off Manhasset doing this, uh, doing this experiment? Maybe he can do something. Let us see on a week later, I got a telephone call with the results and that came from Dr Kevin Carla. Dr. Kevin Carla is an authority in the field, off the extremes. Extreme athletes like climbing Mount Everest and

things like that is always a physician. And he wrote a book. Going into the extreme is the authority that he But he called me. He said, When? If you are able to reproduce what you have been doing a week ago, there in the Feinstein Institute. Then that is going to mean a huge car that will be off huge consequences for human man cocked than he named so many diseases related to a possible control and influence on the vagus nerve, which I had shown for the first time on that I did that and you know what? Later I found out that they were sponsored by the farmer, these guys. So this the rial studies never continued. First, they were like, Wow, yeah, it's amazing. It's

, uh then I heard suddenly nothing animal. Then, three years later, I got contact with a university here in the Netherlands, and I told a person who waas creating or organizing in the event where people with different ways off thinking something extraordinary would show what they were capable off. And he asked me, Do would you be willing to participate in this event? And I said yes. And then he said, heard my story and also the Feinstein Institute in New York on the vagus nerve and all. And I said, Hey, my mission is to show that we all are able to tap into our system to learn to control that. What causes disease that is the control of the vagus nerve among others, and to beat inflammation willfully on

. And he said that Are you willing to? Because I'm a doctor? My other profession is being a position. I got relationships with the professors in a lot about university physiology, which would be before we go into this event showing an experiment called called Physiological Experiment. What you are capable off what you stayed about. Vegas? No, on I said yes. On day two weeks later, we were in the university. I was 80 minutes immersed in ice. Direct contact. They took the blood 36 off these tubes they took me out on. They had made fully controlled with 20 monitors. This was the strangest experiment they ever had done in the university. So many professors cave. The whole year was like a circus. And I was that 80 minutes

just talking to the people completely in control while being exposed to eyes for 18 minutes, my core body temperature did not go down. My skin temperature almost zero degrees. Like his hero Celsius. It's like 30 degrees. What is it? You know, prison. Almost. Yeah, 30 to almost 32 then my heart rate or fluctuated didn't go way up or something. No, quite control. They took the blood. Now listen. They took the blood out of my body. 36 off these tubes and they exposed bacteria which normally creates a violent reaction on the immune cells in the in the blood serum. In my case, it was zero reaction zero. You know what happened? What happened? Waas? That that blood? Because I

was in the extreme. I waas into the death of my physiology. I was doing it all consciously like I'm here in control. So the connection was completely there. And then that blood is enriched is it has different properties and that one of the property says the virus and bacteria have no chance. That is who we are in the dark. But nobody wants to know. Of course. Then they asked me from there. Sorry, Danica. I just continue Theun. They asked me win. Would you be willing to now vividly eso in the life? Take a bacteria ejected in your blood while lying on a bath in the hospital? This is the end of toxemia Model A coli bacteria with the same inflammation of Marcus s

covert 19 will be injected and you will become like normally you become very sick. Fever addicts, all over agony, muscle aches, backaches, vomiting, things like that for 3 to 6 hours. Would you be willing to do this for science? I said yes, of course. Off course I did that. I did that. And then they saw for the first time, a person not becoming sick and that after the injection Uh oh. Is this where it should work now? I should be very sick. I don't feel it. I'm in control on that is through these breathing techniques and through my mind, set the mindset we think Mind where is it? Women? Half This is according to the psychiatry professors, women have has found the secret off. Placebo

. Placebo is psychic medicinal healing power within us. We don't know how it works. I know how it works. I know how to activate it and to intensify it mawr than normally than it works normally. No. So it will work better than medicine because placebo medicine that people are able to sell medicine if it only works 1% more than the placebo. So now at 20 or 30% more on the placebo effect off hours and no medicine will be able to beat this. That huge consequences, of course. Huge consequences and no side effects. And you're doing it yourself. So it's all amazing. And I I'm with you 100% believe in it. I'm like you from a young age. I thought different. I felt different. Something else is out there. I've always been fascinated

by how the universe works, how we work, how consciousness works like it's all really religions. I'm interested in all of them. Like, you know, I'm with you on all that. So are a great example. As I told you in the beginning, and you see that our content Israel, it is built up. It is. When we started to think different, we became something out there which cannot be controlled, which is awesome, which is amazing. It is the control of your own mind. I teach people learn to own your own mind, and then you will partake in the unlimited power of it. You can do whatever you are here for, and the answers and the questions they are all in. It's called feeling and your feeling should not be jeopardized or molested in any way by stress in any way. Go

your way. So how do you prepare? How do you prepare the space to then go into the practice? Does that make sense like Yes. No, it makes absolutely no sense from now if people listen to this, I tell you way as living in this Western lifestyle, we alienated from our deeper physiology. And soon or later we will. A stress will derive their from, for example, cardiovascular related diseases. It doesn't happen if you take cold showers on a regular basis and that is killer number one. It kills millions of people every year. In a way, the Western world cardiovascular related diseases also meat eating too much is also no no good

. We are not mediators, man. We are. We are on divorce on. We should take care of this world And don't go into cruelty so much. Campbell, love more, Be more and be really in the flash. You yourself go into the culture. Our cold chow is great. It trains the vascular system to the best with our biggest organ off our flash. Literary is our skin so millions off electoral receptors and thermal receptors go to the skin with that capital Aries cap. Hillary's a little blood vessels, and they contain a little muscles through cold showers. You train these millions of little muscles. You trained it, and with that, the blood flow goes a lot better through the system. Through your body at the reach is much better

. These cells thus gives much better oxygen nutrients. Vitamins on the life force itself in the blood. It will reach the cells a lot better on the last but not least, it is the heart rate that goes down with 20 to 30 heart beats a minute, 24 hours a day. That means stress is gone. You get a lot more energy and a lot less stress just by taking a cold shower and know that this is good for you, that this every person in the in the Western world, in the hemisphere where coldest they should swim outside in the winter. Have a dip, man, have a dip and go with your dog outside. I have a moment with deep moment with yourself. It's so good for us, and this is the way we tackle the serial killer called the cardiovascular related diseases. Hmm. And depression

and all kinds of things. Yeah. Depression too. Yeah. So, you cold shower? Um, being conscious about taking care of the world through eating more fruit, vegetables and fruit and just being more conscious, Um, getting out into nature right on the ground, playing, getting outside, being with animals. Right. So you kind of prepare your space. You shift your mindset to, um, or conscious mindset. So then, like, enter in the science. What's happening? What are you actually doing? How can we What is the next step that we can do once we've really prepared our space? Did what can we actually do? What's the technique? And can you demo it? Yes, of course. Any time breathing the breathing, we can demo anytime. I It's amazing. Uh, let's

just do it. But before we do this, I say we have created our space and we do all this. What were you just mentioned then? Know that nothing escapes your the power of your attention. Your consciousness. We are built to be in in command over our hormonal system, immune system and metabolic process. In this, uh, it sounds all like, but in the end it is being happy, strong and healthy is who we are. Eso When people ask me what is the way Tau Bay, What is enlightenment? I say Just be happy, strong and healthy. The rest is bullshit. And the bullshit should be blocked out of our lives. So create your own space. And with that space, you got enough toe be once again in full command. Create that mindset

that believe Hey, I am here in command over my happiness. Strengthen health because that's the most logical pain in nature. Nature didn't make and made us to be not in command over our well being. Because what are we going to teach our Children? That we are not well, that we have actually no control, that we can control all the world. We can kill it and atom bombs and we can go to Mars. We get out and we cannot be happy, strong and out there, right, we missed out. And so I know that we are built to be happy, strong and healthy and pass it on to our Children on be in harmony with nature. It's a sound logic. It is logical. This is pure science, showing that it is there the creative advertising and on imagery through Hollywood. And next year I'm gonna make a Hollywood film next year

anyway. So that's the best marketing I think, for this method with genuine good active. Hey, that's amazing. But a a Superman Batman, Here's the ice Man and he is you man and the human. It is time that the human is going to stand up and bring happiness. Strengthen health in this family and it is surroundings and how the science is showing all this already. Now let's demo. Let's feel, because feeling is understanding. So feeling, uh, feeling is the ability to go into the deeper space off your own brain more than the thinking brain, which is the human brain. The evolutionary new part of our brain is that is the thinking brain the neocortex. Now, with this

exercise, we will tap into the limbic brain into the deeper part of the brain, and they it showed that these breathing techniques within 10 minutes are able to go deeper than a person is able to go after training mindfulness, exercising mindfulness for four hours four years. This is in brain scans demonstrated eso Let's go. And I always say feeling is at the really understanding. So I asked also the viewer who is looking at this and listening to this to relax. Now, moment we go for five minutes. Maybe we go for two rounds into the deeper parts off our brain and brain controls the blood flow in the actually the deepest part of our brain

. And with that activation off neural activity you never felt before, I'm excited. I love going into new parts of my brain and possibility and new modalities that air natural. So this is so right up my alley. Great. There we go. So everybody relax. Relax. Body is able to store up oxygen because the tissue relaxes and it's able to enter there. We are relaxed. Now we have a valley, we have a chest and we take a full breath. It can be through the nose and through the mouth. We exhale so fully in through the nose and exhale through the maps fully and through dinner. Go with your mind to the breath for

an accident, Julia. Thanks. You cool? Yeah. Let it go. Oh, yeah. Let it go. It's be with your mind with the breath and the breath is able to go with the mind fully letting go and fully again Yes, fully and again 50 more fully

Anything that you feel different It's okay. Lightness and a hat looniness and the body tingling It's all right, Julian, Let him go. We take on that rhythm and we are going to change the biochemistry. It's all happening, Julian and letting go Oh, yeah, letting go Oh, yeah Let the mind go There is no time There is only feeling is your breath goes in deeply Pass your conditions amount you go deeper and deeper This is no it noses or anything Just a breath. It's simply able to go deeper into our biochemistry and make it away Nature mentor

to be bring blood flow and activity off the nervous system Suddenly alive, we first charge up the body fully in. That ain't gonna five more fool in letting go for more anything that feels different. Breathe into it, Julian. Let me go Oh, yeah, letting go two more full in Let him go Oh, yeah There you go It comes the last one Julian. Oh

, let it. Go and stop after the X elation. Just let it go and stop. And the witness? It's all right. We have blow enough. The carbon dioxide. We are very alkaline right now. We ox energized our bodies more than in science. Waas thought possible. And thus we are able to stay with anti laughs and there is no need for breathing. Hey, we changed the biochemistry and the depth giving signals to the survival part off our brain. The brain stem whenever you don't. Yes. Don't succumb to the reflexes. There's no need. Still, when you feel the need to breathe in, Breathe

in, breathe in and hold squeezed to your head. It's all right. Five, 43 to one And you let it go. Okay, Let it go. Now we do another round. Now we will go all 100 seconds without in the lungs and feel comfortable. And then at that moment, so many things happen within the body. All thought off in science. Impossible. But anybody can do it. Okay, let's go. Mind your breath. Fully it Let it go fully. Let it go. Holy

Let it go. 27 more. Oh, yeah. Let me. Oh, sure. which Julia let it go. Just mind you breathing, That's all. Follow your breath. 23 to go fool in. Let it go, Julian. Let it go. 21 more, Julian, take a holier Let

it go 19 more. Just give yourself this moment to make the changes in the depth to regain a neurological connection. Oh, yeah. 18 Most okay, Fully. And Leo. Julie. Mhm letting go. 16 more pool. Yeah, that didn't go. Mm hmm. Oh, yeah. That

angle full. Yeah. No Tengo 11 more. Pull in, if you feel like had it. Luminous. All right, on more last time. Pull in. There they go. And fully them. There they go. Oh, yeah. Let it go. I can't. Oh, yeah. Uh, they go last

five. Oh, what feels different? Oh, all right. Letting go four. Cool. Yeah. Letting go. Yeah, three fully. And they're Ringo earlier. Yeah. Don't go One more. Oh, yeah. There you go. Here comes the last one fully, huh? Let it go and stop after the x

elation. So witness just the all right. All physiological in the depth. Amazing. What is happening? What we can do in an instant. In 10 minutes we can go deeper then people doing mindfulness four hours a day for years. That's what you experience right now. Deep blood flow, neural activity, insight in midst brain And the deepest part can explain all it is that you to experience

with that you learn to control the stress. You do this and your stress stress will go away. Anyone? Whenever you feel the urge to breathe, you breathe. In your fault, you squeezed to your head. Yes, Holt then squeezed to your head. Five, four, Squeeze more, three to Juan and let it go. You know what, Danica? You can you don't need to Yeah, you don't need to dio be mystical about it. It iss mystical. You are in the midst off unknown territory off the depth of your own brain. Uh, what's happening

than what's happening? I mean, I think it's important to explain what I feel which I didn't tell you. The other thing that I'm really not very good at yet is holding my breath. I think I remember seeing a picture of you at Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece's house and their ice bucket. I just recognized it because I've been there and I've done it and you know she tries to. She's led led me through some breathing exercises and, of course, being underwater and holding your breath or something that they do a lot of. And I found that I'm not very good at it. So I don't even know if I've ever held my breath for a minute, to be honest. But, you know, you really feel, um, a Peacefulness and a little bit of tingling through your arms, especially like just kind of as you drop into it. And, you know, I could feel myself the second time

, the second round, to try and literally trying to be of the Observer for myself to see myself holding my breath longer, to see myself as not time and space dependent, but just being dependent. And that if we just didn't have time, is this Barometer. I wouldn't be scared of 100 seconds. I would just be and, um, it's but it's very hard. It's it is very hard, but but that's because I don't practice it right. If I practiced it, then you get good at anything, so I mean, repetition is always a really good teacher, so I'm sure that. You know, a big part of this has to be repetition. Is that right? Yes. And, uh, you know, I have people who are 80 years, 90 years, and the oldest participant is 98 years. They can hold their breath as well. And, you know, four minutes, four minutes. They You know what they say? Well, I don't know what happened

, but another. Even when I was a young kids, I could not fault my breath so long. Well, thank you. Thank just a joy to be able to say to hold their breath for two minutes. When you are 90 and older. It is just plenty amazing. It's just so what's happening? Tell me. Go science on me. I want to hear. I wanna understand. Good. So what happens is we first off sandwiches, we blow off the carbon dioxide carbon dioxide actually built up in the body. And that's why we breathe. We breathe because we have too much carbon dioxide in the body on. Then you have to breathe, and then oxygen gets in and you become more alkaline. And then we have the right pH level. That's why we breathe to maintain in the equilibrium off the pH level. Eso

What we do now is bringing down the carbon dioxide we bring down the carbon dioxide. Does the alkalinity in the body is suddenly way up on that means it takes a lot of time to get back to the carbon dioxide trigger thio. Carbon dioxide to be signally, I need to breathe again. It's not needed because the alkalinity is so high on the carbon dioxide is so low. Eso In that time you don't need to breathe. You don't feel it. And when you don't feel it in the brain now the primitive brain you have parameters for oxygen, and the oxygen parameter is telling. That's the survival parameter, which is directly connected to the adrenal access adrenaline. Adrenaline

is, too. When there is danger, there is adrenaline and there is no oxygen. That is danger when the danger comes in. That then when there is no danger because we manipulated, it's all within our own brain. Through doing this breathing technique, we manipulate these parts in the brain, and suddenly we become the master off the hormonal secretion off the adrenal access. And what happens when the adrenal axis is being triggered and activated through the lack off oxygen built up in the body. Yet the body is still alkali so but that the primitive part of outbreak doesn't understand that it's reactionary. Then it shoots out. He adrenaline through the body. What happens then? It kills cancer

cells. It activates stem cells. It re cycles damage cells. It does all the goods to our body, and it brings down instantly the inflammation, the inflammatory markers in the blood and that it's magical. It's magical what it does on a conscious level with our bodies. It has been in 2014. We were the first one in medical history to show that we were able to tap into at the hormonal system the end of Korean system. The adrenaline, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin. All those, uh, this was unheard off in science and into the immune system, which was unheard and into the autonomic nervous system. Waas all unhurt. These are powers which were always outside

off our willful control, considered insides. And now suddenly 12 people after 16,134 people doing the same under toxemia model injection off a part of the bacteria, making people very sick for 3 to 6 hours, 16,134 became all sick and that suddenly 12 people did not became sick there. We fundamentally changed the perspectives off what people are able to do with bacteria backs of virus, and that should have been taken up by it has changed the university books, but something that doesn't make money doesn't get out in the open too much so that there we come in. And we showed that through these breathing techniques, you can tap into the deepest part of your brain. You can tap

into the DNA on doing the studies right now with the top of researchers in San Francisco into the DNA into the bone marrow, the T cells and the B cells and all that is happening and in the psychiatry how to be depression. We can do all this This In the end, this podcast is good to make people curious, curious. Hey, guys, there is mawr than meets the eye. It's all in and it's beautiful. And that's you. You know, you're talking about going into the DNA and all of those things, and, um, one of the things that's always that's been on my mind is this idea of, um through my own curiosities and through my own experiences and people I've talked Thio is more of the

ancestral lineage, the memory of the cells. And you know, how much of this life do we come into history of thousands of years ago while we've got the primitive brain about running from lions and tigers and bears Oh, my. But also all of the trauma and drama that happened in its past. So, you know, reprogramming that is critical. You know, you see people that have, you know, chronic depression or chronic anxiety, any of these things addictions. And you just wonder how much comes into this life through the cells. And so what do you What do you know about that? I'm very curious about that. Genetically passed on genetic heritage and

the Enlightenment off being comes with freeing the spirit and the captivated spirits within our genetic ALS encrypted codes. Mhm. Are we able to get into the DNA? Things is what I'm showing Now. We are into the studies to go into the DNA with top researchers because if I talk about the ancestors like the natives do I bless your ancestors, your forefathers and foremothers and being off before and wants to come. Then there is the historic bullshit, you know. But if I'm showing that all the trauma why things happen in your life actually are very much related with what happens within your genetic ALS encrypted codes late in their through the lineage off your ancestors off your forefathers and foremothers which is trauma

and trauma, the good and the bad. And you are here to make a bad good. That's your mission. That's your opinion. There is the Enlightenment, but we are schooled not to go into deep in ourselves We are schooled to survey system man. I wanna serve enlightenment. I want to do the good within myself on within you and within the next and within the next With the healing comes my soul Beyond the soul is what I want When I did and when you did what you did And I did all these records then Onley Then I got a hold of my own mind And the first thing that came to my mind is I want to help the world. I want to help humanity. I wanna help all living beings. I want harmony and love for everybody and everything. And now I am so far as it drop out from school to teach the professors

how to go and to tap into the DNA into the encrypted lineage off genetic codes off the past off our ancestors. Because there is the love, there is the care. Whatever happens in the past, we are able to heal. We are not born, half were born holy. Let's be holy and make it together. Happen on the rest should not be there. We are here, the guide iss happy, strong and healthy. And the bullshit is come through many ways. Just get it out with the power off your concentrated minds because you've got all the tools to get rid or what should not be there to be able to do your beautiful work. I love that you say that we are the new gladiators. So cool that and that's what that's what it is. All

the past has been accumulated to deny to the hair. And now, 50 years ago at the Apollo, the Apollo project which went to the moon, I had so many bites, the whole thing that commander center in Houston and the rocket and all these people that goes now less, uh, in the iPhone. Right now there are more pipes, more control, mawr possibilities. And that is the fruit of our mind. It is time that the neurology off our minds gets within our control within our command. And with that command, we finally are able to solve the riddle off our existence, which is love, which is enlightenment, which is bringing light to the here and now. Not to be

happy not to be dark, to be light, to be loving for each other. We don't. I don't need to go to the moon nor to Mars, nor to get nuts or on the Milky Way. I don't need chocolate. I want to be here unconditionally in love every moment and pass it on to my Children and all the living beings. Iraqi. Uh, that's it. When I would love to do your What is it three or four days that you dio Yeah, that's an opponent, actually, is amazing. There people find their simple purpose in being in one a half day I see people coming together in a way they could not understand, uh, before it's always the same thing. It happens. And when it happens is when the shields go where the attitude goes away, the paradigm goes away and we

are stripped to who we are, what we are the powerful souls all coming together in love and very strong, by the way, because on day four, we all go in freezing temperatures and everybody is able to do it. Yeah, amazing. My biggest fears. Air II, the cold holding my breath, all of that stuff. And so what I also know about all of that is that if that is, those are my my fears. That's exactly where I need to go. Yes. Yes, you will say it. Zits. Amazing how simple and effective all this is. And you Did you share your part off your work and journey, and it's amazing. Uh, my wife said, uh, Danica, she just a won the Indy cars or something. You know, these these guys, man, I would be scared shitless

after I would do what you have done, you know, to sit behind the copper. Yeah. So we're here to share our gift. That is natural to us, but unbelievable. toe. Others they can't imagine going 230 or 40 miles an hour. They can't imagine going under a sheet of ice and holding your breath for so long they can't imagine. But for us, it's natural. And it's so important. Thio natural being We want Thio, everybody! Yeah! Yeah! Find your now. Yeah, Thank you so much. Amazing. Yeah, that was That was really fun. I thank you for leading us in that that demo. So is that what you would do? You do that to three rounds, right? You know, thank you for your commitment, thio humanity. And, you know, as your mother said

when you were born, I will make him a missionary. And you found your purpose. And I resonate deeply with a quote that's in your book. That is my favorite quote by Henry Ford. And that's whether you think you can or you think you can. You're right. The power of the mind is incredible. So thank you for thank you for inspiring us all thio deep in that belief in that feeling and that knowledge of the metaphysical and of the things that cannot be seen on by then to go even deeper into the science that help us truly understand. Because sometimes words aren't enough for some people. They need to see the science. And you have subjected yourself Thio to doing that for us. So many Thanks. Thank you so much. And thank you very much to we are both working

on the same path. Let's keep on this beautiful journey. And this goes so much more. Yeah. Thank you. Thanks, everybody, for listening to the pretty intense podcast today. I hope you enjoyed it. If you like what you heard today and you want to hear more, please click on the subscribe button.

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